That could be the crisis winners and losers

Frankfurt They were just able to enjoy record rounds of financing and increasingly high valuations by investors, but now the business of several financial start-ups is stalling. The Dutch investment company Finch Capital has examined how exactly the corona pandemic affects individual business models and in which segments there could be a boom after the […]

Wirecard & Co. defy the corona crisis

Frankfurt It was a message that caught the eye: the payment service provider informed at the end of February Wirecard About the possible effects of the corona crisis for the group: “Wirecard does not assume that the consequences of the virus will have a lasting negative impact on the financial infrastructure services or internal processes,” […]

Banks are pushing contactless payments because of the corona virus

Pay contactless Pay contactless: Up to a certain amount, this even works without entering a PIN. (Photo: obs / Accor Hotellerie Deutschland GmbH) Frankfurt With the increasing spread of the corona virus, the payment behavior of Germans also changes: They increasingly pay for their purchases using an EC card, which is now officially called the […]

Technology has made Pure Planet’s renewable energy a “double breeze”

The co-founder of Britain’s first digital renewable energy supplier says that without digitization, the company would not be able to compete on price. Steven Day, one of the four co-founders for the launch of Pure Planet, based in Bath, led the company to an impressive telecommunications career after launching Virgin Mobile in the UK before […]

Consumers are increasingly paying for purchases in the corona crisis by card

Frankfurt Retailers’ requests are urgent at the moment: They are asking their customers to use payment methods that are as contactless as possible. “Card payment or Payback Pay” is what the organic supermarket Alnatura wants. In fact, a number of consumers seem to respond to such requests. For example, the Volksbanks and the savings banks […]

Dax group Wirecard: Clarification in installments

Frankfurt / Munich Markus Braun can breathe a sigh of relief, at least for the time being. The KPMG special test has Wirecard relieved in large parts. Clarification is still pending in other areas. It is therefore quite possible that the CEO of the payment service provider from Aschheim near Munich will have to answer […]

“The message is not satisfactory”

Daniela Bergdolt Early asked for an independent special review of the allegations. (Photo: Bergdolt Lawyers) Frankfurt Daniela Bergdolt is Vice President of the German Association for the Protection of Securities. She has been dealing with for years Wirecard and pleaded early for an examination of the serious allegations. Ms. Bergdolt, how do you rate the […]

This is how digital asset managers are doing in the corona crisis

Industry experts have been waiting for such a difficult situation on the capital markets for years: will the so-called robo-advisors run away from customers? Is your new business now on hold? A survey by the Handelsblatt shows: Existing customers are surprisingly nerve-wracking, and new investors are added. In terms of short-term performance, however, the picture […]