Wind farms: Federal Justice puts the magnifying glass on Caniggia

In an office addressed to the prosecutor in criminal and correctional matters Dora Nanci Olivieri, Judge Martinez de Giorgi asked him to send him copies of all the documentation in the case that could be related to the investigation on the Wind Farms.

Judicial sources confirmed that the investigating justice has sent part of the requested and material that may be useful but the famous pen drive that supposedly exists was not attached.

Before the pandemic, Mariana Nannis went to the Courts and assured before Justice that the former soccer player was meeting with the former president Mauricio Macri on the issue of wind farms. She revealed that she had account and business details that she had found on a flash drive.

Investigators also determined that the soccer player Carlos Tevez and technician Guillermo Barros Schelotto contributed millionaire sums of money to a trust created for the purchase of these parks.

Justice advances in all documentary evidence. It has already raised the fiscal secret to access the patrimonial movements of Gianfranco Macri, the brother of President Mauricio Macri in the framework of the cause.

A suspicious loan of 5 million dollars that Gianfranco Macri would have received from one of the controlling companies of the firms that won the wind farms and that they were resold within a few months with extraordinary profits, of approximately 48 million dollars.

The cause originated in a complaint from the deputies Rodolfo Tailhade Y Martin Doñate for alleged fraud, negotiations incompatible with the public function and influence peddling, which later expanded to money laundering within the framework of the sale of six wind farms, in Chubut and Miramar.

In the case, a series of maneuvers are being investigated that allowed the cheap purchase and subsequent resale of wind farms without bidding and with profits, in a “handrail” estimated at 48 million dollars for companies linked to the former presidential family.


Fernández announced that on Tuesday he will launch the Detectar Federal program in Rosario

To which he added that “During this time of the pandemic we have seen that the problem has gone to the interior of the country and in Santa Fe the efforts made by the governor and his entire team are enormous efforts and just as we were next to the Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires when we needed, we want to be there when they need us in each province”.

In the same vein, he stated that Rosario and the southern part of the Santa Fe territory is currently the most affected “by the proximity to Amba”. “For this reason, on Tuesday we will be there for the people of Santa Fe and the people of Santa Fe,” he concluded.

It should be noted that the The Detect plan is already being implemented in the city, in the neighborhoods considered most vulnerable or populous, with the aim of testing the population in order to identify coronavirus cases and give them early attention. It is expected that more details related to the Federal Detect will be known on Tuesday, although it is speculated that it would be a reinforcement of the actions that are already being carried out.


Federal negotiations continue bilaterally: an audience with the King scheduled for 6.30 p.m.

Egbert Lachaert and Conner Rousseau will report to the Palace this Wednesday evening, two days after the King refused their resignation.

Lhe preformers Egbert Lachaert (Open VLD) and Conner Rousseau (SP.A) will be received by the King this Wednesday evening at the Palais, at 6.30 p.m. Negotiations to form a new federal government continue on Wednesday.

After seeing the president of the MR Georges-Louis Bouchez and that of the PS Paul Magnette on Tuesday evening in bilateral, the preformers will receive the presidents of the Greens Jean-Marc Nollet, Rajae Maouane (Ecolo) and Meyrem Almaci (Groen) this Wednesday at 10:00. The CD&V should also be received.

At the end of the various bilaterals, the preformers will meet again with the president of the French-speaking liberals.

No plenary session between the seven parties called upon to form the so-called “Vivaldi” coalition is not planned at this stage. However, it is certain that this plenary, if it is to take place, will not be convened before the end of the National Security Council which is currently being held at the Egmont Palace in Brussels, we told several sources.


State Duma deputy Vakha Agayev dies of coronavirus :: Society :: RBC

He underwent treatment in Moscow and was in a coma for the last days. Agaev was a deputy of the last two convocations of the State Duma, elected on the federal lists of the Communist Party

Vakha Agaev

(Фото: Ruslan Kurbanov / YouTube)

State Duma deputy from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Vakha Agayev died of coronavirus. This was reported to RBC by his fellow party member Denis Parfenov.

“Unfortunately, this is true,” Parfenov said. The information was also confirmed by the deputy chairman of the Central Committee of the party, Yuri Afonin. “Yes, [он умер] today in Moscow, “said Afonin (quoted from TASS).

how write “Vedomosti”, citing a source in the party leadership, in recent days, 67-year-old Agayev was in a coma. At about 19:00 Moscow time, party colleagues received information about his death from COVID-19.

Deputy Prime Minister of Uzbekistan infected with coronavirus dies

Uktam Barnoev

Vakha Agaev was born in Kazakhstan, in 1977 he graduated from the Chechen-Ingush State University named after I. L.N. Tolstoy, where he studied to be a historian. In 1985 he graduated from the Faculty of Economics of the Moscow Cooperative Institute Tsentrosoyuz.


“The blue friends will have to get on their knees, open their mouths and swallow whatever it takes,” reacts Bart De Wever

Monday morning, it seemed that the current discussions between the so-called Vivaldi parties (PS, sp.a, MR, Open Vld, Ecolo, Groen and CD&V) were going to end while the preformers Egbert Lachaert and Conner Rousseau were ready to submit their resignation to the sovereign. The King however instructed them to continue the work, while asking them to return to report to the Palace on Wednesday at the latest.

Bart De Wever expects the attempt to form a government to be extended. “The blue friends will have to get on their knees, open their mouths and swallow whatever it takes,” he suggested.

For his part, the N-VA deputy Theo Francken invites “everyone to think carefully, certainly also the CD&V”. “Let’s go back to this historic agreement and put it in place. It would be better for the country than what is looming ”.

The Flemish nationalist repeats that the country needs an agreement between the PS and the N-VA. “An agreement between the PS, the largest party and dominant force in Wallonia, and the N-VA, the largest party and dominant force in Flanders, moreover. If this agreement does not happen now, then it will be in 2024 or 2028. This agreement must come to put this country back on track and give it a new direction ”.

Regarding the president of the MR, Georges-Louis Bouchez, who aroused the almost general discontent of the other parties, Mr. Francken believes that he is very motivated and has a long-term vision, but also that he is a troublemaker and that he can be “Trumpian” in his approach to things.


Alberto Fernández announced that they will regularize the salaries of the security forces

“I have already given the order that we begin to regularize the income of the officers and non-commissioned officers of the Security Forces so that in a time not exceeding 18 months all the income that is non-remunerative and non-contributory, is laundered,” said Alberto Fernandez.

Alberto Fernández salaries of the federal security forces.mp4

Kindness: @alferdezprensa

“I know that for many years they were not well treated, as well as the armed forces and the national public administration. The time has come to start getting your wages in order“, said the president in the act in the Churruca hospital of the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Parque Patricios.

Works at the Churruca Hospital

President Alberto Fernandez led this Friday at noon the act of presentation of the works of refunctionalization from the sector Surgery and Intensive Care Unit of the medical complex of the Federal police Churructo Visca, located in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

The mandatary also delivered ten state-of-the-art ambulances, five of them of high complexity and the others of low complexity, which required a investment of $ 89,028,255.

The improvements in the Intensive Care and Surgery Unit will allow significantly expand the response capacity to the Covid-19 pandemic.


Trump called the timing of the start of vaccination against COVID-19 in the United States :: Society :: RBC

The US President said that large-scale vaccination of the country’s population will begin “in mid-October, maybe a little later.” If things go wrong, it will happen “in November or at least December,” Trump said.

Donald Trump

(Фото: Evan Vucci / AP)

US President Donald Trump, during a press conference at the White House, said that widespread distribution of the COVID-19 coronavirus vaccine among the US population would begin in October. About it reports CNBC.

“We are on track to deliver and distribute the vaccine in a very safe and efficient manner. We think we can start doing this around October, ”he said.

Trump clarified that this would happen “in mid-October, maybe a little later,” and then added that if events were unsuccessful, the vaccine in the US would have to wait a little longer. “In November or at least in December,” the head of state said.

NYT learns of Trump’s plans to make a “surprise” in the form of a vaccine for the elections

Donald Trump

Commenting on the words of the director of the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at the US Department of Health and Human Services, Robert Redfield, who announced that the COVID-19 vaccine will be generally available in the country, most likely only in the second half of 2021, Trump called this information erroneous.


The government will spend almost 43 million rubles on the fight against crows on the roof. :: Society :: RBC

“If they’re going to hire falconers, that’s a great option. If this money is spent on some reasonable method of scaring away crows, and not their extermination, then this is a sensible decision, ”the expert said.

According to Schneider, killing the birds could have the opposite effect, as new birds from the wild will come to replace the killed crows.

Read on RBC Pro

Elena Chernova, an employee of the coordination center of the Bird Conservation Union, told RBC that there is no such number of crows in Moscow that needs to be exterminated.

“The number of crows in Moscow has been falling for several years. Their number was reduced by five times without any extermination. They cannot harm the roof in any way if the roof is not made of plasticine, ”explained Chernov.

According to her, it makes sense to use hawks and falcons against pigeons, whose droppings can damage the roof.

Thorns will be removed from the monument to Lenin in Magadan to scare away birds

After the publication of this article, a representative of the Ministry of Natural Resources told RBC that mass crowds of crows pose a threat, since these birds are carriers of diseases, worsen the sanitary condition, harm green spaces and buildings, monuments of architecture.

“Of those used in domestic and foreign practice, an effective means of protection against unwanted accumulations of birds is the use of specially trained hawks and falcons as biorepellants. To achieve the best results, a group of working birds should ideally consist of four or five hawks and two or three falcons, with which four or six operators (falconers) should work in shifts, ”the interlocutor of RBC explained.

“The financing of these works includes the maintenance of the required number of birds of prey, veterinary services, scientific and methodological support of work and genetic control over the livestock of birds of prey, the purchase of equipment and transport support. These works will be carried out by the FGBI VNII Ecology, – he added.

In the summer of 2019 at the lobbies of Moscow metro stations appeared stickers with the image of silhouettes of predators to scare away small birds, which often shattered on the transparent glass of the lobby.

Most often, birds pose a danger to aviation infrastructure facilities. In September 2019, Zhukovsky Airport near Moscow ordered bioacoustic devices and mirror balls for scaring away birds. In 2015, the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov dispersed birds at the airport in Grozny using an unmanned aerial vehicle.

In 2017, Lieutenant General of the Federal Security Service Sergei Khlebnikov statedthat the Kremlin uses noise systems and other technical means to scare away crows.


Homeless camps: “unheard of” since World War II

The camps of homeless people are “unheard of” since the Second World War, lamented an organization, which hopes that governments will soon act.

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According to data compiled by the Popular Action Front in Urban Reorganization (FRAPRU), 98 families are still looking for a home in Montreal, more than two and a half months after July 1, a number 10 times higher than ‘at the same date last year.

At the same time, an increase in homelessness has been noted in several cities in the province with the creation of several camps, including the one along Notre-Dame Street in Montreal, but also in certain other cities such as Gatineau.

“The camps are unheard of since the Second World War”, launched Monday morning Véronique Laflamme, spokesperson for FRAPRU at a press conference.

The spokesperson clarified that she made a distinction between the current homeless camps and the case of Occupy Montreal, where dozens of homeless people found themselves camping alongside activists in Square-Victoria in the fall of 2011. “Occupy was a political action where the majority of people were not homeless,” she said.

Along with three other community organizations, FRAPRU appealed Monday to the provincial and federal governments to quickly find solutions to accommodate homeless families.

Organizations expect the Speech from the Throne, which sets out the government’s priorities and is expected to take place on September 23, to include the issue of social housing.

As the agreement between the governments of Quebec and Canada on housing has not yet been ratified, several million dollars are still sleeping in Ottawa’s coffers, which should not prevent the government of Quebec from investing the funds, indicated the FRAPRU.

“The solution involves the construction of a large site of 50,000 social housing units by 2025 and [le gouvernement] must speed up the delivery of the 13,000 already planned, ”said Ms. Laflamme as a proposal to help the current housing crisis.

Single people living on social assistance, who receive only $ 690 per month, are hard hit by the current crisis and are struggling to make ends meet, according to the collective for a Quebec without poverty.

“These people had the right to work to get an extra $ 200, which was mostly lost during the crisis. [Par exemple], they could not, at the start of the pandemic, return empty bottles or distribute newspapers, ”said spokesperson for the collective, Virginie Larivière.

Women victims of domestic violence are also hard hit by the health crisis in times of housing shortage, having to stay longer in a shelter or return with a violent spouse, said the spokesperson for the Regroupement des homes for women victims of domestic violence, Louise Lafortune.


Federal negotiations: “For no party it is not an unconditional yes”, assures Joachim Coens

The president of the Open Vld, Egbert Lachaert, and his colleague Conner Rousseau were appointed preformers on Friday.

LThe fact that seven political parties decided on Friday to try to form a federal government does not mean that this government will be formed automatically. This is not an unconditional “yes” to anyone, Joachim Coens, president of CD&V, told De Morning on Radio 1 on Saturday.

The president of the Open Vld, Egbert Lachaert, and his colleague Conner Rousseau were appointed preformers on Friday. They will start negotiations with the Liberals, Socialists, Greens and CD&V for the formation of a new government. The cdH is not present.

Not automatically a government

This breakthrough, as Lachaert described on Friday, does not mean that there will now automatically be a government with these seven parties, says CD&V chairman Mr Coens. It is now up to the preformers to write a memorandum in which the parties concerned must identify themselves. “It’s always like that,” Coens said. We have to make sure that we are recognizable, that we find the things that matter to us ”.

According to Mr. Coens, the cdH’s decision not to participate makes the CD&V “more necessary”.

During his press conference on Friday, the preformator Lachaert spoke of a “project for ten years” which will be launched. It will also involve state reform. According to CD&V President Coens, other parties have also been asked to “prepare this”, including the N-VA.