In Indonesia, confusion reigns in the fight against coronavirus

Indonesia is in danger. Under pressure from the medical profession, Indonesian President Joko Widodo finally declared a “state of emergency” on March 31, but he still resists imposing a general confinement for the 270 million inhabitants of the archipelago (90% Muslims), the fourth most populous country in the world. The first cases of infection were […]

“It motivates me to fight for my fifth and final Paralympics”

The Olot had made the decision to retire this season after 20 years of competition and an enviable record. Now the motivation is to go another year to say goodbye to Tokyo. There is already a date for the Tokyo 2021 Paralympic Games. How do you assess the deferment? Because of responsibility, it had to […]

NATO commits to the fight against the pandemic

NATO foreign ministers, meeting Thursday, April 2, by videoconference, asked the American general Tod Wolters, supreme commander of the allied forces in Europe (Saceur), to accelerate and intensify the military assistance of the allies against the Coronavirus pandemic. → LIVE. Coronavirus: bin, prisons, confinement… Update on the pandemic at midday From his headquarters (Shape) in […]

Baculovirus, an ally in the fight against COVID-19

ABC HEALTH Place Updated:04/03/2020 14: 18h save Viruses, those great unknown to most of society, have acquired an extraordinary relevance and a very bad reputation in just a few days. However, these microorganisms play an essential role in the evolutionary processes that have allowed life as we know it. From an anthropocentric point of view, […]

Craviotto returns to the police to help fight coronavirus

Tokyo 2020 Olympics Thursday, two April 2020 – 22:13 The canoeist rejoined his position on Wednesday as an agent of the National Police Corps in the Gijn Police Station to help his companions while the crisis continues. Craviotto, on his return from the 2016 Ro Games.EFE Sal Craviotto, Olympic medalist of canoeing, has re-entered as […]

Technologies serving the fight against coronavirus

► Tracing and geolocation to understand and anticipate the epidemic Taiwan is often presented as a model in the fight against the coronavirus: 306 cases identified and only 5 deaths as of March 30, according to John Hopkins University. However, the archipelago has largely relied on the use of digital technologies to contain the epidemic. […]