Easy! Check Recipients of BPUM Government Assistance Rp. 2.4 Million Just Use KTP at eform.bri.co.id/bpum

MANTRA SUKABUMI – Check for recipients of the Productive UKM Banpres (Presidential Assistance) Program as one of the schemes to help small and micro business actors, is by accessing, https://eform.bri.co.id/bpum and input No. KTP You.

This Productive Banpres adds to the incentive schemes for micro and small businesses that have previously been provided by the government.

The first stage of the realization of the Productive Banpres for Micro Enterprises has reached almost 100 percent with the total funds disbursed of IDR 21.861 trillion or equivalent to 99.41 percent until 6 October 2020.

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And the following is the statement issued by Management BRI

*Standby Statement*

1.BRI appointed by the government as a channeling bank for Productive Banpres for Micro Enterprises (BPUM) and the Company has sent SMS notifications to beneficiaries to make it easier for the public to obtain information.

  1. In addition, to help and facilitate people who do not receive SMS notifications but want to know whether they have received assistance or cannot access the eform.bri.co.id/bpum website.
  2. In the process of disbursing the aid BRI continue to prioritize the implementation of the Covid-19 health protocol for all offices BRI , namely by limiting the number of residents present, implementing a queuing system, providing distance, providing hand sanitizers and appealing to residents not to crowd crowds.
  3. BRI committed to providing security and safety protection for workers and customers (people’s first) in carrying out their operations and business activities during a pandemic.

Aestika Oryza Gunarto

Corporate Secretary Bank BRI


First snow: forecasters told about the weather at the weekend in the Tver region | SOCIETY: Events | SOCIETY

Forecasters from the Hydrometeorological Center told about the weather from October 16 to 19 in the Tver region. This was reported on the official website of the federal state budgetary institution.

According to weather forecasters, a cold cyclone with rains has come to the country, which is currently moving from west to east across the North-West and Central districts.

Weather changes by the end of the week, as warned in the Hydrometeorological Center, will be significant. From the warm Indian summer, which delighted the residents of the Tver region in late September and early October, the weather will start rapidly changing to typical for late autumn with temperatures two degrees below normal.

In some districts of the Tver region, the first snow is expected this Sunday, October 18.

October 17, Saturday, the weather is expected to be mostly rainless. The prevailing air temperature at night is from three degrees Celsius to one degree below zero, and during the day – + 6- + 8 degrees.

On October 18, Sunday, in addition to the first snow and rain, winds will again come to the region, which by Monday will increase to 14-15 meters per second. It will be cold during the day – up to +4 degrees, and at night the temperature will stay at around 1-2 degrees.

Preliminary forecasters predict that the end of October from the 23rd may still bring warmth during the day, but there will be constant frosts at night.


Viviani’s biker lost hope of triumph. He was fired immediately!

He hoped to finally fulfill the dream of stage triumph. Italian Elia Viviani from the Cofidis formation at the home of Giro has not yet been able to cut off this year’s wait for victory. That’s why all the partners during the Wednesday act during the stage did what they could to help the participant of the twelve Grand Tour succeed. But the efforts of everyone, including the Spurter magician himself, were thwarted by the biker who knocked Viviani down.

Video is no longer available


Thirty-two kilometers remained until the finish of the stage, when a motorbike belonging to the Gira convoy appeared at the roundabout in the middle of the peloton. The driver of the motorcycle stopped, but when Viviani approached very slowly, the motorcycle started incomprehensibly and crashed into the rear wheel of the cyclist. Viviani went to the ground (in the video at 0:11) and had to wait for the accompanying vehicle because he needed a new bike.

The Olympic winner in the Rio 2016 omnium lost dramatically, as Lotto Soudal and Groupama FDJ pushed the pedals for their spurters at that time. Although the partners managed to return Viviani to the main field, the winner of five stages from Gira in 2015 and 2018 no longer had enough strength to finish and passed the finish line tenth.

The spurt king Démare won the fourth stage on Gira

A slight consolation for him may be the fact that a careless biker was fined 500 Swiss francs for his incomprehensible maneuver and was expelled from this year’s Gira for violating the rules on the movement of an escort during the race.


84% believe that AFP funds belong to people according to Cadem – Economy

This Sunday a new Cadem Public Square Survey, the one that revealed that 84% of people believe that the savings accumulated in the Pension Fund Administrators (AFPs) are from the same contributors.

Conversely, only 8% of those surveyed believe that these funds belong to the AFPs.

This question within the study is given in the framework of the discussion of pension reforms.

Cadem: 52% are inclined to approve the pension reform after the plebiscite

52% are inclined to approve the pension reform after the plebiscite according to the Cadem survey