Looking into the future is amazing

Science fiction writer Philip K. Dick suffered from delusions and believed to be pursued by intelligence agencies. He didn’t kill people because of that, he was just brutal against himself. And so he created masterpieces. .

Authority – NBC Los Angeles

A man who claims to have killed more than 90 women across the country confessed to strangling two women in Indiana on the same night in October 1980, authorities said Friday. Samuel Little, 79, confessed to killing Valeria Boyd, 18, and Mary Ann Porter, 31, both of Fort Wayne, the Allen County Sheriff’s Department said. […]

Trump’s campaign team sued CNN

US President Donald Trump US President Donald Trump is publicly keen on media that report critically about him. (Photo: AFP) Washington After complaints against the “New York Times” and the “Washington Post”, the campaign team of US President Donald Trump also takes legal action against the US television station CNN. A lawsuit has been filed […]

Helen Scott, New Wave ferryman

August 1965, to Helen Scott, who has just made the acquaintance of Rossellini and has completely returned, even if as usual she jokes, François Truffaut writes: “The truth is that I fall in love with people through movies, while you are the opposite.” Another random letter. Truffaut, in 1968, while he was waiting for the […]

Trump news live: the latest update as president faces criticism of the coronavirus response

CPAC kicks off in Maryland The Conservative Political Action Conference kicked off at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in Fort Washington, Maryland today where the guest speaker line-up this weekend presents anyone who is terrible in the Magaverse. Trump, Pence, Alex Azar, Jared Kushner, Ivanka, Don Jr, Kellyanne Conway, Elaine Chao, Betsy DeVos, […]

Trump’s campaign team sued “New York Times”

“New York Times” US President Donald Trump’s campaign team is demanding compensation from the New York Times. (Photo: Reuters) new York Donald Trump’s campaign team accuses the New York Times (NYT) of defamation and sued for damages. The lawsuit filed on Wednesday in a New York court said the newspaper published “knowingly false and defamatory […]

How AI is revolutionizing facial recognition

Identifying a sought-after face in the crowd is like finding a pin in a haystack – no problem for the technology. Image: Getty, edited by F.A.Z. Artificial intelligence takes face recognition to a whole new level. This is great or scary – depending on your point of view. ein face is an amazing thing. A […]