Amaranth’s pleasant headache

He is not tormented by the decision to come. It is a ‘problem’ that gives him peace of mind, it is a ‘mess’ that all the coaches want to have. After Carmelo Valencia’s scoring exhibition against Independiente del Valle, Luis Amaranto Perea, Junior’s helmsman, will face, with a view to the duel against Envigado (Saturday 6:05 pm, at Parque Estadio Sur), a pleasant dilemma: return the starter to Miguel Ángel Borja, the stellar hiring and top scorer of the team this year with seven annotations (five in the League, one in the Super League and one in the Copa Libertadores) or keep ‘Tutunendo’, the man who conquered a triplet (the first by a footballer in red-and-white history) and made Independiente del Valle a former undefeated.

“There is no one like ‘Tutu'”, sing and publish many excited fans with the three goals of the Chocoano in the 4-1 victory against Independiente del Valle, but Borja has also made merits on the court to return to the eleventh starting player. It is not easy to tell the team’s gunner to stay on the bench without being suspended or injured.. Nor is it easy to do the same with the one who has just inflated the network three times in the Libertadores. And when will Teófilo Gutiérrez return? … Uffff … That is the question.

“They are difficult problems, but good ones. You always want the players to have the highest level, that your decisions basically go through minimal issues of the rival. Luckily Carmelo has done well and in some way helps so that internal competition is generated. In general terms, we have a very good team, very good players. There are a lot of games. It seems to me that in the end everyone is going to play ”, replied Luis Amaranto Perea, in the virtual press conference after the game between Junior and Independiente del Valle, when THE HERALD posed the dilemma.

The Solomonic decision you have at hand is to accommodate both of them, with which he must sacrifice Sherman Cárdenas (with what clarity and creation would be lost) or to one of its extremes. This last option seems unlikely, at the moment, for the style of play that Junior has assumed with periods of high blood pressure and fast transitions from defense to attack by exploiting the speed and skill of the men from the sides like Freddy Hinestroza, Luis ‘Cariaco’ González and Edwuin Cetré.


Junior 2, Águilas 1: a dubious penalty saved the points

Wánder Mosquera Mena saved Junior. When time was dying and the Sharks only reached a tie with a taste of defeat against Águilas, the central referee sanctioned an action between Miguel Borja and goalkeeper Carlos Bejarano as a penalty in the last second of play.

Just as it is protested at times when bad refereeing decisions harm the rojiblanco club, this time we must admit that the Cundinamarca whistle was wrong in their favor.

Borja, after eluding three defenders with his usual power, faced the goalkeeper and fell into the area. “Penalty!” The shark fans shouted immediately, very surely. That was the first impression, but in reality Bejarano went to the ball and did not commit an infraction. At least that showed the replay on television.

The determination of Borja to undertake the play and the failure of the referee, who did not have VAR and who was the victim of the same sensation of many of those who watched the game on television, rescued Junior.

The Cordovan attacker, who entered the second half for Michael Rangel, stopped at the white point and executed accurately to make the difference (2-1).

The victory was quite embollado by the confused and run-down game of the premises, that reserved to the majority of its eleven stellar thinking in the party of Tuesday against Independiente del Valle for the Copa Libertadores.

In that plan B, in which a rookie midfielder like Fabián Ángel was positioned as a defender, the Sharks managed to press, attack and create some offensive plays in the first half and put themselves ahead through a good goal from ‘ Cariaco ‘González.

But in the second half, the lack of understanding of this team became more evident, the absence of a creative midfielder like Sherman Cárdenas, who only entered with seven minutes remaining in the game (it must be because he will start on Tuesday) and everything is complicated. Much more after Obrian’s draw. There was no compass or ideas or clarity or imbalance. Already the hopes of winning were practically extinguished until the dubious penalty arrived and saved all three points.

Minute by minute

4. Quiet ball play in which the ball is surprisingly moved to Fabián Viáfara. The side takes a shot down and crossed that buzzes the goalkeeper’s right post.

23. Viáfara’s center, bad rejection and the ball remains for ‘Cariaco’ González, who finishes powerfully and goalkeeper Carlos Bejarano rejects.

32. Good play by Cristian Higuita, who sneaks into the area and defines with a shot from the side, which is narrowly missed.

33. GOAL Junior. Series of touches by Junior, Rangel gives it to Luis ‘Cariaco’ González and the Venezuelan, on the edge of the area, dispatches a shot above that exceeds the goalkeeper’s effort.

36. Daniel Moreno’s shot over the goal.

45. ‘Cariaco’ wastes a clear scoring opportunity. When he was about to finish with his right leg, he disarmed the ball with his left and the shot was totally deflected.

Second time

60. GOAL from Águilas. Deep pass from Marrugo to Jáder Obrian, who takes advantage of Jeison Angulo’s cold mark to surpass him in speed and define with an accurate shot against Viera.

68. Borja’s shot too high.

81. Carlos Bejarano saves almost in the line an attempt of Borja’s header that deviated in the humanity of a defender.

83. Bejarano shrinks well against Cetré, who built a good wall with Sandoval.

93. The referee sanctions a penalty for an alleged foul by goalkeeper Bejarano on Miguel Borja, which in reality did not exist

94. GOAL from Junior. Borja executed flush and to the left hand of the goalkeeper, who launched himself to the right.


Pediatrician says he will go to the end with lawsuit against his attackers

The pediatrician Dalila Peñaranda, brutally attacked last Friday by a group of people who held a party in one of the apartments of the La Ría building in the midst of a pandemic due to Covid-19He assured that he will go to the end with the criminal complaint filed against his attackers.

The health professional stated in Blue Radio than after what happened he fears for his safety and that there was also a situation that worried her even more. Apparently, she said. one of the videos shows the alleged sale and consumption of drugs inside the building.

“My criminal complaint goes ahead against everyone (…) In the building we are all worried. In one of the videos it is seen that they were apparently selling what are illegal substances and that worried me even more, ”she said.

The pediatrician made a recount of the facts and He reiterated that it is false that the confrontation began because of her aggression against the daughter of the tenants of the apartment.

“The Police quadrant goes up and is attended, apparently, by Mr. Martín. He assures the authority that he is going to collaborate but once the dial goes down, the presence of mariachis is heard and the volume of the music louder. It is there where I reiterate to the Police to come up again with me ”, story.

After that moment, the doctor maintained that In the first instance, she is attended by the tenant Martín Caro Parra and he tells her that “he does not arrange with women” and he calls his wife Fanny Franco Pérez to take charge of the situation.

“In the middle of the discussion she started with profanity and I replied. She physically attacks me, hits me in the face and after that it is observed that she gets the quadrant. All the people at the party start to come out to hit me, ”she said.

Due to these facts, they have been – until now – sanctioned by the Metropolitan Police of Barranquilla, the administrator of the La Ría building, the tenants of the apartment on the 10th floor where the attack began and five of her guests.

As reported by the Commander of the Mebar Police, General Ricardo Alarcón Campos, the first sanctioned were Martín Samir Caro Parra and Fanny Franco Pérez, tenants of the apartment in which he developed the party with liquor, live music and around 20 guests -without masks-, in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic.

To these was added the fine imposed on Gleny Barranco Vargas, who works as administrator of the La Ría building, in which the party contrary to the biosecurity protocols established by the District was registered.

Heber Blanco Bendek, Gustavo Pavajeau Maestre, Alfredo Bendek Suárez, Ivan Cepeda Morales and Nerge Manzur Paliz, who, according to the Police, attended the party have also been sanctioned.


“If he is an expert, why did he kill him?”: Relatives of the shot in Olaya

The relatives of Julio Enrique Rodríguez Gamero, the man discharged this Saturday by a police shooting instructor in the Olaya neighborhood, assured EL HERALDO this Sunday that, after death, they wonder “Why did they have to kill him?”

According to Yamile Rodríguez, aunt of the deceased, the family learned of the 32-year-old man’s death from a neighbor in the El Bosque neighborhood –Where the victim lived– who was at the scene of the murder. He assured them that they had shot Rodríguez Gamero three times: two in the back and one in the forehead, because he had allegedly committed a robbery in a car wash located on Carrera 32 with Calle 69C in the aforementioned sector.

According to Yamile, immediately the victim’s younger siblings moved to the Olaya neighborhood to confirm that it was Julio Enrique. At that time, the woman said, the police did not provide further explanations, they only requested the identity of the victim and allowed them to quickly recognize the body. Of course, the witnesses assured the relatives that the person who had shot Rodríguez Gamero was a policeman in civilian clothes.

Based on this, Yamile assured this Sunday, from Legal Medicine, that they seek answers.

“We ask the authorities to clarify what they were like and why, being a shooting instructor, did not shoot him in a place that did not threaten his humanity, but could strip him of the weapon, if he had one, and capture him. He doesn’t have a license to kill him, ”he said.

He also confirmed that your relative had a history of theft, but reiterated that this was no reason to kill him.

“Is there no justice for him?” Yamile wondered at the end, also clarifying that they do not know the man’s whereabouts that, supposedly, he was with his nephew at the time of the events.


17 transfer mistakes in 5 years, it’s only natural that Lionel Messi is sick of wanting to leave Barcelona

Barcelona star Lionel Messi looked disappointed when his team lost to Bayern Munich in the Champions League quarter-finals on Saturday (15/8/2020).  (c) AP Photo
Barcelona star Lionel Messi looked disappointed when his team lost to Bayern Munich in the Champions League quarter-finals on Saturday (15/8/2020). (c) AP Photo – June 6, 2015, Barcelona is at the top of the world after defeating Juventus 3-1 in the final Champions League. They proved themselves to be the kings of European football, who were also the kings of world football.

Now, five years later, Barca is in turmoil and is sinking. They are in danger of losing the superstar, Lionel Messi, who is reportedly fed up and disappointed with the club’s leadership that never learns from mistakes.

Since winning the last Champions League title in 2015, Barca have tried to win their sixth trophy by bringing in a number of top players. Unfortunately these players failed miserably at Camp Nou, which is one of Barca’s main mistakes.

It was these mistakes that are believed to have prompted Messi to leave. Barca are one of the biggest clubs in the world, but their player purchases say otherwise.

Why is that? According to Marca, there have been at least 17 failed transfers in the last five years. Who are they? Scroll down, Bolaneters!

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17 Barcelona transfer mistakes

1. Aleix Vidal: 2015 – 10 euros

The full-back, who was brought in from Sevilla, is expected to strengthen the squad that has just won the Champions League.

Unfortunately Vidal is only a backup, even playing him as a cover seems risky. He left three seasons after.

2. Arda Turan: 2015 – 40 million euros

One of Barcelona’s biggest transfer disappointments. The Turkish midfielder is an important player at Atletico Madrid, but moving to Barca was a big mistake.

Turan never proved himself at the Camp Nou, and eventually returned to Turkey.

3. Samuel Umtiti: 2016 – 25 million euros

Initially going well, Umtiti looked potential. However, after the 2018 World Cup, problems began to arise between him and the club.

Recurrent injuries are also Umtiti’s big enemy. Now he is being treated more often than playing.

Samuel Umtiti (c) AFPSamuel Umtiti (c) AFP

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4.Andre Gomes: 2016 – 37 million euros

Barcelona beat Real Madrid in the hunt for Andre Gomes, either because they are really interested or just don’t want to see their eternal rivals get new players.

It was proven that Gomes never got the chance to play regularly, finally he was released to Everton.

5. Nelson Semedo: 2016 – 30 million euros

Despite being the first choice for Barca’s right-back sector in recent months, Semedo’s level of play is clearly far below expectations.

Just look at the 2-8 defeat to Bayern Munich in the Champions League a few weeks ago, which proves how confused Semedo is in facing Alphonso Davies.

6.Lucas Digne: 2016 – 17 million euros

The case is the same as Semedo. Digne is a good left-back, reliable, but still not quite the level of play for Barca.

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Paco Alcacer (c) AFPPaco Alcacer (c) AFP

7. Paco Alcacer: 2016 – 30 million euros

No one doubted his abilities before joining Barcelona, ​​but this transfer was a disaster for Alcacer.

He struggled to find a place in a team dominated by Messi, Neymar and Luis Suarez. Finally Alcacer moved to Dortmund after just one year at the Camp Nou.

8. Paulinho: 2017 – 40 million euros

Paid 40 million euros for a player who doesn’t even fit the club’s philosophy, who knows what Barcelona are thinking.

Paulinho is potential, but definitely not up to Barca’s expectations. He was returned to China after a brief spell in Spain.

9. Philippe Coutinho: 2017 – 145 euro jute

Neymar left, Barca made a lot of money, then wasted that money for reasons that are not clear.

Coutinho arrived at an unbelievably high price, a club transfer record. Unfortunately, he didn’t even make the first team, and ended up being loaned out to another club.

Now even Coutinho’s future is unclear.

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10. Ousmane Dembele: 2017 – 138 jute euros

The former Borussia Dortmund star who looked ideal as a replacement for Neymar, but Dembele arrived with a lot of problems.

Bad attitude, still childish. He also has a recurring injury problem that knocked him out of the first team.

11. Yerry Mina: 2018 – 11 million euros

Barca intend to strengthen their center-back line by bringing in Mina, big mistake.

Mina’s level was way below expectations, she only made six appearances in six months. This one transfer error is very hard to explain.

12. Kevin-Prince Boateng: 2018 – loan

I don’t know what Barca thought when borrowing players like Boateng. These transfers are wrong on many sides, especially because they waste money on borrowing players that are not necessary.

Six months at the Camp Nou, Boateng almost never played. She is more stylish off the field.

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Malcom celebrates his goal against Inter Milan.  (c) APMalcom celebrates his goal against Inter Milan. (c) AP

13. Malcom: 2018 – 41 million euros

Already bothered cornering AS Roma, it turned out that Malcom’s transfer was useless for Barcelona. Barca gambled, and proved to be a complete failure.

The only memory of Malcolm is his goal against Real Madrid in the Copa del Rey. That’s all, now he’s playing for Zenit.

14. Arturo Vidal: 2018 – 20 million euros

Vidal is a great midfielder, fighter, all-around. However, it’s not a midfielder like this that Barcelona needs.

Vidal is reported to have submitted a request to terminate his contract. He will soon join Inter Milan.

15. Clement Lenglet: 2018 – 36 million euros

Lenglet will be retained by the new Barca coach, Ronald Koeman. The performance is quite satisfying, quite brilliant in the last season.

Unfortunately, Lenglet still can’t match the level of its predecessor. Barca used to have center-backs like Carles Puyol and Javier Mascherano, Lenglet’s level was still far below them.

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16. Junior Firpo: 2019 – 18 million euros

He has performed outstandingly at Real Betis and is expected to be a coating for Jordi Alba. However, until now Firpo hasn’t really proven his ability.

Still too quick to judge Firpo’s true ability, the upcoming 2020/21 season is his chance to prove himself.

17.Antoine Griezmann: 2019 – 120 million euros

Griezmann is a great player, world champion, team leader. However, coming to Barcelona was a big mistake.

He won’t get the free movement he should have. Griezmann played in the wrong position and closed his debut season at Barca without a trophy.

Source: Marca


Análisis Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition, el rpg cooperativo (PS4, Switch, Android, iPhone)

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles was a spin-off atypical from its very origin, which we talk about in our advance. Final Fantasand it was quite an institution on PlayStation, but the hit of the movie Final Fantasy: The Inner Force It forced Square Enix, then Squaresoft, to expand the number of platforms it had a presence on. This is how I was born a different adventure from his best known role-playing series, which allowed himself to risk with new ideas in the combat system or a multiplayer-oriented design and not in a traditional way, but with Game Boy Advance connected to GameCube-. Crystal Chronicles it was a rarity and the lack of adaptations to other formats, until now, made it a very little known game.

After multiple reissues of the most famous episodes with remasters, re-releases and even remakes, it is time to Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition for PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS and Android. Undoubtedly great news for preserving the game and giving a second chance to one of the productions of Final Fantasy less popular, but deep down can’t hide why it’s so late and near the bottom of Square Enix’s priority list: it wasn’t one of the brightest episodes.

Designed to play together

Crystal Chronicles I broke away from many of the typical number series, for better or for worse. From the beginning where we don’t have a predefined hero but one that we create with the appearance, race and job that we desire, until its development of exploring locations with events and dungeons selecting the route on a map. The general objective is to get myrrh, a necessary element for the crystal of our people, and this entails embarking on a journey full of dangers and defeating dangerous creatures. Each race is specialized in some aspect, hence the really interesting thing about this Final Fantasy be it playing with friends to find a balanced group in which one player charges with physical attacks, another with magic, healing tasks, and more.

The ‘Crystal Chronicles’ story didn’t carry the same weight as in other Final Fantasy stories, but it was interesting to see Square Enix testing other ideas away from the main series.

Another of the freedoms allowed Crystal Chronicles was to modify the battle system, which not only he walked away from shifts but also from other hybrid mechanics we’ve seen in later games. Basically we have an attack button for bladed weapons, capable of connecting some combos, but by selecting another action from a list that we edit to our liking, the attack is replaced by casting magic or using objects. This button can also be charged for more powerful attacks, focus magic and select the area of ​​impact, etc. The delay in activating the most powerful attacks leaves us sold for a moment, so It is not an excessively frantic game, but a bit leisurely.

This game has more features, such as the existence of the chalice that creates the safe circular zone outside of which we begin to lose health – and that another player must carry if we have company – with no option to attack or defend ourselves while carrying it, or a mogurito if we play alone. It defines the combat arena and is a bit cumbersome, especially if one of these players is not well coordinated and constantly delays the group, a problem that with local multiplayer could be alleviated thanks to direct communication; with unknown users it becomes complicated if they do not use voice chat or simply speak another language; there is a quick message chat, but it is obviously not the same.

Alone, a mogurito wears the c
Alone, a mogurito carries the chalice that limits the safe zone. In this way you have freedom of movement to fight and advance, without carrying the object.

The problem is that for every good idea that is proposed Crystal Chronicles, such a Final Fantasy dungeon crawler To enjoy in company, we had another frustrating or poorly executed one, and in the end, multiplayer rather than an extra option became the almost obligatory way to play it, either due to the design of the bosses or the comfort of the exploration; and the online cooperative sometimes only complicates this more. This collaboration is only for the dungeons, you have to redo the group if you want to play a new one, and only he host earn story progress when played online, which kills a bit of fun with friends who want to keep up. Are you willing to overcome the same dungeon so many times until the companions are at the same point?

Aadir que playable loop is not as fun as it sounds, because neither the control is as precise as we would like nor is there that presumed tactic: enemies of scarce strategies that are always resolved with the same strategy hack and slash of hitting and evasion of projectiles; change the type of monster, some more resistant than others, but the approach is the same in each fight and boss, a simple matter of patience. In addition, improving a character with the peculiar system of Crystal Chronicles not by experience, but by finishing the dungeons to improve a parameter – it becomes heavy if we want to evolve several characters, which will be desirable because each one unlocks equipment and objects when visiting villages.

The good news is that each player can form their opinion with the version Lite Edition, free and with access to the first three dungeons plus all the options for solo play, online crossover and the rest of the remastering improvements. It is a portion more than enough for each user to see if Crystal Chronicles is to your liking, and even allows you to advance further in the adventure if the host session has the full set. Undoubtedly a necessary measure to clarify doubts and expand the online community that joins the cross-game, which is so important in this Final Fantasy.

Graphic polish and content news

There are classics that have received remastering that deserved more care, either in the technical or content section. On the contrary, from time to time there are not so good games where the work does meet the basics. Apart from the absence of this local cooperative, the rest of Crystal Chronicles It’s up to standard with these Square Enix remasters; there are English voices, more character variants, new bosses, weapons, panoramic format and revised interface, magic combined in the cooperative, more than a dozen more difficult dungeons after the end It is not a very long game, about 20 hours if we do not look for all its secrets- and other changes that we will talk about in the advance. It does not revolutionize the game, nor does it solve the underlying problems of the original, but many aspects have been modified or expanded and We are not talking about the GameCube game as is in high definition.

There are new features in content, cross-play and even a new version.
There are new features in content, cross-play and even a free version, but local cooperative should not be replaced by online play, especially since it is not fully implemented.

The technical section does not hide the passage of time, but we would say that it has aged better than the gameplay. The modeling is a bit basic, some textures of the characters seem revised or at least they look sharp-, not like that of the stage but it is still result thanks to its artistic direction, which recovered the aesthetics of the Final Fantasy classic or FF IX proportions cartoon– instead of the anime or realistic inspiration of other installments with a touch of science fiction. This world has its charm, it cannot be denied, and its revised soundtrack for the occasion is as powerful as ever. thanks to the melodies of Kumi Tanioka and Hidenori Iwasaki; Not only do they sound better than ever, but new tunes have been added for new dungeons and other situations, songs have been re-recorded, and music that was removed from the original due to hardware limitations is recovered. That said: the audiovisual sections are the ones that come out the best from this remastering, contrary to what one might think, although the loading times are a bit longer than desirable.

The details reveal its origin in GameCube, but the direction
The details reveal its origin in GameCube, but the artistic direction and especially the soundtrack make the game quite a pleasant experience.


Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition it is an RPG with a dose of nostalgia, both for those who enjoyed the title at the time and for those who simply yearn for the times of medieval fantasy RPGs, less obsessed with looking like noisy blockbusters. There is also that value that we cannot fail to mention, the rescue of an adventure almost forgotten or unknown even for many fans of the saga. Too bad Crystal Chronicles don’t be one of the Final Fantasy brighter and that its somewhat crude gameplay suffers the passage of time. Solo is a dungeon crawler somewhat repetitive, and cooperative as it is originally designed – the online function is not well implemented and does not compensate for the absence of local play.

We have performed this analysis on PS4 Pro with a code provided by Koch Media.


OL (1-3): audience record for W9 and Canal +

This Sunday, OL women won their 7th Champions League at the expense of Wolfsburg (1-3). A match with an incredible scenario that allowed the Canal + and W9 channels to beat their audience records for the competition.

The Women’s Champions League breaks all records. The 5th consecutive crown of Olympique Lyonnais, against Wolfsburg (1-3), allowed Canal + and W9 to beat their audience record for the broadcast of the competition. The two channels gathered 1.7 million viewers this Sunday evening.

1.1 million viewers watched the match between Wolfsburg and OL on W9, for an audience share of 4.9%. This is a record for the channel, which has not seen such a score for this competition for more than 3 years.

On the Canal + side, the audience is also a record for the Women’s Champions League, since it gathered a total of 645,000 viewers. A peak was even estimated at 786,000 viewers during the evening.


El Comercio Answers: PSG vs. Bayern Munich LIVE: where, on which TV channels and schedules

Clash of titans! and will contest the final of the after winning with category in the semifinals against RB Leipzig and Olympique de Lyon, respectively. The match between the French and the Germans will be played on Sunday, August 23 at the Estadio do Sport Lisboa e Benfica, also known as Estadio da Luz, in Lisbon (Portugal). The duel will begin at 2:00 pm (Peruvian time) and will be broadcast LIVE on ESPN and Fox Sports channels.

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PSG, hand in hand with , reached the Champions League final after German, in a meeting in which other great figures from the Parisian cast also stood out, such as Kylian Mbappé, Ángel di María, Marquinhos and Juan Bernat, among others.

The Gauls are excited to win the title of the highest club trophy in Europe in what will be their first Champions League final.

For its part, Bayern Munich, the German giant and the main candidate to win the tournament, will seek to raise its sixth ‘Orejona’ after leaving the French Olympique de Lyon, whom at the José Alvalade stadium.

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The Bavarians have not played in a Champions League final since the 2013 season, the year they won their fifth title after beating Borussia Dortmund 2-1.

When and where will the final be played?

This expected shock will be played at the Sport Lisboa Stadium and Benfica de Lisboa on the next Sunday, August 23, 2020.

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Also known as Estádio da Luz, the home of Benfica, 37 times champion of Portugal.

This imposing stage was rebuilt to host matches (including the final) of UEFA EURO 2004, and more recently the 2014 UEFA Champions League final in which Real Madrid were crowned champions against Atlético de Madrid.

Schedules and channels in the world

  • México – 2:00 p.m. | ESPN y Fox Sports
  • Perú – 2:00 p.m. | ESPN 2
  • Ecuador – 2:00 p.m. | ESPN 2
  • Colombia – 2:00 p.m. | ESPN 2
  • Bolivia – 3:00 p.m. | ESPN 2
  • Venezuela – 3:00 p.m. | ESPN 2 y Fox Sports
  • Chile – 3:00 p.m. | ESPN 2
  • Paraguay – 3:00 p.m. | ESPN 2
  • Argentina – 4:00 p.m. | ESPN 2
  • Uruguay – 4:00 p.m. | ESPN 2
  • Brasil – 4:00 pm | TNT, Facebook EI Plus, EI Plus
  • Spain – 9:00 pm | Mitele Plus and Movistar

Will there be extra time in case of a tie?

Yes, it will be two periods of 15 minutes. If it remains even after 120 minutes, the final will be decided by kills from the penalty spot, with both teams having five shots before sudden death.

Who has won the UEFA Champions League / European Cup?

Real Madrid holds the title record, and has lifted this trophy 13 times since the inaugural season of the European Cup in 1955/56.

Since the competition’s name change in 1992/93, 13 clubs have been crowned champions: Real Madrid (7 times), Barcelona (4), Milan (3), Manchester United (2), Bayern Munich (2), Liverpool (2), Marseille (1), Ajax (1), Juventus (1), Dortmund (1), Porto (1), Inter Milan (1) and Chelsea (1).

1992/93: Marsella

1993/94: Milan

1994/95: Ajax

1995/96: Juventus

1996/97: Dortmund

1997/98: Real Madrid

1998/99: Manchester United

1999/00: Real Madrid

2000/01: Bayern Munich

2001/02: Real Madrid

2002/03: Milan

2003/04: Porto

2004/05: Liverpool

2005/06: Barcelona

2006/07: Milan

2007/08: Manchester United

2008/09: Barcelona

2009/10: Inter de Milan

2010/11: Barcelona

2011/12: Chelsea

2012/13: Bayern Munich

2013/14: Real Madrid

2014/15: Barcelona

2015/16: Real Madrid

2016/17: Real Madrid

2017/18: Real Madrid

2018/19: Liverpool

Will there be fans in the stadium?

All UEFA matches will be played behind closed doors until further notice due to the coronavirus pandemic. All the players present in Lisbon underwent tests to detect this disease.

Does the champion qualify directly for the UEFA Super Cup?

Yes. The UEFA Super Cup is a single match between the UEFA Champions League champion and the UEFA Europa League champion. The Puskás Arena in Budapest will host the 2020 UEFA Super Cup on September 24. Windsor Park in Belfast (Northern Ireland) will be the setting for the 2021 edition.

Where has the UEFA Champions League final been played before?

Since the competition was renamed in 1992/93, the final has been played in 14 different countries and in 20 different cities.

The German city of Munich has seen three finals, while Saint-Denis, Athens, Rome, London, Milan and Madrid have hosted the final twice.

The Estádio do Sport Lisboa and Benfica de Lisboa joins this list after hosting the final of the 2013/14 edition.

1992/93: Olympic Stadium, Múnich

1993/94: OACA Spyros Louis, Athens

1994/95: Ernst Happel Stadium, Viena

1995/96: Olympic Stadium, Rome

1996/97: Olympic Stadium, Múnich

1997/98: Johan Cruijff Arena, Ámsterdam

1998/99: Camp Nou, Barcelona

1999/00: Stade de France, Saint-Denis

2000/01: Stadio San Siro, Milan

2001/02: Hampden Park, Glasgow

2002/03: Old Trafford, Manchester

2003/04: Arena AufSchalke, Gelsenkirchen

2004/05: Atatürk Olympic Stadium, Estambul

2005/06: Stade de France, Saint-Denis

2006/07: OACA Spyros Louis, Athens

2007/08: Luzhniki Stadium, Moscú

2008/09: Olympic Stadium, Rome

2009/10: Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, Madrid

2010/11: Wembley Stadium, Londres

2011/12: Football Arena Munich, Múnich

2012/13: Wembley Stadium, Londres

2013/14: Sport Lisboa e Benfica Stadium, Lisbon

2014/15: Olympiastadion, Berlin

2015/16: Stadio San Siro, Milan

2016/17: Principality Stadium, Cardiff

2017/18: NSK Olimpiyskyi, Kiev

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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition: Pre-Order Theme Preview and Concept Art Commented by Art Director

The last days, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition talked about him again for its paid downloadable content which will be made available upon launch to play with the appearance of other characters in this series of spin-offs. In parallel, PlayStation unveiled a preview of the dynamic theme available to all players pre-ordering their copy on PS4, the outgoing game for reminder only in dematerialized by us.

It takes two artworks really beautiful, including that of the Japanese cover, with songs from theOST of the game. And speaking of illustrations, penciled versions as well as a color drawing were shared on the PlayStation Blog by artistic director Toshiyuki Itahana, who took the trouble to explain how he designed them or what they represent, whether for the original game or the remaster. If you have a few minutes in front of you, that’s pretty informative.

Good morning all ! I am Toshiyuki Itahana and I work at Square Enix. To celebrate the imminent release of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition, I would like to introduce you to some exclusive concept art from the original 2003 game, as well as new footage from the remastered version.

During the creation of the original game, I joined the developing project at the invitation of producer Akitoshi Kawazu, in the role of artistic director and character designer. The sets and the atmosphere of the world were already written down when I arrived, so I had the immense pleasure of bringing them to life through my drawings.

For the remastered version, in addition to my two roles mentioned above, I took care of the design of some variations of characters and weapons that should please fans!

1. To get started, here is a first draft of the cover of the remastered version. More observant fans will notice some similarities to the artwork from the original 2003 game.

I set out to draw her like her ancestor 17 years ago, starting with a pencil sketch followed by digital coloring.

There are some differences with the original version. For example, in the old picture, a Yuke held the crystal chalice in the center. But in the remaster, I went for a Selkie. I also replaced the Clavat and the Lilty to the right of the illustration with Erin and Chad, characters from the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles novels, a little easter egg that should delight fans of these books!

2. This is a sketch of a promotional illustration designed around the time of the original game’s release.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition 08 22 08 2020

I was still sketching the outlines at that point, it’s a little embarrassing to show you some non-final work! I’ve included key characters from the story like Gurdy and the Dark Knight, as well as the mysterious girl who appears towards the end of the game in the background.

When I look at the drawings I made 17 years ago, I wish I could go back in time to change things, but I think a lot of artists do!

3. This is the original design of the cover artwork for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles World Ultimania, the guide to the Japanese game.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition 01 22 08 2020

As I mentioned above, this guide contained a Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles novel with Erin and Chad. They are therefore both at the center of the illustration.

Personally, I named this drawing Memento Mori. Indeed, the characters in the background all think of someone who is not there, which becomes evident as one moves forward in the story.

I am very attached to this illustration, so do not hesitate to go find the final colorful version on the internet!

4. Here you see the image of the interior of the trailer, which is never shown in the game.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition 05 22 08 2020

I drew it trying to imagine what the everyday life of the members of the trailer would be like in such a cramped place. It was a lot of fun to do. As for the crystal chalice, in the corner it looks like I scanned it and then added to the image before digitally coloring it. As with the main illustration, I drew the outline in pencil and added the color afterwards. It would be interesting to compare the basic sketch with the finished colored version to see how the colors help bring the design to life.

5. This drawing shows the end of a fight, as mud stains the characters’ faces and clothes and the adrenaline still makes them ignore the pain.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition 07 22 08 2020

I added the background digitally for the final colorful version.

Most of the artwork in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles evokes a warm vibe, and I remember wanting to suggest a slightly different tone with this design to represent a different side of these characters.

6. This drawing brings back memories! I need to remember where he came from …

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition 04 22 08 2020

It seems to me that it appeared in a strategy guide or magazine dating back to the game’s launch in 2003.

It represents the moment when a Mog brings a letter from home, which happens after every boss fight, to remind the player of the memory of their family and what prompted them to undertake this perilous journey.

I love to draw characters who smile, that’s really what brings them to life.

I was sketching the locations, buildings, and the general mood of the areas for most of the backgrounds in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. Background designers then used them as a starting point and developed them to create levels and dungeons.

7. This is a sketch of the Forest of Mushrooms, one of the first dungeons in the game (which you can find when you launch la version gratuite Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition Lite).

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition 06 22 08 2020

The entire area is mushroom, even the roads, and the result was magnificent, with huge mushrooms tinged with red at dusk.

8. Here’s another sketch in the same style as the Mushroom Forest. It served as a reference for developers to imagine the flow of miasma.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition 03 22 08 2020

This illustration was not intended for the public, so it is very rudimentary.

The miasma streams that will appear in the game have been added digitally. So the colored image looks like a banal drawing of a passage in a cave, but by adding the digital effects, we transform it into something completely new.

9. New character variations have been added to the remastered version. We finally arrive at color drawings, finished the first drafts, haha!

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition 09 22 08 2020

We’ve added character variations to the remastered version to bring something new to those who played the original and to provide a wider variety of options for new players. With online multiplayer being a very important aspect of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition, we mostly wanted to give players more options to avoid ending up with characters that were too similar.

These new variations include models inspired by Japan, as well as outfits worn by characters from the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles games released after the original.

I also worked on this game with Rubi Asami, an artist who participated in the design of Mobius Final Fantasy. The new variant of the female Clavat that she made was very well received by fans when Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition was announced.

I can’t wait to see who will be the favorite characters of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition players.

I don’t often get the chance to show this type of current sketches and completed illustrations, so it was a real pleasure!

The original version of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles was released 17 years ago, but there are still plenty of fans. Many of them have texted me saying they would love to play it again on modern platforms, and I’m glad they finally get the chance.

I imagine most people were playing the original with family or friends, but in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition you will be able to play with players from all over the world. The time has finally come for all Final Fantasy players to come together and go on an adventure together.

I sincerely hope that many of you will go on an adventure in this caravan and have a memorable experience.

The release date of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition is set for August 27 on PS4, Switch, iOS and Android. You can get maps PSN and eShop sure Amazon.


‘Chicharito’ Hernández is champion with Sevilla | UEFA Europa League


Javier Hernandez was registered in the staff of Sevilla during the 2019-20 season in the Europa League, this opened the possibility that the Mexican was proclaimed champion of the European competition, after

the Spanish team won the Inter Milan Final


During his second European adventure with a Spanish team, Javier played 15 matches, scored three goals and, precisely, two of them were achieved as a result of matches against Qarabag and APOEL.

After passing through the old continent, he won five titles and all of them with the Manchester United shirt, after having belonged to a good time for the English team, as he lifted the Community Shield three times and the Premier League two more.

Hernández arrived at the LA Galaxy in January

2020 and now he is a member of the MLS, where he will seek to transcend for the 2020 soccer campaign in the United States; however, he claimed his sixth title in European football from a distance to increase records and achievements in his successful football career.

Another Mexican who was part of Sevilla in the past was Miguel Layún, who congratulated the sixth Europa League title through a message on his personal Twitter account.

Seville v FC Internazionale - UEFA Europa League Final

This was the celebration of Seville after proclaiming himself ‘King’ of the UEFA Europa League

Pool/Getty Images