What Ex-Siemens CEO Löscher expects as chief controller at Telefónica

So far, the Spanish mobile phone company Telefónica has given its German subsidiary little freedom. The business of management in Germany was always monitored by Spaniards as chief overseers. That has changed. A well-connected manager has taken over the chairmanship of the supervisory board in Germany since April: ex-Siemens CEO Peter Löscher. At Telefónica Deutschland […]

The New Corona Dictatorship – Morning Briefing

Good morning dear readers, for a few hours, since midnight Hungary a democratic zombie state of the European Union. With Corona, everything can be justified these days, including the introduction of one autocracy, as you can see from the example of Budapest. Prime minister Viktor Orbán Parliament had previously passed an emergency law with the […]

Corona: Barcelona shows the great failure of professional football

Dhe FC Barcelona maintains the most expensive squad in the world and is thus the most prominent example of a contradiction that is glaringly illuminated by the virus game break: The clubs have implemented more and more in recent years – Barça recently estimated a sports record budget of 1.047 billion euros -, Often, however, […]

FC Barcelona: Messi announces waiver of wages – sport

FC Barcelona professionals have consented to a temporary, at least 70 percent salary waiver for the duration of the alarm in Spain. This was announced by the captain of the football team, Lionel Messi, in a communiqué on Monday after days of negotiations with the club management. The association also confirmed the agreement. Argentina’s Messi […]

Messi railed against FC Barcelona for not receiving a salary

WElt footballer Lionel Messi, national goalkeeper Marc-André ter Stegen and all FC Barcelona professionals have accepted a temporary 70 percent wage cut due to the Corona crisis. In a statement posted on Instagram on Monday, Messi denied media reports that the players of the Spanish football champions had long opposed the drop in salaries. “We […]

Santander League: Videos with tactics, sleep questionnaires and Pilates: the manas of confined coaches | LaLiga Santander 2019

Sunday,     29     March     2020     –         22:20 Professional football lacks a manual on how to act in a situation like the one that caused the coronavirus pandemic, just as neither do the rest of the industries and productive sectors of the world. During these last two weeks of confinement, the clubs have been improvising work routines […]

FC Barcelona: Ter Stegen: “Cleaning the house is also exercise”

FC BarcelonaTOThe keeper explains how he lives in confinement, he has made a paper airplane and even a coffee Ter Stegen, during a match. Ter StegenHe has shown his closest side this Saturday afternoon. The keeper, from his home, has attended the official media of theBara. He has talked about how he passes the quarantine, […]