As an announcement, Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik unveil the first photos of their daughter

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik announced the arrival of their baby on Thursday, September 24 by unveiling the first pictures on social networks. An expected arrival, after several rumors about the date of the model’s delivery.

Some photos of intertwined hands on social networks as an announcement for the star couple. Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik announced Thursday, September 24 the birth of their daughter. “Our baby is here, healthy and beautiful,” the 27-year-old singer said in the caption of the photo, in which the infant’s tiny hand grips the young dad’s tattooed fingers. “Trying to put words into what I’m feeling right now would be an impossible task. The love I feel for this little human being is beyond my comprehension. I’m grateful to know her, proud to be able to call her mine and full of gratitude for the life you are going to have together. ”


“Little Parisian actress of m ** de”: Karin Viard recounts the most trying shoot of her career

In promotion for his latest film Appearances, released Wednesday September 23, the actress of 54 years confided in the site Konbini on the psychological violence she suffered from director Patrick Grandperret in 1996.

Languages ​​have not finished loosen up on movie sets. Thus, after more than thirty years of career, including two Caesar, Karin Viard no longer wants to silence the names of the abusive men she suffered when she was younger. During an interview with the media Konbini, Wednesday September 23, on the sidelines of the promotion of his latest film Appearances, the one who defines herself as someone “very cash in the life” tells the shooting of Victims (released in theaters in 1996). And the way he turned to psychological harassment from the director Patrick Grandperret, died last year.

In video, “The Appearances”, the trailer

“Frankly it was very hard”

“There is a film that was very, very trying because I was treated very badly; so suddenly it was very trying, reports the actress of 54 years. It was The victims by Patrick Grandperret. I was a young actress, I was lost in Ouarzazate in the Moroccan desert and the director hated me and tortured me psychologically on a daily basis. ” One of his attacks marked her deeply: “‘So what is she going to do to us with this little Parisian actress of m ** de?” “, She remembers. Before adding, pursing his lips: “It was hard, frankly it was very hard.”


Kim Kardashian could divorce Kanye West over her stance on abortion

Married since 2014, the businesswoman and the rapper have been going through a relationship crisis since the latter spoke in public about his positions on abortion. Kim Kardashian is now reportedly considering divorce from singer, revealed Page Six, Sunday September 20.

“She planned the whole divorce (…)”, an anonymous source told the magazine. Page Six, Sunday September 20. Kim Kardashian would consider leaving Kanye West, with whom she has been married since 2014. At the origin of this change, the bipolar disorder of the 43-year-old rapper and his public stance on abortion, which would have dealt the final blow to their union. After declaring himself a candidate for the US presidential election, the singer had indeed revealed during one of his campaign meetings that his wife had almost aborted their daughter North West. “I almost killed my daughter!” He said, sobbing, in July.

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Kanye West’s apology

He had also written in tweets – since deleted – that Kim Kardashian wanted to have him interned, that he was considering divorce and that she was a “white supremacist”. At the end of July, the businesswoman defended the rapper in an Instagram story, calling for kindness to the latter, in the middle of a manic episode of his mental illness. “As many of you know, Kanye suffers from bipolar disorder,” she wrote. Anyone who has it or loves someone who has it knows how incredibly complicated and painful it is to understand it. “


Benjamin Biolay: “My green gesture? The education of my daughters”

Actor in Appearances, a film by Marc Fitoussi, Benjamin Biolay is about to return to the stage with his album Grand Prize.

Madame Figaro. – What attracted you about Appearances (released on September 23)?
Benjamin Biolay . – Play with Karin Viard was almost a sufficient driving force, but I also really liked this scenario about the pretense, the lie. It was also a real pleasure to play this infrequent and nonetheless realistic expatriate couple.

Back to school announces your tour (from October 28) with your latest album Grand Prize
The public is there and I really care about this tour. If all the artists retract, we will not get out, especially my associates, technicians and musicians, who have stopped for months and need to work.

The main trait of your character?
The determination.

The one you’re the least proud of?
I’m anxious.

Your anti-stress thing?
Think about my children or a place where I feel good.

Your green gesture?
The education of my daughters, even if the eldest is already more specialized than me on the question.

Your currency ?
Hone who thinks badly about it.

In video, “The Appearances”, the trailer

What would you take with you on a desert island?
My soul mate, if there is ever one.

The three basics of your wardrobe?
Boots, the only vestige of my Beatlemania, jeans and jackets Hedi Slimane.

Casting for an ideal dinner at your place?
Marilyn Monroe, John Lennon and François Mitterrand.

What gift do you often give?
Mobilis in Mobile, of The Louis’ Trio Affair. I worked with them, Hubert Mounier was my best friend. This album is his masterpiece. A record of rare depth and beauty, far from the “funny” image one can have of it.

Music in your life?
Stevie Wonder. He crossed the finish line in front of everyone and did me a lot of good.

The book that accompanies you?
The Conjuration of Fools, de John Kennedy Toole.

A meeting that marked you?
Jean Marais, on the Pont de la Pêcherie, in Lyon. I was 16 or 17. It was like a scene from a movie, this very handsome man with a big scarf, in the mist… We talked about everything, nothing, a few minutes.

Your favorite TV series?
Friends. If it doesn’t go, one episode and it starts again.

A city that looks like you?
Buenos Aires, for this general mess. A city and a country of dribblers, where nothing is easily obtained.

Your Proust madeleine?
The Formula 1 Grand Prix I watched with my godfather and my uncle and mentor Robert. I recently met the ex-pilot Jacques Laffite: I almost cried.

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Cold and selfish: the damning portrayal of Melania Trump by her ex-best friend

Cold, casual, selfish: as the US presidential campaign is in full swing, Melania Trump finds himself under fire from another attack. It comes, this time from her ex-best friend and advisor, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff: she has just published, on September 1, the book Melania and me (“Melania and me”, Editor’s note), released at Simon and Schuster. She reveals the less successful aspects of their relationship, and the personality of the First Lady.

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff met Melania Trump in New York in 1998, when their friendship began. This former event manager for the magazine Vogue (the MET Gala, it was her) was then her advisor and then helped her plan the investiture ceremony of Donald Trump in 2017. She is said to have fallen out with her shortly after the start of the president’s term. The communicator would have quickly left her post at the White House, after the amount received by her company for the organization of the ceremony (26 million dollars, or nearly 22 million euros) caused a scandal.

In video, Melania Trump shares images of her masked

A best friend?

Desire for transparency or revenge? Regardless of Stephanie Winston Wolkoff’s motivations, she describes her friendship with Melania and the Trumps as “the biggest mistake of [sa] life : emotional, mental, physical, financial, social and professional (….). It suddenly became painfully clear that Melania was not really my friend (…) ”, relays the site Jezebel, who publishes some excerpts from the book.

Certain warning signs could have put the chip in his ear. In her book, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff recounts that Melania, after visiting her home, sends her an email one day in which she mentions having seen her best friend’s son: “I saw Taylor, I called him but I think he didn’t recognize me ”. Normal, Stéphanie’s son is called Tyler. “She misspelled and pronounced her first name for ten years, and neither he nor I ever corrected her,” writes the author. She could see what the correct spelling was in my texts, emails, party invitations, but never changed the version. ”

Photo priority for Instagram

Learning, while consulting the roadmap of an official trip, that Melania is allergic to nuts, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff falls from the clouds: it has been ten years that she herself has been battling with the multiple allergies of her other son, Zach. She even organizes charity events to benefit scientific research: “As far as I can remember, Melania has never been available to participate. And never wrote a check either. “

Without forgetting this moment of meditation at the Shoah memorial located in Washington, where the two women go one day. Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, whose grandparents are Holocaust survivors, feels her heart tighten before the Eternal Flame that honors the memory of the fallen. “Did Melania perceive my emotion and invite me to light a candle with her for my grandparents?” No, ”she laments, adding that the first lady was especially concerned about the pretty photo she was going to post on social networks.

State affairs

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff also reveals some of the reactions Melania Trump would have had, in off, about controversies that have punctuated the mandate of her husband. Starting with his infamous line “Grab’em by the pussy»In October 2016: a video of the show Access Hollywood relayed by the New York Times, then resurfaces. Donald Trump, then in the middle of the presidential campaign, boasts of being able to “Catch women by the ch ****”. As they have lunch together, Stephanie dares to ask Melania the question that burns her lips: “How many times in history have the words ‘president’ and ‘ch ****’ been pronounced in the same sentence? ? ” After a silence, the first lady would have simply burst out laughing, “to the point of having to wipe her eyes with her towel,” says the author.

Same cynicism after that Melania visited a customs and border protection center in Tucson, in Arizona, near the Mexican border: many undocumented children are held there, far from their relatives, following a measure taken (but quickly canceled) by Donald Trump. As images of crying migrants scandalize the nation, and Melania has officially made it known that she “hated seeing children separated from their families», His speech in off, relayed in Melania and me, is quite different: “They don’t know what’s going on over there. The kids I met were raised by coyotes, traffickers, and that’s why we put them in shelters, ”she reportedly said. She claims that they would even be delighted to have a bed there, and a closet: “It’s more than what they have in their own country, where they sleep on the floor. As for mothers, they teach their children to say “I will be killed by gangs!” so they can stay there. While this is not true. ” Other children find favor in his eyes: “Why not take care of our people? Many children in the United States are hungry. And there, we take care of those of others? That’s crazy !”

More serious: Stephanie Winston Wolkoff told the Washington Post than Melania Trump allegedly used a private mailbox to discuss state matters such as contracts, partnerships, or travel programs made by the presidential couple to Japan or Israel. A serious fault, which would have contributed to causing the failure of Hillary Clinton during the last presidential election, after Donald Trump constantly attacked it on this point. But that was also committed by Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner, under an investigation by the White House.

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“Game of thrones”

But the event that would have revealed the darker side of Melania Trump, and crystallized the tensions between the two ex-best friends, would have been the inauguration ceremony. First thing: before her husband takes official office, Melania Trump insists that she be mentioned as “first lady-elect”, in the same way Donald is designated as “president-elect” . Stephanie Winston-Wolkoff may explain to him that it is impossible, because she simply did not win any electoral vote, Melania does not see the problem: “’First lady elected!’ Has become her mantra and the invitations have been sent. like that.”

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff also chronicles the shenanigans and other strategies, worthy of an episode of Game of Thrones, developed so thatIvanka Trump, eldest daughter and adviser to Donald Trump, does not appear onscreen during the inauguration ceremony. Unofficially called “Operation Blocking Ivanka”, the plan is to place the latter in the blind spots of the cameras. Mission accomplished on D-Day: Melania’s face always appears in front of Ivanka’s.

This one will pay back blow for blow: back from a lunch with the president’s daughter, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff learns that the seats surrounding the First Lady during an upcoming speech by the president have all been taken over by guests of Ivanka . Coincidence? Stephanie Winston Wolkoff doesn’t believe, “Did she plan this lunch so that I miss the meeting around the event, and really thought I wouldn’t know?”

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A real threat?

In Melania and me, we learn that it is also Ivanka Trump who would have hired Kayleigh McEnany, now spokesperson for the White House. And this, against the advice of the first lady: “A reason was clearly beginning to emerge: the princess wanted to make Melania useless”, comments the author.

She will not have succeeded completely: Melania Trump took center stage during Donald Trump’s recent appearances. Who remains the first to support him : on Fox News, the president said on September 1 that American women voters “adored him”: “They like his style, his class, his grace,” he added, as the Daily Mail. As for the criticisms made on Melania Trump’s Slovenian accent after her speech at the Republican national convention, he brushed them aside: “I found her speech incredible. You have to understand that English is not your first language ”. It remains to be seen, from now on, what will be the impact of the revelations of the ex-best friend of the First Lady on the presidential campaign.

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Why were the out-of-province assignment results not disclosed? Will MEB 2020 out-of-province appointment results be announced today? – Sözcü Newspaper

The waiting for teachers’ out of provincial assignment results continues. Thousands of teachers are waiting to explain about their assignment results. After the appointment applications ended on 10 August, it was in the MEB calendar that the results would be announced on 11 August. However, out-of-province appointment results have not been announced yet. MEB has not made a statement on the issue yet.


According to the 2020 relocation calendar of the Ministry of National Education, the applications of teachers to relocate between provinces due to voluntary and compulsory work obligations were made between 6-10 August 2020. The date for the appointments was determined as August 11. However, the appointment results were not announced on August 11. Although there is no explanation about when the results will be announced by the Ministry of National Education, the announcement is expected to be made soon.


As soon as the results of teachers’ assignment outside of the province are announced, they can be accessed via ​​and According to the calendar, as of August 12, discharge procedures can be made.




Angelina Jolie calls for the judge in charge of her divorce from Brad Pitt to be challenged

Four years after filing for divorce, the 45-year-old actress petitioned a Los Angeles court on Monday, August 10. She asked that Judge John W. Ouderkirk be removed from the proceedings, because of his professional links with one of Brad Pitt’s lawyers.

Regular visits to Brad Pitt, agreement on the custody of their six children… Lately, the climate seemed rather calm. Four years after his request for divorce, Angelina Jolie however resumed hostilities on Monday, August 10. She thus filed a request with a Los Angeles court so that Judge John W. Ouderkirk, in charge of the case, be excluded from the proceedings.

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A “doubt” about the impartiality of the judge

The 45-year-old actress suspects a conflict of interest, revealed the site The Blast, who had access to court documents. Angelina Jolie accuses the private judge of not having revealed that he was in charge of other cases, on which also works Anne C. Kiley, one of Brad Pitt’s lawyers. According to the heroine of Maleficent (2014), John W. Ouderkirke would not have “communicated information on the files which demonstrate the current professional relationship between the judge and the lawyer” of Brad Pitt.

In addition, Anne C. Kiley would have, according to her, “actively promoted the financial interests of Judge Ouderkirk – despite the opinion of the opposing party – so that his appointment (and the possibility of being paid) is extended in a high profile case (the divorce of Brangelina, Editor’s note) ”. In her request, Angelina Jolie affirms that it is not essential that the conflict of interest be proven to exclude the judge from the procedure. “Under California law, the challenge is necessary as long as a person aware of the facts” can reasonably maintain a doubt “on the ability of Judge Ouderkirk to remain impartial,” continues the court document.

In video, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt: the main dates of their love story

A tumultuous divorce

The tumultuous divorce proceedings between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie began in 2016, after two years of marriage. If the two actors had officially been declared single by the court in April 2019, the duo still had to find an agreement concerning the custody of their six children. In 2018, Angelina Jolie also reportedly filed a petition for Brad Pitt to pay higher alimony. The 56-year-old actor was seen leaving the actress’ mansion in Los Angeles on June 23 after visiting his children.

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In Cremona 15 babies were born in 24 hours, reco – Last hour

(ANSA) – CREMONA, JUNE 29 – Within 24 hours, from 15 on Friday to 15 on Saturday, 15 children, 10 girls and 5 boys were born at the Maggiore hospital in Cremona, including twins. An exceptional event that occurs after the dark days of the Coronavirus emergency that the structure has faced since late February.

It is an “extraordinary” event and a “sign of rebirth” after the Covid emergency, they say from the obstetrics and gynecology department. The last of the newborns, altogether 10 girls and 5 boys, came to light in a hospital room in the same ward, obviously with the assistance of midwives and doctors, as there was no place in the delivery room.