The businessman of the Maestranza before the suspension of the April Fair: “The idea is to expand San Miguel, in September they will lack days but the sector must be reordered”

Hours after the company in the Plaza de la Maestranza in Seville issued a statement announcing the closing of the ticket offices, the decision of the Seviilla City Council to suspend the April Fair this Sunday has changed the times for Ramn Valencia, manager of Pags : “The events have been precipitated although it was expected. To think otherwise was far-fetched.”

Valencia had planned, and has, a meeting this Monday with the Lieutenant of the Big Brother of the Maestranza and a meeting of the board of directors of the bullfighting employers’ association, Anoet, is also called: “We want to expand San Miguel in September. the extension of the April Fair, if not to a week. But first we have to reorder the sector, coordinate ourselves, see if we are capable of being reasonable and putting something on its feet. hours will be missing. ” In the mentideros there was also talk of moving the Fallas to September, a month even more bullfighting than August with the september fairs France -Arls and Nimes- in Valladolid, Salamanca, Logroo, Albacete … “August was also called September”, suggested Ramn Valencia.

The businessman of the Maestranza respond to EL MUNDO to be in permanent contact with the Government Delegation – “I already have the fertilizers on the street” – and with the bullfighting employers – “we will ‘meet’ by videoconference” -, he concluded. Subscription heifers are also canceled. On Easter Sunday, April 12, the season was going to start at the Maestranza with Morante de la Puebla, Alejandro Talavante – who reappeared after Arls was suspended – and Roca Rey.

The situation for the bullfighting sector is devastating waiting this week for what will happen with the San Isidro Fair. The subscription renewal was scheduled to start on March 26, one day after the presentation of the posters.

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