The corona crisis hits, the Navajo were particularly hard

Das the worst seemed over. As the Navajo Nation, picked up the beginning of June, the Lockdown, the people in the reserve said, from sunset on Friday until sunrise to leave on Monday, the house, led many to hope that you would have the pandemic in the handle.

But then the summer vacations came. Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, a Republican, could not impose bring a mask of duty, although flows of visitors in the American state of wriggling about, as if never been something. Within two weeks, tripled the Rate of daily new infections in the eighth, and Arizona became the new Corona-Hotspot. And the President of the Navajo Nation, Jonathan Nez, decided to impose the Lockdown. Because the reserve the Federal highway 89a leads. It connects Phoenix with the resort areas on Lake Powell, as well as tourist attractions such as Antelope Canyon and the Grand Canyon. On this Highway, the Virus arrived in the reserve.


Official Corona-Warning-App is ready for Download

Die official Corona-Warning-App of the Covenant has been deployed early on Tuesday to Download. In the App-Store of Google, you could be already downloaded shortly after 2 o’clock in the morning, Apple was initially not yet available. The full functionality of the application is to be activated on Tuesday morning after a press conference by the Federal government. The App is intended to allow for contact tracing of Infected and this infection can shorten chains.

The official German Warning App for the fight against the Coronavirus comes after week-long preparations at the Start. The Federal government, the new application presents on Tuesday morning in Berlin. The Download of the App should be for all citizens to volunteer to facilitate with the help of Smartphones, the Tracking of infections. The government promotes a wide use and promises high privacy. Demands for a law, you refused. The Doctors support the new App.

The chain of infection identify

The President of the Federal chamber of physicians, Klaus Reinhardt, said the German press Agency: “This is a very useful tool.” The App of concern in a simple manner to detect chains of Infection. “But also to make personal – care- by can have a corresponding Warning message to the test.” The App is interactive, of course, only if it gains as many people as possible for taking part. “You would look even better if you could make the System a cross-border basis in Europe is viable.”

The App should be presented on the morning of the Chancellery chief Helge Braun (CDU), several Ministers, the Robert Koch Institute and the companies responsible for SAP and Deutsche Telekom. You can measure whether cell phone users have come over a longer period of time closer than about two meters. A user is tested positive and has shared this in the App, it reports other users in the vicinity of the Infected were. Contact information will not be stored as first envisaged – Central, but only on the Smartphones. The development costs amount to about 20 million euros.


The international day of blood donation

“Emergency depot” is written on the slip of paper that sticks in the cooling space of the Frankfurter blood donation centre of the German Red cross. But so empty, Eberhard Weck has seen the shelves never, hardly a dozen of crates with blood store here. “We can cover the daily needs of the hospitals, but it is not enough for our reserves to replenish.” Reserves, which allowed Corona to melt, said the head of the public Relations.

Johanna Kuroczik

Editor in the Department “science” of the Frankfurt General Sunday newspaper.

The Federal government is called on in the last week to donate blood, today, 14. June, the international world blood donor day is. This year, the reminder is attached to the importance of blood donation, especially because the Covid-19-pandemic apparently leads to a short-term shortage. In ten years, the blood supply could be compromised, however, as a result of demographic change seriously, such as the German society for transfusion medicine and immune Hematology, DGTI, calculates that in a recent study. Scientists also fear a looming shortage of blood plasma. A blood donation not only provides red blood cells, but also this yellowish liquid, from which medicines are obtained. The European countries import large quantities from the United States, where in the donation centers, in part, questionable conditions worthy of rule. The European Commission is looking for Ways out of this dependency, as an EU document and the legislation of blood emerges. Also depends on the drip of Germany in the American Plasma? This estimate, one must not ignore the European market.


Infection expert Farrar warns of a second corona wave in autumn

“Learning from Germany”: Employees of the British health service NHS take part in the “Clapping for the NHS” campaign
Image: Reuters

Germany can be proud of the containment of the corona epidemic so far, says Jeremy Farrar in an interview. But until all seven billion people are vaccinated, everyone remains vulnerable.

Singapore-born Briton Jeremy Farrar is one of the most influential infection experts and epidemiologists in the world. As a scientist and as a tropical doctor, he has accompanied bird and swine flu and Sars in Asia, he was responsible for the development work for vaccines against dengue and ebola at the World Health Organization and advised the federal government until last year. Farrar is now the director of the British Wellcome Trust, the second largest private funding organization for biomedical research after the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Joachim Müller-Jung

Editor in the feature section, responsible for the “Nature and Science” department.

Mr. Farrar, the initial horror of Sars-CoV-2 seems to have disappeared with many. Is that justified?


Coronavirus: Federal government confirms Chinese attempts at influence

Germany China and the corona virus

Federal government confirms Chinese attempts to influence ministerial officials

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This is how China tries to rewrite its Corona history

The German government confirms attempts to influence China, apparently to spread its own propaganda about the origin of the corona pandemic. The Chinese embassy in Berlin denies such contacts.

China wants to rewrite its Corona history and has secretly contacted German officials. The Chinese embassy snubbedly rejected a report. Now the German government is also confirming Chinese contact attempts – and criticizing Beijing.

DIn response to a request from the Bundestag, the Federal Ministry of the Interior stated that it had knowledge of Chinese diplomats contacting German officials. With this, the government is confirming a report by WELT AM SONNTAG, according to which China had turned to the officials in order to use their help to spread their own propaganda about the origin of the corona pandemic.


The chinese embassy in Berlin the report had denied publicly and had spoken of “untrue”, even “irresponsible” allegations. In its response to Margarete Bause (The Greens), the Federal Government now clearly contradicts these Chinese claims.

The contact attempts from China were therefore “with the purpose of generating positive public statements about the coronavirus management of the People’s Republic of China”. For this purpose, officials and employees in federal ministries were contacted, among other things, what the Foreign Office called on the plan.

China temporarily completely closed off the province of Hubei, which was particularly affected by the coronavirus

China temporarily completely closed off the province of Hubei, which was particularly affected by the coronavirus


The federal government declares that it has failed to respond to calls for an emphatically positive view of China’s role. “From the Federal Government’s perspective, transparency plays a central role in successfully combating the pandemic,” it was said that this had been “made clear” to the People’s Republic.

No basic criticism – Greens annoyed

However, the German government has decided to forego fundamental criticism of the People’s Republic and praised China’s efforts to contain the virus. They are “in close contact with Beijing in the context of the comprehensive strategic partnership between Germany and the People’s Republic of China on numerous topics”. This includes regular exchanges with Chinese diplomats.

This attitude is causing displeasure in the Bundestag, and attempts to influence China have already been discussed in the committee for humanitarian aid.

The spokeswoman for human rights of the Green Group, Margarete Bause, said WELT AM SONNTAG: “The response from the Interior Ministry once again shows the Federal Government’s silence on China. The European External Action Service explicitly lists China among the countries that stand for corona for disinformation campaigns and conspiracy theories. “The Federal Government is not even prepared to take a clear stand against attempts to influence Beijing.

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A medical staff member kisses her d _bdt1004

The Greens call for the establishment of an independent international commission to investigate the development of the virus and cover-up measures in China. Upon request, the Federal Foreign Office merely stated that it was “in close contact at all levels” with China, including on the lung disease Covid19.

According to information from WELT AM SONNTAG, the Chinese ambassador to Germany has so far not been summoned to try the propaganda. “Chinese officials are pursuing an intensified information and propaganda policy with regard to Corona,” the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution had recently announced on request.

You can read the entire research in WELT AM SONNTAG. We would be happy to deliver them to your home on a regular basis.


Source: WamS


Berlin, Paris and Rome concerned about Libya conflict: joint appeal

Soldier in Tripoli

A soldier with a face mask as a measure against the corona virus stands armed on a street.

Berlin In view of the ongoing violence in Libya, Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, together with his colleagues from France and Italy, and the EU foreign policy officer, made an appeal to the parties to the conflict. In a joint statement on Saturday, they expressed concern about the situation in the North African civil war country.

At the same time, they called on those involved to be inspired by the spirit of the fasting month of Ramadan that had just begun and to resume talks about a real ceasefire. In the interest of the whole country, the Libyan actors should act together against the common enemy – the coronavirus pandemic.

“The conflict continues unabated and developments in the past few weeks have increased concerns, particularly with regard to the long-suffering Libyan population,” said the statement by the SPD politician Maas, the Frenchman Jean-Yves Le Drian, the Italian Luigi Di Maio and the EU’s External Representative Josep Borrell.

They reaffirm their commitment to the decisions of the Berlin Libya conference in mid-January and support the call for a humanitarian ceasefire by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres and UN Special Envoy Stephanie Williams.

A violent civil war has been raging in Libya for nine years. The fighting around the capital Tripoli had recently intensified. According to the UN, there have been more than 850 violations of the ceasefire negotiated in mid-January. At that time, Germany had held a conference to mediate between the conflicting parties.

More: The EU countries have approved the operation to monitor the UN arms embargo against Libya. It is intended to replace the “Sophia” operation.


Trump offers respirators to Germany in a corona crisis

Donald Trump

The US president is ready to help.

(Photo: dpa)

Washington US President Donald Trump offers Germany ventilators in the corona crisis. The U.S. now has an excess of these devices, Trump said on Friday night (local time) at the White House.

His government has promised to send ventilators to Mexico, Honduras, Indonesia, France, Spain and Italy – “and we are likely to send them to Germany should they need them.” Trump activated a wartime law during the crisis to force companies to produce aids.

US corporations have pledged to manufacture tens of thousands of ventilators to fight the corona virus. These devices are currently not required to the extent feared in the United States. Trump has called the United States the “king of ventilators” in recent days because of overcapacity and has announced that it will help other countries.

More: US President Donald Trump said he wants to test therapeutic approaches using light irradiation and disinfectant injection.


How saliva testing could help corona containment

Dhe search for Sars-CoV-2 infected could be made a lot easier if what American and Australian virologists have now tried to establish: virus detection from saliva samples. So far, the samples for the classic PCR test have been taken with a spatula from the nasopharynx mucosa, i.e. very far back in the throat. Firstly, this is not trivial and secondly, it is not completely painless.

Joachim Müller-Jung

Joachim Müller-Jung

Editor in the feature section, responsible for the “Nature and Science” department.

Up to now, virologists have repeatedly emphasized that simply taking a sample on the side or in the roof of the mouth is not enough. Incorrect testing was a potential source of error in the first few weeks of the pandemic – and probably is now in many clinics and practices around the world. Reliable virus tests are, however, a prerequisite for the federal government’s concept of containment and consistent monitoring to work. In addition, those who are to be tested specifically, namely people with the earliest symptoms, are quickly identified. Any hurdle to voluntary testing could lead to unnecessary delays. And this is exactly where the saliva test for home could play a role.

Other viruses and germs in the saliva

The first reactions to two new publications from Yale and Melbourne suggest at least a significant need. Anne Wyllie of the Yale School of Medicine and her colleagues examined the saliva of hospital staff and compared it to the usual throat swabs. In their publication, which has not yet been scientifically evaluated, they provide good arguments for saliva tests: the detection rate, the sensitivity, is even better than for throat swabs, if one considers the entire duration of an infection from the first symptoms to the end of the infectivity. This is also due to the fact that just before the onset of symptoms the peak of virus multiplication and thus the risk of infection reached and then decreased – there are extremely many virus particles in the nasopharynx and therefore in the saliva. Small amounts of saliva should already be enough. It is also interesting that the taking and packing of the samples by the test subjects at home is much more reliable when taking saliva than with the spatula in the throat.

A publication by Australian researchers appears to confirm this. Nevertheless, the virologists are not so easy to convince. At the Robert Koch Institute, such test variants are known from earlier Sars times, says a spokeswoman, “but it still has to be seen whether the sensitivity is really consistent and better for larger examinations.” The reason: there are often still saliva other germs, including viruses and, at certain times, even other corona viruses. This could make the targeted search for the genetic material of the pandemic pathogens even more difficult.