Get out! Go away, the Canadian tennis player scolded. He also cursed in Russian

Canadian tennis player Denis Shapovalov did not reach the winning end of a well-played semifinal in St. Petersburg with home team Andrei Rublyov. Despite winning in the first set, the match eventually lost 6: 4, 3: 6 and 4: 6. He vented his frustration on one of the fans.


When he lost the service in the third set at 2: 2, he attacked one of the fans in the auditorium, who, in his opinion, disturbed him. “Go away. Get out of here! “Shouted the Canadian.

Then he repeated the same in Russian. Although he is a native of Tel Aviv, his parents are of Russian descent.

The cheerful conqueror Djere will play in Sardinia for the title

“Denise, you can’t shout at fans like that here. Leave it to me, I’ll deal with it, “he appealed to Shapoval’s angry referee.

Rubljov increased his chances of advancing to the London Champions Tournament, where his compatriot Daniil Medvedev also fought his way through, by advancing to the finals, in which he will challenge Born Čorič.

Rublyov eliminated Shapovalov in St. Petersburg



André Pierre-Gignac jokes with the fan and gives him a zape

Mexico City /

André-Pierre Gignac, in addition to his goals with the Tigres shirt, has been characterized by its simplicity off the pitch and the kindness with which he treats fans who come for an autograph or photo.

The French forward starred in a funny moment with a Monterrey fan, the young man asked for a photo and instead of putting the cell phone for it, he put it on video, which made him a victim of Gignac’s ridicule.

The number 10 of Tigres, noticing that it was video, tells the fan: “What’s up?” and gives him a zape as a joke and the young man answers: “What’s up? I’m afraid to ask you for a picture.” After this, they both let out a few laughs.

André-Pierre Gignac is used to giving zaps to his companions as a sign of affection or support, as has happened with Rafael Sobis or the current Atlanta United player, Jürgen Damm.



Engy, I am not concerned with the absolute championship

Source: – Muhammad Ahmad

A great distinction achieved by the actress, Angie Al-Muqaddam, with each role she advances, so that she became a registered mark for difficult roles and a star for heavy tasks as she is currently called, where she is assigned the complex roles that have more than one face.

And recently, Angie successfully played the role of a psychiatrist in the series The Forgetting Game. On embodying a complex role such as a psychiatrist, how she prepared for it, and why she likes roles of an exciting nature, Angie Al-Muqaddam spoke in her dialogue with She also revealed her relationship with Dina El-Sherbiny, her opinion of the technical criticism directed at her and her position on the absolute championship.

First of all, why did you hardly accept a role as a psychiatrist in your latest TV work, “The Forgetting Game”, and what are the reasons for your enthusiasm?
– I embodied many roles in the last period between Al-Saidi in “Ould Al-Ghalaba” and “Girl of the Night” in the chanolese tales and the rebellious media in “Hikayat Banat”, but Bahira’s role in the forgetting game felt that it was completely different, complex, difficult and distinct although the character is calm but Poignant, confusing, mysterious, and animating many events. I was also excited about the work because it is a good idea that includes a huge and talented team at all levels.

What are the psychological points on which the concept of Bahira, the mysterious physician, formed?
At first, I had to find Baheira weaknesses in order to sympathize with her. Indeed, I found a point that she is a good character, but sometimes motivated by circumstances, she tends to gray from evasiveness and behavior, but she always feels remorse and is bothered by self-accountability. A duplicate form among people.

Engy the presenter

Is it true that you went to psychiatrists to come out with scientific features of the character?
Yes, this is true. Besides, I studied Psychology, it is my primary education and therefore I have a background. But I went to psychiatrists and specialists to get all the developments in this science, and this is only part of Bahira’s personality, but in the end, she is a doctor, wife and mother, and these are other dimensions of personality. Interested in her, she has another life that appears on screen through her husband and son. I did not focus heavily on drawing the features of the practical doctor only, but included the humanitarian and professional attention.

This is not the first time that you present exciting works, so do you tend to this quality?
Of course, I love this genre very much as a viewer before I am an actress because it attracts viewers to follow up minute by minute and there is no room for prolongation and boredom, and although I did not present this quality much, I love it in addition to the other genres in all its forms and all the roles that I did not play.

You collaborated with Dina El Sherbiny, the heroine of the forgetting game, more than once. What is the nature of your relationship?
I have a beautiful relationship of friendship with Dina El-Sherbiny on a personal and human level, and we have many human situations inside and outside work, and of course all these details give truthfulness, which facilitates performance and our standing before each other, and of course Dina has a strong innate talent and her feelings are very intense and appear easily in performance, and perhaps there is a great understanding Between us, he made an artistic duet that people like.

Sometimes you are exposed to criticism from the public and critics through the press and social media, so what does that mean for you?
Certainly, I care very much about criticism in all its various means, whether through social media or the press, and from the public and critics, because criticism is the opinion of people, and of course I care about the opinion of people about the work that I present, and in the role because for me that is the true standard, and I respect that very much, no matter how different it is. Me because I benefit from it.

Dina El-Sherbiny and Angie Al-Muqaddam
Dina El-Sherbiny and Angie Al-Muqaddam

Egyptian drama is witnessing great progress, especially in recent times, where very huge works were presented, so how did you see the competition and that boom?
I am very happy with the dramatic progress in art and I like the diversity, especially this year. The works that have been presented recently, especially in Ramadan, such as the series “The End”, which is the first Egyptian science fiction series, through strong social works such as “Layalina 80”. I also liked the shift in some works and talents. Actors, as we have seen in the new comedy presented by Asir Yassin and Nelly Karim in the series “B 100 Wesh”. We cannot overlook the great leap that the series “Choice” has achieved, as it is a great national work. Tastes.

It is said that you are training in a state of great artistic maturity, diversity of roles and professionalism in the recent period, so how do you explain that move?
First of all, I am very happy to be told about that, and this means that people feel the effort that I exert and that I am suffering and focus on choosing, and I do not deny that I may be lucky in the recent period because the roles that were offered to me were very influential and distinctive, and this is my share, and in a more accurate sense, success of God has the opportunities he gives me, and I strive to present them, as I have dealt with very distinctive art schools in directing, and they were credited with putting out my artistic energies and employing them properly, which gave me experience.

Engy the presenter
Engy the presenter

What is your stance on sheer heroism in TV dramas and why haven’t we seen you in action as a heroine?
The idea of ​​presenting an absolute championship or working on my own does not currently appeal to me and I do not think about it or strive for it, but I care about the beautiful, rich, different, important, sweet role that adds to me and the influential and provocative that brings out the difference and the new.


The reunited group “Kino” postponed concerts due to the pandemic :: Society :: RBC

The band decided to reunite in 2019 for a new tour, which will be based on digitized recordings of Viktor Tsoi’s voice. Concerts had to be postponed due to ban on mass events in connection with the coronavirus pandemic

The rock group “Kino” has postponed the previously planned concerts for the next year. About this musicians reported fans in a video message on the YouTube channel.

“Unfortunately this fall it will not be possible to hold such big concerts as we have planned. And so we have to postpone them, ”the team said in a statement.

In the commentary under the video, the musicians noted that they postponed the decision to postpone the concerts as long as they could, but now it is already clear that this fall it will not be possible to hold events for ten thousand spectators anywhere.

According to the updated schedule, the performances of the band will be held from February to June 2021 in Minsk, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow and Riga.


A fan gave a pipe to Arnold Schwarzenegger. And I got a reply

The redditor congratulated Arnold Schwarzenegger on his birthday with a smoking pipe in the form of a Terminator and received a pleasant reply. After such gratitude, the fans are sure: Arnie is a simple person. And they cannot take their eyes off the presentation itself.

American actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, known to millions of moviegoers for his role in the Terminator film series, turned 73 on July 30. Despite his age, the star continues to delight fans with videos on which demonstrates perfect stretch (well, almost), and shares favorite tracks (sometimes unexpected), which are great for working out in the gym.

For Arnie’s birthday, a fan registered on the entertainment site Reddit under the nickname RadonLab, sent the idol a smoking pipe. But he published the good news about this only on September 2.

The reason for the joy was the response in the form of a photo of the Terminator himself with a gift, which is made in the form of his own head. The pipe’s creator explained to the redditors that he was honored to receive a positive reaction from the celeba.

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Fast RadonLab in a few hours I collected more than 500 comments, in which the redditors appreciated the user’s work. Many people have commented that the pipe looks amazing and is almost perfect.

And the expression on Schwarzenegger’s face and the caption “For Radon. Thank you for the great pipe. Arnold Schwarzenegger “once again confirmed – the actor is sincerely pleased with the gift.

Many commentators thought that giving something to an idol was simply unrealistic. But the redditor not only became an exception, but also received a response from Arnie.

Now people are absolutely sure that the famous bodybuilder has an amazing character and an open mind. And neither popularity nor money could spoil Arnie.

In October 2019, Arnold Schwarzenegger shared with fans photo with colleague Jackie Chan… The whole Instagram exploded from such content, but the absurdity really went off scale when Russian fans burst into the replies.

AND photograph of Terminator surrounded by pets seriously excited the followers. The actor often posts the furry ones on the social network, but people were seriously worried about the dog, the little horse and the llama from the picture.


the fans were breathless at the sight of the undressed singer Natalie

Singer Natalie is actively blogging and shares with fans the secrets of youth and beauty


Singer Natalia Rudina, known under the pseudonym Natalie, at 46, looks like a schoolgirl. A mother of many children can boast of a young face and a gorgeous figure. The other day, she decided to show the fans her toned figure, undressing in the frame.

Singer Natalie is actively blogging and shares with fans the secrets of youth and beauty. In one of the last pictures, the performer of the hit “The Wind blew from the Sea” appears in a spicy form. Of the clothes, she is wearing a large shell that covers her chest. “With my Russian mentality I say, I’m not for my age to be naked like that … The director does not think so,” she signed a spectacular shot.

The fans took their breath away from the sight of the undressed artist. Fans noted that Natalie looks very young. “Look better than many 17-year-old girls”, “God, what a beauty”, “The figure is brilliant! You are a real Russian beauty!”, “Gorgeous Natalie,” the fans reacted with delight.

Not so long ago, the singer told how she manages to stay young. “Recently I made a facial procedure using polydioxanone threads. They are used in operations on the heart and muscles. These threads dissolve in six weeks, and dense collagen is formed in their place. It keeps the facial muscles in good shape. The first three days after this fashionable procedure I looked as if I was very badly beaten. But then I became sharply younger and prettier! “, – the artist is quoted as saying 7 days.

But her experiments do not end there. “I use Botox regularly. And don’t forget about the injections with hyaluronic acid. I like that after these deep procedures the effect is immediately visible. But only serious procedures give a quick result, which I like. I did it and ran, “says the star of the 90s.

The vocalist has not eaten meat for over 20 years. “At some point it seemed to me that I was chewing paper, not meat. I stopped liking the taste, and it was hard to digest it. For breakfast I can eat yogurt or yogurt, adding raisins, flax seeds and oats, honey. I love eggs. For example, my lunch may consist of a leaf of lettuce and an egg. By the way, I learned to “feed” on aromas. It’s very simple: you close your eyes, inhale the smell of food, enjoy, imagine a dish that gives off such a scent. that you’ve already had lunch, “the celebrity boasts.

Her top tip for losing weight is if you want to lose weight – reduce portions. She also eats seeds every day. “A small portion of sunflower seeds replaces a full snack for me. And sometimes lunch or dinner itself. By the way, I have other oddities. At eleven o’clock in the evening, when everyone goes to bed, I drink tomato juice, eat dried bread, processed cheese and garlic I have such a supper every night before going to bed, and I’m not getting better! “, Natalie summed up.


Rizky Billar and Lesty Kejora’s troops were bombarded …

Collage from the Instagram page @melaney_ricardo & @ awanpotret17

Melaney Ricardo provides clarification after protests by fans of Lesty Kejora and Rizky Billar because they are considered to be playing one another

Grid.ID – Later, figure Lesty Kejora and Rizky Billiards indeed a lot to be the subject of discussion.

Not without reason, the two of them are known to be close and even matchmaking by their fans who are referred to by nicknames Leslar.

Yes, as is well known, both Rizky and Lesty have experienced the same fate, namely they have both been left married.

Gegara this, many fan hope both of them will establish a love relationship so that they can quickly recover from pain and confusion.

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The two of them now even don’t hesitate to show their closeness to each other, and often appear together in events.

Meanwhile, recently, launched from a YouTube channel broadcast Melaney Ricardo uploaded Tuesday (11/8/2020), Rizki and Ridho D’Academy is known to appear as a guest star on the vlog on Melaney.

But on that occasion, Ridho, who was asked by Melaney, was known to have said a relationship Lesty Kejora and Rizky Billiards no match.



Huge fan shit storm because of Erdogan Mosque on jersey – football

Excitement at 1. FC Köln! The traditional German club attracts the anger of its own fans. Reason: An Erdogan mosque on the jersey.

The idea behind the new away jersey from ÖFB legionnaire Florian Kainz is simple, the Cologne laundry should represent the skyline of the Rhine metropolis.

But the Cologne fans are pissed off by the new Leiberl. Specifically, it is about the DITIB mosque in the Ehrenfeld district, which Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan opened personally in 2018.

According to the club’s management, the Muslim place of worship is part of the skyline, although it is geographically incorrectly depicted. The mosque is nowhere near there.

Nevertheless, according to the Bild-Zeitung, the association says: “Regardless of how you feel about the building owner and operator of the mosque, politically or ideologically, it belongs to our skyline!”

Fans are disappointed with the club, one writes on Twitter: “Since I noticed today that FC is now wearing jerseys that are decorated with a mosque, I hereby declare that I am leaving the 1. FC Köln religious community.”

Other fans make people think that the guiding principle of the mosque operator DITIB also promotes homophobic values ​​that massively contradict the tolerance concept of FC Köln.

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The controversial rapper from Ufa was without pants at the birthday party of Yegor creed

The actor showed off the stage the white panties to the delight of the audience

Photo: social networks

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Ufa Morgenshtern rapper, known for his controversial antics, has once again found a way to draw attention to themselves. At a party in honor of the birthday of Yegor Creedwith which the artist not only close friends, and records joint tracks, Morgenstern during the greeting of the birthday boy climbed onto the stage and pulled down his pants, showing everyone present the white boxers, and performed a few of their songs.

However, it is necessary to note that the creed, like the rest of those present, appreciated the trick of Morgenstern, supporting him with loud whistling and applause. But fans of the artist watching on Instagram, suggested that Morgenstern goes through alcohol, and advised him to temper his outrageous.



Fans spotted underwear under the clothes of the presenter and was surprised

Under the tight-fitting outfit have seen something “unusual”

Fans spotted underwear under the clothes of the presenter was surprised. Photo: Instagram

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Fans spotted in pictures the British 49-year-old TV presenter Amanda Holden underwear and not a little surprised.

The thing is that the woman posted a picture on the page in Instagram in a very fitted top, under which was visible bra. It would seem that unusual, after all, this thing is in the wardrobe of almost every girl. It turned out that the presenter several times over the last week, appeared in public in tight dresses without it.

“Incredibly, she’s wearing a bra!” – wrote one of the fans. “Are you really wearing a bra or am I dreaming?” – ironically the other. Their surprise and jokes about the existence of lower Bel and use it fans have begun to Express in the comments to the pictures Holden.