Matisse or the secret formula for happiness

STORY – The Center Pompidou pays homage to him for the 150th anniversary of his birth. The opportunity to check if this reputation for joy in painting still suits him.

La Blouse roumaine, 1940 (left) is the common thread of the exhibition.  Right, the Blue Nudes series (1951).
The Romanian Blouse, 1940 (left) is the common thread of the exhibition. Right, series of Blue nudes (1951). Jean-Christophe MARMARA / Le Figaro

He walks, tousled, overcoat collar pulled up, thick tortoiseshell glasses, the air fallen from the nest, as always. On July 15, 1965, the 34-year-old filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard crosses the wise row of rooms of the Museum of Modern Art at a rapid pace. “Our parents said that Rembrandt and Titian were great painters. And we see that, he said, stopping dead in front of The Romanian Blouse by Matisse, red canvas from 1940. It’s funny, it’s the same time as the poetry of Aragon, it made me discover modern poetry. Aragon is always digression, ideas above others. And Matisse is about forms. We do that, then another, then a third. It looks quite simple, this painting, purely decorative, a blouse … And then, the more you look at it, the more you discover it, like a feeling, a young girl dreaming. It is a thought and a feeling. ” He will pin a postcard from The Romanian Blouse on the wall of a bedroom Pierrot le fou (1965).

Matisse does he hold the keys

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Franco-Italian Thales Alenia Space wins several contracts

The European Space Agency awards the first installments of two contracts to the Franco-Italian industrialist, for a total value of 600 million euros.

Artist's impression of the Lunar Gateway, the future space station orbiting the Moon.
Artist’s impression of the Lunar Gateway, the future space station orbiting the Moon. Thales Alenia Space

We’ll walk on the moon again. Better still, man will explore the Earth satellite from every angle, passing through the poles and its hidden face. The United States has decided, as part of the Artemis mission, to send four astronauts, including a woman, there in 2024.

Four years from this deadline, and despite the budgetary and technical obstacles, all the lights are green for the program. Piloted by NASA, Artemis would mark humanity’s return to the moon, fifty-five years after the successful Apollo 11 mission in July 1969, when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were the first men to set foot on lunar soil.

Europe, via its space agency (ESA), is associated with this very tight schedule. Esa gets into the heart of the matter this Wednesday morning by notifying the first installments of two contracts with a cumulative value of nearly 600 million euros, to Thales Alenia Space (TAS), jointly owned by the defense group French Thales and Italian Leonardo.

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Coronavirus-proof Windsor finances: shortfall of several million pounds

Marked by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Crown anticipates difficult days and is already planning to tighten its belt.

It’s a safe bet that 2020 is the news dose horribilis for the British Crown. This Friday, September 25, the Windsors detailed their spending for the past year: they amount to 82.4 million pounds (90 million euros), or 1.23 pounds per subject ofElizabeth II. An amount which is slightly higher compared to the previous year, when the sovereign endowment, dedicated to the official activities of the royal family and the maintenance of its residences, then reached 82.2 million pounds.

This annual exercise of transparency towards the British taxpayer, which involves astronomical sums, is always a bad time to pass for the royal family, but it is even more delicate this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. Unsurprisingly, the lockdown has resulted in financial losses in many sectors. And this does not spare the Windsors, who anticipate a drop in attendance at royal residences of 15 million pounds over the next three years. In addition, another budget – devoted to long-term spending to save Buckingham Palace hangings – is expected to suffer from a shortfall of £ 20million.

In video – Coronavirus: “This success will belong to each of you”, encourages Elizabeth II

“Efforts” are to be expected

While it is enshrined in law that the royal endowment cannot decrease from year to year, the Crown does not intend to dig further into the taxpayer’s wallet. On the contrary, she does intend to tighten her belt. “In the face of these challenges, we have no intention of seeking additional funding but we will seek to cushion the impact through our efforts,” Michael Stevens, the Queen’s Treasurer, told reporters. For now, the royal household has already frozen salaries and hiring and is seeking to avoid non-essential expenses.

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As an announcement, Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik unveil the first photos of their daughter

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik announced the arrival of their baby on Thursday, September 24 by unveiling the first pictures on social networks. An expected arrival, after several rumors about the date of the model’s delivery.

Some photos of intertwined hands on social networks as an announcement for the star couple. Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik announced Thursday, September 24 the birth of their daughter. “Our baby is here, healthy and beautiful,” the 27-year-old singer said in the caption of the photo, in which the infant’s tiny hand grips the young dad’s tattooed fingers. “Trying to put words into what I’m feeling right now would be an impossible task. The love I feel for this little human being is beyond my comprehension. I’m grateful to know her, proud to be able to call her mine and full of gratitude for the life you are going to have together. ”


“Little Parisian actress of m ** de”: Karin Viard recounts the most trying shoot of her career

In promotion for his latest film Appearances, released Wednesday September 23, the actress of 54 years confided in the site Konbini on the psychological violence she suffered from director Patrick Grandperret in 1996.

Languages ​​have not finished loosen up on movie sets. Thus, after more than thirty years of career, including two Caesar, Karin Viard no longer wants to silence the names of the abusive men she suffered when she was younger. During an interview with the media Konbini, Wednesday September 23, on the sidelines of the promotion of his latest film Appearances, the one who defines herself as someone “very cash in the life” tells the shooting of Victims (released in theaters in 1996). And the way he turned to psychological harassment from the director Patrick Grandperret, died last year.

In video, “The Appearances”, the trailer

“Frankly it was very hard”

“There is a film that was very, very trying because I was treated very badly; so suddenly it was very trying, reports the actress of 54 years. It was The victims by Patrick Grandperret. I was a young actress, I was lost in Ouarzazate in the Moroccan desert and the director hated me and tortured me psychologically on a daily basis. ” One of his attacks marked her deeply: “‘So what is she going to do to us with this little Parisian actress of m ** de?” “, She remembers. Before adding, pursing his lips: “It was hard, frankly it was very hard.”


Ryanair will open a base in Beauvais

It is the company’s fourth base in France after Marseille, Bordeaux and Toulouse.

By Le Figaro with AFP

Ryanair planes at London Stansted Airport, September 18, 2020.
Ryanair planes at London Stansted Airport, September 18, 2020. ADRIAN DENNIS / AFP

Irish airline Ryanair announced on Wednesday that it plans to open a new French base in Beauvais, in the Oise, from December, despite the novel coronavirus pandemic and the drop in traffic.

«We are delighted to announce an investment of $ 200 million for Ryanair’s fourth French base at Paris-Beauvais airport. This development will create more than 2,300 direct and indirect jobs», Assures Jason McGuinness, commercial director of Ryanair. Ryanair already has bases in Marseille, Bordeaux and Toulouse.

Jason McGuinness adds that Paris-Beauvais airport continues to offer “competitive airport charges, which is a way to increase traffic and open new lines for Ryanair’s fourth French base“. The new base will allow Ryanair to connect the Paris region to 13 European countries.

Reduction of thefts

The company “low cost»Announced last week to further reduce its flights for October, the month during which it will run at 40% of its capacity because of the impact on demand of travel restrictions decided by governments to stem the pandemic.

Travel restrictions often criticized by the boss of the group Michael O’Leary, like the quarantine required in the United Kingdom on return from several countries, and which threaten to worsen as the epidemic spreads.

Faced with this context, Ryanair announced a restructuring plan which involves the elimination of 3,000 jobs. The Ryanair group, which also includes the companies Buzz, Lauda and Malta Air, claimed 149 million passengers a year before the pandemic and some 17,000 employees.

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Kim Kardashian could divorce Kanye West over her stance on abortion

Married since 2014, the businesswoman and the rapper have been going through a relationship crisis since the latter spoke in public about his positions on abortion. Kim Kardashian is now reportedly considering divorce from singer, revealed Page Six, Sunday September 20.

“She planned the whole divorce (…)”, an anonymous source told the magazine. Page Six, Sunday September 20. Kim Kardashian would consider leaving Kanye West, with whom she has been married since 2014. At the origin of this change, the bipolar disorder of the 43-year-old rapper and his public stance on abortion, which would have dealt the final blow to their union. After declaring himself a candidate for the US presidential election, the singer had indeed revealed during one of his campaign meetings that his wife had almost aborted their daughter North West. “I almost killed my daughter!” He said, sobbing, in July.

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Kanye West’s apology

He had also written in tweets – since deleted – that Kim Kardashian wanted to have him interned, that he was considering divorce and that she was a “white supremacist”. At the end of July, the businesswoman defended the rapper in an Instagram story, calling for kindness to the latter, in the middle of a manic episode of his mental illness. “As many of you know, Kanye suffers from bipolar disorder,” she wrote. Anyone who has it or loves someone who has it knows how incredibly complicated and painful it is to understand it. “


Benjamin Biolay: “My green gesture? The education of my daughters”

Actor in Appearances, a film by Marc Fitoussi, Benjamin Biolay is about to return to the stage with his album Grand Prize.

Madame Figaro. – What attracted you about Appearances (released on September 23)?
Benjamin Biolay . – Play with Karin Viard was almost a sufficient driving force, but I also really liked this scenario about the pretense, the lie. It was also a real pleasure to play this infrequent and nonetheless realistic expatriate couple.

Back to school announces your tour (from October 28) with your latest album Grand Prize
The public is there and I really care about this tour. If all the artists retract, we will not get out, especially my associates, technicians and musicians, who have stopped for months and need to work.

The main trait of your character?
The determination.

The one you’re the least proud of?
I’m anxious.

Your anti-stress thing?
Think about my children or a place where I feel good.

Your green gesture?
The education of my daughters, even if the eldest is already more specialized than me on the question.

Your currency ?
Hone who thinks badly about it.

In video, “The Appearances”, the trailer

What would you take with you on a desert island?
My soul mate, if there is ever one.

The three basics of your wardrobe?
Boots, the only vestige of my Beatlemania, jeans and jackets Hedi Slimane.

Casting for an ideal dinner at your place?
Marilyn Monroe, John Lennon and François Mitterrand.

What gift do you often give?
Mobilis in Mobile, of The Louis’ Trio Affair. I worked with them, Hubert Mounier was my best friend. This album is his masterpiece. A record of rare depth and beauty, far from the “funny” image one can have of it.

Music in your life?
Stevie Wonder. He crossed the finish line in front of everyone and did me a lot of good.

The book that accompanies you?
The Conjuration of Fools, de John Kennedy Toole.

A meeting that marked you?
Jean Marais, on the Pont de la Pêcherie, in Lyon. I was 16 or 17. It was like a scene from a movie, this very handsome man with a big scarf, in the mist… We talked about everything, nothing, a few minutes.

Your favorite TV series?
Friends. If it doesn’t go, one episode and it starts again.

A city that looks like you?
Buenos Aires, for this general mess. A city and a country of dribblers, where nothing is easily obtained.

Your Proust madeleine?
The Formula 1 Grand Prix I watched with my godfather and my uncle and mentor Robert. I recently met the ex-pilot Jacques Laffite: I almost cried.

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the French scene in 10 favorites

DECRYPTION – The 22nd edition of the Art Paris fair, which takes place until September 13 at the Grand Palais, is an opportunity to draw up a list of the ten French artists who count.

Human anatomy, 1, 2020 and La mer, 2019, by Léonard Combier, by Lara Sedbon.
Human anatomy, 1, 2020 and The sea, 2019, by Léonard Combier, by Lara Sedbon. SEBASTIEN SORIANO / Le Figaro

● Elsa and Johanna, traveling duo at Galerie La Forest Divonne

Selected by Gaël Charbau, artistic director of the Palais de la Découverte and many flagship projects, here talent tracker for a special “French scene” course, Elsa and Johanna invite you to their small living room at the Galerie La Forest Divonne (Paris and Brussels ). These two young artists work together in a photographic, existential and dreamy road movie, between Jim Jarmush and Mad Men. They draw their inspiration from the places (Calgary, Canada, for example) and the stories of the inhabitants (2800 euros, the format 90 × 60 cm).

● Baroque madness by Bachelot-Caron at the School Gallery

The fusional duo – Marjolaine Caron daughter of photoreporter Gilles Caron, and Louis Bachelot – made a name for themselves through photos of crime scenes for Detective. Four years ago, they took to ceramics, with verve, to produce crazy table feasts. Second degree reading for seductive pieces

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Lego doped by the Covid-19 pandemic

Thanks to the internet, the Danish manufacturer of plastic bricks has gained market share.

Lego has benefited from a boom in demand
Lego has benefited from a boom in demand LEGO

Always stronger. Lego, which had experienced a slump three years ago, is regaining insolent health. Pushing half the planet to confine itself, the Covid-19 pandemic boosted the sales of the king of plastic bricks in the first half of the year, and reinforced his model. The Danish manufacturer, neck-and-neck with Hasbro behind world toy leader Mattel, is gaining customers and market share.

Between January and the end of June, turnover increased by 7% to 15.7 billion Danish kroner (2.1 billion euros). The net profit resists (-1%), to 2.6 billion crowns (354 million euros). “We have reaped the benefits of our long-term investments in e-commerce and innovation, welcomes the CEO, Niels B. Christiansen, called in disaster after the removal of more than 10% of the workforce in 2017. Our strong portfolio has appealed to builders of all ages. Our newly updated e-commerce platform and chain

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