Kingdom Hearts: Tetsuya Nomura teases for the 20th anniversary of the license and brings up the case of the Switch

License Kingdom Hearts is far from having said its last word, even if the whole saga around Xehanort ended with the third episode. Indeed, we are now in a 2nd phase including in particular Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory, expected at the end of the year. And it’s not over, since Tetsuya Nomura had already indicated that his team was working on the next main episode. Precisely on this subject, it could arrive as early as 2022 for the 20th anniversary.

In an interview given to Famitsu and taken over by Gematsu, Tetsuya Nomura indeed said the following:

Famitsu: I want to ask about the future of the series. The Dark Seeker story ended with Kingdom Hearts III, but all mysteries have not been revealed and the secret film suggests that there are still new developments to come. What does the future of the Kingdom Hearts series look like?

Nomura : Kingdom Hearts will be celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2022, you know.

Famitsu: That’s right.

Nomura: That being said … I’m working hard for the 20th anniversary. (Laughs.) I’ve already started thinking about the next job myself, and the Kingdom Hearts team has already started working on something new. Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory came right before we started working on the next title, so the core team were able to help us. When we are able to announce something in the future, I think it will be full of surprises, so look forward to it.

On the other hand, don’t expect anything new on Switch except Melody of Memory (available for pre-order at € 59.99 on Amazon), because he also declared to Nintendo Enthusiast than the publisher has no plan for the console regarding the license Kingdom Hearts, even ports being technologically difficult, which leaves us doubtful … On the other hand, the interested party appreciates the Switch and, although not being able to speak for Square Enix, thinks it’s possible that one of his games could be released in the future.

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Splashy about the discovery of Covid-19 drugs, this agency will reveal its scientific facts – Hadi Pranoto’s name has recently been in the spotlight of many parties since revealing a statement that he managed to find a cure for Covid-19. In fact, reportedly the drug has successfully cured hundreds of thousands of patients. This phenomenal statement clearly stirred up the community amidst the high case growth rate in Indonesia. Many believed and hoped that the pandemic would end soon. However, not a few also consider it a hoax because Hadi is only an independent researcher.

Regarding this commotion, various parties asked the public to remain calm and think clearly. Especially during this pandemic the hoax trend has also increased. So, it is important to keep checking scientific facts related to existing news, especially about the Covid-19 drug itself.

Various Countries in the World Are Still Carrying Out Testing

Until now, various countries around the world are still in the process of conducting tests to find drugs that are effective in cutting the spread of Covid-19. Even though many countries are involved, until now the World Health Organization or WHO has not recommended any drugs that can effectively cure Covid-19.

Even so, various researchers are still working hard without giving up in order to produce the expected results. Including Indonesia, which also participates in research in their own country, one of which is by utilizing natural herbal ingredients that have the potential to effectively increase endurance.

Potency of Red Ginger

One of the herbal ingredients that has been tested in the country is red ginger. This material has empirically anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. Preclinical research has also been conducted several times to indicate endurance. However, there has been no scientific test regarding the effectiveness of red ginger to maintain endurance in Covid-19 cases. This is what makes Bintang Toedjoe support clinical trials of red ginger in an effort to accelerate the handling of Covid-19 in the country.

Red ginger itself with the composition of other herbal ingredients has been clinically tested by LIPI on August 16, 2020. Tests were carried out on immunomodulator candidates originating from native Indonesian herbal plants, one of which is red ginger (Zingiber officinale var Red). The clinical trial result data itself has been sent to the POM as the regulator.

“The immunomodulator clinical trial with original ingredients from Indonesian biodiversity is the first to be carried out independently and involves many parties to ensure objectivity and accuracy is maintained,” explained the Head of the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), Laksana Tri Handoko in Jakarta on Monday (17 / 8) quoted from the site.

Testing of Hadi Pranoto’s Covid-19 Drug Ingredients

Basically, all drug claims must go through a clinical trial process with appropriate procedures. Responding to this, the Chairman of the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI) Daeng Mohammad Faqih said this was not in accordance with research conducted by health experts.

“Until now, there has been no official statement from IDI or BPOM regarding drugs that can cure COVID-19. Both drugs and herbs, need to be tested first and go through a series of research stages before they can be claimed to be able to cure COVID-19. ” he said.

Regarding the public upheaval caused by Hadi Pranoto’s claims for the Covid-19 drug, several parties took the initiative to carry out an objective and transparent fact check. This test will be carried out by LIPI, BPOM, and IDI which will take place on August 31, 2020. The clinical trial can be followed by all people through online webinars, you know. Titled Hoax or Fact, the Clinical Trial of Red Ginger as a Covid-19 Immunomodulator will present the Head of BPOM Dr. Ir. Penny K. Lukito, MCP, Head of LIPI Dr. Laksana Tri Handoko from LIPI, Chairman (PB IDI) Dr. Daeng M. Faqih, SH, MH, as well as the President Director of PT Bintang Toedjoe, Simon Jonatan.

Registration link for doctors can be done here to get an IDI SKD. Meanwhile, registration for general participants can be done with Click here. Watch the live stream on Monday, 31 August 2020 at 14.00 – finished at Liputan6 and Vidio. Make sure not to miss it so you know the scientific facts! [wri]


Her father is called lobbying 2 police generals, this is the figure of Tommy Sumardi’s daughter, the in-law candidate for ex Najib Razak is now a politician – all pages

GridHot.ID – Djoko Tjandra finally caught.

The 11-year-old fugitive for the transfer of claim rights (cessie) from Bank Bali had fled.

However, he is known to have asked for help from a number of justice enforcement officials when he wanted to flee to the neighboring state, Malaysia.

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Bareskrim Polri has named four suspects in the alleged corruption case behind the removal of red notice Djoko Tjandra when he was still a fugitive.

The four suspects named consist of the bribe giver and the recipient.

For the giver of gifts or bribes, investigators determined Djoko Tjandra and a private person named Tommy Sumardi.

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The recipients of the prizes were former police officers from the Criminal Investigation Unit of the National Police, Brigadier General Prasetijo Utomo and former Head of Police Hubinter Police Inspector General Napoleon Bonaparte.

This was conveyed by the Head of Metro Jaya Public Relations Division, Inspector General Pol Argo Yuwono at the Police Headquarters, Jakarta, Friday (14/8/2020).

Who is Tommy Sumardi as a suspect in giver of bribes?

In a search for Tribunnews, .com, there is not much information about Tommy Sumardi.

Information only mentions Tommy Sumardi as a businessman.

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However, here are some facts about Tommy Sumardi:

1. Former Candidate for Former Malaysian PM Najib Razak

Nazifuddin Najib’s engagement (second left) with Fitri Aprinasari (hijab)

Tommy Sumardi is known to be a big candidate from former Malaysian PM, Najib Razak.

Tommy’s daughter, Fitri Aprinasari Utami, was engaged to Najib’s son, Naziruddin Najib on May 4, 2019 in Jakarta.

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Quoted from freemalaysiatoday, the engagement was held at a hotel in Jakarta.

In the news, it was stated that the couple will get married in December 2019.

However, it is not known whether they are married or not.

Nazifuddin, 32, is one of three siblings from Najib’s previous marriage to Tengku Puteri Zainah Tengku Eskandar.

When the engagement took place, Najib was not present because he had been banned by the Malaysian government due to alleged corruption.

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2. Been close to Setya Novanto

Convicted in the E-KTP corruption case, Setya Novanto

Tribunnewsmaker collage

Convicted in the E-KTP corruption case, Setya Novanto

Tommy Sumardi is also known to have been close to Setya Novanto during his time as Chairman of the DPR.

Tommy Sumardi’s closeness to Setya Novanto was revealed by the confession of Tommy’s son, Fitri Aprinasari, when he was involved in the beating case.

“Incidentally, after that incident I called my father. Incidentally, my father met Setnov (Setya Novanto), immediately called him, continued to report to the police to build an LP,” said Fitri in news on August 28, 2017.

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3. Tommy’s son, a former Golkar Party candidate and politician

Poster candidate Fitri Aprinasari Utami

Facebook Fitri Aprinasari Utami SE

Poster candidate Fitri Aprinasari Utami

Tommy Sumardi’s daughter, Fitri Aprinasari, is a Golkar Party politician.

In the 2019 Election, Fitri Aprinasari Utami became a legislative candidate for the Golkar Party DPRD from the Electoral District of DKI Jakarta 1, Central Jakarta.

Unfortunately, he failed to qualify as a legislator.

The role of Tommy Sumardi

The Indonesian Anti-Corruption Society (MAKI) revealed that the meeting of Tommy Sumardi, Brigadier General Prasetijo Utomo and Inspector General Napoleon Bonaparte was caught on CCTV cameras.

Brigadier General Prasetijo Utomo, who helped produce Djoko Tjandra's travel documents

Brigadier General Prasetijo Utomo, who helped produce Djoko Tjandra’s travel documents

The three were identified as suspects in the case of the removal of red notice Djoko Tjandra.

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MAKI coordinator Boyamin Saiman said that Tommy Sumardi was known to be one of the parties who helped take care of the removal of red notice Djoko Tjandra.

One way to take care of it, he lobbied a number of police generals to ask for help in the process of removing red notices.

“Regarding the process, the General Public Works Brigadier acknowledged that TS came to his room asking to be introduced to NB,” said Boyamin in his statement, Tuesday (18/8/2020).

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However, he did not explain when Tommy visited the offices of Brigadier General Prasetijo and Inspector General Napoleon.

What is clear, he first came to Brigadier General Prasetijo’s room to ask to be introduced to Inspector General Napoleon.

“When talking about evidence, there is a CCTV recording showing TS coming to the Public Works Brigadier General and being escorted to NB’s room,” he explained.

When visiting the room, Boyamin said that Tommy allegedly gave some money that he had carried in a bag.

The CCTV footage also shows Tommy carrying a bag when he entered the room of the two police generals.

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“The process of giving the money, Brigadier General of PU was approached by TS carrying a bag and then out of his room, PU was still carrying the bag. But when he came to NB’s room he still had a bag but he didn’t have a bag outside. Bareskrim, “he said.

Inspector General.  Pol.  Drs.  Napoleon Bonaparte, M.Si.

Inspector General. Pol. Drs. Napoleon Bonaparte, M.Si.

He added that the money given to Brigadier General Prasetijo was thought to have reached 20 thousand US dollars. For Inspector General Napoleon, it is suspected that it was greater than what Prasetijo Utomo received.

“How much then did TS suspect to NB? Yes, I can’t confirm the amount, but it is suspected that it was greater than what was received by the Public Works Brigadier General. As a clan, it was greater than 20 thousand USD,” he explained.

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On the other hand, he appreciated the Police Criminal Investigation Unit for acting quickly to uncover the alleged corruption case in the removal of the red notice.

“I believe the Indonesian police are on the track, very fast, professional so that I am in a position to finish my job to carry out the information delivery process,” he said.

( Ibrahim)

This article was published on with the title Facts about Entrepreneur Tommy Sumardi, Suspect of Giving Bribes from Djoko Tjandra to the 2nd Police General

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Tommy Sumardi

After the Bayern Munich scandal, Barcelona reveals the truth of Messi’s request to leave

Barcelona officials revealed, on Sunday, the fact that the Catalan star Lionel Messi asked to leave after the historic defeat by Bayern Munich (2-8) in the Champions League.

A report published by the newspaper “Mundo Deportivo”, citing sources in the administration of the Catalan club, claimed that the club’s president, Bartomeu, CEO Oscar Grau, and technical secretary Eric Abidal, had not received any message from Messi indicating his desire to leave.

The Spanish newspaper stated that it had contacted those close to Lionel Messi, but they did not deny or confirm the request of the Argentine flea to leave Barca.

Reports claimed that Lionel Messi informed the Barcelona administration of his decision to leave the team this season after disappointing results during the last period.

According to what was published by “Football Italia”, Messi spoke with the administration about his decision to leave Camp Nou, and not wait until the expiry of his contract, which extends for next year.

And the site reported that Messi is not completely satisfied with the current management of the club, and therefore made his final decision to leave.

Barcelona lost the Spanish League title to Real Madrid, and deposited the Champions League with a resounding scandal against Bayern Munich, by losing eight to two.

Reports revealed that many clubs want to include Lionel Messi, led by Italian Inter and England’s Manchester City.

Source: Sputnik


Resident Evil 7: Biohazard becomes the best-selling game of the saga, Capcom takes stock of sales

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard has reinvented the horrific franchise of Capcom, who until now had forgotten how to scare in order to focus on action. But the opus has opted for a first-person camera, new characters, a slightly different scenario and a real return to the roots of horror. A paid recipe, the Japanese studio has just updated its list of Platinum Titles and indicates that Resident Evil 7: Biohazard now has 7.9 million sales.

The title with Ethan Winters is therefore the Resident Evil who has sold the best of the entire franchise, exceeding 7.7 million copies sold for Resident Evil 5. On the side of recent remakes, Resident Evil 2 reached 7.2 million games sold, while Resident Evil 3 stagnates at 2.7 million copies sold (not yet even exceeding 3.5 million Resident Evil 3: Nemesis from the PlayStation). But the flagship game of Capcom, it’s still Monster Hunter: World and its 16.1 million copies sold, RE7 comes in second, but will have a hard time overtaking him one day.

This classification of Platinum Titles of Capcom highlights the titles that have sold at least one million copies, some new games are making their appearance, like Resident Evil 4 (in its digital version PS3 and Xbox 360), DmC Devil May Cry Definitive Edition (remastered version on PS4 and Xbox One), Dead Rising (digital on PS4 and Xbox One), Strider or Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (sur PS4 et Xbox One).

As a reminder, Capcom will launch next year Resident Evil Village, direct continuation of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, you can catch up and discover the first part with Ethan Winters in edition Gold at € 25.99 on

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Amir Tawfiq reveals via the fact that Geraldo is returning to Primero de Agosto

Continue Mohammed Al-Dakr

Al-Ahly club responded to the reports that linked Geraldo da Costa, the first team player, to return to the ranks of his former club Primero de Agosto, the Angolan, during the next transfer period.

The well-known newspaper, Journal de Angola, in the country, according to sources from Primero Club, said that negotiations are still underway to obtain the services of Geraldo.

Report: Negotiations are still underway for Geraldo’s return to the Angolan league

Amir Tawfiq, director of the Contracting and Marketing Committee of Al-Ahly Club, said in exclusive statements to El-Ahly.comAl-Ahly has not received any offers or negotiations regarding Geraldo at this time.

The 28-year-old Giraldo, who is in the wing, moved to the ranks of Al-Ahly club during the winter transfer period last season, coming from Primero Agosto.

The Angolan player participated with Al-Ahly Club in 27 games in various competitions, whether African or local, during which he managed to score 3 goals and make 6 others.

It is worth noting that Geraldo participates with Al-Ahly club naturally during the current period in the red genie training after it was resumed after a long period of interruption following the outbreak of the Corona virus.


Girl Cristiano Naked Appetizing Buttocks

Although someone suspects Cristiano Ronaldo that he is not interested in women, but looking at the appetizing figure of his girlfriend, it immediately becomes clear what she hooked the footballer with. Georgina posted on Instagram a photo that did not leave indifferent any of her subscribers. In the picture, the 26-year-old model demonstrates luxurious forms, turning her back to the camera. Ronaldo’s girlfriend bared the lush buttocks, which Kim Kardashian herself would probably envy.

Actually, Georgina just hung up her clothes when someone (maybe Krish himself) took a picture of her. At that moment, she was wearing a baseball cap, sweatshirt and thong. The frame turned out so spectacular that the girl decided to post it on Instagram. Judging by the caption for the photo, she did yoga in the fresh air, and after class decided to hang leggings for drying. And lit up with a bare booty.

In just a few hours, the picture gained 2.5 million likes. Fans in the comments write how lucky Ronaldo is and call Georgina’s mouth-watering rear “football player’s favorite balls”.

Pa os al aire @aloyoga

Ronaldo and his girlfriend self-isolated in Portuguese Madeira – the native island of Cristiano. The mansion is located right on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, from its terrace a gorgeous view of the sea surface opens. Everyone would be quarantined in such beauty – fans probably think, looking at the athlete’s everyday life, which Georgina willingly shares on her Instagram. During self-isolation couple it doesn’t go anywhere, so the athlete’s girlfriend even cuts it herself: in the video she showed how cleverly she wields a machine, putting Krish’s head in order.

By the way, the millionaire footballer made a significant contribution to the fight against coronavirus. Cristiano gave his hotels to hospitals where patients with Covid-19 are accommodated for free. At the same time, Ronaldo himself pays the salary to the doctors and staff of these hospitals. Cristiano became the owner of hotels in 2016. While its network includes three hotels under the guise of Pestana CR7 in MadridMadeira and Lisbon.

Buenos am rosos d as

Italian StarJuventus“And his model girlfriend raise four children. The youngest daughter Alana Cristiano was presented by Georgina. The other three children were born from surrogate mothers. It was this fact that at one time made fans suspect that the athlete is indifferent to the weaker sex. But the appearance in his life of Georgina put an end to these gossip. With the former saleswoman of the Madrid Gucci boutique, the athlete began to appear in public in the fall of 2016. Prior to this, from 2010 to 2015, Cristiano met with the Russian model Irina Sheik.


Why does California have low COVID-19 numbers in the US drama? – Telemundo 52

LOS ANGELES – Early confinement and other prevention measures promoted by the state government have allowed California, with more than 40 million inhabitants and some 300 deaths from COVID-19, to become an example of how to deal with the coronavirus pandemic in United States.

So far, the nation’s largest metropolis, Los Angeles, with more than 10 million citizens, has recorded fewer than 6,000 cases and 132 deaths, far from New York City, which has 8 and a half million inhabitants. and it has confirmed some 130,000 infections and more than 4,000 deaths.

“California has been doing quite well in the COVID-19 pandemic, with a relatively low number of infected per 100,000 people and a low death rate,” said Professor Karin Michels, head of the Department of Epidemiology at the School of Public Health, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA).


California Governor Gavin Newsom was one of the first in the country to enact relatively strict confinement, allowing only “essential” activities such as going to the grocery store and pharmacy, and exercising respect for safety distances between people.

In contrast, eight states – Arkansas, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, South Carolina, Utah, and Wyoming – have not mandated their residents to stay home.

“The governor issued ‘home security’ and ‘shelter’ orders relatively quickly. Universities like UCLA and other large employers closed even earlier and sent people to work, teach and study from home,” said Michels, who has extensive experience in disease prevention, public health and statistical methods.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, California schools may continue to be closed until the end of August.

Newsom also took the initiative to decree the closure of schools, which will remain closed until next year, as a preventive measure; in asking President Donald Trump to send a hospital ship to Los Angeles to support local hospitals before it reached a hypothetical peak in the number of cases, which has not yet occurred; and in closing the state’s beaches and parks.

Another point that seems to have helped so far in the exceptional case of California against COVID-19, according to experts, is the low population density of the state, which reduces the possibility of contagion and allows better compliance with the rules of social distancing.

 Despite having a large population, Californians do not live in
as dense as New Yorkers. Cities spread with
Few skyscrapers: Relative to other states, many more people in
 California lives in houses, not in apartment buildings or buildings
high, “summarizes Michels, who is based on data from a study of his


California has had a much lower per capita death rate than most of the nation’s largest states, with the exception of Texas.

“The state has a low average age and a high
density of healthcare facilities, which may have contributed to
 the low mortality rate, “explained Michels.

According to a recent study published in The Lancet, the mortality rate among those infected with 20 years of age is 0.03%, while for those 70 years of age it is 8.6%.

Cautious tone

 Californian authorities have projected alarming numbers in the
recent weeks, although so far those estimates have not been

Newsom himself foresaw two weeks ago that more than half the state’s population, or about 25 million people, would become infected, so he begged its residents to follow the guidelines to the letter.

For his part, the mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, did not hesitate to forecast that the city “would follow in the footsteps of New York” in number of cases, a catastrophic scenario that is still far away.

COVID-19 affects children differently than adults. This is what the doctors say in the following video.

The United States on Monday exceeded 10,000 deaths from coronavirus, with 10,335 and almost 350,000 infected, making it the third country with the most deaths after Italy and Spain, according to the count of the Center for Systems, Science and Engineering (CSSE) from Johns Hopkins University (Maryland).

The new data is known after this Sunday
President Donald Trump, during his usual daily press conference,
make sure “this will probably be the hardest week, between this
week and next, and there will be a lot of death. ”

The state of New York, the great epicenter of the pandemic in the United States, accumulates with these latest figures a total of 4,758 deaths and 130,689 confirmed cases of COVID-19, compared to just over 122,000 that it had a day earlier.


roommate-tyrant for three years beat the star of the “Factory of stars” Julia Parshutu

Singer Julia Parshuta made a very personal and frank confession. The scandal prompted the star of the Star Factory to take this step, which erupted after two interviews with Regina Todorenko. Fans decided that the TV presenter considers women guilty of men raising their hands on them. Parshuta said that for three years she lived with a home tyrant and was afraid to leave her roommate because he threatened her and her relatives.

In 2010 Julia Parshuta fell madly in love with a handsome handsome man. As it seemed to her, the chosen one was the smartest, most caring and attentive. “He was an energetic scholar – a man who is always interesting and fun with. I fell in love without memory. This was the first time with me. He was wonderful. The first few months,” she said.

And then real hell began. The first time he beat her, Julia persuaded herself to forgive him. The tyrant roommate was kneeling and begging forgiveness. “My family never had physical abuse. Therefore, I did not know that it was not treated with a wise word and a meek look. That it should not be forgiven,” the girl said.

She suffered beatings for three years. “In March 2013, a week after an appendectomy, on Nizhnyaya Syromyatnicheskaya street I got hit in the stomach with my fist, “decorated” with the stitches of the operation. A stab in the stomach from his man. Another blow, and only God knows which is the bill for our life together, “Julia Parshuta began her confession.

After that, the man took her phone, bag and car keys. But the girl still ran away from him to her friend. “Having come in, I asked her for water and said that my bag was stolen from me. And with all my strength I showed that everything was fine with me. The third year of our relationship was on. In fact, the third year in a box of fear and despair. Without the ability to search and find protection and exit, “writes the 32-year-old artist.

She also explained why before that she did not dare to leave Tirana. “He was strong. Very. It was the third year of “I-guilty-in-everything”, the third year of “I-worthless”, the third “I-not-for-nothing-capable” year. Because it was the third year I was intimidated to the bone. The third year, as the veil of hopelessness grew stronger from his threats. Because threats are not just me. The threat “I will cut your family” and “to you … if you go to the police”, ”the Star Factory participant shocked with revelation.

Parshuta stressed that for a long time she could not find the strength to admit that she was a victim of domestic violence. The actress urges women not to be silent about the beatings and are not afraid of conviction. “Talking about violence should not be embarrassing,” she summed up.


The rate of infected Andalusian toilets of Covid-19 exceeds the national

The number of patients who have passed Covid-19 in the Andalusian community increases by 4.6%, where 1,050 people have died

The map of Andalusia with the coronavirus cases.

The rate ofinfected Andalusian toiletsof coronavirus continues to grow and is already almost double that of the national one. Andalusian has3,375 professionalsof the health and homes of infected elderly people, as reported this Wednesday by the Andalusian government spokesman,Elas Bendodo.

This number of infected Andalusian professionals includes 2,556 health workers and 819 social health workers (from nursing homes, mainly). The total figure represents28.3%of the 11,921 Andalusians infected. If only the toilets are analyzed, the percentage is 21%.

Nationwide, the incidence of Covid-19 among healthcare professionals ismuch less. In total there are 33,153 infected toilets, which represent15.8%of the 209,706 positive cases declared this Wednesday by the Ministry of Health.

Sources from the Ministry have specified to EL MUNDO that they do not have the breakdown by autonomous communities and that the total figure includes the “infected toilets”, without clarifying whether or not they include “social healthcare”, which the Junta de Andaluca s includes in your statistic.

The Board blames the high rate of infected toilets that Andalusia has prioritized these staff when doing the tests, so that30% of controlsPCR done in the community has been to health professionals. In addition, the sources allege that each region applies different criteria when conducting the tests and thereforerates are not homogeneouswhen making comparisons.

However, in Andalusia it is observed that the number of infected toilets is well above the rest of the parameters that are compared at the national level. Theinfected and deceased ratesThey are around 5% of the country’s total, despite the Andalusian population representing 18% of the national population. In contrast, infected toilets represent 10% of Covid healthcare professionals nationwide. Andalusian toilets are thefifteen%of these workers in Spain. Therefore, there is a difference of 8 points in parameters that indicate that in Andalusia the incidence of the disease is lower, while this difference is shortened to 5 points when analyzing the index of health professionals with Covid-19.

In fact, the lack of masks and protective equipment and the high rate of Covid-19 infected health workers has been a constant complaint from unions during the health emergency. Last Friday, the Superior Court of Justice of Andalusia (TSJA) ordered the Board to “as soon as possible” provide physicians with material to protect against the coronavirus against the“true and serious risk of contagion”del Covid-19, after the lawsuit filed by the Andalusian Medical Union.

Downward trend

Despite the high index of healthcare professionals and nursing homes for the most infected, the trend of increases in new cases continues below 2% in Andalusia. This Wednesday the community registers11,921 positive cases, 232 of them in the last 24 hours, according to the information provided by the Minister of Health and Families.

The new cases of infected patients represent a1.9% morethan on the previous day. This small increase is in tune with the data of the last days and is far from the peaks of the health crisis, when in a single day the new positives for Covid-19 rose to 27%, as happened last 19 of March.

Andalusian is from the regions where it has beenlower incidenceof disease caused by Covid-19. Despite the Andalusian population representing 18% of the national total, those infected by coronavirus in the community represent5.6%of the total infected in the country.

The hopeful fact is that the number ofpatients who have been cured, since it has gone from 3,411 this Tuesday to 3,569 in the last record. There are 158 patients cured of coronavirus in the last 24 hours.

The other side of the coin is the1,050 deathswith Covid-19 that have been registered in Andalusia since the health emergency was declared. This figure has increased by 3.2% with the 33 deaths declared in the last 24 hours. In the country as a whole, the deceased in the community represent 4.8% of the 21,717 patients who have lost their lives to the coronavirus.

National data

The coronavirus data for this Wednesday has arrived while the extension of the state of alarm is debated in the Congress of Deputies. And they have done it with anew reboundin the deceased data, which grew by 435 in one day to21,717 deceased officerssince the beginning of the epidemic. This implies a growth of 2% in the last 24 hours, an increase similar to that seen in recent days, but above the psychological barrier of the 400 deceased, as the Executive recognized yesterday.

In number of cases, official figures confirm 208,389 confirmed infections, to which must be added another 1,317 positives inasymptomatic peopleuntil raising the total figure to 209,706 confirmed. This figure is also growing at around 2%.

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