Detained for the crime of a UNAM worker is her son

The capital’s prosecution confirmed that the person arrested by the femicide from Maria del Rosario Zapata, found yesterday inside a suitcase, after she was reported missing, is her 17-year-old son, who was allegedly related to the events. Consulted sources reported that the subject was identified as José Eduardo, 17, who would be related to the […]

Deputies propose death penalty for femicide – Noticieros Televisa

Deputies of Green Ecologist Party of Mexico (PVEM) Y National Regeneration Movement (Brunette) they proposed the death penalty to punish the femicide In our country. We recommend you: Death penalty for murderers in Mexico? Senator proposes to discuss it The PVEM bench in the Chamber of Deputies raised the death penalty for those who comment […]

Homicide and rape in Puerto Deseado: an adolesc …

A 16-year-old teenager confessed to having participated in the murder of the 4-year-old boy and the rape of his mother in the Santa Cruz district of Puerto Deseado. TOIn addition, he provided data that allowed him to find the victim’s cell phone that had been stolen and will be assessed. Hours after the declaration, the […]