Norbert Blüm dead: ex-employment minister died at 84 – politics

Former Labor and Social Affairs Minister Norbert Blüm is dead.

The CDU politician died at the age of 84, his son told the German Press Agency. The family initially did not provide any further information.

Since 2019, Blüm was paralyzed due to blood poisoning on the arms and legs and was in a wheelchair.

On March 12, Blüm wrote in a guest article for “Zeit” about his paralysis: “I feel like a puppet who has pulled the strings so that its parts dangle unrelatedly in the air.”

Blüm dictated the text to his wife. “Trifles become problematic cases. An itch just irritates me under the left eye. In the past I would have removed the itching with a hand stroke. My hand can’t do it today. And so I have to wait patiently until the stimulus gives up. “


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Norbert Blüm with his son Christian Blüm, the drummer of the Cologne cult band Brings, at a talk show in 2016Photo:

An exceptional career

Blüm was the only minister to accompany Chancellor Helmut Kohl throughout the 16 years of his reign (1982-1998) in the cabinet.

In the black and yellow coalition, depending on the political location, it was considered a “social conscience” or “social fig leaf”. His most sustainable achievement was the introduction of long-term care insurance in 1995.

Photo: Tim Brakemeier / dpa

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1993: The then Federal Chancellor Helmut Kohl (CDU) and the then Minister of Labor Norbert Blüm – he accompanied the chancellor of the unit for 16 yearsPhoto: Tim Brakemeier / dpa

When Helmut Kohl became Chancellor in 1982, he called his companion Blüm to his cabinet as Minister of Labor and Social Affairs. From then on, Blüm was able to operate and operate in the machine room of the welfare state for 16 years quite independently, because as a representative of the CDU workers wing he was one of the pillars of Kohl’s power system.

His relationship with Kohl had deep cracks as early as 1989 when he, together with Rita Süssmuth and the former general secretary Heiner Geißler, tried to overthrow the CDU leader, who was extremely unpopular at the time.

Instead, they wanted to help the popular Baden-Württemberg Prime Minister Lothar Späth to power. But he shrank from throwing his hat into the ring. Then the wall fell, and the cabbage, previously mocked as “pear”, mutated into “Chancellor of Unity”.

The complete break came in the course of the CDU donation scandal in 1999/2000, when Blüm criticized his former sponsor with clear – perhaps overly clear – words. From then on, the two of them never spoke again.

The pension is secure

Long-term care insurance, which was introduced in 1995 against considerable resistance, remains associated with his name. In 1986 he posted his later mantra, originally not “The pension is secure”, but “Because one thing is certain: the pension”. By the way, Helmut Schmidt had said that before him, too, from time to time.

The shortened sentence “The pension is safe” became a proverb.

Photo: Peter Popp / dpa

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This action made historyPhoto: Peter Popp / dpa

Companion: most important social minister in Germany

The death of Norbert Blüm also grieves his political companions.

The former Federal Ministers Volker Rühe (CDU) and Otto Schily (SPD) honored Norbert Blüm towards BILD as the most important labor and social minister in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Former CDU General Secretary and Federal Defense Minister Volker Rühe was deeply moved: “I was already very sad when I learned of Norbert Blüm’s paralysis weeks ago, the more I mourn now. He was a longtime and really significant companion of my life and politics. Norbert Blüm is the most important Minister of Labor and Social Affairs in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany. I will miss him very much. “

Otto Schily, former Federal Minister of the Interior, told BILD: “Norbert Blüm was undoubtedly one of the, if not the most prominent, social politicians in Germany. One who also enjoyed a high reputation among his political opponents, not least because of his humorous reasoning. Norbert Blüm was shaped by his basic Christian belief. He had an authentic Christian foundation, that was not a foil for him. Let us bow to this great politician and great person. I wish him the best of luck on his new journey. ”

Norbert Blüm – his life

The worker son from Rüsselsheim (born July 21, 1935) was a trained toolmaker. He did his Abitur at the evening high school, studied philosophy, history and theology.

His political foster father, the CDU social politician Hans Katzer (1919-1996), made the committed IG Metall member 1968 the chief executive of the CDU social committees. From 1977 onwards, Blüm headed the Christian Democratic Workforce (CDA) for ten years.

After retiring from federal politics, Blüm continued to be socially involved, wrote books, appeared as a talk show guest on television and even did cabaret.

Blüm had been married to Marita Blüm since 1964, whom he had met during his studies. The couple had three children: two daughters and son Christian, who is a member of the Kölschrock band Brings.

 The Marita Blüm and Norbert Blüm couple Photo: Agency People Image

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The married couple Marita Blüm and Norbert Blüm Photo: Agency People Image

At the end of his life, the family became even more important to him: after blood poisoning, he had been paralyzed on his arms and legs since 2019 and was in a wheelchair. He only made the paralysis public a few weeks ago. “Like a thief in the night, mischief broke out in my life in the form of an insidious blood poisoning,” he dictated to his wife for a contribution in “Die Zeit”. Even a small itch under the eye could become a problem for him because he could no longer scratch himself.

“In the wheelchair horizon, the review is different than in the conventional panoramic view,” he said. “What was important, what was meaningless? The point of view changes with the location. ”He was now completely on his own, without the public’s sounding board. “The disease destroys our omnipotence fantasies and dampens our hidden arrogance. All prestige vehicles, medals and decorations lose their meaning. “

Blüm did not lose his courage to live even through this stroke of fate. In fact, he enjoys a privileged status, he said: “I live like God in France.” He is served around the clock, once again the family is his refuge.

He wanted to die like his father. His last sentence had been: “It was all very nice.”


Corona: Bundesliga ghost games according to Söder and Laschet possible again from May 9

Is there still hope for a Bundesliga sequel?

At the big Bundesliga summit at BILD Live, Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (53 / CSU) and North Rhine-Westphalia’s Prime Minister Armin Laschet (59 / CDU) spoke out in favor of a Bundesliga comeback from May 9.

Laschet said in an interview with BILD boss Julian Reichelt and BILD head of sports Matthias Brügelmann: “The prerequisite is that there is a well thought-out concept. What the DFL has presented these days shows that protective measures are in place. I could imagine that we can go back to the state of the ghost games. ”

Söder: “It is a tightrope walk. We now have to be careful not to overdo it or be frivolous. Games with audience participation are completely unthinkable. Ghost games are also a tightrope walk. It is conceivable that we might be able to play such a ghost round at the earliest from May 9th. ”It is clear:“ A weekend with football is much more bearable than a weekend without football. ”

Söder also wants the Robert Koch Institute to secure the possible Bundesliga comeback: “I would like the RKI to take another look.”

Because of the corona pandemic, the DFL had put the continuation of the season on hold after the 25th match day until further notice. Leader of the standings at the time of the interruption: Bayern Munich (55 points) ahead of Borussia Dortmund (51) and RB Leipzig (50). Fortuna Düsseldorf (22) is currently on the relegation site in front of Werder Bremen (18) and SC Paderborn (16).

More at


BVB: Borussia Dortmund’s plan with Achraf Hakimi – Bundesliga

It will be one of the most exciting BVB projects this summer!

The loan from Achraf Hakimi (21) ends on July 1. The Moroccan then belongs to Real Madrid again. At least this is currently contractually agreed.

And yet Dortmund can still hope for the wing-racer to remain.

The Hakimi truth!

Spanish media recently reported several times that the offensive right-back had already extended his real contract to 2023. According to BILD information, this is not true.

Correct is: In summer 2018, before moving to BVB on loan, he signed with the royal team until 2022. Since then there has been radio silence between the club and the player. Real and Hakimi – questionable how to proceed!

Background: The Spanish giants are currently hit even harder by the corona crisis than Dortmund. The local league is suspended until further notice, there is no ghost game plan like that for the Bundesliga – and team planning can even be considered.

In addition, real coach Zinedine Zidane (47) is not considered a big Hakimi fan anyway. He has preferred Dani Carvajal (28), a former Leverkusen player, for years. The great opportunity for Dortmund!

Because at BVB, Hakimi is very important. He is set and has developed rapidly since his transfer. The result: In the past two years, its market value has increased by an impressive 46.5 million euros.

Strong arguments for staying with the Pott Club. According to BILD information, there is another BVB loan in the room.

Dortmund or Madrid – Hakimi has to decide what is really best for him.


BVB: Dan-Axel Zagadou seriously injured in training – season out? – Bundesliga

Bitter news for BVB!

Dan-Axel Zagadou (20) was seriously injured in training! The club announced this.

An averaging says: “Borussia Dortmund’s central defender Dan-Axel Zagadou sustained an outer ligament injury in his left knee during training. The French Under-21 international will be working intensively with the club’s rehab coaches over the coming weeks in order to be able to help his team this season if possible, provided the situation around the corona pandemic allows it. ”

It would be the end of the season for Zagadou if the Bundesliga actually resumes operations in May and the season is held through to the end of June. In the current season, Zagadou has played 13 league games for BVB.


Bayern Munich: Thomas Müller extends contract until 2023 – Bundesliga

It is official!

Thomas Müller (30) has extended his contract with Bayern until 2023. The record champion announced.

Müller: “For me it was number one priority to extend at Bayern – and the club saw it the same way. I’m already at FC Bayern for a good two thirds of my life, so you can’t say that I accompany the club or he accompanies me – we fight for each other. For me, this association is not just any employer. He is my passion. “

Müller has been part of Munich’s professional squad since 2009. The original contract ran until 2021. BILD had already reported on April 1 that Müller and Bayern agreed until 2023.

Sports director Hasan Salihamidžić (43): “I am happy that we were able to agree with Thomas. (…) We know what we have in him. However, Thomas also knows what he has at Bayern. It just fits, we didn’t have to have long talks and we’re all happy that things will continue like this until 2023. ”

Since the change of coach to Hansi Flick (55), Müller has been a regular player with the Munich team, scored six times in the league (plus 12 assists), most recently in the 2-0 win over Augsburg in early March. Things looked different under coach Niko Kovac (48). After his “Not am Mann” statement, Müller considered leaving Munich. Even in winter, when Flick had long since taken over, these mind games weren’t off the table yet. Now it is you!

Bayern board member Oliver Kahn (50): “We are happy to have such an identification figure as Thomas Müller in the club. He has shaped the club for more than ten years with great football and his likeable manner. Through his successes with FC Bayern and with the German national team, Thomas is known all over the world. And with its lightness it transports a lot of what FC Bayern stands for and wants to stand for. ”

Müller won with Bayern and others eight times the German championship, five times the DFB Cup and the Champions League (2013). In 2014 he was part of the team of national coach Jogi Löw, who became world champion in Brazil.

The native Oberbayer from Weilheim completed his 500th competitive game for the German record champions at the 1: 5 in Frankfurt in early November 2019. It was the last game in Niko Kovac’s tenure …


Lyon: man attacks people with a knife! 2 dead! – News

A man attacked several people with a knife in France!

Two victims were killed, the prosecutor said. First it was said that there were five injuries, later the number was corrected to four – the condition of three victims is critical! The attack occurred at 11 a.m. in Romans-sur-Isère (population 33,000), in the south of Lyon.

According to eyewitnesses, the perpetrator is said to have arbitrarily stabbed people in various places. He attacked people in front of a bakery as well as people in shops with a knife.

The suspected attacker was arrested by the nearby police. He had no papers with him, but claimed to be Sudanese and born in 1987.

Investigators are investigating whether this is a terrorist attack. Reports that the perpetrator called “Allahu akbar” during his attack did not confirm the security authorities.


Bayern Munich: Thomas Müller and club agree until 2023 *** BILDplus content *** – Bundesliga

Why it’s still about money

Bayern Munich: Thomas Müller and club agree until 2023

While Bayern Munich’s Manuel Neuer is currently stalling in contract negotiations, things could go faster at Thomas Müller. The club legend should remain, Bayern and Müller agree on a new contract until 2023.

You can now read the contract information with BILDplus.


Corona test: Bosch develops rapid virus test for border and airport policy use

A small box could revolutionize the fight against the corona virus and how to deal with the corona crisis!

The German technology group Bosch has developed a rapid test that is scheduled to be launched in early April. The sensation: So far, a test takes 24 to 48 hours – the Bosch tool delivers after 2.5 hours!

A Bosch spokesman for BILD: “The fully automated COVID-19 rapid test can support medical facilities such as medical practices, hospitals, laboratories and health centers with a quick diagnosis.”


He speaks of “artists and workers”: Hummels explains the new BVB Bundesliga

Now they are Bayern hunters No. 1 again!

Dortmund wins 2-1 in Gladbach, climbs to place 2 for the first time since matchday 10 and sits one point behind the endurance champion (Sunday against Augsburg).

And the foals? The team of Marco Rose (43) will say goodbye to the title race despite the catch-up game against Cologne (Wednesday). Because Sancho is shaking BVB!

The Englishman initially sits outside. Coach Favre before the kick-off at Sky: “He came to me today and said that he doesn’t feel like he can play from the beginning.” During the week, he hadn’t trained for two days. After 65 minutes, Favre brought him and changed with it victory one …

71 minutes: Long ball in midfield. Haaland goes up, hits the ground on landing. The attack continues. Sancho out on Hakimi, who scores from an acute angle to victory – 2-1!

Mats Hummels happy: “It was a fight, we accepted it. We didn’t put up with anything. It would have looked different a few weeks ago. Emre (Can, editor’s note) and Erling (Haaland, editor’s note) made a major contribution to this. Now we have the right balance between artists and workers or people who can do both. ”

Hummels on Hakimi’s almost stumbled goal: “If you’re as fast as Hakimi, you can afford one or two technical mistakes.”

Even Gladbach initially without one of her best: Thuram (after knee irritation) sits on the bench like Sancho for 65 minutes. From there you can see how an ex-Gladbacher shaves the foal …

► 8th minute: Miss Pass Stindl. Haaland in between. On to Hazard. It leaves Zakaria, Ginter and Elvedi in vain. Left shot into the far corner – 0: 1!

Hazard is one of four Dortmunders (besides Sancho, Witsel and Akanji) who fly in the star hairdresser Sheldon Edwards (“HD Cutz”) the day before the game. Curious: Four Gladbachers (Plea, Thuram, Zakaria and Embolo) can also be flown in from the Jamaican.

Ironically, of course! From 2014 to 2019 he played in Gladbach. When Rose came in summer, he went to BVB for 25 million euros. To the coach’s annoyance! Rose before kick-off at Sky: “He has a certain quality. Of course I would have liked him too … “

After this goal he should feel confirmed. Hazard scores his fifth goal of the season. Almost half of his Bundesliga goals (15 out of 36) were 1-0.

Bitter for Gladbach: Sommer clears his own husband during a rescue operation outside the penalty area. Zakaria has to go out with a knee injury (30th).

Shortly before the break, Zagadou shaved in the Hofmann penalty area (45th). If the passport fails, he puts the body in the man. Referee Stegemann continues to run and does not watch the scene again.

BamS referee Thorsten Kinhöfer (51): “Zagadou plays the ball, then deliberately puts the body in and brings Hofmann down. For me, it’s more of a foul than not a foul. But was it really a 100 percent wrong decision that the video referee should have intervened in? That is the question!”

Sky expert Lothar Matthäus (58): “He is only looking for contact with the upper body. More of a must than a can penalty. “

Nevertheless, Gladbach comes to an equalization after the break. Plea on Stindl. Brandt loses sight of him, Haaland lifts the offside – 1: 1 (50th). The eighth goal participation in the eighth game in a row!

In the end it is of no use! Sancho is also right in the middle of the last two excitements: First there is a pack formation after he has held Bensebaini. Favre storms into the square, trying to stop the Englishman from doing anything. Both players see yellow (75th).

Final point: Sancho hits the ball on the post (79th). Don’t worry! BVB scores three points – and is Bayern hunter No. 1 …

Hummels demands: “We have to win the next three games, we can also lose 6: 7 in Paris. We have to get ahead. And win both games after that on 4.4. to attack. Bayern is currently playing a very, very strong football. Until then, we have to get all the points and be there at the absolute maximum. ”