The Golden Lion was won by the Land of Nomads. It tells about people who live on the road after the economic crisis – ČT24 – Czech Television

The land of nomads tells of a woman who, after the economic crisis of 2008, has to abandon her existing security and embarks on a journey. The AFP agency characterizes the film as a melancholy look into the lives of people who have decided to live in caravans.

The film is based on the successful title of non-fiction, the three-year-old book Nomadland: Surviving America in the Twenty-First Century by journalist Jessica Bruder. Real contemporary nomads also appeared in front of the feature film camera.

However, the main role in the film The Land of Nomads was played by actress Frances McDormand, who holds two Oscars. She won the first one in 1997 for her performance in the film Fargo, the second in 2017 for the lead role in the film Three Billboards just behind Ebbing.

Director Chloé Zhaová is the first woman to win the prestigious Golden Lion after ten years. The last time in 2010 was won by the American Sofia Coppola for the film Out of Nowhere.

Zha and McDormand accepted the award remotely

Zha and McDormand received the award remotely via video link from the United States. It was almost impossible for many Hollywood filmmakers and actors to get from the United States to the Venetian island of Lido, where the festival takes place, due to travel restrictions due to coronavirus.

“Thank you very much for letting us connect in this way with your festival in this strange world. But I’m glad you let us participate! See you on the way! ”McDormand said in thanks. The land of nomads will be introduced to Czech cinemas in February 2021 by Falcon.

The best actress was Vanessa Kirby, who became interested in her performance in the film Pieces of a Woman about the relationship of partners after the death of their child during home birth. Pierfrancesco Fabino won the award for best male performance, which the jury awarded for his role in the film Padrenostro, which takes place in the 1970s.

Another major award, the Silver Lion for Best Director, went to Japanese Kiyoshi Kurosawa for Wife of a Spy. The director is not related to the famous filmmaker Akira Kurosawa. The Grand Jury Prize was awarded to Mexican Michel Franco, who made the film Nuevo orden (New Order).

The special jury prize goes to Venice with the Russian film Dorogije tovarišči (Dear Comrades). Andrei Konchalovsky’s new act returns to the workers’ demonstration, which was ruthlessly suppressed by the Soviet regime in 1962 in Novocherkassk.

The Venice Film Festival was the world’s first major cinema festival to take place since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, albeit on a limited basis. Attendance at the hall was halved, those present had to have drapes.


First the debacle, then it worked! Bohdalová is proud

The film entitled Cage with Jiřina Bohdalová (89) in the lead role received a Special Jury Prize at the prestigious Seoul International Drama Awards! The joy is all the greater because this beat has withstood the competition of more than 200 films from 50 countries around the world.

„V London we were also in Prague, but we did not receive any prize. The coronavirus didn’t let us into Seoul, and suddenly it worked out. “ boasted on the Super website. cz producer Jaroslav Farmer. “I am glad that we successfully represent Czech film and Czech Television in the world,” added the film’s director Jiří Strach. The international tribute must have pleased the actress herself the most, and she suddenly became an icon not only of the Korean audience!


Antipopular tragedy – Newspaper Kommersant No. 162 (6883) dated 09/08/2020

Three Russian films premiered at the Venice Film Festival: Dear Comrades! Andrey Konchalovsky (participant of the main competition), “Conference” by Ivan I. Tverdovsky and “Kitboy” by Philip Yuriev are presented in the program “Venice Days”. From Venice – Andrey Plakhov.

Andrei Konchalovsky is a veteran of the Venice Festival, he first came to it exactly sixty years ago. Just at the very time when the action of his new work is being played out, the plot of which is built around the events of 1962 in Novocherkassk. Outraged by the rise in prices and lower wages, the workers of the electric locomotive plant, living from hand to mouth, went on strike, the protest was supported by other townspeople, the case ended in mass executions and executions.

The historical plot in the film is presented by the reflected gaze of the main character, the instructor of the city committee Lyudmila Semina, a former front-line nurse, a staunch communist and Stalinist. And although she rotates in the orbit of the mighty of this world, including the Moscow party bosses Kozlov and Mikoyan, she unexpectedly finds herself on the other side of the barricade thanks to members of her own family. The heroine’s eighteen-year-old daughter turns out to be among the Protestants, and Lyudmila’s father, from the Don Cossacks, under the influence of events, is no longer inclined to hide his anti-Soviet views and hide an icon in a chest. Now he openly throws an accusation in the face of his daughter and in her face of the Soviet mentality: “There is no God on the Don.” This hero was amazingly played by Sergei Erlish, who had no acting experience.

The black-and-white film was vigorously shot and edited, but the main load falls on the performers, and above all on Yulia Vysotskaya.

The director views Lyudmila as an incarnation of ancient heroines – Medea and Antigone. Being complete opposites, both are faced with a choice: whether to sacrifice related feelings for the sake of female passion (in the film, Stalin is her symbolic object) or the laws of earthly power. At first, the actress, who builds her image on everyday touches, reaches a tragic intensity in the second half of the film, justifying even some theatricality of the climax scenes. An excellent partner for her is Andrei Gusev in the role of an inveterate KGB officer, into whose black soul a romantic ray is still breaking through.

The new film shows that Konchalovsky is in an active creative phase and is not indifferent to the realities of Russian life.

It is not entirely legitimate to project the Novocherkassk tragedy directly onto the protests and repressions of today. However, the film without pressure makes it clear how today’s double standards resemble the double standards of party functionaries of the Soviet era.

Ivan I. Tverdovsky’s “conference” is also directed to one of the most toxic pages of Russian history – the terrorist attack on Dubrovka. There is no place for heroics and characters that can be confidently called positive; and although there are no executioners in the frame, the entire space is filled with victims of some total soulless force.

We feel the breath of this total evil from the very beginning, when the main character Natalya comes out of the monastery captivity to arrange a memorial evening in memory of that tragic performance “Nord-Ost”, and the theater director tells her to write the word “conference” into the lease agreement. So it is necessary, but not necessary – to stir up an unpleasant past, which normal people are in a hurry to forget as quickly as possible. When a semi-legal event drags on after midnight, a security guard appears in the hall and at first with exhortations, then with outright rudeness and, finally, with the involvement of law enforcement agencies, he smokes the participants of the “conference” from the premises. But before that happens, we have time to hear the testimonies of those who were here on that fateful evening; among them are actors Philip Avdeev and Roman Shmakov, who play themselves. We also manage to find out about how, under the influence of what impulses and at what cost Natalia managed to escape from this hell.

An important psychological conflict, as in Konchalovsky’s film, takes place here between an exhausted inner guilt mother and a nervous, alcohol-prone daughter; the first is played by Natalya Pavlenkova, a permanent actress of Tverdovsky, the second – by Ksenia Zueva, and this is a brilliant duet; it turns into a trio when Olga Lapshina’s heroine, who also passed through Dubrovka, joins the conversation about conscience, memory and oblivion.

Everything in this film is fluid, ambiguous and extremely bitter, its finale does not promise reconciliation and at least some semblance of a social contract.

Internal “Nord-Ost” – in ourselves, and Tverdovsky in his work (not supported, which is typical, by the Ministry of Culture) speaks of this traumatic syndrome without hysteria, quietly, but very clearly. In the generation “after Zvyagintsev”, this is the only director who follows the mainstream of the cinema of “moral concern”, which, without losing its artistic quality, is essentially political.

The third Russian film in Venice is called The Whale Boy. His hero, a young Chukchi whale hunter Lyoshka, falls in love with a girl from an American video chat who turns his naive inner world upside down. It is worth talking about this picture in more detail, but now it is important to emphasize that the Venetian context has revealed three relevant sources from which ambitious Russian cinema feeds. This is the history of the country full of “ancient” plots, it is its unstable modernity, falling into timelessness. And this is its geography, from Novocherkassk to Chukotka, in the length of which, most likely, the future and salvation must be sought.


Taiwan A girl survives after being blown up by a kite [VIDEO]

A three-year-old girl survived last weekend in Taiwan after being dragged through the air for more than 30 seconds by a kite, an incident immortalized by witnesses, whose videos that have gone viral on social networks.

The girl, who weighed about 13 kilos, participated in the International Kite Festival de Hsinchu with his parents and was next to a large orange kite that, once in the air, would throw candy, according to the local press.

When the organizers released that kite, a gust of air lifted it suddenly, with the ropes tied around the girl’s waist, who rose more than ten meters in the air to the general stupor.

In the videos, people are seen preparing, animated, the kites for a festival, when suddenly the crowd screams in terror when they realize that a girl has been hooked to one of them and rises up into the air.

For 31 seconds, the girl is suspended and is shaken by strong winds, until those present manage to bring her down to land taking advantage of a time when the wind gives way.

The little girl only suffered some scratches on her face, in addition to the great shock. The images have been viewed by more than 1.6 million people on social media.

The “flight” of the girl lasted a few seconds, until a retired soldier jumped to catch the girl when it floated close to the ground.

The former soldier told local media that the girl had her eyes closed when he grabbed her and that a few moments later, she started crying, which was a sign that the girl was fine. The Hsinchu authorities decided to suspend the festival after that incident.

(AFP and EFE)


Doctors question Vallenata Legend Festival 2020 in Valledupar – Other Cities – Colombia

The announcement of the virtual realization of the 53rd edition of the Vallenata Legend Festival, between the end of September and the beginning of October, did not go down well with the doctors from Valledupar and Cesar.

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Given the accelerated increase in cases of covid-19 in Cesar, whose main focus is its capital Valledupar, the Valledupar and Cesar Medical College considers it inappropriate to carry it out.

“We are respectful of all the measures that have been applied; however, we consider that we are not for parties. We love our folklore, but the department should be in solidarity with the pain that this pandemic has generated. We have more than 220 dead in the region. I think we are getting used to the culture of death, ”said Joaquín Maestre, president of this association.

“Culture in times of crisis is fundamental and in Valledupar we have a great cultural richness, but if we are in a critical situation in the pandemic, the Festival could be postponed to November or December, when the situation is better,” says Yesmil Pérez, Cesar cultural consultant and manager.

These voices are joined by other connoisseurs of vallenato folklore and see a message of hope in the virtual realization of the festival.

“I think it is positive because in these times a message of hope, of faith can be sent and the folk lyrics summarize much of this feeling. The members of the Foundation will be strict in the biosafety measures ”, specified Jorge“ El Bore ”Lúquez, member of the Shangay bar.

For the journalist and King of the Unpublished Vallenata Song, Félix Carrillo, the Foundation should take advantage of this time for a new formulation of the contest, based on this analysis, project it in 2021.

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“I think there is no desire because they have a recognized name. The Foundation should take advantage of this time to analyze the reality of the event, because this is how it collects what has been achieved throughout these 52 years, for a better formulation of the event ”, he said.

The announcement of the event, initially scheduled between April 29 and May 2, was made by the president of the Vallenata Legend Festival Foundation, Rodolfo Molina Araújo, which said that the transmission will be in charge of La Caja de Música (LCM) Live and can be seen for free on and social networks of the Fundación Festival de la Leyenda Vallenata. In addition, it has not yet been defined if the finals and concerts can be charged.

“The pandemic has given us time to reinvent ourselves and modify our capacities, to be able to dream of something that can be done virtually. Everyone will be able to share the same emotions and LCM Live is one of our allies to see it on the different digital platforms ”, he specified.

The initiative has the backing of the Ministry of Culture and the Mayor’s Office of Valledupar, with some exceptions and “keeping the most rigorous biosafety protocols”, approved respectively by the Government Secretariat, after verifying compliance with the protection measures for contestants , juries, technicians and logistics “understanding that life and health occupy the first place”.

“We have taken into account the will of the Vallenato kings, the contestants and participants. There will be no public or massive events are contemplated during the presentations. Social distancing will be preserved and of course, there will be no consumption of liquor ”, assured the president of the Foundation.

During the execution, the guidelines decreed by the National Government and health agencies to protect the young population will be taken into account, therefore The Accordion and Piqueria Infantil, Juvenil Accordion competitions were suspended; Minor Accordion. In addition, the parades of Piloneras, Willys Parranderos and the Children’s Painting contest were suspended.

“It will be a special edition and we will be very responsible with sanitary measures. The tribute to the singer Jorge Oñate and the recognition of the singer-songwriter Rosendo Romero will also be postponed to entertain them as they deserve in a later edition, hopefully next year at number 54, if circumstances allow us, “he explained.


The contestants of the Unpublished Vallenata Song, as usual, must send audio in MP4 format, making known the name of the author, the title of his work and the air in which it was composed.

In the categories of Professional Accordion, Amateur Accordion, Major Category Accordion and Inédita Vallenata Song, 15 participants of each will be preselected, who will enter to contest the respective crowns. The Piqueria Mayor Category contest, as it is a confrontation with verses, will be the exception.

The participants, keeping the sanitary measures, will present themselves in the auditoriums of the Casa de la Cultura Cecilia Caballero de López, University of the Andean Area and the School of Fine Arts of the Popular University of Cesar. These stages will not have any public access.

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“They also want to make themselves felt with their talent and show that Vallenata music has the necessary strength to overcome all obstacles and open space on virtual stages,” Molina stressed.

Ludys Ovalle Jácome
Special for THE TIME


The impressive images of the Beijing International Festival of Lights

The Beijing International Festival of Lights kicked off this Thursday at Yuyuantan Park. The 18,000 m2 exhibition mixes lights, lasers, images, music and shows in the natural landscape of the park. The festival is divided into 15 sections which each represent a theme such as the galaxy, flowering or even hatching. The event runs until December.


Gere, guys work on wisdom and compassion – Culture & Entertainment

“I’m glad to see so many of you wearing masks. In this pandemic, I lost two people I really cared about, my acting coach, and another friend who was a music producer. Please be careful, it’s a very serious matter.” . Richard Gere says this in the meeting of about 40 minutes in live streaming with the Giffoni film Festival in which the actor answered questions from young people in the festival hubs in connection from various countries, such as Croatia, Spain, Poland and North Macedonia .
“Giffoni has a very important place in my heart – he explains -. I came six years ago with my son who was 14 at the time. It was two years after my divorce, and I met my current wife (publicist and activist Alejandra Silva , which at the end also shows up to say hello, ed), with whom we now have two children, during my trip to Giffoni. I will always be grateful to this festival “. Giffoni “is fantastic, he inspired me. I found guys from all over the world who communicated, with great openness. I ask you only one thing, invite me back”. The director Claudio Gubitosi promptly does it for next year and he smilingly replies: “I accept”. In his experience “there are two things we must all work on – underlines Gere, speaking of his humanitarian commitment -. One is wisdom, in the sense of understanding the nature of reality, the fact that we are all interconnected and your generation understands it. most of all “. The other “is compassion. Wish the other well, feel a generous sense of love. Understand that everyone has problems and suffers. When you realize it, the next step is to do something to help those who are worse off. us. The things I’m really proud of are those related to helping someone. “
When it is recalled that Gere also boarded the Open Arms last year, he immediately comments: “When I do something it gets more attention because I’m famous, but that doesn’t mean it’s more important. You don’t necessarily need to make big gestures. , a small one is enough, like overcoming one’s anger, understanding others more, not being consumed by greed. Obviously, those who have the opportunity should also act concretely “. Coming to acting, they ask him which roles were the most complex for him: “For me they are all difficult, I’m always looking for the character – he points out -. But I remember two. At the beginning of my career, the one in American gigolo. I had to decide right away whether to shoot the film because filming would start after two weeks, while I generally take a lot of evaluating and preparing. This time I threw myself into a character I didn’t know anything about, I was unsure. But every night I went to see the dailies, to understand how it was going “. The other very difficult role “was that of Chicago. Being a musical, we rehearsed, sang and danced, for two months, before shooting. It was a great job but maybe also the funniest experience I’ve had in prepare a film “. Gere doesn’t remember an exact moment when he decided to be an actor, but “I was a very shy child and I don’t know why at seven or eight, I agreed to participate in a play in front of an audience. I liked it so much. … somehow helped me to get out of my shyness – he remembers -. As a boy I was interested in poetry, literature, philosophy, and many other things but (to make me become an actor) I think it was the primitive joy you feel, acting, exploring the depths of human beings “. And as he speaks, his assistant promptly pulls out a photo of 17-year-old Gere playing on stage in another musical, The King and Me. Finally a question about how his performance in Rhapsody of August (1991) by Akira Kurosawa was born: “I was an incredible fan of Kurosawa. We met in New York and became friends – he says -. A couple of years later, he offered me the part in the film, which was small, but it included a long monologue all in Japanese. ” On set, “I thought I had to look a little Japanese too, so I tried various solutions. He was looking at me from a corner and shaking his head. When the translator asked him why Kurosawa san replied, ‘I don’t know why Richard does all this seems to me completely Japanese as it is. ” (HANDLE).


No hope for carnival: Meat bouquet wants summer festival | 1Limburg

The Roermond carnival band Vleisboeket does not expect that there will be anything to celebrate in the coming fixed season season.

Vleisboeket assumes that little carnival can be celebrated in the winter of 2020-2021 as long as there is no vaccine against the corona virus.

In the hope that festivals can be held again next summer, Vleisboeket wants to set up a large carnival festival ‘somewhere in the province’ on 3 July next year. The band sees room for that, because the Limburg carnival has been developing towards increasingly larger festivals for years.

“With the current situation, we hope, next summer, the time is more than ripe. Then the vaccine should simply be there. And we celebrate that with a festival that fits in the Limburg tradition”, says Glenn Soentjens of the Roermond six.


The Burning Man Festival will be online this year

A place where even the wildest dreams come true. This is how the Burning Man Festival is usually described, which attracts tens of thousands of people to the otherwise inhospitable desert of northern Nevada every year. At the end of the summer, an impromptu city known as Black Rock City grows up here, which seems to come from another planet. Unusual works of art, bizarre costumes and masks, and above all an escape from real life in civilization, all made Burning Man more than just a cultural event. This year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the festival will not take place physically for the first time since 1986. According to the organizers, however, holders of purchased tickets will not come up short.

The organizers have been working diligently on the digital version of Burning Man since the spring. The festival will take place on its usual date between August 30 and September 7 on internet platforms. It will still be necessary to pay for watching it, but normally the limited number of participants will have no limit this time. And according to the first published pictures and videos is something to look forward to. Computer programmers develop unique 3D models of works of art and the entire desert town. “Black Rock City 2020 will bring a multi-universe,” promises festival director Marian Goodell.

Take a look at some of the previous years

Although the organizers said they had offers from professional studios, they eventually turned them all down because they wanted to prevent large corporations from “infiltrating the festival” and deciding to entrust the development of digital sets to small teams of independent creatives. They prepared a total of eight completely different projects. While some focused on building virtual reality, others emphasize interactive video chats, as the festival is primarily about meeting new friends.

However, the main goal remains to pull people out of their normal lives. For example, developers Ed Cooke and Chris Adams have prepared an “annoyingly long video application” for viewers to simulate a difficult journey by car to the desert. Visitors will also have to set up a tent in their living room and showering will be prohibited for nine days. ” All this is to contribute to creating the atmosphere of a real festival.

The only thing the organizers are worried about is the question of whether the expensive project will be paid for. No one can estimate exactly how many people will be interested in a virtual Burning Man. The festival is usually attended by up to 80,000 participants and one ticket sells for $ 475. The total earnings usually exceed $ 40 million, which is certainly not to be expected this year. “One of the reasons we do all this is for Burning Man to survive. Unfortunately, our organization was hit hard by coronavirus, “says one of the creators of the festival, Faryar Ghazanfari.

Organizers, on the other hand, believe that its online design can potentially open up to brand new visitors for whom desert expeditions are normally too expensive or prejudiced against the community. “Personally, I hope for hundreds of thousands or even millions of viewers,” concludes Ghazanfari.

Burning Man

  • The festival was founded in 1986 by American Larry Harvey, when he burned a wooden statue of a man with a dog on a beach in San Francisco, which was supposed to symbolize the end of one of his life’s stages when his girlfriend left it. The event attracted a lot of people.
  • In 1990, under pressure from the authorities, the festival moved to an uninhabited area at the bottom of a dry desert lake in Nevada. The number of participants gradually grew from several hundred to 78 thousand.
  • Burning Man is intended as an unlimited space for free meeting, self-realization and sharing of experiences. There are concerts, light shows and theater performances that you will not see anywhere else. Advertising and sponsorship is prohibited.
  • Visitors wear extravagant masks and costumes or are completely naked. They also have to bring their own food and drink and clean up all the rubbish after the event.
  • At the end of the festival, a 30-meter wooden statue is burned.
  • Becoming a participant is not easy at all due to the high interest and remote location. Expensive tickets usually sell out within minutes of starting the sale.


“I’m going through a mild form of depression”: Michelle Obama affected by pandemic and racism

In the last episode of her podcast, the former First Lady of the United States has not hidden his emotions and says he has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic and the race struggles that are shaking his country.

The morale of the formerFirst Lady of the United States is not always in good shape. In the new episode of his podcast, Michelle Obama claimed to suffer from a “slight depression”, due to the confinement linked to the Covid-19 pandemic but also the racial struggles in his country, as well as the “hypocrisy” of the Trump administration.

“I wake up in the middle of the night because something is worrying me, or because I feel a weight, says the wife of the former president Barack Obama. I try to play sports, but there were times in my forties when I just didn’t feel good. ”

“A form of mild depression”

Michelle Obama assures that she also goes through “these emotional ups and downs that everyone feels”. Moments “during which we do not recognize each other”. “This is not a time to flourish, spiritually,” she continues. “I know I’m going through some kind of mild depression. Not just because of my forties, but also because of race struggles. And to see this administration, to see its hypocrisy, day after day, is demoralizing. “

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In video, “Becoming”, excerpt from the documentary on Michelle Obama

The former First Lady then explained in The Michelle Obama Podcast, broadcast on Spotify, that it was “exhausting” to “wake up and see yet another new story about a black man or black person being dehumanized, injured, killed or falsely accused ( e) something ”. “And that poses a burden that I haven’t felt for a while in my life,” she blurted out. Michelle Obama refers to the tensions that have rocked the country in recent months. The United States was the scene of anti-racist protests sparked by the death in late May of George Floyd, an African-American forty-something who died following a violent police arrest. “We are at a unique moment in our history. We are going through something that no one in our lifetime has experienced. ” One thing is certain: Michelle Obama has not finished breaking the codes.

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