The sudden disappearance of the most important features of the application “WhatsApp” from your phones.. new feature or technical malfunction of?

Stated thousands of application users instant messaging WhatsApp, for the disappearance of many advantages linked to the chat on the app like Typing وOnline last seen, which clarified the status of other users.

It is not yet known whether it was just a technical glitch, temporary, or WhatsApp is testing new features to chat.

He explained the location of calcalistechK technical, i sites to monitor web applications such as Down Detector, which monitors unusual activities on the platforms of digital, reported a sharp rise in complaints from WhatsApp.

Scored Down Detector more than 4000 report concerning the conflict of the users of WhatsApp, where 70% of them watch the disappearance of characteristic of Typing and Online and Last seen.

But the report also drew that 24% of users are experiencing a problem in communication, because the premise of artistic creation.

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Survivor American “SK” receives a bill for treatment 1, $ 1 million – car – a smorgasbord of global

The man received an American 70-year-old was almost expected after his injury, Bob SGRF-19 bill worth 1.1 million dollars for his treatment at the hospital, according to the newspaper “Seattle Times” Saturday.

Has enter Michael flora hospital in Seattle (northwest) on March 4, and remained there for 62 days and suffered through her advanced case of the disease so that the medical staff to telephone his wife and sons to be able to take a last farewell to you.

But Fleur come out on May 5, the chants, the medical staff, however, received a bill from the 181 page totaling million 122 Alpha 501,04 USD according to what he told the newspaper.

Mike and flora covered by the programme of government insurance for the elderly and not have to pay the expenses of his medical treatment from his own money, according to the newspaper.

But in a country where health care is among the most expensive in the world, Flowers said he felt “guilty” knowing that the taxpayers will bear the bulk of the cost.

Press quotes about “I spent a million dollars to save my life and of course I would like to say that this is money well spent…. but I also know that I might be the only person who says that.”

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Apple presents its new iPhone SE 2, its most affordable phone



He had been waiting for so long that, when it came true, it seemed like a mirage. In the middle of the hurricane Covid-19 that forced him to change his plans, in the face of the coming economic storm and with great uncertainties in the technology sector, Apple has wanted to take advantage of some wind in favor with the renewal of its new ‘low cost’ smartphone. As rumored, it is called iPhone SE. It is the second generation and is committed to updating its guts.

Surprisingly, the technology giant has announced this Tuesday its new terminal, which promises to replace possible sales falls at a general level. It is a «smartphone» that has a screen 4.7-inch Retina HD type (1,334 x 750 p), which is inspired directly from the iPhone 8 released in 2017. In addition, it supports playback in Dolby Vision and HDR10. With the return of the Start button, the security measure is subject to the Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

Preserving the classic aesthetic, it presents a compact design. The main novelties come hidden, inside. The secret lies in its A13 Bionic microchip, the same “brain” found in the company’s latest terminals, which promises a good performance, although it has not yet been tested under conditions. It has a system based on machine learning and a technology called Neural Engine that is capable, according to the company, of processing five billion operations per second.

In addition, it has a camera 12 megapixel with F1.8 focal aperture -reused from other previous models- capable of portrait mode (blurring the background to make the subject close-up) using software, that is, betting on computer photography. Something that differentiates it significantly from the most advanced iPhone that have triple rear camera. As for video, the rear camera records in high definition 4K up to 60 frames per second.

This is the main sacrifice to defend a price, which a priori, is very attractive: 489 euros. The new device, which will come in three colors (black, white and red), will come to Spain on April 24 although it can be booked from Friday.In addition to these characteristics, it is resistant to dust and water (up to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes, according to the IP67 certification). A decision that, in that sense, It puts you on par with other terminals despite some limitations.

Ruled by the iOS 13 operating system, another interesting feature is that it can be charged wirelessly (thanks to compatible chargers, not included), supports dual SIM cards thanks to the eSIM -virtual SIM card-, with what can be interesting as a business mobile. In turn, it supports 4G connections.


a new commitment to low-cost mobiles




Realme has just presented its new series of realme 6 terminals, taking the witness of its previous version that sold no less than 18 million mobile phones in the world. Series 6 consists of three models, Realme 6, Realme 6i and Realme c3, whose common characteristic is the audience they are aimed at, the gamers.

The Chinese company has just announced that it has reached the seventh position in the global mobile phone market share in almost two years, since it launched its first terminal in May 2018 in India, quite a feat. In Spain, it is in fifth place in phones sold in 2019. In 2020, Realme’s goals are to launch new peripherals, the Internet of Things and 5G.

Realme is clearly focused on the young audience, especially the gamer. Emilio Álvarez, responsible for Realme in Spain, believes that his commercial strategy focused on the youngest public is the right one. “We want to meet the needs of young people in terms of technology. We offer good products with a ratio of quality, design and price that young people can afford. Basically, we work hard so that nobody has to give up anything to get good technology that suits their life. We have come to give consumers a new option and that is always very good, “he said in conversation with ABC.

But let’s get to the point. Realme 6 is a phone with a 6.5-inch FHD + screen with 2,400 x 1,080 resolution, 90Hz refresh rate and a screen ratio of 90.5%. The terminal has been developed to load mobile video games that more power demandTherefore, the terminal is the cheapest on the market where we will find a screen with 90Hz of refreshment. The processor is a 12-nanometer, 8-core Helio G90T intended for gaming, comparable to the Snapdragon 730G, a mid-range processor perfect for gaming.

As for the cameras, the 16-megapixel front camera is perforated on the screen and records video at 120 frames per second in slow motion. As for the four rear cameras, reinforced with AI, the main camera is 64 MP, the second lens is an ultra wide angle of 8 MP and 119 °, the third lens is specific for macro photography up to 4 centimeters and the fourth It is dedicated to black and white portraits.

The battery is 4,300 mAh, 30W fast charge, which means that it reaches 100% battery in 55 minutes. The fingerprint sensor is located on the side of the terminal, unfortunately it does not have facial identification. And it comes in three configurations and three prices, 4 GB of RAM and 64GB of memory, 219 euros, 4 GB of RAM and 128GB of memory, 249 euros, 8 GB of RAM and 64GB of memory, 279 euros.

The Spanish market is very important in Realme’s strategy. “Spaniards love technology, there is a large ecosystem of media, blogs, YouTube technology channels … For us it was a very natural market in which to introduce our journey in Europe and, in fact, it is the most important market for us and our European headquarters ”, adds Álvarez.

The second terminal presented is the Realme 6i, which cuts into some features to improve the price. The screen of this phone is still 6.5 inches but HD +, lowers the resolution, and occupies 89% of the body of the phone. The selfie camera is drop type on the screen and we keep the 16 megapixels of the previous version.

In this case, the battery goes up to 5,000 mAh, which gives us an autonomy of 19.4 hours of music, 20.8 hours of movies or 10.6 hours of play in PUBG, but the load drops from 30W to 18W. As for the processor, it equips an 8-core Helio G80 capable of exceeding 200,000 points in Antutu. The memory and RAM configuration is a single, 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of memory. The 6i maintains all four rear cameras, but the main camera drops resolution at 48 megapixels, and the wide-angle, macro, and black-and-white camera remain unchanged. The realme 6i also has a fingerprint register on the back, NFC and reverse charging. It has a price of 179 euros.

The last terminal presented is the Realme 6c, the simplest of all. It retains the 6.52-inch HD + screen and the drop-type, but 5-megapixel front camera. The processor is an 8-core Helio G70, the slowest in the range. A single configuration of 3 GB of RAM and 64 GB of memory. The battery is 5,000 mAh as in the 6i. From four rear cameras we go to three, a main 12 megapixel camera with wide angle, a macro lens and a portrait lens, the best camera configuration in its price segment. As a curiosity, the realme 6c is capable of holding 3 SIM cards at the same time in its slot. The price is 139 euros, quite low considering that it also brings NFC and reverse charging, rare in this segment.


the Chinese firm bets on good specifications but less “bargain” than ever




In mid-February, Xiaomi presented in China the terminals that will be its flagships this year. It was the Redmi Mi 10 and Redmi Mi 10 Pro, two high-end phones to compete face to face with the “top” of the rest of the brands. The presentation to the rest of the world was supposed to take place during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​but the cancellation of the event due to the coronavirus ruined those plans. Now, a month later and during an online presentation, without an audience or journalists, the Chinese firm has finally given the starting gun to its new devices.

Appears on stage (empty) Shou Zi Chew, President of Xiaomi, and his first words are in solidarity with the victims of the pandemic that is ravaging the world, and to announce the shipment of a million face masks to Europe, with special attention to Spain, France and Italy. After the laudable gesture, the senior executive went on to review the latest milestones of the company, highlighting its investment of 7,000 million dollars in 5G and IoT (Internet of Things).

Until now, Xiaomi has been characterized by offering terminals with the same specifications and components as the others, but at almost half the price. A “bargain” that is at the base of its rapid success and expansion. But that could be changing. In fact, and despite the fact that the new Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro They are still cheaper than other equivalent terminals of the competition, it is also true that the price difference is narrowing. The most expensive version, in fact, already exceeds 1,000 euros.

After his initial speech, Chew went directly to the presentation of the new terminals. We are facing two flagship devices, with 6.67-inch AMOLED Full HD + screens, a resolution of 2,340 x 1,080 pixels and a refresh rate of 90 Hz (which results in the clarity of moving images). The format is 19.5: 9 and its maximum brightness is 1,120 nits, which guarantees that we will be able to see the screen well even in full sun. The panel supports HDR10 + and, according to Chew, allows a contrast of up to 5,000,000: 1, always showing true color. Common dimensions in the two terminals, they are 162.6 x 74.8 x 8.96 mm, and the weight is 208 grams.

As expected, the new Xiaomi have adopted the latest and most powerful of Qualcomm’s processors, the Snapdragon 865, which means that both are 5G and benefit, in addition to the performance, which doubles that of the previous version, of a Significant reduction in energy consumption, resulting in longer battery life. Of course, for RAM the brand has adopted the new LPDDR5 (Low Power Double Data Rate) standard, which is twice as fast and consumes up to 30% less energy than the previous one. Depending on the model we choose, the RAM varies from 8 to 12 GB. The same as the internal storage capacity, which starts from 128 GB and shoots up, in the most expensive versions, up to 512 GB.

As for the battery, and inexplicably, that of the “normal” Mi 10 has somewhat more capacity than that of the Mi10 Pro (4,780 milliamps compared to 4,500). The Mi 10 features a 30W fast charging system, 30W wireless charging and 10W reverse charging (for accessories), while the Mi 10 Pro raises those figures to 50W (a full charge at 45 minutes), and maintains wireless charging at 30W (one charge in 65 minutes) and reverse charging at 10W.

The main course, four cameras

In the photography section, Xiaomi has put the rest in its new terminals. And it is here where the greatest differences between the normal model and the Pro occur. In both devices, the main camera incorporates the same and spectacular 108 megapixel sensor (and F1.6 aperture) that we could already see in the previous Mi Note 10 .

In the normal Mi 10, that “super sensor” is accompanied by a 2-megapixel “bokeh”, a 13-megapixel wide-angle and a 2-megapixel lens for macro shooting. In the Mi 10 Pro, however, the specifications go up and we find a 20-megapixel wide-angle, a telephoto that allows a hybrid x10 zoom (digital up to x50), and a 12-megapixel bokeh. The front camera, which is installed on both terminals in a perforation of the screen, is 20 megapixels, with the capacity to record videos at 120 images per second.

Shou Zi Chew explained that on November 19, Xiaomi launched a satellite equipped with the 108 megapixel sensor. The images captured from “up there”, cut off during the presentation, are really impressive, and allow you to enlarge the details with a minimum loss of quality. “On our phones,” he said, “we have the best mobile camera in the world.” The mobiles also have a new “anti-flicker” sensor which contributes to the clarity and quality of the images.

According to Chew, the combination between the different cameras leads to a substantial improvement in the quality of the zoom, portrait mode and night mode. The wide angle, for example, has a system that prevents distortion in the images we take at a very wide angle. “The 108,000,000 pixels of our main sensor,” explained the President of Xiaomi, “are much more than a number. In fact, they allow us to capture details that were previously impossible, and with an unprecedented quality, “he said.

Both phones can record videos in 8k quality, with optical and digital stabilization. In this section, Chew talked about the incorporation of a new concept, the «video portrait», and the «Shoot Steady» function, which is capable of completely stabilizing what we record with the camera, even if we are moving. “The Mi 10 Pro,” he said, “is the first videophone of our era.”

As for the sound, both the Mi 10 and the Mi 10 Pro have two stereo microphones (one above and one below) that automatically detect the orientation of the phone and convey the feeling that the subject is really moving from side to side from the screen. The system has achieved the highest Dxomark audio score.

The two phones will be sold in gray, white, green and blue from April 1 and April 15 (the Pro version), and prices vary according to the chosen capacities. Thus, the Xiaomi Mi 10 will start at 799 euros (8GB of RAM and 128GB for storage), while the Mi 10 Pro will start at 999 euros. Xiaomi also presented a Lite version that will cost 349 euros. Finally, the firm also presented its new television, andl My 65-inch 4S TV for a price of 549 euros.


Making waves: Barcelona turns containers into affordable homes

BARCELONA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Along a cobbled street a few meters from the Ramblas avenue, a vivid contemporary-style building is inconsistently located between the ancient churches and medieval squares that characterize the historic center of Barcelona.

The minimalist structure houses a dozen new apartments built with disused shipping containers, the latest innovation in Barcelona’s search for a solution to its current social housing crisis.

Rising rents associated with a shortage of public housing resulting from home ownership policies are putting pressure on Spain’s most vulnerable citizens, housing experts say.

“In Spain, you still have these ideological debates about whether we should (focus on) ownership or rental – you have to deal with both,” said Sorcha Edwards, general secretary of Housing Europe, a network of affordable housing groups.

“Even when the offer (social housing) increases, the offer doesn’t match people’s incomes. So local economies suffer, families suffer,” he told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

“In the most extreme cases, you have evictions and homelessness.”

Turning to shipping containers, Spain’s second largest city was inspired by similar projects in places like London, Amsterdam and Vancouver, where recycled shipping containers were used for emergencies or social housing.

Cheaper and easier to build than traditional buildings, container shipments can help vulnerable people stay in their communities, said Oscar Martinez Rivera, a professor of social affairs at Ramon Llull University in Barcelona.

“It is essential (for neighborhoods) to keep local residents because otherwise there will come a time when there will only be people passing by and hardly anyone will live there,” said Rivera.

“This has a direct impact on the social fabric that has often supported (people) vulnerable situations,” he stressed.

City Hall spokeswoman Rosa Diaz said the maritime container project is one of many new ways in which the administration is trying to increase the supply of public housing.

“We are trying new types of sustainable projects … the need for mostly affordable housing is growing because prices have skyrocketed in recent years,” he said in a telephone interview.

As part of the city’s current housing mandate, which started last year, 65 housing projects are planned, which provide nearly 4,500 homes, he noted.

Of these, three buildings – including container apartments – are complete or nearly complete, and another 13 are currently under construction, he said.


Social rental housing in Spain accounts for approximately 2% of the total real estate assets, compared to the EU average of almost 12%, according to official statistics.

Vice President of the European Investment Bank (EIB) Emma Navarro said that the bank has approved 400 million euros ($ 433 million) in funding over the past three years to develop social housing projects in Spanish cities such as Barcelona. and Madrid.

“The promotion of affordable housing is one of the priorities of the European bank, both in Spain and in the rest of Europe … to promote inclusive growth and improve people’s quality of life,” he said in the comments via e- email.

It has not confirmed the amount of funding used so far.

Traditionally, Spanish public housing policy has been based on the so-called “vivienda de proteccion publica”, or protected public housing.

Based on this model, which according to housing experts is a peculiarity of European popular housing models, tenants become owners of their properties after a fixed period, explained Jaime Palomera, housing researcher at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

After that period, normally between 10 and 30 years, occupants can sell the property at market prices, which means that only the highest earnings can often afford it, he added.

Some provinces have moved away from the model in the past decade or so, as critics say it is partly responsible for the lack of social housing in today’s country.

“It not only contributed to the lack of social housing, but also raised prices for everyone,” said Palomera.


The construction of the shipping container apartments – the first of their kind in Spain – was completed in December and the first residents moved a month later.

“I found some well-appointed, welcoming and bright spaces,” Rivera told Ramon Llull University, who recently took a look inside some of the finished apartments.

“In fact, if they didn’t tell you that the apartments are built with containers you wouldn’t know.”

Aprop (an acronym that stands for “local temporary housing” in Catalan) built the one- and two-bedroom apartments with three Spanish architecture studios, Straddle3, Eulia and Yaiza Terre.

The apartments can be built and demolished quickly and can be adapted to any part of the city, explained David Juarez, co-founder of Straddle3, in the din of drilling, while the final doors and windows were installed in one of the new apartments.

The shipping container apartments also consume four to six times less energy than conventional buildings, according to the Barcelona City Hall.

But some housing experts say that containers must be built on a larger scale to really make a difference.

“This is a prototype (in Barcelona) and therefore what they have to do now is to make them on a larger scale … not only for people in vulnerable situations, but also for young people and students,” said Palomera, housing researcher.


To increase its social housing, Barcelona is also seeking to develop legislation that would deny local government the first time any buildings or land are put up for sale, said Edwards of Housing Europe.

The property could therefore potentially be managed through a model based on community land trusts, non-profit organizations that buy houses, arrange them and then sell them at a reduced price while maintaining the titles on the land below.

In addition, the city is working on a new legal framework that will incentivize affordable nonprofit housing providers to operate there, he noted.

Although container apartments are only a “small part” of the Barcelona strategy, Edwards said they represent “a welcome addition to the patchwork of policy measures that can be taken” to help resolve the housing crisis.

However, he added, the city still has a long way to go.

“Barcelona is truly pioneering but from a very difficult starting point … even with all the work they are doing they may not have an impact for a few years,” he complained.

Reporting by Sophie Davies; Curated by Jumana Farouky and Zoe Tabary. Please credit the Thomson Reuters Foundation, the Thomson Reuters charity division, which covers humanitarian news, women’s rights and LGBT +, human trafficking, property rights and climate change. Visit

Our standards:Thomson Reuters’ principles of trust.


Bad Movie Diaries: Justice League of America

Jim Vorel and Kenneth Lowe are connoisseurs of terrible films. In this occasional series, they watch and then discuss the fallout from a particularly painful film. Be wary of spoilers.

Jim: It is surprising, Ken, how bad films for this series have a chance to fall into our laps at the precise moment when they are pop culturally relevant for whatever reason. I had never even heard of the CBS TV movie version of 1997 Justice League of America before I found it online a few weeks ago, and I had no idea it was the star of any note when I recommended it to you. To be honest, most of my recommendations were based only on terrible customs. Of course, I had no idea that one of the protagonists of this adorable adaptation of DC Comics is now playing a major role in CBS itself. Picard. Seriously, it’s even the SAME NETWORK. What are the odds?

ken: Michelle Hurd’s agent is assumed to know a guy in The Eye. I have to congratulate you on this discovery, Jim, as it is another entry in the category of “films made before their time”. It was only a year behind Lama. I think he’s one in a large dataset that all point to the fact that the American public wanted a superhero fare, but there was still tension between serious fanatics who could deliver it and studio producers who looked at budgets and said “Do you want HOW MUCH for CGI for a green ring that turns into an umbrella ?? ”

Jim: This really is the most relevant takeaway here: this film has been a victim of its release window. It is too early to be taken seriously by the people who write, plan, direct and act in it. As you said, this is 1997 and this version of Justice League it was intended as a TV movie that would be a backdoor pilot for a Justice League series. But he is alone one a year earlier Lamaand only a couple of years before 2000 X-Men offers what is probably the first truly modern theatrical comic film. You have to ask yourself how different it might be if it came a few years later. Although I suppose we got the DCEU Justice League 20 years later, in 2017, it didn’t get any better.

Like a 1997 TV production, though? This kind of looks Justice League presented as a high school game.

ken: It is quite terrible. And yes, we have to get him out of the way right at the beginning: Jim, if you had to choose the face of the Justice League, who would you say it would be? Superman, the embodiment of the heroic Legal Good? Batman, the normal boy who fights evil out of pure determination and stubbornness? Wonder Woman, the Amazonian ideal of just femininity, progeny of the god of war? How many of them do you think the firm had rights to, Jim?

Jim: Why you shouldn’t have the rights to Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman that prevent you from making a Justice League movies, Ken? ONLY why are the three most recognizable characters on that superhero team? Who needs it when you have a boy in a Martian Manhunter costume who is on the screen for about five minutes and does nothing but stand and talk?

ken: I think there has also been, I think you agree, a dizzying embrace of the “multi-verse” theory of comic continuity in recent times. DC’s Crisis TV event and Marvel’s Verso Spider have raised the theory that every version of these heroes you’ve ever loved or hated coexisted along the Central Finite Curve. Despite this, Jim, nobody brought this version, never. I was totally unaware of it until you brought it to my attention. And I was 14 when it came out, so really they should I have heard of it.

Jim: I was also surprised that I never heard of anyone talking about this film. I just ran into the reference to it online and searched for it. It looks like it totally fell through the cracks. Maybe it’s a function of how terrible and forgettable it is at the same time. The budget seems more worn than the soles of The Flash running shoes.

ken: There is a lot to unpack here. Do you have any juicy detail about how this thing was born?

Jim: I do not! There really doesn’t seem to be much information out there about this. I believe it aired once, on December 28, 1997. This means that it was released almost in the same year Lama, Ken. Unsurprisingly, it had been criticized by TV critics at the time, and there was no chance it would ever become a TV series. One can only imagine what a weekly series would have been like with this cast of schlubs (excluding Michelle Hurd).

Anyway, let’s go inside. Explain to readers how the structure of this film works, because it is honestly more interesting than anything related to the plot.

ken: I am so happy that you asked me. In a courageous attempt to reduce the running time of this film, it avoids the need for further CGI raids which would clearly have made everyone fail and at the same time COMPLETELY ruin the RESOLUTION, the film chooses to cut between the current plot and the confessional speaking head of the members main cast. Out of their customs. Like their alter ego. Describe how difficult it is to be a member of the Justice League.

Green Lantern, software vendor!

Jim, in this film there are absurd absurd lengths to keep their identities secret, including a sequence with not one but TWO Michelle Hurds that we will enter, I’m sure.

Jim: Exactly. So who will see this sitcom-style documentary with a single camera that apparently is shot with all of them, without a costume? It doesn’t make any damn sense, Ken. They are talking in the past about all the other sequences in the film, so it is clearly happening shortly thereafter. And the sequences of the talking head are modified in an apparently random way: they suddenly APPEAR between shots that would otherwise go together. It makes me wonder, would they use the talking head for TV shows? He would have been an early forerunner of the likes of The office is Modern family, etc? Sure, The office he wouldn’t put the talking head sequences between the shots of an action sequence, as he insists on making this film.

ken: It’s as if they knew they only had about 55 minutes of storyline and desperately needed to stretch things further. Unfortunately for them, the cast offensive of this cast is a poor bet, indeed.

Jim: Let’s take a look at the main cast and give a general impression of how each member is represented. The core team is made up of the following heroes: Green Lantern, The Flash, The Atom and Fire, with a newcomer (possibly called Ice) who serves as the naive and public proxy.

ken: We should mention to those who didn’t start out in the comics that these heroes actually make up some of the heavy hits from the Justice League – NORMALLY. Here they are literally helping to scare cats from under houses.

Jim: First of all, Green Lantern (Matthew Settle). He feels like the de facto leader of the team while I’m out doing superhero stuff, by virtue of being the whitest of the white males. Being absent Superman, they only let him borrow Clark Kent’s curly hairstyle. He is a smarmy gentleman who tries exaggerated romantic gestures but has a string of failed relationships and girlfriends who are suspicious of why he always greets them when the beautiful unknown Green Lantern shows up.

ken: Second, The flash (Kenny Johnston). Every team needs a garbage fire that can never do any good and that the rest of the team considers as something they have scraped from the bottom of the shoe. Flash is that boy! He is portrayed as a chronically unemployed schlub, whose super speed doesn’t avoid him at all in his sad daily life.

Jim: I love the fact that he can’t think of one way his super speed could be used to make him earn a dollar or put a roof over his head.

ken: In all fairness to them, Barry Allen is often described as a happy-lucky junkie, but this goes too far in that direction without the most heroic heroism the guy should have.

Jim: Next one, The Atom (John Kassir). High school science teacher Ray Palmer once collected a rock in the desert and can now shrink for some reason! This is the extension of the background that we get for the lesser-known hero The Atom, which is actually considerably more than mentioned for Green Lantern or The Flash. He’s obviously the team nerd from the first moment you look at him, dressed in a sweater and a bow tie and all the rest. Fantastic tidbit casting: I realized that watching these actors John Kassir was actually the voice of the Crypt Keeper on HBO Tales From the Crypt. How sweet it is?

This guy is clearly the muscle of the team.

ken: I couldn’t understand what was familiar, but this drives me crazy. Who knew it could play a more iconic role than the Crypt Keeper?

The last one is the superhero Fire. Michelle Hurd will be familiar to CBS followers ” Picard like the character Raffi, who has a long history with the former captain of the firm. In this story, Fire is an ailing actress. He has all the flying and green flame powers of his comic book iteration, and these are never used once to immolate the bad before he can do his bad thing. The subplot here is that it is pursued by a much younger way that pursues it frighteningly. It doesn’t go anywhere important.

Jim: Two things. First, even though you told me that one of the cast members was present Picard before I looked, I really didn’t know which one. I am delighted, therefore, that as I watched I noticed that Hurd far outperformed. It is the only one with warmth or naturalism: it is clearly at a level different from practically everyone else here. Second thing: the strange little dweeb that follows her is the actor David Krumholtz, whom TV fans will recognize for years in the CBS series Numb3rs, but the only thing I can imagine is Tim Allen’s “Bernard” elf Santa Claus.

Michelle “Please don’t mention the Justice League near me” Hurd.

ken: This is relatively starry, by our standards. And yes, Hurd offers one of the few non-hateful performances in this. Come to think of it, its whole plot is about being a sexy and confident woman it does not do it falling in love with a stupid and pathetic boy. So actually, one of the few bright spots in this damned thing. Jim, over two years of this regular feature have clearly lowered my standards.

Jim: This does not mean that other women are not objectified in this. Tori (Kimberly Oja), who becomes the superhero Ghiaccio, works in a bizarre meteorological institute of some kind (they have the strangest building, and I have to attach a screenshot here to illustrate how strange it is) where his boss Dr. Eno does regularly totally inappropriate comments about how hot it is. In fact, one of the first things he says in the script is “You’re an attractive and intelligent researcher”. Because “attractive” was really relevant to his skills here. Of course, she is flattered rather than rejected by this, because it’s 1997.

But seriously, what the hell is this building.

ken: This is Miguel Ferrer, by the way, the guy who created RoboCop RoboCop. He is undoubtedly the most recognizable guy in this.

Jim: There is no doubt that it is the biggest star here, and you must love Ferrer. Over the years he has played so many bad, weird roles. So many, in fact, it is hilarious enough for me to make a mysterious corner to all those who are the bad guys in this Justice League movie. You hired MIGUEL FERRER, guys. The public knows that in essence he is always a villain.

Clearly that’s not the film’s bad secret.

Instead we have this weird red herring character that Justice League members are investigating when the audience practically already knows that Ferrer is the bad guy. It’s like you’re hiring Michael Ironside in a film that has a bad secret: we all know where he’s going.

ken: We will save our last Justice League member for the big reveal, of course, since it’s the only smart thing about this movie. The plot is extremely simple, so here it is: New Metro is under siege by a villain named The Weatherman. He uses a doomsday weather device to provoke the cataclysms that the Justice League rushes to respond, asking for millions of dollars in ransom in the meantime. Tori suspects that one of his lab mates at Not-Star Labs, but when he goes to investigate, is struck by a strange icebreaker from a suitcase and develops freezing powers that he cannot control.

The members of the Justice League go to sniff the lab trying to find out the identity of the villain and run into Tori, discover his powers, induce her into the League and then defeat Miguel Ferrer. All that’s going on here is a talking head sequence like we mentioned earlier or a secondary storyline that’s lame.

Jim: This is literally all there is to do. The whole thing is about 80 minutes before the end credits, and it’s all extremely poor. It seems that everything has been chosen to make it as easy to grasp as possible. Do I really mean “Fire”? “Ice”? They didn’t want the audience to dig into a comic book tradition here to understand what these people are doing.

The meteorologist is also extremely bland. This is what goes through one of his evil speeches at one point: “I want you to keep one thing in mind about time: it can change at any time.” This is a real quote.

ken: The only remotely interesting thing about him is really his doomsday device. At least good in the film for leveling a credible threat in his super-team. Unfortunately, as I said, one of the things they do to respond is, at some point, to make The Atom shrink so that it can scare a cat from under the house for an old lady. The cat was safer around the house, Ray.

Jim: Clearly there is no budget for actual displays of superhero herring activities, so they resort to sequences of them that save individual people or cats. In fact, the film goes out of its way to keep Justice League members out of their costumes for as long as possible. For long periods they are all in their apartments and there are DEFINED Friends vibrations. Green Lantern is Ross, Flash is clearly Joey. You know it was in their heads, writing this.

ken: All this proves, among other things, completely superfluous. Jim, tell us who really leads this superhero team.

Jim: It is none other than the most loved of all the DC superhero icons, the Martian Manhunter!

… tada!

You know? The Martian Manhunter?

ken: And where does he live, Jim?

Jim: Do you live … er … under the sea? In a giant submarine. Whale shaped. I assume you remind him of his home on Mars, with all the whale submarines there.

A mechanical whale under the sea. Perfect for a Martian.

ken: I suppose he has a sofa to sleep on when Flash loses his job and tries to crash into the Green Lantern apartment, annoying everyone. I’m just saying.

I will say a lot in defense of the people involved, however. You and I, who aren’t so deeply involved in the comics, don’t give you fuck on Martian Manhunter. No normal person should. But from what I’ve seen of his portraits in other media, this version of the old, wise, serene, somewhat lonely but very benevolent character is actually the point. Furthermore, his costume and make-up closely resemble the character and he also has the power to change form, which at some point he uses to impersonate Ferrer’s character. The film also keeps the intrigue of this until it is revealed later, and never shows up in the talking head sequences (probably because the trick was a nightmare and they didn’t want to involve the actor again).

Jim, someone somewhere has genuinely worried about the Justice League in this. This is the most painful part of this, really.

Jim: But at the same time, they were unable to DO anything with Martian Manhunter in history. It is only the wise old chief who waits at home in his mecha whale – as aliens do – and occasionally exhibits. The thing that changed shape was a fun idea, because technically allows his character to be present in some other scenes, with other cast members acting as if they were the physical ship of the Manhunter. I wonder if actor David Ogden Stiers thought it was all under him, or if he was too old and squeaky to do anything. In the comics, Manhunter is physically strong like Superman. You would never know it here.

ken: Let’s talk about the only scene where J’onnnnnn J’oeoeoeoennnz (or whatever you name) actually uses his powers to help the team. Or rather, a team member. Readers: I don’t care or like Martian Manhunter. I don’t @.

Jim: I assume you are speaking when she hires Fire’s appearance to help Michelle Hurd convince her underage stalker of an aspiring boyfriend that they are actually different people. I can’t bring out his secret identity! Unless, of course, nobody watches the documentary that seems to be making where everyone is talking to the camera in street clothes and their real names superimposed on the screen.

The fire is spreading!

ken: Yup!

Pulling the underage lover into a room, Martian Manhunter arrives after Shang Tsung turns into Hurd’s appearance in costume like Fire, and they are told to buzz. Later we learn that he is dating a sixteen year old! This is also a great time to mention that the absurdity of the superhero masking that actually works on people is extreme in this film.

Jim: Never underestimate the power of a domino mask that covers 20% of your face in hiding your identity from a loved one.

ken: Atom and Flash wear full face masks and nobody knows Barry, so I’d say it’s reasonable to assume he would be unknown. But even with a full face mask, Atom has its own nasal voice. And we know that John Kassir can make voices, Jim. Likewise, Fire and Green Lantern essentially don’t have a face cover and in the case of Hurd in particular, you won’t find two people with that wonderful “his”.

Jim: Green Lantern is the main offender here. He runs away, turns into a Green Lantern and takes his girlfriend and she is all “If only I could meet a REAL man like YOU.”

Identity: carefully hidden.

ken: Two seconds later! Close enough to smell the terrible colony that you and I KNOW his character would wear!

Jim: Just another reason why it feels so much like the Superman proxy here; the fact that everyone should recognize it.

And while we’re on the subject: can you imagine how pathetic and cheap the interpretations of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman would have been if this film had the rights, Ken? I’d like to see what this design team would have done with the Batman costume.

ken: One shivers to think.

The last real conflict of the film occurs with Tori-che-sar-Ghiaccio who has no mastery of his powers. (Oh, and his love is conspiring with Ray, but whatever.) He comes to the team by freezing a damned tidal wave and saving the city.

Jim: It’s all very much for books. Even the costume they give him in the final moments of the film is particularly horrible.

Whenever I think about any aspect of this film, Ken, I always go back to wondering what the TV show would have been like. Would Miguel Ferrer have been a regular guest? Is that why they show him to try to escape with a small laser in the end? They would need to build a gallery of villains and old thieves. I guess they would have hoped to make it something like this Lois & Clark, but the production values ​​of that show do Justice League of America It looks like The room.

ken: I have good memories of Lois & Clark and actually I think it’s one of Superman’s best TV shows. It is definitely less stupid than Smallville, for whom I have nothing but contempt. Readers, you are not yet allowed @.

Justice League: the movie that makes you say “I wish Dean Cain was here”.

There have been many attempts to try and capitalize on superhero stories on TV, if you remember. The 1990s were the golden age of comic book adaptations, for example. Fox also tried at some point to do something live-action based on the X-Men (Generation X) and it didn’t work at all. It almost seems that this genre was blooming.

Jim: We were still in the Bruckheimer era Batman even movies. However, the most serious comic book cinema was coming around the corner.

Lama I cut my brain into confetti and the ninja kicked it into a cloud of blood when it came out. It is wild to think that this dud was actually made public a few months earlier.

Jim: Any other particular moments in this that stand out for you, Ken? I think the Atom limboing sequence under a laser tripwire really sums up the carefree stupid tone here. For example, Star Lord could do something like this in Guardians of the Galaxy, but here they have to bang him at home literally playing limbo music on the soundtrack while doing it. They have no sense of proportion and don’t know when to quit.

ken: I think the thing that sums up how bad it is comes at the beginning of the film when the team is around and their TV isn’t working. They bring out a repairman and fix the TV with a rubber stick. They do this later in the film with a security door locked in their submarine base that is lasered by Ferrer. AND IT WORKS. Jim, they have an underwater base. Why don’t they go around their submarine base?

Jim: Submarine basic sets are expensive and don’t remind anyone of the popular TV comedy Friends. And reminding people of the comedy of the popular television situation Friends It’s like you’re selling a goddamn superhero show, Ken.

ken: I have never hated a show anymore while it was on the air, except for Seinfeld, Jim. We forget we’ve ever seen this.

Jim: Instead, let’s take away the awareness that Michelle Hurd was too good for this, and has since been rewarded for her patience.

ken: This is the silver coating that I’m taking for sure. Until next Jim, don’t hit Michelle Hurd.

Jim Vorel is a Paste personal writer, and you can follow him on Twitter. Kenneth Lowe is a contributing writer to Pasteand you can read his other works on his blog.


Chaos, inconsistency Marks the launch of the Drive-thru Virus – NBC Los Angeles test

Drive-thru sites have been opened in the United States to make testing the new coronavirus faster and safer. But just like the rest of the United States’ response to the pandemic, the system has been characterized by inconsistencies, delays and shortcomings. Many people who have symptoms and a doctor’s order have waited hours or days for a test.

More than a week after President Donald Trump promised that states and retail stores such as Walmart and CVS would open drive-through test centers, few sites are active and are not yet open to the public. Some states are leaving the test sector open to the private sector; others are coordinating efforts through state health departments.

Patients complained that they had to jump through bulky red tape and wait for days to get tested, then wait even longer for a result. The test centers were opened in some places to be closed shortly afterwards due to the shortage of supplies and staff. And while the drive-through test centers that have been opened are generally sorted, in some there have been long lines.

The slow increase in COVID-19 tests and the unpredictable nature of the system make it difficult for public health officials to track the spread of the disease and bring it under control.

“We need to do more extensive testing to fully understand the scale of the public health situation we are facing,” said Joseph Wendelken, a spokesman for the Rhode Island Department of Health.

Dr Brett Giroir, the federal health officer in charge of overseeing the tests, said on Saturday at a White House briefing that approximately 195,000 people have so far been tested in the United States. This figure does not include some people who have been tested in private laboratories.

For most people, the new coronavirus causes only mild or moderate symptoms, such as fever and cough. For some, especially older adults and people with existing health problems, it can cause more serious illnesses, including pneumonia. The vast majority of people recover from the new virus. According to the World Health Organization, people with mild illness recover in about two weeks, while those with more severe illness can take anywhere from three weeks to six weeks to recover.

Drive-through test sites have sprung up in places in over 30 states: in state parks and parking lots, near medical centers and universities, the Mississippi state fairgrounds, and near where the Jacksonville Jaguars play. The governor of Maryland last week ordered the stopping of vehicle emission inspection programs across the state, so that the offices could be used as drive-thru centers to test the virus.

But as of Friday, there were no open drive-through tests available in Maryland inspection centers.

The Utah health department said it is not responsible for the sites and is not monitoring them. The North Carolina health director said the state is leaving the tests to the private sector and declined to say how many sites there are. In contrast, in Rhode Island, health organizations manage the sites in collaboration with the state health department.

On Thursday, cars lined up for more than a mile outside a hospital in Houston when the first drive-through test site was opened. U.S. representative Sheila Jackson Lee said she administered fewer than 200 tests in the first six hours.

Elsewhere, at various sites visited by Associated Press reporters, the scenes were well controlled and sometimes quite silent.

Dozens of people waiting by car in a downtown Homestead, Florida on Wednesday waited for their turn to speak with a screener who was wearing a suit and mask and carrying notes. Some were apparently removed. Others were stirred, checked their temperatures, and swabbed for the samples.

But the shortage of supply has stopped the thrusters in several states, including Colorado, New Mexico, Virginia, Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, North Carolina and Utah. A Las Vegas site was shut down because it didn’t have enough workers.

New York state opened several centers with great fanfare on Tuesday. By Friday, however, the New York City health department issued a warning saying that only people requesting hospitalization should be tested, due to a shortage of protective equipment such as face masks. Drive-thru sites in New York State remain open, but only to people who meet certain criteria.

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak said he had asked the federal government for additional test kits and supplies, but the state received a warning Thursday that all of its requests for drive-through test pods and test kits “are undefined arrears, without any estimate of a timeline for delivery. “

“This is our unfortunate Nevada reality. It depends on us, “he said.

The sites themselves are dotted with tents and traffic cones. The most important features are medical personnel who wear masks, gloves and protective vests or other clothing. They take nose and throat swabs from people sitting in their cars or help people get in for the test.

Some states have only one drive-thru site. Montana’s only site is in Billings, the largest city in the state. Others have a dozen.

Security guards have been reported on many sites, but an AP survey of states did not reveal any security concerns. In Rhode Island, the National Guard was on hand to set up the state’s three drive-thru sites and even to buffer patients.

The vast network of drive-thru sites in retail chains that Trump claimed was coming over a week ago has not materialized yet. CVS has opened a site in Massachusetts that defines a “test model”. Walmart launched two sites on Sunday and Walgreens said it will launch one, all three in Illinois. Only healthcare professionals and first responders are allowed, and Walmart said that a maximum of 150 tests per day could be performed on its federal sites.

The patchwork of approaches has caused confusion for patients. Caroline Mauldin was sentenced to get tested by her doctor in Charleston, South Carolina on Tuesday after suffering from pain and chills for several days.

To make an appointment at a center in a medical center, she had to fill out a long online questionnaire and spent two days calling a number that went to voicemail and did not answer messages. He resorted to tweets in the hospital several times just to get things going.

Finally, on Thursday, he had an appointment for Monday. And she was told that the results would not return until after 4-5 days. The visit will cost you $ 25, he said. Complicating things, he doesn’t have a car and has to borrow it from a friend.

“Here we have a lot of older, low-income people who don’t have Internet access and who don’t have access to transportation. And since they’re the highest risk population, how are we testing for them?” She asked.

In urban areas such as New York and Philadelphia, some sites offer “walk-up” dating for people without cars.

At the Penn Medicine test site in West Philadelphia, two security agents were late on Thursday to make sure that people arriving by car or on foot had an appointment. For about 40 minutes that evening, the line of cars never grew to more than six or seven. But Patricia Sullivan, Penn Medicine’s quality manager, said every morning last week, 25-35 cars were lined up and six or seven standing patients were 6 feet apart on a porch waiting to be seen.

The 20 sites in Greater Philadelphia are testing around 1,000 people a day, but that hasn’t eliminated pent-up demand.

Rosanne Tanner’s 79-year-old mother has been suffering from fever and chest pain since returning from a visit to Tanner’s brother and wife, who had recently been on a cruise ship.

His doctor ordered a test on Tuesday, but when he tried to make an appointment at a drive-through site in a hospital outside of Philadelphia, he was told that “they are overloaded, they are bogged down,” Tanner said.

Medical staff told her that they are scheduling 15 minutes apart, so there are no bottlenecks on the test site.

Finally on Thursday his mother made sure of an appointment for the following Tuesday. Then, he will have to wait another five days for a result.

“The delay in these tests is putting people at risk,” said Tanner.

In Rhode Island, state officials said they are testing 100 to 200 people per day at all test sites, including three drive thrusters.

Governor Gina Raimondo said they want to perform 500 to 600 a day, but they don’t have the supplies they need.

“It is our top priority to reach a place where everyone who needs it can be tested and you will get results very quickly,” said Raimondo during a press conference held on Facebook Live on Friday on Friday. “So if you’re positive, we can quarantine you.”


Associate press writers Michelle L. Price in Las Vegas, Lynne Sladky in Homestead, Florida, Claudia Lauer in Philadelphia, Chris Ehrmann in Hartford, Connecticut, Brady McCombs in Salt Lake City and Jonathan Drew in Raleigh, North Carolina and Anne D ‘Innocenzio and Mike Sisak in New York contributed to this report.


The Associated Press receives support for health and scientific coverage from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Department of Education. The AP is solely responsible for all content.


In a time of crisis, Britney Spears has become our purest light source

IIn November 2018, Juliette Lewis checked in rocking in her car as she ran along a Los Angeles freeway. With his hair disheveled chaotically, Lewis had an urgent request: “God, why does Satan control the universe? Can’t you save us Britney Spears?! “

Many were baffled. But there were those of us who saw something familiar in Lewis ‘obsessive plea, the sound of Spears’ Work Bitch “capitalist anthem making its way through the speakers of his vehicle. We knew exactly what he meant.

In the last days, or early days of what our life will be for the moment, Spears has fully embraced the role of our existential savior. On his Instagram, forever a place of surrealist dance videos, works of art and spiritual seriousness, Spears exposes his plan for the ongoing crisis.

“With the crown disease around, which is absolutely horrible and crazy and so scary for our nation right now, I think it is important, personally, for all of us to try to be with people who raise your frequency on more ground. high, “explained in the clip. “To stay healthy and healthy and improve ourselves.”

In the traditional britney way, she made a commitment to share a new yoga pose on her social media every day until our hell with the current coronavirus is over. “Inspire others,” he said. “To stay healthy and safe and be better people.”

For a specific generation, born somewhere between 1988 and 1996, Spears has always been a beacon. She was responsible for one of the longest series of bangers in pop history, of course, providing the necessary escape in the darkest periods. But there is also its intrinsic goodness – a sense of modest, search for humanity that has always distinguished it from its peers. We love the ruthless extroverts of pop, and those who are largely unknowable but sensational. We also love the more complex ones in their power. Britney is none of the above. Rather, she was almost a superstar by mistake, so good at what she does that she couldn’t become a star, even though she never felt particularly suitable.

Spears, since his first fame, has existed at the center of surreal fantasy and abject normalcy. He could command the stage like few others and pierce the lens of a camera with an almost supernatural grip. She was also a working class, thrifty and uninterested in expensive or useless airs: a millionaire pop icon with cheeto spots on her ten year old shirt. At the height, it was pushed to the ugliest places, revealing the wildest and most distressing period of 21st century celebrity culture before the eyes of the world.

For that generation of fans mentioned above, or even for those who followed her with a slight detachment, Spears has since embodied pure survival. But even before the events of 2007 and 2008, in which he experienced custody battles and a mental health crisis under TMZ’s offensive gaze, Spears was going through it. From the age of 16, his body was a matter of public discourse: his body, his sexuality, his virginity often discussed, all dissected in tabloids and questioned in his interviews. She would smile politely and brush away, because doing anything else would have seen her labeled a monster. It was a different time, with little compassion today, and Spears was one of his highest profile victims.

However, there were signs in her music that hated her. As much as Spears has always been very good at singing songs about sexual hunger and her unbridled charm (“All boys and girls ask if you are looking for Amy”, she boasted in 2009, leading millions to try to decipher what she was talking about) , she was also quietly alone.

Many of the Spears’ greatest songs are about isolation and desire. “Alien”, one of the few creeps from the wave of slags that is his notorious 2013 album Britney Jean, he finds it contemplating his own sadness – “I tried but I never understood / Because I always felt like a stranger in the crowd ” “Lucky”, one of her most iconic ballads, seems to use an imaginary movie star as an avatar for herself – “They say she is so lucky / she is a star / but she cries, cries, cries in her lonely heart”.

“Man in the Moon”, a deep cut in his most recent album Glory, acts as a sonic brother. “I can’t compete with the stars in the sky / I’m invisible, invisible / I open the window to clear my mind / But it’s difficult, so difficult … Drinking alone in my party dress / Would you come back if you looked my best?

Where it all began: Spears daydreams in the video for his debut single, “Baby One More Time” (Jive Records)

Much pop music is driven by similar themes: isolation, insecurity, feeling desperately low despite everything being superficially great. But there has always been sincerity when singing Spears, a rich and heartbreaking honesty that has made her so compelling as a pop star and as a human being.

It makes it the perfect ship for our current troubles. Spears has experienced incredible setbacks, seeing many of our ugliest features firsthand, yet he is still serious, thoughtful and joyful. His Instagram, in particular, is his type of safe space on the Internet – often strange and meaningless, but with his otherworldly rhythms. And now he wants to keep our spirits intact for a moment in time that few would have expected.

In 2018, Spears did not respond to Juliette Lewis’ request for her help. It may have been completely lost, or it may have just expected its time – always knowing that we didn’t really need it until March 2020. It’s magical that way. Thanks to Britney, our collective crisis is a little easier to navigate.


Presumably to buy from autumn: The new Apple Watch Series 6 could have these features 19.03.20

The new Apple Watch Series 6 is expected to appear in autumn 2020. Fans are already wondering what additional functions it will offer users. Snippets of code from iOS 14 are supposed to reveal it.

• Leaked code from iOS 14 provides information about new features
• New health apps should be able to measure blood oxygen levels, among other things
• Additional enhancements to watch faces, infographs and child safety

The Apple Watch Series 5 has only been on the market for half a year and many customers are already looking forward to the release of a new watch. With it, a new, major system update watchOS 7 is also expected. Apple has not yet commented on upcoming updates and features. The website “9to5Mac” believes, however, to have found information in a leaked code of the new iPhone operating system iOS 14. The data should indicate a whole range of additional applications.

Improved health overview

One of the first messages from 9to5Mac in connection with the analyzed pieces of code from iOS 14 was that Apple was working on a new function that could measure the blood oxygen content. If it drops below a certain critical value, the watch should alert its wearer of the threatening situation. Sports watches and fitness trackers from other manufacturers already contain similar features. However, these are often emphasized that they would not deliver reliable medical values. Rather, the application serves athletes who train at high altitudes and want to find out about their body adaptations. It is not yet known what the exact hardware and software requirements look like. The new feature may only be available on the Apple Watch Series 6 and may not work on older models.
In addition, the existing ECG app is to be improved. Currently, the application does not provide clear results at heart rates between 100 and 120 beats per minute. This limitation will be resolved in a future update. There are also indications of the development of your own sleep tracking app. Apple is thus expanding its range of self-monitoring services for health.

Watchfaces and Infograph Pro

The new version of watchOS should not only expand the configuration options of the watch faces in terms of color and design, but also a completely new function for sharing the self-made dials. Accordingly, the watch faces are treated as independent files that users can exchange with each other.
To personalize the watchface, it is also possible to add background images. So far, either individual photos or entire albums can be selected. With watchOS 7, shared albums should now be available as a source in addition to their own albums. This allows several people to upload pictures to a folder, which are then displayed on their own watchface. Families have constantly changing background images that come from other relatives.
In addition to the improvements to the watch faces, the Infograph should also be updated. This is expanded to include a pro version and a tachymeter. With the tachymeter, users can measure distances and speeds based on travel time.

Extended options for parents

With watchOS 7, it should be possible to set up several smartwatches with one iPhone. Although several watches can already be connected to one smartphone, it is not possible to use several Apple Watches at the same time. In addition, each device is linked to the same account. These restrictions are to be resolved with an update. This means that parents do not need a second iPhone to manage their children’s watches. In addition, better control of their activities is possible. With the “SchoolTime” feature, parents can control which apps should be available to children at certain times. For example, during school, it makes sense to disable distracting applications.

Editorial office