BOLA – Germany places Lisbon in high-risk destinations (COVID-19)

Germany has just added the Lisbon Metropolitan Area, and 11 other regions of European countries, to its list of risky destinations, in an update made this Wednesday, using as criteria regions with an infection rate greater than 50 cases of Covid -19 for every 100 thousand inhabitants in the last week.

Following the steps of the past few months, the inclusion of regions on the ‘black list’ follows the recommendation of the German Foreign Minister for citizens of the country to avoid non-essential trips to the identified destinations.

In addition to Lisbon, the updated list now includes top tourist destinations, such as the French regions of Center-Val de Loire, next to Paris, Normandy or Brittany; the capitals of the Republic of Ireland, Dublin, and Denmark, Copenhagen; the Dutch province of Utrecht; the Austrian state of Vorarlberg; much of the Czech Republic; and parts of Hungary and Romania.


“No future prospects at the moment” / Formula 1 SPEEDWEEK.COM

The 1000th GP was once again a failure for Ferrari. The Scuderia then got the full broadside from the media.

Ferrari has to listen to a lot again after the disastrous Tuscany GP. “The first Grand Prix in Mugello will be remembered as another disaster for Ferrari,” wrote La Repubblica.

Tuttosport summed up the situation: «Ferrari is sinking deeper and deeper into the crisis. The disappointment and frustration of the Tifosi are growing, especially because there is still no way out. “

The press reviews at a glance:


La Repubblica: The first Grand Prix at Mugello will be remembered as another disaster for Ferrari. The celebration of the great past of the racing team is overshadowed by the present with no prospects.

Corriere dello Sport: Once again a disgrace for Ferrari, and this time on the home track in Mugello. The Scuderia falls far behind in the ranking. It will take a long time to resolve this situation; there are no future prospects at the moment.

Gazzetta dello Sport: When Ferrari wants to celebrate its glorious past, Mercedes dominates the race on the Scuderia track. Any festive mood for the 1000th race will be immediately erased by the bitterness of this catastrophic 2020.

Tuttosport: Terrible race in the Mugello. Ferrari is sinking deeper and deeper into the crisis. The disappointment and frustration of the Tifosi are growing, especially because there is still no way out.

Corriere della Sera: While the other teams have grown, Ferrari is sinking more and more into an unprecedented crisis. Leclerc must hoist the white flag in front of the attacks by Renault, McLaren and Racing Point: a sporty drama for a highly motivated driver.


Guardian: The net result had a familiar smell, but on the way there, chaos and misfortune brought a lot of color to this Grand Prix. No space in the field seemed safe until the checkered flag was finally waved. The race will go down in the history books as another double victory, but it still had nothing to do with routine. This great old course doesn’t have the financial support for a place on the regular calendar. But he would deserve it.

Daily Mail: Red flags, accidents, mistakes – Lewis Hamilton navigates the chaos and is still one win away from Schumacher’s brand that many believed was untouchable. The German’s achievements in turn act like a rebuke for the current Scuderia, which should celebrate its 1000th Grand Prix.

Mirror: An ice cold Lewis Hamilton kept a cool head as his competitors lost theirs in the dramatic Tuscan Grand Prix. Only one victory is still missing to make the Schumacher record. On the day Ferrari hit a historic milestone, Hamilton showed again why his name will forever be in the Formula 1 record books.


L’Equipe: Five points for Ferrari after the zero numbers were almost good news recently. But the limits of the SF1000 were obvious, Leclerc’s fifth place in qualifying was just an illusion. In the race he was defenseless – and without the numerous failures of the competition, Vettel would never have gotten a world championship point.


Marca: Hamilton’s number 90 victory. The Mugello circuit turned into an inferno for the racing cars, and the safety car was close to provoking a catastrophe. It’s a miracle that nobody was injured in the accidents. It was one of the strangest races in history.

As: Hamilton remains uninjured in the chaos of accidents in Mugello, but it was no walk in the park. A brave Sunday in Mugello.

Sport: Hamilton survived the Mugello chaos. Only twelve cars at the finish in an insane, accident-prone race. Unbelievable, the safety car was to blame for an accident.

El Mundo Deportivo: A pure survival race. In the end, everyone won in Mugello because luckily nothing serious happened.


Lewis Hamilton criticizes F1 decision to restart the 2020 Tuscan GP


Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton gave his team a thumbs-up after confirming that they won the 2020 Tuscan GP at the Mugello Circuit, Italy, Sunday (9/13/2020).

BOLASPORT.COM – Racer Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton, call the alias restart decision restart at the 2020 Tuscan GP race it endangers the participating racers.

The 2020 Tuscan GP race which took place at the Mugello Circuit, Sunday (9/13/2020), had to be stopped twice due to collisions experienced by several drivers.

Even though it’s full of drama, Lewis Hamilton still able to keep his focus and win the race.

However, Hamilton did not hesitate to say that the organizers’ decision did restart the race is too risky.

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“I don’t know who it was, but the decision makers made mistakes. They tried to make the race more exciting, but what happened was they endangered the riders,” Hamilton said, quoted by Crash.

“They have to rethink the decision. Race organizers turn off the Safety Car lights as we fight for pole position,” he explained.

Lewis Hamilton then cited the situation experienced by his teammate, Valtteri Bottas.

According to him, apart from being dangerous, restarting also often disadvantages certain racers.

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F1 2020 Standings Update – Winning in Tuscany, Lewis Hamilton is Still Mighty


Mercedes racer Lewis Hamilton celebrates his victory at the British GP F1 race at the Silverstone Circuit, England, 2 August 2020.

BOLASPORT.COM – Racer F1 from the team Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton, increasingly victorious as the top of the standings after winning in the series 2020 Tuscan GP.

Lewis Hamilton managed to snatch his sixth win of the season in a draw F1 2020 Tuscan GP which took place at the Mugello Circuit, Italy, Sunday (13/9/2020).

In the race which lasted 59 rounds, Lewis Hamilton came out as the fastest after defeating his teammate, Valtteri Bottas, who finished second.

Result on a draw F1 2020 Tuscan GP it makes Lewis Hamilton entitled to 25 points plus one point from the fastest lap he recorded in that racing session.

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Thus, the British racer has collected 190 points or 55 points ahead of Valtteri Bottas, who is ranked second in the 2020 F1 drivers’ standings.

The current 135 points have made Valtteri Bottas himself widen his distance from Red Bull’s Max Verstappen in third place with a difference of 25 points.

This happened because Max Verstappen won the result of failing to finish aka did not finish (DNF) after being involved in an accident when the race was just entering the first round.

The Dutch racer teammate Alexander Albon experienced a different fate, who was able to improve his position in the F1 2020 standings table.

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“That’s not fair” / Formula 1 SPEEDWEEK.COM

Sebastian Vettel captured a world championship point in tenth in the crazy GP in Mugello. The Heppenheimer criticized the standing restarts afterwards, in which the drivers on the dirty side of the track are left behind.

In the crazy Tuscany GP, after two interruptions and three standing starts, twelve drivers finally crossed the finish line. This also included the two Ferrari drivers who were able to complete the 1000th GP outing for the Scuderia in the points. Charles Leclerc crossed the finish line in 9th position behind Raikkonen, but moved up one position because of a 5-second time penalty that the 2007 World Champion had received. Vettel got the last world championship point in tenth place.

After crossing the finish line, the four-time world champion said: “I can’t remember ever having made so many starts in one day, usually there is one. I have to say, I’m not a big fan of this rule because if you’re on the right side of the track, it’s a huge advantage. “

“But when you stand on the dirty side of the piste – we’ve already seen that in Monza – after a few laps there are a lot of rubber balls on the track. That’s not fair. I think we should focus on building cars that can overtake and not hold a lottery, ”emphasized Vettel, who did not mince his words when it came to his own performance.

“We weren’t fast enough and there is more than one reason for that. We know that our car is not fast enough, but this time we expected a better race pace, ”sighed the 53-time GP winner, who still doesn’t think about giving up. When asked whether it would be impossible to develop a better feeling for his red company car this year, he said: “I can still learn a lot, even if it will be difficult to achieve a huge improvement in the results.”

Toskana-GP 2020, Mugello

1. Lewis Hamilton (GB), Mercedes, 1:31:55,955h
2. Valtteri Bottas (FIN), Mercedes, +4,942
3. Alex Albon (T), Red Bull Racing, +7,910
4. Daniel Ricciardo (AUS), Renault, +10.476
5. Sergio Pérez (MEX), Racing Point, +15,638
6. Lando Norris (GB), McLaren, +18,931
7. Daniil Kvyat (RUS), AlphaTauri, +21,751
9. Charles Leclerc (MC), Ferrari, +27,785
8. Kimi Räikkönen (FIN), Alfa Romeo, +29,247
10. Sebastian Vettel (D), Ferrari, +29,595
11. George Russell (GB), Williams, +31,894
12. Romain Grosjean (F), Haas, +40,707
Lance Stroll (CDN), Racing Point, tire damage / accident
Esteban Ocon (F), Renault, Bremsen
Nicholas Latifi (CDN), Williams, Crash
Kevin Magnussen (DK), Haas, Crash
Antonio Giovinazzi (I), Alfa Romeo, Crash
Carlos Sainz (E), McLaren, Crash
Max Verstappen (NL), Red Bull Racing, Crash
Pierre Gasly (F), AlphaTauri, Crash

World Championship stand drivers after 9 of 17 races

1. Hamilton 190 points
2. Bottas 135
3. Verstappen 110
4. Norris 65
5. Albon 63
6. Stroll 57
7. Ricciardo 53
8. Leclerc 49
9. Pérez 44
10. Gasly 43
11. Sainz 41
12. Ocon 30
13. Vettel 17
14. Kvyat 10
15. Nico Hülkenberg (D) 6
16. Raikkonen 2
17. Giovinazzi 2
18. Magnussen 1
19. Latifi 0
20. Russell 0
21. Grosjean 0

1. Mercedes 325
2. Red Bull Racing 173
3. McLaren 106
4. Racing Point 92
5. Renault 83
6. Ferrari 66
7. AlphaTauri 53
8. Alfa Romeo 4
9. Haas 1
10. Williams 0


THE BALL – Mozambique close to five thousand infected (Mozambique)

The number of infected by Covid-19 in Mozambique continues to increase, being close to reaching 5,000. This Wednesday, 117 more positive cases were announced, bringing the total to 4764, of which 4481 were local and 273 imported.

The city of Maputo, capital of the country, the most affected by the pandemic, 37 more cases were diagonally diagnosed this Wednesday, only surpassed by the province of Zambézia with 42.

Regarding the recovered, another 48 people were considered free of the disease. Mozambique now has a total of 2763 people, who have undergone new tests and have been negative.

The number of deaths remains at 28.


Luca de Meo: “A beautiful story to tell”

Why did you choose to rename the Renault team to the Alpine F1 Team?

F1 must be a constructors’ championship with prestigious brands which have made the history of the category, but more generally the history of the automobile. There must be a possible connection between Sunday’s results and Monday’s sales. A physical link that the customer can see and touch on the street. This is how Ferrari, Mercedes and Aston Martin work. Alpine fits in with this spirit, naturally including the association with Renault as an engine manufacturer. It is a choice which is part of the idea of ​​the reorganization of the group announced a few days ago. We make Alpine one of our business units. The idea is to put F1 at the center of a 360 ° system with activities related to engineering, the Alpine brand itself, the products and the Dieppe site. It is made one of the pillars of Renault’s recovery strategy. The F1 platform will be able to accelerate the notoriety of a brand that is much more focused on Europe, especially France. I am convinced that this will ensure the sustainability of motorsport activities. Every manufacturer goes through ups and downs, and some people don’t necessarily share a passion for motorsport. They see competition as an expense item only. I want to transform it to integrate it into a new business model.

Renault has confirmed its commitment to F1 in the long term, but was it hard won internally?

We always have discussions on these subjects, especially in such a difficult economic climate. The easiest thing to do would be to perceive running as an expensive hobby. But I’m a car lover and I won’t be the one to end Renault’s 43-year F1 presence. I am here to start a new dynamic. Sometimes you don’t need to change the ingredients, just put them together in different ways to create a whole new recipe.

Find the full article in AUTOhebdo N ° 2277 available in digital version and on newsstands.


BOLA – IMF has new resident representative for the country (Mozambique)

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has just appointed Alexis Meyer-Cirkel to occupy the position of Resident Representative of this international financial institution in Mozambique, with effect from this Wednesday, 9th of September.

Meyer-Cirkel succeeds Ari Aisen, who has run the institution’s office in Maputo for the past four years, counted since September 2016. Of Brazilian nationality, Meyer-Cirkel joined the IMF in August 2010, having performed several functions.
Cirkel worked in several countries, focusing on macroeconomic policy, public debt sustainability and analysis of the external sector.

“Before joining the IMF, Meyer-Cirkel worked in financial markets at Morgan Stanley, European Central Bank, Allianz Research and at the Central Bank of Brazil,” points out a press release sent by the IMF.

According to the statement, Meyer-Cirkel holds a doctorate in economics from the Goethe University in Frankfurt. Germany, has a master’s degree in Development Studies from the London School of Economics, England.


BOLA – Portugal with 388 more cases and three deaths (COVID-19)

In the last 24 hours, there were 388 more cases of infection and three deaths from Covid-19 in Portugal.

According to the epidemiological bulletin of the Directorate-General for Health (DGS), released this Tuesday, deaths occurred in Lisbon and Vale do Tejo (2) and in the North Region (1).

There are now a record of 1846 deaths, 60,895 infected people and 43,146 recovery cases (plus 130).


Gasly amazes the F1 planet, Stroll on the podium

Quebecer Lance Stroll completed the Italian Grand Prix on the third step of the podium on Sunday at the Monza circuit.

This is a first podium for the Racing Point driver in 2020. It is also the second time he has finished among the top three riders since he started in Formula 1. While he Playing for Williams, the 21-year-old took third place at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in June 2017.

“It’s been a while since I’ve been on the podium, but it was worth the wait for my second,” Stroll told his team’s website. It feels good to be back on the podium, I’m still pinching myself! ”

It was Pierre Gasly (Alpha Tauri) who won the day’s event, while Carlos Sainz Jr. (McLaren) took second place.

It is the first time since 2013 that it is not a driver of the Mercedes, Ferrari or Red Bull teams who does not win a Grand Prix. Kimi Raikkonen, then at Lotus, was crowned the winner of the race held in Australia that season.

Hamilton penalized

The Italian Grand Prix was marked by a violent exit from the track by Charles Leclerc (Ferrari), which caused all the cars to be forced into the garage on the 26th of the 53 laps of the event. Fortunately, Leclerc was not injured.

Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) was leading the race at the time. He was followed by Stroll and Gasly.

The driver in the drivers’ championship, however, was punished for returning to the pits when they were closed. On the restart, he was forced to stop at the pits and wait 10 seconds before restarting. Hamilton finally took the seventh rung.

A little disappointment

To return to Stroll, the Quebecer had some hiccups during the standing start following the accident involving the Ferrari and quickly found himself in fifth position. However, he took advantage of a fast car to move up the standings and finish the event in a good way.

“I want to congratulate Pierre [Gasly]It was such a crazy race, but he fully deserved the win, said Stroll. He had a great start on the reboot and was very consistent after that. It’s a bit disappointing for me because I think it was our race to win. ”

“Anyway, I’m happy to be third today [dimanche]. I’m so happy for the team. Thank you to them for giving me such a solid car, ”concluded the native of Montreal.

For his part, Torontonian Nicholas Latifi (Williams) finished in 11th position.