2020 Fantasy Baseball: prospects to look at

Level A: Five guys who can help soon BY Luis Robert, CWS Robert looks like a potential 35-40 home hitter who should also steal 20-25 bases. With these numbers, it may seem like a lock for stardom, but there is some concern that strikes too much and may have an average beat less than perfect. […]

Latest news and information (updated) – The Athletic

Editor’s note: Follow this blog for the latest coronavirus news from Atletico writers. A short summary, with some details below NCAA BB: Male and female NCAA tournaments canceled FB NCAA: All team activities are suspended for ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, Notre Dame, MAC, Pac-12, SEC. Spring games are canceled for ACC, Big Ten, Notre […]

Consider vet Mike Moustakas

When something is underestimated, it is considered less important than it really is. There are many players scattered around the fantasy baseball drafts whose true value is underestimated. They could be players who have seen their stars fade after a negative year or boys who have been constant fantasy entities over the years. With an […]

Nine NL entrants ready to jump in 2020

Every year there are those beginners that we expect to take a dip immediately; thinks Kris Bryant, Ronald Acuna, Cody Bellinger, Aaron Judge – those guys. Once we go through all the service time manipulation shenanigans, there are always young people ready to immediately capture the roster seats and 2020 is no exception. Earlier this […]

2020 Fantasy Baseball: rankings and projections of the Third Basemen

Expectations are that five thirds of the baseman will come off the board in the first two rounds, which highlights how deep this position is. There is value, variety and bright stars wherever you look. Don’t underestimate elite players, but you should be able to find quality players to fill your 3B and CI points. […]

2020 Fantasy Baseball: rankings and screenings of Second Basemen

The second base is the second most subtle position for my money, but an interesting trend is developing. With so many quality short films available and placed in MI points, the lack of depth at second base is not an excessive burden for fantasy managers. Some may find it useful to fill all other starting […]

OAA rating for pitching players who switch teams (deep leagues)

Before this preseason, I delved into Statcast’s new Outs Above Average (OAA) ranking, which identifies the league’s best defensive defenders. I used the 2019 OAA to see how a pitcher’s new defense will affect its value in the 2020 season. The first article evaluated the pitchers drafted within the top 300 choices, so this article […]

Austin Hays: Baseball Traverse Fantasy Draft

BALLER MOVE: Target ~ 260s CURRENT ADP: ~ 286 in total ANALYSIS: We often hear the word “dormant” in fantasy sports and think of a younger player who is ready to surprise most owners with surprising success. In fact, we should simply think of the players who are overlooked based on their role and opportunity. […]

ADP Showdown – Trevor Story vs Trea Turner

Pitchers and hunters have officially reported and are starting player trainings, which means that baseball season is officially upon us! Maybe you haven’t started getting ready for your drafts, but luckily there have already been a lot of drafts for you, which means that fantasy players out there have already started handling difficult position decisions. […]

2020 Fantasy Baseball: Washington National Team Preview

Washington citizens Citizens have been knocking on the World Series door since 2012, leading to five post-season appearances for eight years. In 2019, they brought chemistry to the table with a big run in the last four months of the regular seasons (69-36) to win their first World Series title in the team’s 51-year history. […]