The hagia Sophia of Istanbul, the christians to express their concerns

In a press release published Thursday, June 18, the catholic bishops of Turkey have announced their decision not to challenge the plans to transform the great early christian basilica Istanbul mosque.

Not that they want to. But “although we wish that hagia Sophia retains its character as a museum, it is not for us to intervene or even give our opinion on a decision that concerns only the Republic of Turkey “, they pointed out, indicating to be a Church deprived of legal status and could not therefore “give no advice on the internal issues of this country “. For a long time, the christian minorities complain about being discriminated against in Turkey, where they are struggling to recruit their clergy and to obtain a building permit.

Decision on 2 July

This statement came after calls from the Turkish government for that hagia Sophia be converted into a mosque have attracted many international protests. A plan of conversion must be approved by the highest court of Turkey on 2 July.

The catholic bishops have reminded that the hagia Sophia, that the popes Paul VI, John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Francis have visited, is born as “a church in communion with Rome “but became orthodox after the schism of 1054 between the Churches of east and west. The building then served as a mosque for nearly five centuries after the ottoman of Constantinople, in 1453.

On the side of the orthodox, the Church of neighboring Greece, for its part, rejected the plan of conversion provided, recalling that the hagia Sophia is a “a masterpiece of architectural genius, the world recognized as one of the monuments of eminent of christian civilization “. “Any change will cause a sharp protest and frustration among the christians of the whole world, and will harm Turkey itself,”said the synod, June 12.

In a tweet on 13 June, the archbishop Sahak Masalyan, patriarch of Armenian orthodox of Constantinople, proposed to allow muslims and christians to pray in the hagia Sophia, which attracted 3.3 million visitors per year before the pandemic. He said that the two faiths could not afford “the luxury of a new argument of the cross and the crescent “.

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A few days earlier, the Russian orthodox Church had also called on Turkey to maintain ” open access to all “, warning that a change of status to Sainte-Sophie “violates the fragile balance of inter-confessional “.

Unesco, which has declared hagia Sophia a world heritage site in 1985, recalled that a change in the use of the monument would require an international consultation.

A claim recurring islamist milieus

Do so again in the hagia Sophia of Istanbul, a place of worship a muslim is a claim recurring environments islamist turks for almost twenty years. The argument most frequently invoked is the lack of legal value of decree of 1934, which made the monument a museum : it would never have been published in The official Journal and the signature of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk would be a fake.

In recent years, especially since the missed putsch of July 2016, the president Recep Tayyip Erdogan has multiplied the bursts in Sainte-Sophie. In 2017, he had discussed the possibility of making a new mosque in response to the recognition by the president Trump Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. This idea was again revived in the year 2019, his Party, the justice and development party (AKP) to appear in a very bad position for the municipal.

In may, he confirmed that he hoped to cancel the decree of Ataturk and reopen the monument to the muslim cult. And on 15 June, the minister of justice Abdulahmit Gül stated that it was“a question of sovereignty “ and that this decision reflected the “common wish “ of all the citizens.


In the Kremlin explained the refusal to invite Zelensky at the Victory parade :: Policy :: RBC

Dmitry Peskov said that the Ukrainian leaders have not signaled their willingness to participate in the celebration

Vladimir Zelensky

(Photo: Sergey Dolzhenko / AP)

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov explained the decision not to extend an invitation to the Victory parade, the head of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky. According to him, the emphasis is on the renewal of the invitations of the heads of CIS States, as well as those leaders who expressed a desire to come to the feast.

“As we know. Ukraine is not a de facto and largely de jure member of the CIS and never signaled his desire to share the joy of victory,” — said Peskov.

According to him, confirmed the participation in the festival the representatives of Serbia, Croatia, Abkhazia, and South Ossetia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

Zelensky was not invited to the Victory parade in Russia

Vladimir Zelensky

In August last year, the Russian presidential aide Yuri Ushakov told about the possibility of inviting Zelensky at the Victory parade. However, the Kremlin changed their minds after the January performances of the Ukrainian President. Then Zelensky supported Poland in a dispute with Russia and stated that by the beginning of World war II and the Holocaust led to the collusion of the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany.


Svetlana Nemolyaeva destroyed the love of Lazarev Jr. to Amalia Mordvinova

Svetlana Nemolyaeva lived with folk artist Alexander for more than 50 years Lazarevwho passed away in 2011. For more than 30 years, the only son of the stars has been happy in marriage – Alexander Lazarev Jr. But few people know that being married he literally lost his head from Amalia Mordvinova.

A few years ago Alexander Lazarev Jr. and his wife Alina were on the verge of a divorce. Rehearsing and performing on stage “Lenkoma“with the play” Royal Games “, Alexander was carried away by his partner Amalia Mordvinova.

She was then married for the first time. Her chosen one was sound engineer Igor Zorin.

Learning about the affair of his son, Svetlana Nemolyaeva went to the theater’s artistic director Mark Zakharov. They say that the actress asked to take measures so that the family where Pauline’s little daughter grew up does not collapse.

Soon Amalia suddenly left the troupe and divorced her husband. Probably, the actress hoped that Lazarev Jr. would do the same. But parents were able to keep Alexander from this step, writes “Express newspaper”.

In 2000, the Lazarevs had a second child – a son, Sergei. Two years ago Alexander and Alina got married in one of the temples Georgia.

Now Nemolyaeva continues to anxiously protect her son’s marriage from all adversities. She admitted that she specially arranges gatherings at the cottage, to which she invites the heir and daughter-in-law. “By nature, I’m a diplomat … I always put out fires in our family, and it happens that I speak as a goodwill ambassador between Sasha and Alina. Although they are both wise … “, the star of the screen admits.


In Russia, registered the domestic test for antibodies to coronavirus :: Society :: RBC

He also wrote that the new test systems have already been transferred to several hospitals for testing doctors working in the red zone. “In the next few days, the Hematology Research Center will launch a test for the presence of anti-COVID-19 antibodies in the blood for everyone,” Yefimov promised.

On Tuesday, April 28, the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova said that studies of immunity in medical workers had already begun in Moscow. According to her, the number examined by the domestic test system amounted to more than 3.2 thousand people.

All doctors and nurses in Moscow will be tested for immunity to COVID-19

As a result, it turned out that 20% of the examined medical personnel already have immunity to SARS-CoV-2. “This is acquired immunity, this is a good prognostic sign,” said the head of Rospotrebnadzor. Popova clarified that the number of physicians with immunity to COVID-19 is least in children’s infectious diseases hospitals, in adult hospitals their share is almost 30%.

On the same day, the Genetico Center for Genetics and Reproductive Medicine announced the start of tests for antibodies to coronavirus. A test called CoronaPass for the determination of immunoglobulins M and G for a new coronavirus infection will be conducted only in the Genetico laboratory and will be available through partner medical centers, the company said. First of all, on a free basis, the laboratory tests the doctors of medical centers collaborating with Genetico. Then, studies will be done for patients of these centers.

Private medical company Invitro announced that it will begin testing for antibodies to the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the second half of May. The test will cost from 950 to 3,500 rubles. (excluding the cost of taking biomaterial), depending on its type. Everyone can do it if they do not have symptoms of SARS.

Deputy Mayor of Moscow Anastasia Rakova on April 24 promised that all medical workers in Moscow will pass an express test for the presence of antibodies to coronavirus. She specified that testing will be conducted not only by those who work in contaminated hospitals redesigned for admission, but also doctors from other hospitals and clinics. “We will use two types of rapid tests that have been tested in city hospitals and showed good results,” Rakova said then.

Coronavirus spread rate in Russia

Cases per day

Source: Federal and Regional Anti-Virus Activities

Russian data i


DuMont invests in regional titles – “Express” editor-in-chief leaves

Neven DuMont house Cologne

After selling several regional newspapers, the DuMont media group plans to invest millions in digital journalism for the remaining Cologne titles.

(Photo: dpa)

Cologne After selling several regional newspapers, the DuMont media group plans to invest millions in digital journalism for the remaining Cologne titles. The journalistic activities in the business area regional media are brought together in an integrated media house in Cologne, which concentrates primarily on the digital further development of “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger” and “Express”, as the media group announced on Thursday. The printed editions of the newspapers will continue to exist at the same time.

The realignment also has personnel consequences: DuMont boss Christoph Bauer is interim chairman of the management of the media house, and the previous managing director Philipp Froben will leave the company “by mutual agreement” at the end of April. “Express” editor-in-chief Constantin Blaß leaves the company, the position will no longer exist.

The editor-in-chief of the “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger”, Carsten Fiedler, will also take over the function of managing editor-in-chief, Newsroom, on May 1, and will be responsible for the journalistic management of the two newspaper titles.

DuMont intends to spend a double-digit million amount for editorial development, digitization and marketing in the next few years and thus strengthen the two brands. The editors of the Blätter already worked together in a joint newsroom in Cologne.

The realignment should not change the editorial size of the media house. As an independent publisher, the house will also take care of areas such as advertisements, radio and event business, it said.

The chairman of the supervisory board, Isabella Neven DuMont, emphasized: “At our home location in Cologne, we will implement the digital transformation of our flagships” Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger “and” Express “with all our might. We are convinced that in the long term we will establish a sustainably successful, primarily digital business model. “

The number of copies of the two regional titles (and “Kölnische Rundschau”) sold in the first quarter of 2020 was 301,961 from Monday to Saturday, according to figures from the information community to determine the distribution of advertising media (IVW), of which 29,168 as e-paper. Circulation numbers have been declining for years – as in the entire media industry in Germany.

DuMont had separated from a total of four regional titles in its portfolio since last autumn: “Berliner Zeitung”, “Berliner Kurier”, “Mitteldeutsche Zeitung” and most recently “Hamburger Morgenpost”. In addition to the regional newspaper section, the Cologne media house has two further pillars: business information – here DuMont prepares data for companies and institutions – and marketing technology with marketing software for sales and communication.

DuMont boss Bauer emphasized: “Today, DuMont already generates around half of its group sales and two thirds of its operating profit with digital added value.” The focus is on the further digitization of all business areas.

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“I am marked by all this solidarity that is expressed”

“There is enormous solidarity that exists on the ground. We are general practitioners, at the heart of city life. And in this period, it’s really very strong. As well between professions, whether medical or not, as between structures. Between hospitals and general practitioners, there is a collaboration: in fact, patients with Covid go back and forth between the city and the hospital, so that we talk to each other. I am marked by this solidarity which is expressed.

I live in a city where certain neighborhoods are popular or difficult. The municipality has implemented initiatives, for example to call the people identified as the most vulnerable, to see how they can be helped. We are in contact with them to report difficult situations to them. They also set up teams to tour the homes of migrants, to see how things were going.

“I didn’t think I would have to go through mourning myself”

This solidarity is also visible between people. I have had to live it for the past few days, since I suddenly lost my husband last week. I did not think, in this particular period, to have to mourn myself. I am fortunate to have been very surrounded, even from a distance, and have received many SMS, phone calls or emails. I have a close and affectionate family and friendly presence. We have agreed, like many of those in the same situation today, to organize a rally afterwards, when possible. I am surrounded, but I understand how difficult it can be for some single people.

I don’t know if my husband was a carrier of the coronavirus, at least it was asymptomatic. But I realize that we are really far from knowing this disease, which seems more and more complex. It is clear that the symptoms are very diverse: in addition to respiratory signs, extreme fatigue, but also neuromuscular damage, taste, smell, cardiac effects. Basically, I can’t help but say to myself: What is this virus? What are we going to find out after? I think we are only at the very beginning of the study of the phenomenon. “


US expresses “cautious optimism” as New York approaches 10,000 deaths

The latest figures for hospitalizations, admissions to intensive care units and intubations in New York, the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, have led leading experts in the United States to express a “Cautious optimism” to start reopening the country in May, on a Palm Sunday with empty churches and in which the New York region is close to registering 10,000 deaths.

The United States already registered about 550,000 infections this Sunday, more than triple that of any other country in the world, exceeding 21,900 deaths, according to the latest data from Johns Hopkins University, while New York state authorities revealed that 758 more people died Saturday due to the coronavirus. It is the sixth consecutive day that the governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, reports that more than 700 people have lost their lives in the region, victims of the pandemic, so it is probable that in the next few hours, more than 10,000 deaths will be exceeded.

Direct | This is how the fight against the coronavirus progresses

The director of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Anthony Fauci, the country’s leading expert during the crisis, expressed “cautious optimism” on Sunday about the slowdown in the expansion of the coronavirus and noted that “Maybe next month“The partial reopening of the country could begin. “When you look at admissions, hospitalizations, intensive care, and intubation needs, you are starting to turn the corner,” said Fauci, one of the world’s most respected epidemiologists and a member of the White House task force. against the virus, on the figures of New York.

“So that is what we expect, there is cautious optimism in seeing this decline,” added Fauci, who alluded to the patterns that have been followed in other countries and the “Sharp decline” of the virus once decreases begin to be registered in hospital centers. In fact, he stressed that there are “indications” that some of the data used to measure the evolution of the health crisis is “beginning to stabilize” in some places.

This would be the case of the state of New York, where, despite registering a total of 9,385 deaths and steadily approaching the 10,000 deaths, it is considered “good news” that the number of hospital admissions has decreased. “That is the number that we have been observing because we were very afraid that the hospital system would be overwhelmed,” said the region’s top president on Sunday, who also noted that the number of discharges is rising.

Despite these positive data, which are coupled with a marked decrease in intubations announced by the mayor of the Big Apple, Bill de Blasio, the situation in New York is “tragic”, in the words of the governor himself. “Each one of them it’s a face, a name and a family He is suffering this weekend that for many in this state and this nation is a very important religious date, “Cuomo said in his daily press conference, in which he pointed out that” New Yorkers have done everything humanly possible “to try to save lives.

Three times worse than 9/11

The governor compared the number of deaths from the coronavirus with that of 9/11, the worst event experienced in New York in recent history, and noted that the disease has already killed more than three times as many people as that attack in 2001, in which 2,753 people died. Let’s put that in context. That’s 9,385 lives lost “compared to 2,753 deaths on 9/11, which” supposedly had to be the worst tragedy of my lifeCuomo said.

Bill de Blasio also called New York this past week “hard and painful,” but noted that daily intubations in city hospitals have dropped to 70 from 200 that were just a week ago. “I am very happy to say that, just when we thought that things were going to get worseWe have started to see improvements, “said de Blasio, while noting that it is” important not to reach too many conclusions too quickly. ”

Meanwhile, Phil Murphy, the Governor of New Jersey, a state adjacent to New York and where many citizens who work in the Big Apple reside, announced this Sunday that its state already has about 62,000 infections and 2,350 deaths, of which 167 lost their lives on Saturday. Murphy, who said he is in constant contact with the White House, said that the region, the second most affected in the United States, continues to need protective material for medical personnel as well as respirators at this time.

Rest of the country

In addition, from New York and New Jersey, other foci of the epidemic in the United States are concentrated mainly in Michigan, where there are about 24,000 cases, Pennsylvania, with almost 23,000, and Massachusetts and California, both with more than 22,000. Meanwhile, the state Wyoming, in the western United States, has registered 261 cases and is the only one of the 50 in the country where no deaths from the virus have been reported.

The coronavirus has altered the celebration of Easter Sunday in the country, where a large part of the state authorities have decreed restrictions on congregationsAlthough in some states such as Texas, Kansas or Louisiana, regions where some of the most faithful communities are concentrated, several parish priests have defied the authorities with celebrations.

In New York, as in other cities, there has been a day of empty churches despite the important religious commemoration. This gap was especially noticeable in the emblematic Catholic Cathedral of Saint Patrick, on Fifth Avenue, which was attended only by its archbishop, Timothy Dolan, half a dozen assistants and technical personnel for the streaming transmission of the homily, through of Catholic media and the local chain PIX11.

The archbishop addressed the parishioners in their homes to tell them: “I miss you here in the church, and I hear you tell me that you miss me too”, but a person I know very well said: “No It is so bad to see the mass live on streaming, you can do it with an ‘bloody mary’ in hand…. ‘Come on mom, this is not the way to do it’ », he joked. “With the pandemic the tables are empty of family and friends, the schools are empty, the factories, the restaurants, the banks (…) the churches are empty, lives are empty, everything that filled us before now does not full, “lamented Archbishop Dolan, who nonetheless assured that” the worst depression is a life without God, so this emptiness we live in can be blessed. ”

Other Americans celebrated the day in their cars, as happened in the town of Walnutport (Pennsylvania), where hundreds of people attended the mass on Easter Sunday in their vehicles while the priest officiated the ceremony from a large stage.


Invitro changed its mind about taking tests for coronavirus because of the risk for patients :: Society :: RBC

Instead, the company will begin to operate as a centralized laboratory. Her complex in Novosibirsk will receive biomaterials of patients from Russian hospitals and clinics this week

Photo: Alexander Kryazhev / RIA Novosti

Private medical company Invitro abandoned the idea of ​​conducting tests for coronavirus because of the risk to the health of patients and its employees, said in a message to RBC.

“Earlier it was reported that the test for coronavirus can be passed at the medical offices of the Invitro network. However, after analyzing the situation and assessing all possible risks to the health of patients and staff, it was decided to support the state’s actions to combat the spread of the pandemic and focus on working with state-owned medical institutions, ”said Invitro.

Now Invitro will conduct testing for coronavirus already as a centralized laboratory. The laboratory complex in Novosibirsk will be the first to start it, which will receive biomaterial for research from state medical institutions, polyclinics and hospitals.

In Rospotrebnadzor called the price of a home test for coronavirus

Clinical samples will be delivered to the Novosibirsk Invitro complex this week. The laboratory received test systems of the Russian manufacturer JSC Vector-Best and will be able to conduct research in one day.


Doctors reject proposal to make validation of medical degrees more flexible – Health

The unions that group all the doctors in the country sent this Wednesday a letter to President Iván Duque in which strongly reject the possibility of making time and procedures more flexible for the validation of medical degrees and their specialties obtained abroad.

On Tuesday night, in a transmission, President Iván Duque anticipated that the Government was preparing a decree to accelerate the validations of the medical degrees obtained in educational institutions outside Colombia, in order to attend to the health emergency that the country is experiencing due to the coronavirus.

In a document that would be the draft decree, known by this newspaper, it is indicated that this measure seeks to establish “the legal exercise of the profession of titles in general medicine, specialists, subspecialists in medical and surgical specialties, masters and doctorates concerning the health area, titles of nurses, physiotherapists, who completed and completed their studies abroad ”.

The foregoing in order to prevent and control the spread of covid-19 in the territory and mitigate its effects “In the face of a possible collapse of the institutions providing health services that today are the main line to face the sanitary emergency ”.

Likewise, the draft decree, which has not been made official, proposes to temporarily grant extraordinary functions to the governors of each department so that, through the departmental health institutes, issue the corresponding administrative acts authorizing the legal exercise of the profession of the titles of health professionals in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health.

However, in the response letter signed by representatives of nine unions, the “great concern for the possibility that the national government is raised any flexibility of the times and procedures required for validation titles of general practitioner and first or second medical specialties that come from abroad; indistinctly”.

Doctors warn that more than a shortage of professionals in this field what exists an inequitable distribution of the same in the different regions, conditioned by limitations for the exercise and problems in the contracting on the part of the different actors of the system.

The proposals

In another part of the letter, the health unions propose to Duque seven alternatives to face the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic from the health level.

Starting from the basis that “in Colombia there is no deficit of health professionals”, some of them are graduating from the first of April to about 2,500 doctors who have already completed their careers in medical schools; hiring those who have already graduated but are waiting to complete their rural year or have not found a job; and formally link resident physicians.

“General practitioners and some other specialties could be given the possibility of exercising at this juncture by license or transitory permit, which would end at the end of the crisis and then, these professionals graduated abroad, thus temporarily validated, would initiate their corresponding regulatory procedures, ”is another proposal.

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The signatory unions are the Colombian Association of Scientific Societies, the National Academy of Medicine, the Colombian Medical College, the Colombian Medical Federation, the Colombian Association of Faculties of Medicine, the National Union Medical Association, the National Association of Inmates and Residents, the Association of Medical Students and the Colombian Federation of Medical Unions.

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Aitana Sánchez Gijón: «I feel that before I could express myself more freely than now»

That naked body and soul, which seemed to show, all at once, the beautiful whiteness of the newborn snow and the voracious fire of hearts for the first time in love, left dazzled men and women who saw ‘The uninhabited man ‘by Rafael Alberti. It was the beginning, already distant, of a love relationship, both with the theater and with the cinema and television, spun for years based on professionalism and enchantment. For a while, Aitana Sánchez-Gijón, born in Rome in 1968, has been embodying characters that are providing her a huge success: Medea, Nora …, and now the five women she gives life in ‘Juana’, the show directed by Chevi Muraday in which he also dares with contemporary dance.

– Would you be so kind as to recite the lullaby that Rafael Alberti wrote to you when you turned one?

– (Laughter) Well … yes: «Aitana, Spanish-Italian rising star, / our sad today will be light tomorrow. / Aitana, morning light, / Aitana sleeps today, wake up tomorrow ». I am very fond of these verses, which I read every day because he included them in one of those wonderful drawings he painted and that I have hung in my house. Notice if I have Rafael present in my life, every day I am aware that I once had a year! (More laughter) And more things that poem makes me keep in mind, of which I feel proud.

– What goes through your mind?

– Tucked into the bars as I am with ‘Juana’, of which we have functions until June, I get dizzy just thinking about what will happen after this project that fills me so much, that it poses a greater challenge. If the theatrical challenges assumed in recent years have put me to the limit, they have taken me to the edge of the abyss, with ‘Juana’ I have already taken the triple mortal leap. So much so that I have decided that I will stay a year in theatrical fallow.

– Why triple somersault?

– In ‘Juana’ I put my whole body at risk. He had never danced in a professional way, or anything like that. I have thrown myself into a vacuum (laughs), and for now I have left unharmed My body has taken me further than I thought would be possible, and has taught me its enormous potential as a means of immediate expression. I have discovered the world of dance and I have realized that they are all made dust, all made shit. Me too, uh, my body is a scream after each performance, and I wake up the next day full of pain from the crown to the little finger of my foot. I am living with my body in a state of great discipline and a great respect for him. I stay well trained so as not to injure myself, so that I can continue to sustain myself and allow myself to continue enjoying so much what I am doing. I have in mind that I am a person with a certain age who, as I was saying, has now started dancing in a professional way. We have made a pact: ‘You will allow me to do this, and I will take care of you and I will respect you.’

– Physically how do you feel?

– Very strong and resistant, I have been able to go beyond my own limit. For a few years now, most of the interviews they do to me go through the issue of age, something that I think does not happen with men. I love being able to say that, when I am supposed to be already a little withdrawn, or living off the income of a certain trajectory or what do I know, well, now I start doing things that I had not done even at 20 years; and it turns out that my body and my head respond. And above all, it turns out that I put the same passion or more than when I was young. Now I take more risks than ever, I am more able to take a risk and I am less afraid to stumble, and to ridicule and not to go well, than when I was younger. I do things just because I need to do them, I don’t do any other calculation. And as I am honest with that need, and I give myself to an open grave, if then the result is not what people expect, or what I could expect myself, well, at least I will have tried.

– You don’t want to miss anything.

– Do not! It was happening to me as a child: I really liked studying, playing with my gang, going to theater classes, practicing handball, basketball, volleyball …; It was part of all the teams. I have done everything, I have not lost anything, neither in my childhood, nor in my adolescence: I have had love, heartbreak, I have suffered for love madly, madly (laughs). They left me, they took me again, they left me for a friend, then they left the friend …; All those teenage things.

– And finally learned to have a better eye?

– I took a lot, I recognize it. I have learned to be in a love story, as a couple, in a healthy and balanced way, after many blows and seeing myself very subjected to many ugly, unpleasant situations, situations in which I came to feel like a rag. But yes, I learned the lesson well, and the fact is that I have been with my partner for 21 years (Papin Lucadamo). We are a team that we have learned along the way to respect each other and accompany each other well. Obviously, we must always continue paddling, but we are already a family, with our two children, very solid.

Affection and the ladder

– How is your relationship with them, with Bruna and Teo?

– My children don’t pass me one! (Laughs) When he played ‘Medea’, he told them to tell me: ‘Mom, don’t be great that you’re not Medea, huh! Make no mistake!’ They make fun of me, dramatize with a lot of grace and take away iron from everything that doesn’t really matter. I love you, I love you very much, but besides mother I am many other things; For me it is as important to be a mother as to dedicate myself to my profession. I try to be a good couple, a good friend, a good daughter, for me there is no ladder in the world of affections and my personal needs. Being a mother is not above all, it is on the same level as other important things. I am lucky to feel a complete being, and I believe that my husband and I have succeeded in educating them to be free and fly. I want them to need me less and less, and that the love we have is not from necessity, but from freedom.

– By which of the Juanas of your new show – Paisa Juana, Juana de Arco, Juana la Loca, Sr. Juana Inés de la Cruz and Juana Doña – do you feel more predilection?

– For me it is as if they were the same woman, in the sense that they all dare to tear down walls, to challenge the established order with the sole desire to be themselves, something for which they were severely punished. But, perhaps, the one that moves me the most, because it is the closest and because it concerns me in my personal history, it is Juana Doña (communist leader, feminist, trade unionist and writer). I have read about its history and that of all the women who lived tremendous situations and were imprisoned during the Franco regime; those Francoist prisons, that viciousness, that will to annihilate that was in this country … Its history connects with that of my father, an anti-Franco fighter, and that excites me especially. I was born in Rome during my parents’ exile. I grew up in a family where political commitment has been very important. My father suffered the dictatorship, was in jail and got engaged in a time when you really played it very seriously. And I feel, as a moral duty, that I have to commit to the time that I have had to live.

– What do you think when you hear Javier Ortega Smith say that the 13 roses “raped and tortured in the Czechs of Madrid”?

– Things are happening now that really make your hair stand on end; I want to cry, to scream, I find it aberrant to stain the memory of those girls, whose only sin was to be young and defend democratic values ​​and the Republic, the legitimate government against those who gave a coup. So serious is that like removing some verses of Miguel Hernández from a memorial (in La Almudena) for the fallen. If they could, what would they do with the memory of García Lorca? Really, are we now at this point where the right is daring to do things like that, with a universal poet like Miguel Hernández? What can bother you right of him?

– Have you considered stopping to think about politics to avoid problems?

– Sometimes you want to do it, because they attack you everywhere. I feel that before I could express myself in a freer way than now; and, as that seems tremendous to me, I still want to say what I think. If you ask me, I answer. I do not want to sit a chair, or flag anything, just exercise my right to give my opinion. I do not represent anyone, only myself with all my contradictions. And I always try to respect, not to fall into permanent confrontation, or aggressiveness, or anger. I say what I think, I am on the left and I go out to defend the things I believe in, but I do not want to become an aggressive, angry being, I do not want to fall into that. In addition, the reality is that in my daily life I interact with all kinds of people, of all kinds and conditions, and I get along well with neighbors and colleagues who don’t think like me. I feel that in our day to day citizens we are much more civilized than those who represent us, sometimes.

Against “the stoning”

– Would you work with Woody Allen and Roman Polanski?

– Yes. I think they are two great directors and I will always watch their movies. It is a complex issue, I know. On the one hand, I believe that it is Justice that must condemn those who have committed a crime; I don’t like public lynchings, they are dangerous. On the other, I am with those women who, finally, dare to denounce the abuses they have suffered, something very necessary to get an end to the impunity that has protected so many abuses of power of all kinds. But I tell you, I have never liked stoning and I prefer that it is Justice that speaks and acts. I think of Placido Domingo, for example, one of the most privileged voices in history. Can’t you ever sing again in public? I don’t know … I seem to go too far.