“The fight against the coronavirus is far from won”, warn experts

According to scientific experts, letting the virus circulate could “lead to another generalized lockdown”.

Dix scientists, including Emmanuel André, Marc Van Ranst and Erika Vlieghe, plead in a post published Thursday on a blog dedicated to Covid-19 to maintain a level of circulation of the virus “which is sustainable”, “via measures not too complicated and well understood”. According to experts, letting the virus circulate could “lead to another generalized lockdown”.

In this post, experts warn that the fight against the coronavirus is far from won. According to scientists, the rebound of the last two weeks is probably due, among other things, to a decrease in motivation to comply with the measures and to returns from vacation.

Moreover, they explain that the increase in numbers is not only linked to the fact that more tests are carried out: “The number of infections is increasing relatively faster than the number of tests”.

“While the numbers are increasing exponentially, it is impossible to continue to extend the lines of defense indefinitely,” warn specialists. “Today, we see that primary care is at its peak. “

This is why it is very important for the signatories to reduce the circulation of the virus, considering where to tighten the measures and how long to maintain them, rather than relax them. According to them, politicians must develop a motivating framework “to limit the number of close individual contacts, according to societal priorities”.

They demand a clear objective, which is not only to temporarily stabilize the curve, which leads to too rapid relaxation of the measurements. They notably propose to keep the reproduction rate (Rt) at 0.8. “We must therefore learn to live with sustainable measures that keep the virus under control,” the scientists conclude.


In order to pay back the life of his father who was killed by a trivial thing, this man is willing to spend 17 years of his life to find the killer of his father who was simply released by the police – all pages

Sosok.ID – Revenge can make someone do anything to vent it.

As experienced by a man originally China this.

He was willing to quit school at the age of 9 to find a figure killer his father until finally met after 17 years touring all over the country.

It all started on August 9, 2000. When Xiang Mingqian was playing with his neighbor, Zhang Jun, in the sewers of the old street of Changba, Zhenxiong County.

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At that moment, Jun threw a stone into the puddle of water that splashed on Mingqian.

He also replied by throwing a bigger stone.

This should be just a kid’s fight.

However, this fight will affect the two families and result in a tragic incident.

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When the two got into a fight, Jun reportedly reported to his grandmother who came and then pushed Mingqian a little.

The commotion was heard by Mingqian’s older brother, Xiang Mingxiang, who came to find out what happened, reported Oddity Central Tuesday (9/22/2020).

But, he even got tortured from Zhang’s family. Until she went home and complained about the family’s treatment of her husband.

At the time of the incident, Mingqian’s parents were found to be buying a new television.

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When they returned home, he said nothing.

It was only at dinner that Mingqian’s sister came and reported what happened during the day, and her husband had already left to ask for an explanation.

Immediately Mingqian’s father, Xiang Wenzhi, took a flashlight and put on a coat before leaving the house to help his son-in-law.

Mingqian revealed that as soon as his father entered Zhang Jun’s house, a few minutes later the lights were turned off so that it became dark.

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He then heard the screams of his father who was stabbed several times by the Zhang family members.

His life could not be helped when he was rushed to the hospital.

Xiang’s family reported the incident to the local police.

But, they just came to the scene in the morning.

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The police then called Mr. Zhang’s family for questioning.

However, it is said that law enforcers did not make arrests.

Zhang Mouqui, who was the killer of Mingqian’s father, used the opportunity to escape.

Shortly thereafter, the authorities closed the case because they thought the location was unknown.

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After his father’s death, Mingqian’s life changed completely.

He has to sell noodles to support his family’s economy everyday.

Even though he was a bright student at school, he decided to leave at the age of 9 to catch the person who killed his father.

She did it because she couldn’t stand her mother crying over her husband’s death, with her siblings having to do something to take care of.

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On his own, he began his adventure around China by asking the local police for information about Zhang Mouqui.

To make hunting easier, his family happened to decide to move from Changba City to the center of Zhenxiong a year later.

Over the years, he had been trying to gather information after information that could bring him before Zhang Mouqui.

In 2007, he got word that someone who looked like the killer was riding a motorcycle to Kunming Station. On this first attempt, he failed to find it.

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Then in 2013, he got information that Mouqui was probably hiding in an industrial area in Jinjiang, Fujian Province.

Once again, he packed things and went there. But despite spending six months searching and monitoring, the whereabouts of the perpetrator are unknown.

The bright spot finally emerged in 2017, where Mingqian got information that Zhang was hiding in Nan’an City, also in Fujian.

Findings from reliable sources made him travel thousands of kilometers. But, he still came to her.

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From this source, he received news that Zhang Mouqui worked at a cutlery manufacturing company in the suburbs.

He then rented a car, drove around for three days to supervise the factory.

Finally on the third day, for the first time in 17 years, he saw the killer.

Since August 2000, he has always carried a photo of Mouqui, and sees that the man who killed his father has only aged a little.

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He came to her and didn’t just beat her. He also learned that Mouqui had changed his name to Shao Liang, married and had children.

After gathering various evidence, including his father’s clothes, which were covered with stab wounds, he went to the police to have Mouqui arrested.

But the authorities’ response really upset him.

It turned out that in 2015, the perpetrator’s data was deleted because his family had not heard from him for more than 10 years.

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Rather than cursing the law enforcement’s incompetence, he resumed his efforts, and it bore fruit when an arrest warrant for Mouqui appeared.

Finally, on October 10, 2018, the Zhaotong City People’s Court, Yunnan Province, sentenced Mouqui to a life sentence.

At the age of 26, Mingqian fulfills his grudge against the man who killed his father, and is reportedly ready to start a new life.

(Ardi Priyatno Utomo)

This article has been published on Kompas.com with the title “For 17 Years, This Man Wanders To Find His Father’s Killer”


Amaranth’s pleasant headache

He is not tormented by the decision to come. It is a ‘problem’ that gives him peace of mind, it is a ‘mess’ that all the coaches want to have. After Carmelo Valencia’s scoring exhibition against Independiente del Valle, Luis Amaranto Perea, Junior’s helmsman, will face, with a view to the duel against Envigado (Saturday 6:05 pm, at Parque Estadio Sur), a pleasant dilemma: return the starter to Miguel Ángel Borja, the stellar hiring and top scorer of the team this year with seven annotations (five in the League, one in the Super League and one in the Copa Libertadores) or keep ‘Tutunendo’, the man who conquered a triplet (the first by a footballer in red-and-white history) and made Independiente del Valle a former undefeated.

“There is no one like ‘Tutu'”, sing and publish many excited fans with the three goals of the Chocoano in the 4-1 victory against Independiente del Valle, but Borja has also made merits on the court to return to the eleventh starting player. It is not easy to tell the team’s gunner to stay on the bench without being suspended or injured.. Nor is it easy to do the same with the one who has just inflated the network three times in the Libertadores. And when will Teófilo Gutiérrez return? … Uffff … That is the question.

“They are difficult problems, but good ones. You always want the players to have the highest level, that your decisions basically go through minimal issues of the rival. Luckily Carmelo has done well and in some way helps so that internal competition is generated. In general terms, we have a very good team, very good players. There are a lot of games. It seems to me that in the end everyone is going to play ”, replied Luis Amaranto Perea, in the virtual press conference after the game between Junior and Independiente del Valle, when THE HERALD posed the dilemma.

The Solomonic decision you have at hand is to accommodate both of them, with which he must sacrifice Sherman Cárdenas (with what clarity and creation would be lost) or to one of its extremes. This last option seems unlikely, at the moment, for the style of play that Junior has assumed with periods of high blood pressure and fast transitions from defense to attack by exploiting the speed and skill of the men from the sides like Freddy Hinestroza, Luis ‘Cariaco’ González and Edwuin Cetré.


Walmart parking fight turned wild

Read this article in English in the Miami Herald.

A fight over a parking space at a Davie Walmart store escalated into “a brutal beating and robbery,” police said.

The incident, which occurred on Monday, was caught on surveillance video.

On Tuesday, police released the video in hopes of finding the woman and possibly her children who participated in the attack.

According to police, the patrollers received a call about a fight in the parking lot, and went to a Walmart store, located at 4301 S. University Drive.

“This fight started out of an argument over a parking space, but quickly turned into a savage kicking and robbery,” police said in a press release. “While the suspected woman was beating the victim, two other suspects (believed to be her children) began to beat and kick the victim when she fell to the ground.”

In the video, a woman is seen sitting on the pavement, while another woman rains her with blows everywhere. A man tries to get the attacker off the victim.

The Police added that during the attack “one of those involved took the license plate off the vehicle, possibly to prevent it from being identified”

In addition to the attack, according to the police, the suspects stole the victim’s cell phone and purse. At the moment it is unknown what the victim’s condition is.

The suspects, police said, drove off in a silver-colored Mercedes, possibly a 300 class.

Authorities ask anyone with any information about what happened to call Broward County Crime Stoppers at 954-764-4357 (HELP) or 954-967-4567. Similarly, you can call 954-493-TIPS (8477) or visit the portal browardcrimestoppers.org.

Translation of Jorge Posada


In Cartagena they seize 50 thousand false medicines against COVID-19

Three containers from Asia, which contained counterfeit products to detect and combat COVID-19 and which belonged to a recognized brand worldwide, were seized by the Tax and Customs Police in Cartagena.

The operation was carried out Within the framework of the operationalization of the International Alert System, and thanks to information provided by the Police Community of America (AMERIPOL), the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF), HSI and CBP.

In the containers there were 50 thousand medicines, which, according to the investigations carried out, were going to Venezuela.

According to the investigations carried out by international agencies and the Colombian authorities, they realize that in order to avoid the suspicion of the customs agencies of our country, the merchandise would have made a stopover in Cartagena to be distributed in smaller cargo units that would enter the neighboring country of Venezuela for its illegal commercialization.

“This activity constitutes a process of materialization of an investigation carried out against a criminal structure dedicated to money laundering through foreign trade activities, with criminal interference in the cities of Cartagena, Barranquilla, Medellín and Bogotá ”, stated the POLFA.

It was also indicated that the Police and some Customs services of Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, OIJ of Costa Rica and the National Police of Colombia will begin this week, the so-called “Operation ESLABÓN”, coordinated through DIAN-POLFA and AMERIPOL in the fight against smuggling and counterfeiting of products related to COVID-19.

During the course of 2020 and the period of the pandemic in Cartagena, 556 actions have been carried out to control and apprehend 4.7 million goods valued at 220 billion pesos, among which are: medicines, cigarettes, liquors, toys, footwear, electrical appliances, among others.


Doctors have identified a berry that can remove toxins and reduce sugar


13 Sep 2020.

Nutritionists and scientists have reported that they have identified the berry, which is a real storehouse of vitamin C, is able to protect the body from a large number of ailments and fill it with the most essential macronutrients and vitamins. Doctors have already dubbed their discovery “superfood”.

– Yes, yes, we are talking about a berry that is available throughout the year – about raspberries, – said the observers of the scientific department of Food.news. – It contains a huge amount of vitamin C. At the same time, raspberries are incredibly useful both fresh and frozen.

The berry can be an incredibly healthy snack or dessert:

“Let’s be honest, there is a lot of sugar in raspberries,” the scientists said. – At the same time, it is raspberries that can remove excess sugar from the body. It contains antioxidants to help fight obesity and diabetes, as well as heart and cancer. Also, raspberries do an excellent job of removing toxins.

Formerly LIVE24 reported about how exactly those people feel who have decided to give up sugar forever. Sometimes sugar addiction is much harder to overcome than quitting smoking or even drinking, experts say.


How much health professionals who put body and soul in the fight against coronavirus earn

The marked rise in the contagion curve of coronavirus in various regions of the country put even more on the table the strenuous effort of the workers of the Health Argentines, who not only expose their physical health but also their mental in pursuit of responding to a system that when compensating them -economically- causes them more and worse headaches.

In recent days, the province of Santa Fe had its first two fatalities among health workers: a doctor from San Lorenzo and another from Esperanza. The disease began to affect the most important leg of a system that tries – with many limitations – to contain a virus that lurks more and more. Physical and mental fatigue is leaving deep traces in this sector that supports the population at this critical time. In this frame, people began to experience their anger at the restrictions and to question the political arc in general, comparing the salaries they earn, for example, politicians, with those of doctors, nurses and all the workers in this sector who are the ones who put skin on them and soul to the daily struggle.

To get an idea of ​​these imbalances: a doctor who has just entered the system -that is, without seniority- who charges specific additional charges for his role in a third-level external guard earns between 48 and 49 thousand pesos per month.


“In the province I have 24 hours a week with 30 years old and I earn about 50 thousand pesos. The doctor who is just starting must be earning just over 40 thousand pesos out of pocket“, explains in numbers Sandra Maioarana, the head of the Association of Physicians of the Argentine Republic (AMRA) to The capital.

Although the comparisons are odious, the idea is installed in society that politicians should not earn what they earn. As an example, it is enough to indicate that a national deputy earns between 204 and 224 thousand pesos per month and that the salary of the president of the Nation, as of November 2019, reached 268 thousand pesos. Compared to a doctor, the difference is huge. However, reading is another.

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Maiorana makes a deep analysis when he is shown that crack that today more than ever inflames society. He assures that since the 90’s all the professions that are dedicated to working for the people were “de-hierarchical”. He lists: “Health, education and security. We are the ones who charge the least, that is very striking. There are activities that earn well, such as bus drivers or truckers. And it is good that it be so. But we also want to earn well.“.

The head of AMRA recalled the case of national deputy José Núñez -of Juntos por el Cambio and who tested positive for coronavirus and decided to attend a session of Congress in person- and reflected: “I remembered and thought that he was not going to save anyone. It’s not because I don’t care about his life, quite the contrary. We are all human beings and we have the right to life. What crossed my mind was not what that politician earned. We already have two dead doctors. I’m not saying it because of what you earn, but because of the responsibility we have with respect to the rest. Politicians must be servants of society. But it doesn’t bother me that people earn more, that the politician earns more, that the truck driver earns more, or that the bus driver earns more. I feel that in the union I am to serve the people I represent, to be their voice, not to live better. But I want our profession to be valued and for us to earn more. The human being was no longer seen as someone important in society. In the 90’s, the market and the people were given importance, and those of us who work for them ceased to be important“.

The look of the Siprus

María Fernanda Boriotti, general secretary of the Union of University Health Professionals of Santa Fe, also reviewed numbers in dialogue with The capital: “A nurse without seniority can be in the 40 thousand pesos per month of salary, a professional of intensive or coronary therapy can walk in the 58 thousand pesos, and a psychologist or social worker who does not charge additional for the pandemic It must be between 40 and 47 thousand pesos“, he recites almost from memory.

“Here what must be seen is not whether there are people who charge more than us. The comparison must be made by seeing how despised the value of our work is.“, he says with emphasis and explains that this contempt in Argentina has been going on for more than 40 years.

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This disregard is in line with the deterioration of health policies. When every year you have less budget for public health at the national level and you see that policies related to what the World Bank commands are followed, adjust pensions, adjust this and that, everything gets complicated. Whoever cannot access a certain level will fall into poor health for the poor. And it is not the conception that must be had to guarantee a human right such as health “, breaks his thought.


The health professional explains that in Argentina around 10 percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is spent on health but that, of that spending, what is applied to public health does not reach 2.5 percent. “The rest is money that comes out of the pocket of the workers in coinsurance, social work contributions, in medicines. We should be thinking about increasing the budget in Public health so that, in this way, there are better working conditions and better salaries” , observe.

Boriotti reinforces his statements by recalling that in the framework of the pandemic in the country, 110 deaths have already been registered among health workers and that there were approximately 28 thousand infections.

In Argentina we still defend the university and the public school, in some provinces. But they have put us in the head that health is to go and pay. And those who have money have access to better health services than those who do not have. It goes through the conceptual deterioration “, he laments.

The Siprus secretary general reveals that she was not “very optimistic” that the pandemic would open the discussion on public health systems. “But in Europe that debate returned. Why? Because they have only a few years of deterioration of the health systems guaranteed by the States. In England, in Spain, in Italy and other countries that we are looking at, they support some State policies, such as free education and the health system. That is not touched, whoever is in the government. We have a long way to go for that and the general population cares little about how much a worker earns or what problems a worker has other than himself. They applauded in March (health professionals) because they saw that in Europe they were applauding and then they forgot. Hopefully there will be a click that allows us all to be able, beyond the cracks that they impose on us, to give debates for the benefit of the population. “


Hit the Star – Video – You take luck into your own hands

Season 2020Episode 505.09.2020 • 20:15

Verona and Janine hide 0 to 3 matches in their hands and then have to announce how many sticks they both have in their hands. Only someone who is exactly right scores a point.


a fight breaks out, the Belgian team taken to task (photo)

This Sunday opened the 59th edition of the Mondial La Marseillaise à pétanque, a tournament in which teams made up of three people compete. A Belgian triplet was also in the game and faced a Marseille triplet for their first match of the competition. This results in a 13 to 1 victory, assure our compatriots to France 3 Provence Alpes and Côte d’Azur.

If the two teams shake hands at the end of the match, the French team is responsible for announcing the score at the scorecard. “We trusted them”, explains to the French media one of the thirty-something Belgian. Except that a few moments later, by going in turn to the scorecard, the Belgians realize that the score is reversed.

If they try to justify themselves and give their version of the facts, the Marseille triplet quickly comes to challenge, “red eyes, drunk”. After a few minutes of hesitation, the referee makes his decision: the two teams are disqualified. “When they left, they threatened us, they started chasing us with their boules. They typed them for three minutes, we shouted for help, but no one moved, ”says a friend of the Belgian triplet.

It is a surge of violence. Despite the arrival of two security guards, the fight does not stop. “They’re sick guys, they got two on me. It was bullfighting… ”, says a Belgian. Because in addition to the three men against whom they had played, the Belgians are convinced that friends of the Marseillais joined the fight.

Another victim, injured in the head, protests: “I tried to tackle him to the ground, he shot me in the head. We’re going to leave before things get out of hand, it’s crazy that security doesn’t get them on board ”. The Belgians are especially shocked to see the lack of responsiveness and intervention on the spot. It was only after about twenty minutes that the Red Cross arrived to treat the wounded.

For its part, the organization of the Mondial La Marseillaise à pétanque ensures that measures will be taken. “This is the first time we have seen such a fight. We are going to check the civil status of Marseille players. They risk being ousted from all petanque competitions, assures a member of the organization. We will do our best to find them, the referee will recognize them ”.

The Belgian team intends to file a complaint.


Neiva bets on attracting foreign capital to combat unemployment – Other Cities – Colombia

The attraction of foreign capital as a goal to generate new jobs is one of the weapons that Neiva brought out, Huila, the city that, due to covid-19, is going through a tough crisis as it ranks first in the country in unemployment with a rate of 40.6 in the April-May-June quarter, which has affected the 16,000 companies established there.

In occupation Neiva is going through a difficult time since, between April and June of last year, the city had 148,000 people with jobs and in the same period this year that number fell to 94,000 which shows the harsh consequences generated by the pandemic.

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Coping with a problem as complicated as the unemployment It is not easy, but with marked optimism the mayor of Neiva, Gorky Múñoz Calderón, raised the attraction of foreign capital to boost the economy as a priority in his Development Plan, and for that purpose it set up a whole system of advantages and direct benefits that allows companies in the service sector to establish themselves easily in the city.

“In the midst of difficulties we set out to make Neiva an attractive place for international investment since the objective is to overturn the adverse unemployment conditions that we have, “said Mayor Múñoz, adding that the results of this strategy began to be seen with the signing of an agreement or alliance between the Mayor’s Office and the Teleperformance company, the most important company of Call Center of the world that will generate in this region more than 1000 direct jobs with good salaries.

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All this work during the year has been positive as the Teleperformance company chose Neiva as a pilot city to generate more than 1000 jobs for service agents

One of the attractions offered by the Mayor’s Office to investors is the modification of the tax statute, which establishes the total elimination of tax of industry and commerce for 10 years for companies that generate more than 100 direct jobs.

There is also the benefit of free rental by signing a loan for the occupation of properties in the municipality in a space of up to 1,200 square meters in the center of the city, with capacity for 800 operators depending on the need. One of those estate that could be useful as an operations center, and that remains underused, is the Los Comuneros shopping center.

The municipal employment exchange has also been strengthened and, in alliance with the national employment service of the Sena, It seeks to offer a free institutional offer in the search or selection of human talent for companies and their investments.

In addition to the institutional support in the process of installation, permits and start-up of the project, another benefit for investors is permanent accompaniment for second language training with institutional bilingualism programs for workers without English proficiency, which will expand their employment possibilities.

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“All this work during the year has been positive as the Teleperformance company chose Neiva as pilot city to generate more than 1000 jobs for service agents”Said the mayor of Neiva.

For that project that is making great strides 1600 young people applied and 560 were shortlisted, while 1090 are in the interview process and 120 in the final selection phase. In addition, 57 citizens have already been hired.

Rafael Sánchez, director of the internationalization office, pointed out that an agreement is being handled with Procolombia for the dissemination of Neiva as a city that receives investment in the services sector.

“All this strategy will allow more companies to arrive with their capital to invest in Neiva”Sanchez said.


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