Armenia: video of a father taking his daughter from protests in Colombia on a leash – Other Cities – Colombia

In the last hours a video went viral where a father of a family beats his daughter with a strap for participating in the protests against the Police in Armenia. The demonstration, which got out of control, left three soldiers injured, 11 people captured and one CAI damaged.

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In the video you can see how the man beats his daughter with a strap while ordering her to return home. At his side two policemen try to mediate in the family incident but the young woman refuses to withdraw from the protest.

On the night of this Thursday, dozens of people took to the streets of Bolívar Avenue, in the north of Armenia, in protest at the police abuses that occurred in Bogotá and that led to the death of Javier Ordoñez.

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Although initially it was a sit-in in front of the CAI Fundadores, then it turned into a confrontation and some protesters attacked the Police headquarters with stones
and other objects. During the events, the headquarters of the Civil Registry was also damaged and could not provide attention to the public this Friday.

In one of the videos captured by residents of the sector during the excesses, it is observed how the protesters make a policeman fall off his motorcycle and then try to hit him, but other policemen intervene in the act. There was also the explosion of a couple of artifacts that generated chaos and fear among the residents of the area.

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The Secretary of Government of Armenia, Javier Ramírez pointed out that some 200 people participated in the protests, but “ unfortunately some person threw a
explosive object that generated panic and the police had to disperse the protest. And unfortunately we ended up with a result of three officers injured, one in the face, one in the hand and another who fell off the motorcycle. And 11 more people detained, the protest is allowed but it cannot say that we end with violence that generates more violence, ” the official reported.

In the city, protests have also been generated in support of the public force and others against it, in different police headquarters in Armenia.

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The son of Camilo Sesto, targeted for consuming the inheritance

One year after the death of Camilo Sesto, the Spanish press is concerned about the musician’s only son, 37, who apparently had relapsed into his addiction to drugs.

The acclaimed musician died on September 8, 2019. From that moment, Camilo Blanes Jr. (also known as Camilín and the result of Sesto’s relationship with Mexican Lourdes Ornelas) became the holder of the great fortune of his father: a bank account with more than 1,200,000 euros; a house, two apartments and two lots; and all the money his compositions generate by copyright, which is around 500 thousand euros a year.

Camilín has struggled with drugs at different times in his life. Even his own father sought help for him and even admitted him to a rehabilitation center. With all this, the interpreter came to think of disinheriting him so that his fortune would not be spent on drugs.


Finally, this seems to be what is happening, given that several Spanish media claim to have seen him wandering the streets of Madrid in the wee hours of the morning, in poor condition.

Although his mother wants to take him to a rehabilitation center, Camilo Jr. refuses and prefers to live alone in one of the houses his father left him. As if that were not enough, he fired Fidel and Charo, the trusted marriage that had been at the service of the singer all his life.



The harsh story of “Negra” Vernaci about the death of her father: she was able to say goodbye to him by video call

“Last week my dad died, after we were struggling all July and August,” said Elizabeth La Negra Vernaci on her Pop Radio program to talk about the difficult situation she experienced in recent months regarding her father’s health.

The driver’s father was hospitalized for another condition and died of coronavirus. “I was sick for many years, it was an expected situation, but I never thought that I would have to face it in a difficult, lonely, cruel and painful context like this one,” added La Negra.

“We went through different circumstances, he left the hospitalization in July, he went home to recover from an illness that was already bad. The end was announced ”. And he said that when his father received the medical discharge, he would later be infected at home after testing positive from a nurse who treated him.

The virus “infected everyone around,” he said of “the entourage of nurses” who cared for him. On August 5, after one of the employees showed symptoms, they had to admit him once more. She tested positive for COVID-19. And that was the last time Elizabeth saw her father alive. “We only communicated by phone,” he stressed.

“When we already thought that he was going to die, we said ‘well let a priest go’. We managed to find one, Agustín, and then we saw that he began to recover. ‘You see, the priest did him good, you have to believe or burst,’ we said. And they told us that if she got well, they would take her out of intensive care so that she could go home and spend whatever was left there, “said the driver. “Unfortunately, it was not enough.”

La Negra said the whole family was “preparing for the end.” But the protocol to dismiss critical patients with coronavirus had not been approved and according to she said: “It was desperate,” she said and recalled that the priest obtained a permit and the driver recorded a greeting from her cell phone. “She heard it and reacted having spent 20 days in a nebula. ‘She opened her eyes, she looked at me, she was moved.’ Two days later the doctors called her to tell her that he had died.


Juan Carlos Giraldo’s father and uncle died of Covid-19

The presenter Juan Carlos Giraldo lost his father and uncle due to Covid 19, the news was announced during the Caracol Day to Day program.

The presenter Catalina Gómez sent a message of solidarity and support to her colleague.

“Our hearts are saddened, wrinkled, because people very close to the Caracol family of COVID-19 have died. We sympathize and send a very big message to Juan Carlos Giraldo, our colleague from La Red, his father and his uncle passed away in recent days ”, announced Gómez.

The news was recently released that Iván Lalinde’s father failed to overcome the battle against Covid-19 and passed away.


“At no time was I afraid”: Nabil Crismatt

On his way to Chicago’s Wrigley Field, where the Cardinals were facing the Cubs, on Tuesday night, at press time, Nabil Crismatt Abuchaibe answered THE HERALD’s call to discuss his auspicious Major League debut on Monday. at night in the defeat of the red birds against the same ‘Cubs’ (5-4).

The Barranquilla pitcher, who worked a full inning without allowing runs and striking out two men, recounted everything that surrounded that special moment in his life, hours before his joy multiplied and he returned to shine in his second game in the Gran Carp (see separate note).

Have you pinched yourself to see if you are not dreaming?

I always knew it was real, it was something I had been looking for since I was a child. God always has the perfect place to put you. I have assumed this with the greatest tranquility. I thank God for having me here and making that dream come true.

Did you ever think of throwing in the towel?

Never. I always fought day after day for a dream. I’m still fighting. I always tried to arrive and I thank God, who never takes the sweat and work of anyone, everything comes in due course.

If you weren’t a baseball player, what would you be doing now?

I would have been a pilot, I love aviation.

Since when did you like baseball?

Since ever. My grandfather played baseball and he passed that on to the family. They all had it as a hobby. I had the opportunity to leave the country at the age of 15 and dedicate myself one hundred percent to my profession. I think it is the best decision I have made in my life. Yesterday (Monday) I was able to fulfill my dream and that of my parents, who gave me the opportunity to leave the house and fly.

What do you remember about your beginnings in baseball?

I am not sure in which field I saw baseball play for the first time. I remember growing up listening to Édgar Renteria. He was always an idol. I had the opportunity to speak with him these days, when I was called up to the Major Leagues, and I told him that I looked forward to continuing his legacy. He is a person who has left the country high. Without a doubt, he is the best of the Colombians who have been through the Major Leagues and I hope to imitate his discipline and effort, which are something incredible. I am here and I hope to stay for many years to come.

How many calls have you received after debut?

I do not have an exact number, but it is very gratifying that people express their affection to you. I will not be able to answer all of them, I have read little by little, but it fills me with great satisfaction to know that there are so many people waiting for one. How cool that.

Did you feel nervous at any point in your debut?

No, honestly not. I have been working my mind in the last months, I feel that the game now becomes more mental than physical and one can never let the emotions be above one. I feel like the mind is everything right now. Play a very important role in this sport, you have to go out and try to manage your emotions, that is what divides you between failure and success.

Not even after Anthony Rizzo doubles on his first pitch in the majors?

No. I went to execute my plan and felt calm. I knew what I was doing. At no time did I feel fear, of nothing. Just as they have a bat, I have a ball. That can happen, the game is like that. Regardless of any result, what you control is throwing the pitch with conviction and confidence. It was a good pitching and he connected very well, I give him credit. I stayed calm and tried to move the situation forward.

Having a figure like the Puerto Rican Yadier Molina as a receiver is not yet given, but he is getting closer and closer …

Yeah right if. I know that with God’s help we will have him back in the team, and all the colleagues who are with the coronavirus problem. I wish them the best and hope they come back soon. I know that at some point I will have him behind the plate and I will try to learn the most from him and all the teammates.

Did you see the video of your father’s reaction when he struck out Ian Happ?

(Laughs)… Incredible. Since I’ve been pitching in the minor leagues, it’s been like this. It fills me with a lot of feeling to see him and my mother get emotional every time I pitch. I have to tell you to calm down a bit, I’m afraid that something is going to happen to you with such great emotions. It is normal, they feel it because I am their son. Bacano that they are enjoying it.

What made you laugh the most about the video?

(Laughter) The thrill of him when I struck out the batter. Amazing to see how he raises his arms and starts to shake them (laughs)… I see him again and I laugh again.

A very Barranquilla celebration …

Yes Yes. It is something that only he feels as a father. It is very exciting to see it. It fills me with great personal satisfaction to see how my family enjoys this.


Carabineros find drugs, arms and ammunition in the department of Hernán Calderón Argandoña | National

The Police Investigations Section (SIP) of the Carabineros developed this Wednesday a raid on the house of Hernán Calderón Argandoña, who remains on the run after attacking his father with a knife.

Inside the property of the son of the lawyer Hernán Calderón and the television panelist Raquel Argandoña found drugs, weapons and various ammunition.

The defense of Calderón Argandoña specified in Mega that the find is about weapons duly registered and they are used to practice shooting.

Regarding the drug, he stated that it would be two grams of marijuana, corresponding to personal consumption.

Remember that the 23-year-old man is accused of wounding his father at his home in Las Condes, on Tuesday afternoon.

Deputy Prosecutor Jorge Vitar, from the Eastern Prosecutor’s Office, explained that the The lawyer sustained a stab wound to one of his hands and his forearm. One of them would be serious.

As a result of the above, he had to be treated at the German Clinic.

So far the whereabouts of the young man have not been found, while the father was left with protection measures.

This article describes an ongoing legal process

There is a possibility that the charges will be dismissed at the end of the investigation, therefore The accused (s) should NOT be considered guilty until Justice dictates sentence against him.
(Article 04 of the Code of Criminal Procedure)


This boy was tied up for 2 years, while his father, stepmother, and 17 siblings lived comfortably

ABUJA, – A miserable boy epilepsy rescued after two years tied to a tree, meanwhile father, stepmother, and his 17 siblings live comfortably in the house next door.

Video circulating shows the child, Jibril Aliyu, so thin when found tied to a tree in the Nigeria.

The one who found and saved 10 year old boy it called the incident “high-class and very evil barbarians”.

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Human rights groups took Jibril to hospital after he was forced to live with goats and chickens for the past two years BBC Pidgin.

He was rescued from his own family property in the Badariya area, Birnin Kebbi, after receiving this heartbreaking information.

In the video showing the moment Gabriel was rescued on Sunday (9/8/2020), he was seen dressed in tattered clothes and scraping the ground to eat.

She was desperately looking for something on the ground to eat, where she had difficulty walking because she was so weak.

Manir Jega, a drug prevention activist, tweeted that the incident was “the largest case of child abuse in Nigeria”.

Reported The Sun, Wednesday (12/8/2020), Jega said, the 10-year-old boy was tied up by his stepmother and forced to live with animals for two years.

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“His birth mother died two years ago. He did not get shelter, clothes, food, he could not even get health care,” complained Jega.

He continued, the cruel treatment of his stepmother made Jibril eat food animal. In fact, he filled his stomach with his own feces.

“As a result of the cruel and terrible treatment he experienced, he has now lost his mind and is behaving exactly like an animal,” he said.

What is surprising, according to Jega, is that Jibril’s real father did nothing. In fact, he let his son be treated arbitrarily.

Jega said, now Jibril’s two stepmothers and father are in police custody, with Jibril receiving treatment at Birnin Kebbi Hospital.

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He said, what happened to Jibril Aliyu is a high level of savagery whose cruelty is beyond reason.

“Therefore, I call on the Kebbi State Government to impose appropriate punishment on the perpetrators for their crimes,” he said.

One of Jibril’s 17 siblings revealed that his brother had epilepsy, and tied under a tree to keep him from hanging around.

The Sun Nigeria even quoted another brother of Jibril, where the child was even left tied outside during the day for hours.

It is said that the house and car that belonged to the Jibril family were sold to help fund the 10-year-old boy’s epilepsy treatment.

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They beat a retiree, father of a journalist, to rob him – News

A 69-year-old retiree, father of journalist Alejandro “Pollo” Cerviño, was assaulted by three young men in the heart of the Buenos Aires town of BernaHe, where they threatened him with weapons, threw him to the ground and stole his vehicle.

The theft, which was filmed by security cameras in images that were viralized on social networks, occurred around 10 this Tuesday on Lavalle street, between May 25 and July 9, in the heart of the aforementioned town of the Quilmes district, south of the suburbs.

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Héctor Cerviño (69), father of the journalist and radio host “Pollo” Cerviño, was about to open the trunk of his dark blue Chevrolet Corsa when he was intercepted by three young men, two of whom were carrying firearms.

According to what is observed in the images of the security cameras, Cerviño began to struggle with two of them while they tried to take the keys of the vehicle.

For the struggle, the retiree fell to the ground and the criminals were finally able to obtain the keys and steal his car and then hit the road.

The victim was lying on the floor, for which she had to be assisted by the Quilmes Emergency Medical Attention System (SAME), whose staff found that she had some bruises but no serious injuries.

Chicken Cerviño

“I am struck by the time that passed and that no police have passed, since it is a central area and the police station is two blocks away,” said “Pollo” Cerviño, who added that that block “is monitored with cameras from the municipality and various businesses ”.

He expressed that his father is “shocked and scared” by what he experienced and confirmed that the car was found in the afternoon after being abandoned by criminals.

The journalist assured that his father “is one more victim of the hot and critical moment in the country.”

Neighbors explained in statements to the press that The incidents of insecurity have grown in recent months and demanded greater security measures in the neighborhood.

The case was handled by the prosecutor Mariel Calviño, from the Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) 12 of Quilmes, specialized in motor vehicle theft, who labeled the file as “Robbery aggravated by the use of weapons.”

Report by Ariel Rodríguez


The mother of five children, Maria Poroshina, “from the height of experience” regrets the divorce from Kutsenko

On the air of the TV channel “Russia 1”, Maria Poroshina, one of the most popular actresses, admits that she regrets the separation from Gosha Kutsenko.

He became her husband back in her student days, they had a daughter. The marriage lasted five years and collapsed when Gosha himself told her about the betrayal.

Now, taking into account life experience, says Maria, she would have reacted differently to that situation.

The second husband of the actress was Ilya Drevnov. They lived together for 17 years, in this marriage three daughters were born., But he also broke up. Moreover, when Mary was pregnant with her fifth child.

46-year-old Poroshina does not hide that his father is not Drevnov, but at the same time denies that this is Maria’s married partner in the TV series “Always Say” Always “Yaroslav Boyko.

The actors starred in this series for so long that folk rumor attributed a novel to them. However, both Yaroslav and Maria refute the love affair and say that they have exclusively friendly relations.

Now Maria, who has played about a hundred roles in the TV series “Truckers”, “Kamenskaya”, “Turkish March”, “Shuttle Girl” and many others, manages not only to act actively, but also practically to raise five children.

What is her relationship with Gosha Kutsenko and Ilya Drevnov? Do fathers of children support her financially? Will she reveal the secret of paternity of the fifth child?

How did stepfather bring up young Poroshin – actor Dmitry Nazarov? Why wasn’t Maria admitted to the choreographic school and why was she expelled from the Moscow Art Theater School?

She talks about this in the first part of the program “The Fate of a Man with Boris Korchevnikov” on the channel “Russia 1”.

Tomorrow is the continuation of the conversation with the famous actress about her professional and family life after breaking up with Gosha Kutsenko.


he didn’t even want to leave the photos to his wife

A destructive fury that swallowed everything. The children, the wife, himself. Mario Bressi, the killer of two children, of his family life Gemini 12-year-old Elena and Diego wanted to erase every trace so that Daniela Fumagalli had nothing left. Not even the photos the kids had on their cell phones. When the body of the man, who launched himself from the Vittoria bridge in Cremeno on Saturday morning, was recovered, he did not have a cell phone on him or was found in the surrounding area. And from the vacation home of Margno, in high Valsassina, the children’s phones have also disappeared. Bressi took care to throw them on some cliffs in the mountains before committing suicide, so as not to leave even the comfort of memories to his wife.

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The last night of the 45-year-old employee, who the investigators are retracing by lining up the messages sent to his wife, is a delusional crescendo of grudge and recriminations. Three, in particular, the WhatsApp that she sent to Daniela Fumagalli between two and three, at home in Gessate while her husband had been in the mountains with their children for a week. The last is a long letter in which Bressi accuses: “You have destroyed our family”. The previous messages were of the same tenor, a sequence of hateful phrases towards the woman responsible for “the ruin of marriage”. The separation was at the beginning, but Bressi was already overwhelmed by an uncontrollable liveliness that until Friday had not manifested in any way. So much so that his wife entrusted him with the twins for the holiday in Margno. “There was no sign that could cause concern. Everything was proceeding with the utmost tranquility. The lady had contacted me, the separation dossier was right at the beginning. No signed deeds, nor court hearings », says Davide Colombo, the lawyer to whom Daniela Fumagalli has been entrusted. “It was an unexpected gesture, nobody could have foreseen it, there were no apparent tensions that could justify or make foresee such a drama”. She, explains the lawyer, “never filed complaints against her husband, absolutely nothing had happened. There was no violent or quarrelsome separation between them. The lady had no intention of taking his children away from him. Against his father he had nothing to complain about. Was she willing to go through with the divorce? Who knows, the dynamics in these things are always uncertain ». But for Bressi it was too late, the sworn enemy was the wife and the death of the children the plan to punish her. “That the double murder is premeditated does not matter from the technical point of view of the investigation. If anything, it is for relatives, who need to know the truth », is the reflection of the investigators.

That’s why they confiscated the clerk’s computer and are rebuilding the last hours of his and his children’s lives. On Friday they went on a trip to the mountains above Margno, saw them take the Pian delle betulle cable car, then returned to the apartment of the residence “Il Castagno”: Elena and Diego played in the courtyard, the neighbors tell, he prepared the dinner. And, between night and the first light of dawn, he killed them, the strangled child and the suffocated brother. “He left everything in order, including the corpses. He composed them on the double bed », is the bitter reflection of the investigators. Gessate, where the family lived, is an incredulous town. Diego played on the local soccer team, Elena had followed in mom’s footsteps and skated. “After the quarantine we lost the bond a little and now we have completely lost the bonds”, is the bitter truth written in felt-tip pen on a squared sheet of paper hung by a schoolmate on the threshold of the building of the two children.

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