50 people inside? That means without spectators, which is very bad, Řezníček reacts to Prymula

Vít Šimánek, ČTK

Even though Minister Prymula did not specifically mention sports events?

Given the situation in the Czech Republic as it develops, we have legitimate concerns that restrictions on mass events could also affect sport, including hockey and football. It is difficult to predict how the government regulation that the new minister (health) is now talking about will turn out in the end. It is necessary to wait for the final decision and build on that. But if it were with these intentions, ie 50 people inside, it would mean de facto without spectators. And this is very bad for sports, especially for hockey.

How long would it be sustainable to play without spectators?

This is a question directly to clubs. We need to meet within this issue and deal with them directly.

Among other things, the Minister of Health Roman Prymula said on Tuesday:
We will discuss the proposal to limit mass events, although this will not apply to all events. It will depend on the number that will be there. It can be a limit of 100 people in the outdoor environment and 50 people in the indoor environment. But all this will be discussed in one or two days and then the measures will be published.
In any case, the blanket measure will have exceptions for some cultural events and the like, where the risk is lower.

Would you be in favor of this until the moment when the order to lock the winter stadiums comes, which is the opinion of the president of Czech hockey, Tomáš Král? Or does it make no sense to play without people?

Until a new government decision comes, we will definitely play. We do everything for it. We have a certain crisis plan, if it were to (to limit sports events), but all clubs must clearly stand up for it. It is their finances, their budgets. The sustainability of the project (extra league) depends on the clubs.

How is it with the spectators at hockey now
At the moment, the remaining capacity can be used by 50 percent in winters for more than a thousand people. This means that up to three thousand spectators can come to the stadium with a capacity of five thousand, and up to 5,500 people to the stadium with a capacity of ten thousand.

Can you tell us what that contingency plan looks like?

I can’t because I don’t know him exactly. The negotiations will take place only at the end of the week, and only then will we know what the situation is across the extra league. We will see how clubs approach this at the moment. Some conditions (between clubs) prevailed, but perhaps the situation has changed dramatically.

And what did the conditions look like?

It was half and half whether to play only with the spectators or even without the spectators. As I say, maybe it has changed because we have already played something and the clubs see what it means or does not mean.

Sad look, so few people have never arrived at the O2 arena! And hockey is afraid of what’s to come …


América de Cali: Andrés Manga Escobar would not arrive due to threats from fans | Colombian Soccer | BetPlay League

On Tuesday night Tulio Gómez, América de Cali’s largest shareholder, had reached an agreement with Andrés ‘Manga’ Escobar to join the institution in the 2020 Liga and Copa Libertadores, but the threats from a sector of the red fans and this Friday his arrival at the Colombian champion would have been ruled out.

The versions indicate that once it was known that Escobar would be the new face of the club, intimidating messages began to reach him, so he himself decided to reverse his decision to wear the red shirt.

Tulio Gómez clarified that if they reached an agreement with ‘Manga’ it would be with a special contract, which would be broken the moment he committed a disciplinary offense.

The footballer said in the ‘Smoke Free Zone’ that “they are antecedents that I have earned myself, but for two years I have not had any problems, in Cúcuta my contract ended due to lack of payment. The only way to change this is for them to let me play in peace and then see the results ”.

‘Manga’ acknowledged that he had passed the medical examinations in America and in the afternoon he was going to finalize his incorporation. He added about the criticism “it is logical for everything I represent, months ago I was nobody, my arrival is questioned and it is understandable. I had a lot of free time and nobody called me, it is a reason for pride and gratitude that such a great club, after everything that has happened, has noticed me.

Apparently, those fans did not see with good eyes the presence of the striker in the squad due to the background he presented in previous teams in which he played and they denied him the possibility of amending. Everything was ready for the squad to swell together with the Peruvian Marco Aldair Rodríguez, who is expected in the capital of Valle to formalize his transfer.

America has not made any official pronouncement in this regard.

Marco Antonio Garcés
Correspondent Futbolred Cali
In twitter: @marquitosgarces


Medicine intern commits suicide in a Yucatan clinic

TAHDZIÚ, Yuc. (apro) .- The State Secretary of Health (SSY) confirmed the suicide of a young medical intern at the Medical Unit of this town.

The victim, identified with the initials KJGK, 25 years old, was originally from Mérida, and for about a month she was assigned by the Institute of Health and Wellbeing (Insabi) to the clinic in this municipality, one of the poorest from the continent, where until yesterday he was seen working.

This morning, employees of the health center found the young woman dead, suspended from the ventilator in her office, for which they gave notice to the authorities of the Ministry of Health and the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE).

In a bulletin, the SSY regretted the fact and pointed out that, with the support of Mental Health professionals from the dependency, they carry out comprehensive actions to support family members, “who will be given the necessary help to carry out the procedures corresponding to the State Attorney General’s Office, where the rigorous legal procedure will be given.

So far the reasons for the suicide are unknown.

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students launch against UADY after suicide of medical intern

MÉRIDA, Yuc. (appro). – Students from the Faculty of Medicine once again attacked the authorities of the Autonomous University of Yucatán (UADY), this time due to the recent suicide of one of their colleagues at the Tahdziú clinic, where she was doing her residency.

For reasons presumably related to her career, the young intern, KJGK, 25 years old and originally from Mérida, took her own life on September 15 in her office at the Tahdziú medical center, a municipality that by the way is among the most impoverished of the continent.

The case unleashed the anger and indignation of the students who once again filled social networks with accusations and reproaches against the authorities of the UADY and its Faculty of Medicine for the lack of interest and lack of support towards their students.

Although the girl’s death was made public on September 15, it was until the next day that the Faculty of Medicine issued a statement on the matter.

In a statement, the Faculty of Medicine expressed that it was “deeply moved by the death of the intern, KJGK, who was rendering her social service at the Tahdziú Medical Unit.”


Interns and interns from the Faculty of Medicine will return to hospitals: UADY

He assured that university authorities in coordination with personnel from the Subdirectorate of Mental Health and Education of the Ministry of Health “are already taking the pertinent actions.”

“The irreparable loss of a young doctor fills us with consternation and mourns the entire community of the Faculty,” he reiterated.

He argued that “Medicine is an arduous, hard and demanding career that demands the maximum of our abilities”, and stated: “At the Faculty we understand it that way and that is why our psychopedagogical department provides support to our students every day to prevent moments crisis ”.

Finally, he endorsed his commitment “to the comprehensive, humanistic and responsible training of students”, for which he asked heads of teaching and teachers “to maintain close communication with students and make available to those who require it, the services of the professionals who work in the psycho-pedagogical department of our dependency ”.

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However, such a statement stirred the anger of the students, who questioned the sayings of their authorities who, with the campaign “UADY, I do not believe you anything”, reproached a string of situations suffered by students of that maximum house of studies.

The flow of complaints from medical students includes various types of human rights violations, exploitation, excessive pressure, mistreatment, harassment.

“The department of psychopedagogy is a joke, I say it from my own skin and I know it from that of many colleagues. ‘If you can’t unsubscribe’, this has been said over and over again to students, to all those who at some point have a crisis.

Where is the humanist side? Where was the empathy? Are you moved? What if they do something about it with those doctors who only humiliate their interns? Or how about those teachers who have different colored hair or tattoos that won’t turn you down? Why don’t they do something with all the staff who are sexist and misogynistic? ”, Refuted a student.

“Don’t become a School of Medicine. Nobody puts a Civil Engineer intern to supervise ONLY the construction of a bridge. No career puts an intern to be 24 HOURS X 6 DAYS A WEEK AWAY FROM ALL SOCIAL CONTACT OTHER THAN HIS JOB “, reproached another of the nonconformists.

And he assured that the deceased doctor asked for help and “they told him to stay.”

Last April, the Faculty of Medicine came into conflict with its interns after seven of them filed a claim for protection for having been dropped from the school for refusing to return to the institutions to which they had been assigned due to the lack of security guarantees to reduce the risk of contracting covid-19.


James Rodríguez: English press assures that Everton fans are excited – International Football – Sports

The ambitious Everton, with Carlo Ancelotti on the bench and James Rodriguez leading his attack, he started the Premier League by winning 1-0 this Sunday on the Tottenham pitch, also renewed by Jose Mourinho.

Great news for Ancelotti’s team, James Rodríguez, whom he already managed at Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, debuted with good marks in the Premier. Located in the Half Point, the Colombian was comfortable and put some measured balls to Richarlison, denied this Sunday in London.

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But with a good performance not for everything. Some of the main English football newspapers highlighted the performance of the Colombian, taking him on their covers. That is the case of the portal The Guardian, who assured Everton fans imagine great things with the performance of the Colombian team midfielder.

“The most striking (of Everton) at some distance it was Rodríguez (James), the prince fallen into exile with a left foot of pure silk and a left knee made of a very similar substance, “says the publication.

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They also highlight the talent that James has to have adapted to the idea of ​​the team with very little training time with him Everton, of Ancelotti.

“Although it has been almost a week since Rodríguez joined Everton from Real Madrid, there was still something deeply surreal about seeing this genuine player on the same right wing that was once patrolled by Steven Naismith. In a way, to Despite all of our overexposure to them, great players still have a habit of catching their breath, taking the touch or making the mix that sets them apart from their teammates, “he says.

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And finally he says, “Can you Calvert-Lewin lead the attack as the sole striker? Can the Everton pass the ball to James against fiercer teams? Will that defense be upheld? Perhaps these are questions that can wait for now. “



Rheumatoid arthritis drug could help treat covid-19

MEXICO CITY (apro) .- The pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly announced that the combination of its rheumatoid arthritis treatment baricitinib with remdesivir reduced the recovery time in hospitalized patients with covid-19.

Eli Lilly explained that during the Covid-19 Adaptive Treatment Trial (ACTT-2), researchers observed a reduction of approximately one day in the mean recovery time of patients treated with baricitinib combined with the substance remdesivir, compared to those who were only treated with remdesivir, therefore they rated the finding as statistically significant.

White House epidemiologist predicts that the US will return to normal by the end of 2021

The study, sponsored by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), part of the US National Institute of Health (NIH), included more than 1,000 patients and began on May 8 to evaluate the efficacy and safety of a dose. of 4 mg baricitinib plus remdesivir versus remdesivir in hospitalized patients with COVID-19.

According to Eli Lilly, the combination met the primary endpoint of reduced recovery time, which was defined as that the participant was well enough for hospital discharge, meaning that they no longer needed supplemental oxygen or care continued in the hospital, or was no longer hospitalized on the 29th.

A German vaccine against covid-19 will be tested in Nuevo León

Eli Lilly reported that additional analysis is underway to understand other clinical outcome data, including mortality and safety data, and that NIAID is expected to publish full study details in a peer-reviewed journal.

Eli Lilly also indicated that he plans to discuss the emergency use authorization of the combination with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and explore similar measures with other regulatory agencies for baricitinib as a treatment. of hospitalized patients with covid-19. If authorized, the company will propose make baricitinib available through commercial channels and will work with hospitals and governments to ensure patient access.

The WHO urges not to greet elbow by covid-19 and proposes another alternative


Got Threats of Murder because of Dragged Relationship Her child, Sule: Who Can Kill Only God

THE MIND OF THE PEOPLE – Death threats received by famous comedians, Close Sutisna.

Based on a report from Starpro Indonesia uploaded on Tuesday, September 8, 2020, the threat was obtained through his Instagram account, @ferdinan_sule.

It dragged on threat of murder is because of his son, Rizky Febian with Anya Geraldine have relationship which is getting closer.

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Related news threat of murder who arrived on his father’s Instagram account was confirmed by Rizky Febian in an interview.


“Now I am clarifying, yes because there are so many out there, until my father was in DM (direct messages) with people saying this’ I’ll kill you if it upsets you. relationship Anya and her boyfriend. Really, until my father posted it on Insta story, “he said.

Now Rizky Febian and Anya Geraldine considered to continue to cause a sensation.

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Especially when Anya just ran aground from relationship previously with These Ranks and quite disappointing for the fans loyal.


Deportivo Cali presented its virtual stadium for fans to accompany the team in the League

September 08, 2020 – 10:51 am

Newsroom of El País

Deportivo Cali presented the #EstadioVirtualVerdiblanco project, an initiative by and for the Verdiblanco fan, which will allow them to keep their passion alive from home in this time of pandemic.

This initiative is the same as that which has been adopted in countries like the United States, where the MLS and the NBA, where fans accompany the games of the two competitions from home but with a virtual presence close to the playing fields.

The sugar initiative has benefits for its followers, such as appearing via zoom on the screens that will be located on the eastern side of the Deportivo Cali stadium starting this Saturday, when the cast of Cali receives Millonarios, a postponed game that will mark the return of the League Colombian.

Among the other privileges that fans who acquire the membership will have is the power to interact virtually with the members of the professional team.

The Verdiblanca institution clarified that the value of the membership is only for the virtual stadium project since the television rights belong to Win Sports, so the matches will not be broadcast through the platform.

How can you be part of the #EstadioVirtualVerdiblanco?
To encourage the glorious Deportivo Cali through this space, you can access by paying a membership of at least $ 20,000. Fans who want to make an extra contribution to the club of their love, will be able to do so.

20% of the value collected from the sale of memberships will be allocated to programs in favor of children, around the alliance between Deportivo Cali and UNICEF, which will impact boys, girls and adolescents in our quarry.

What are the membership dynamics?
By purchasing the membership to access the #EstadioVirtualVerdiblanco, the user will enjoy experiences related to the club and the glorious home matches for a month. Membership must be renewed monthly.

Who can enter the #EstadioVirtualVerdiblanco?
Fans and the general public who want to enjoy this new way of living and cheer on Deportivo Cali.

If you are an Associate or parent of a child at Academia Deportivo Cali and you find the payments up to date, you can enter the platform for free. To access, an email with the entry instructions will be arriving during the week.

Those who purchased their jersey in the pre-sale promotional activity that included a gift pin to attend the game will also be able to access the virtual stadium.

These people will be able to enjoy the membership all month, and for this they should contact the following email: comercial2@deportivocali.com.co.

What options do you have if you purchased the pass at the beginning of this year?
Subscribers will have several options to take advantage of:
1. Attend the virtual stadium.
2. Save the balance for the 2021 season tickets.
3. Return of money.

All subscribers will receive the option to be part of the
#EstadioVirtualVerdiblanco. By accepting their participation they would be opting for option 1, if they want to take part in another of the elections, they should send their corresponding decision to the email comercial2@deportivocali.com.co to receive instructions.

From this Wednesday at 6:00 pm, Cali fans will be able to acquire membership for this new way of living passion, the Virtual Verdiblanco Stadium.


Zemfira delighted fans at a concert in St. Petersburg

The person became ill during the performance of the singer.

Zemfira. Photo: Timur Sharipkulov. Archive “KP”

Zemfira’s concert took place yesterday in St. Petersburg at the Sevkabel Port site. In performance time one of the men felt unwell and lost consciousness; later in the ambulance his heart stopped. About it reported portal 78.ru.

According to some reports, this was not a fan of the singer, but an employee of the company that organized the concert. He was 63 years old. It was decided not to interrupt the event because of the incident.

Earlier it was reported that Zemfira stayed in one of the city’s hotels and refused protection. And during the performance, she told fans about her new album. The rock star is already working on the album.

The singer’s previous album, “To Live in Your Head”, was released seven years ago. In April, she said that new job more than half ready.


Hard clash between the president of Medellín and groups of fans – Colombian Football – Sports

The moment that is lived among the fans of Independent Medellin and its managers is not good. A few days ago, there was a caravan of fans protesting the club’s management, and now, a conflict arose between some fans and president Jairo Vélez.

Vélez had a meeting with a group of fans at the club’s headquarters. After her, they began to circulate on social networks, audiovisual material in which the manager is shown risqué, where the authorities had to intervene, as well as painted on the outside of the offices of the Red Club of Antioquia.

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Faced with this situation, the club published a statement rejecting violence and inviting dialogue to settle the differences between institution and followers, 15 days after resuming competition in the Liberators cup, when they host Caracas from Venezuela at the Atanasio Girardot stadium.

“Equipo del Pueblo SA rejects the acts of vandalism that occurred today in the administrative facilities by some people. Never the way of violence will be the way to solve differences, “said DIM in his statement, which had strong responses on networks:

“The club has been characterized as an open-door institution, committed to dialogue with the different bars that accompany Deportivo Independiente Medellín. As long as the scenarios take place under the path of respect for others, the club will be willing to hold the dialogues. The situation was brought to the attention of the competent authorities for its management ”, added the DIM communication.

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Medellín has agreed another meeting with fans, this time with the ‘Rexixtenxia Norte’ bar next Saturday, September 5, from 3:00 pm in which Aldo Bobadilla, the largest shareholder of the team Raúl Giraldo and other managers would be summoned. So far it is still scheduled.

Juan Camilo Alvarez Serrano
FUTBOLRED correspondent
En twitter: @juanchoserran8