The dollar exceeded 70 rubles, the euro – 79 rubles. for the first time since mid-June

The dollar during trading at Mosbirz rose above 70 rubles. for the first time since June 15th. The euro exceeded 79 rubles. for the first time since June 16th.

As of 11:35, the dollar was worth 70.24 rubles. This is 44 kopecks. above the closing level of previous trading. The euro was worth 79.01 rubles. He went up by 68 kopecks.

The Mosbirzhi index, as of 11:48, fell by 0.43%, and the RTS – by 1%. The cost of Brent and WTI crude oil on the London ICE exchange is reduced by less than 2%, to $ 40.3 and $ 37.89, respectively.


The dollar exceeded 70 rubles, the euro – 79 rubles. for the first time since mid-June

The dollar during trading at Mosbirz rose above 70 rubles. for the first time since June 15th. The euro exceeded 79 rubles. for the first time since June 16th.

As of 11:35, the dollar was worth 70.24 rubles. This is 44 kopecks. above the closing level of previous trading. The euro was worth 79.01 rubles. He went up by 68 kopecks.

The Mosbirzhi index, as of 11:48, fell by 0.43%, and the RTS – by 1%. The cost of Brent and WTI crude oil on the London ICE exchange is reduced by less than 2%, to $ 40.3 and $ 37.89, respectively.


The dollar exceeded 70 rubles, the euro – 79 rubles. for the first time since mid-June

The dollar during trading at Mosbirz rose above 70 rubles. for the first time since June 15th. The euro exceeded 79 rubles. for the first time since June 16th.

As of 11:35, the dollar was worth 70.24 rubles. This is 44 kopecks. above the closing level of previous trading. The euro was worth 79.01 rubles. He went up by 68 kopecks.

The Mosbirzhi index, as of 11:48, fell by 0.43%, and the RTS – by 1%. The cost of Brent and WTI crude oil on the London ICE exchange is reduced by less than 2%, to $ 40.3 and $ 37.89, respectively.


Athens’ first mosque to open in the fall

The project, which has been going on for more than a decade, had once again had to be delayed because of the Covid-19 epidemic. Saturday, June 27, the Greek Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs announced that the first official mosque in Athens (since the country’s independence, in the early XIXe century) should finally open its doors in a few months. The building is located in Elaionas, a former industrial district of the capital.

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“Procedures have been partly delayed due to the pandemic, but we are accelerating work and the mosque should open by the end of autumn”, said the ministry in a press release sent to Agence France-Presse. Contacted by the latter, another government source estimated that the end of October could be a realistic date for the opening, “If there is no new containment”.

Opposition from the Orthodox Church

The project to build an official mosque in Athens, the only European capital that does not currently have one, was launched in 2007. But it quickly met with very strong opposition from the extremely powerful Orthodox Church in Greece , which had considerably delayed the works. The former primate of Athens, Mgr Christodoulou, had in fact been right with a first project, decided in preparation for the 2004 Olympic Games, and the site chosen in 2000 near the airport. “There is no question that tourists arriving in the country see a minaret as their first monument! “, he rebelled at the time.

While the neo-Nazi party has also demonstrated in recent years against the project, the country also maintains a complicated relationship with Islam. In the wake of the occupation, for almost four centuries (from 1453 to 1821), by the Ottoman Empire, its inhabitants developed a strong nationalist feeling against Muslim Turkey. A feeling which has been reinforced since then by the exchange of the Greco-Turkish populations in 1922, and by the disputed Turkish occupation of a part of Cyprus…

Places of improvised worship

The new Athenian place of worship, whose construction, with state funds was completed in 2019, will accommodate 350 worshipers. The capital is estimated to have around 250,000 Muslims. So far, the only mosques in Greece have been located in the border region with Turkey, where a Turkish minority of 150,000 people resides. Elsewhere in the country, Muslims, largely refugees and migrants, use improvised places of worship, often in apartments or cellars.

This week, the Muslim Association of Greece protested the imminent closure of a prayer hall in Piraeus, which had been open since 1989. Authorities said the place had not received a permit, but could get one and reopen after evaluation.


US oil shale pioneer declares bankruptcy

Chesapeake Energy, one of the first in the United States to begin exploration and production of shale oil, filed for bankruptcy. She sent the documents to the District Bankruptcy Court in Texas, according to the company’s website.

Chesapeake Energy asks the court for protection under Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Act, which allows for the reorganization of the company. The company’s debt is estimated at about $ 7 billion, the report said. Losses of Chesapeake Energy in the I quarter of 2020 amounted to $ 8.3 billion, liquidity at the end of March – $ 82 million. Previously, the company entered into an agreement with creditors. According to him, companies will provide a loan of $ 925 million and another $ 600 million for the issuance of debt bills.

Since January, Chesapeake shares have fallen by more than 93%, from $ 172 to $ 11.85, according to data at the close of trading on Friday, June 26. In early June, Bloomberg, citing sources, said that control of the company could go to one of the main lenders. According to CNBS, including Franklin Templeton, which manages assets, and Fidelity Investments, which provides financial services.

US shale oil producers write off up to $ 300 billion of assets in the second quarter of 2020, in the first quarter they wrote off assets of $ 38 billion. According to Deloitte estimates, 30% of shale oil developers can go bankrupt with an average oil price of $ 35 per barrel (in this quarter it is still $ 27), and another 20% will experience serious financial problems. According to the New York Times, about two dozen U.S. oil producers have already filed applications since the beginning of the year by resorting to Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Act. By the end of May, US average daily oil production fell to 11.2 million barrels from more than 13 million barrels in March, according to the Energy Information Administration. A decrease in production of approximately 1.75 million barrels this spring is directly related to the cessation of work on existing wells, according to IHS Markit. According to her forecasts, most of the production will be able to return by the end of September.


With short friendly visas – Kommersant

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Russians won all sorts at the first online rhythmic gymnastics tournament

Russian athletes won in all disciplines at the international online rhythmic gymnastics tournament (held for the first time). The competition was attended by the teams of Russia, Israel, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. The Russians performed in Moscow at the Irina Viner-Usmanova Gymnastics Palace.

Ball Exercises:

  1. Arina Averina, Russia (25.90 points);
  2. Lina Ashram, Israel (25.30 points);
  3. Daria Trubnikova, Russia (23.10 points).

Hoop exercises:

  1. Dina Averina, Russia (25.15 points);
  2. Arina Averina, Russia (23.90 points);
  3. Ekaterina Fetisova, Uzbekistan (21.20 points).

Exercises with tape:

  1. Dina Averina, Russia (20.50 points);
  2. Anastasia Guzenkova, Russia (20.35 points);
  3. Diana Svertsov, Israel (16.55 points).

Mace Exercises:

  1. Anastasia Guzenkova, Russia (24.15 points);
  2. Nicole Zelikman, Israel (23.80 points);
  3. Daria Trubnikova, Russia (23.35 points).

In group exercises with five goals, the Russian team became the first with a score of 32.80 points, the second – the team of Uzbekistan with a score of 32.05 points, reports TASS. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the event was held without spectators.


the recap’ of the first round, and the stakes of the second

It is left for the second round of the municipal elections ! The polls are open since 8 a.m. this Sunday morning, three months after the first round of the march 15, 2020. Sixteen million citizens are called to go to the polls to elect their mayor and their municipal councillors. 4 897 cities and boroughs (in Paris, Lyon and Marseille) are affected by this second round. In the 30 000 other communes, the municipal team has been elected in the first round.

Elections in an exceptional context

These municipal elections have been disrupted by the health crisis related to the pandemic due to the coronavirus. On the eve of the first round, on march 14, 2020, Édouard Philippe announces the closure of all “places open to the public which are not indispensable to the life of the country “ to stem the epidemic. But the prime minister holds the ballot of the next day, provided “strictly adhere to the instructions of aloofness and prioritization of the elderly and vulnerable “.

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The first round, therefore, takes place as planned on 15 march. But coup de théâtre : in an address to 20 hours, Monday, 16 march, Emmanuel Macron said the establishment of the containment. The second round of the municipal elections, to be held on 22 march in accordance with the electoral code, which is then carried over.

The act of 23 march 2020 on the state of public health emergency, provides for a deferral “no later than June 2020, due to exceptional circumstances related to the mandatory protection of the population to address the epidemic of Covid-19 “. The election on 15 march, is validated, and the lists and the candidates elected in the first round are invested once the confinement lifted.

At the end of may, the government fixed the second round in June 28. A date consistent with the Constitution according to the Sages. The candidates then have until 2 June to submit their lists to the prefecture. The election was however postponed for the French Guiana and Mayotte, because of the health situation of the two departments.

A first round marked by abstention

The winner of the first round is the abstention. 55,34 % of the voters did not go to the polls on march 15. A record for municipal elections, nearly 20 percentage points more than in 2014. The Covid-19 explains, of course, this high level of abstention. Even though health measures have been put in place, many of the French have preferred not to go to vote, to avoid being contaminated or contaminating others.

Result, some mayors elected in the first round have been with little voices compared to the number of students enrolled. The poll seems to have been favourable to the incumbent mayor, who represent 75 % of the councillors elected on 15 march. In the first round, the lists various right have harvested 17,28 % of the votes cast, and those various left, 15,10 %.

The Republicans maintain a quarantine of cities of over 20,000 inhabitants, particularly in the Alpes-Maritimes, like in Cannes, or in the Île-de-France. The left could, for its part, to rely on its local roots. 500 candidates Socialist party or related parties, and 200 heads of lists communists have been elected. France Insubordinate is victorious in ten municipalities of over 1,000 inhabitants. The national Rally canned in the first round as seven of its nine bastions premises, including in the cities of Hénin-Beaumont in the North, or in Fréjus, in the Var.

As for the presidential majority (lists of the centre and The Republic in March), she manages to get a sixty cities, often after being combined with the left or right.

A second round crucial for 1 500 common

The French have yet to elect nearly 4 900 municipal councils, of which more than 3 450 in towns of less than 1,000 inhabitants. This second round will therefore be quite decisive in 1 500 communes.

In Paris, the voters will have to decide between the mayor outbound Anne Hidalgo, along with the list EELV, Rachida Dati, candidate LR and Agnes Buzyn, head of the list for LREM. A triangular female favorable to the mayor PS, which was attended by 29 % of the votes for the first round.

Other city to follow on Sunday, Bordeaux, where the right is allied with the presidential party to try to retain the town hall. Nicolas Florian, outgoing mayor LR, who obtained 35 % of the vote, is based on Thomas Cazenave, candidate LREM, to counter the list led by EELV, the PS and the PCF, which was attended by 34 % of the vote.


In Orleans, the first priests of the “generation Covid” ordained this weekend

The formula, a little hasty, made them smile or frown. However, the future priests of this “generation Covid “that The Cross met at the seminary interdiocesan of Orleans, readily acknowledge that the period, as unexpected as singular, the containment will remain etched in their memories.

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However, the most Orleans, almost all of the seminarians have lived scattered in the parish, closer to the daily realities that they are about to live, in embracing the life of a diocesan priest. Throughout their training, rather, it is the continuing revelation of scandals of sexual abuse in the Church that has marked harshly for their generation.

An indelible imprint ?

Then, this epidemic can have a profound influence on the next ministry of those who have been ordained the year, where a large part of the world was confined ? One thing is certain, it has had concrete consequences for Thibault Riès, 27, who will be ordained a priest for the diocese of Blois on 23 August, instead of Sunday 28 June.

In Orleans, the first priests of the

Well-groomed beard, neck and roman sandals, the young man already seems perfectly comfortable in his future mission. If he has not discovered the life at the rectory during the confinement, he has proven for two consecutive months ; a first.

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“I felt more deeply my limits and my weaknesses “says Thibault Riès, speaking with a maturity that makes you forget his age. Sensitive to the attention exacerbated the most vulnerable and isolated during the confinement, he wishes to place this concern at the centre of his ministry.

Beliefs shattered or strengthened

Participating in the proposals of the parish of Blois with the parish priest and his vicar, he has experienced the absence of the community. “I knew that a priest could not be and act alone, but I have become more aware that it should not, provides the seminarian, joining the debate still current about the place of the laity, especially women. We can think of that alone, it gains in efficiency, but I have the conviction that the mission should be increased to several and it is not built anything lasting without the parishioners. “

In Orleans, the first priests of the

This period has been able to shake a few, or strengthen the beliefs of some other. Large stature and long hair, Franck Valadier, 34 years, will be ordained a deacon to the priesthood, Saturday, July 4, for the diocese of Evry. This former boxing champion, who is very active in social action for the containment, has matured his own vision of the priest : the less a theologian, but more on the ground.

Confrontation with the reality of parish

The ordeal of confinement and the prolonged contact with priests, often much older than them, will, without doubt, as a developer or an accelerator to the discernment of the vocation of the seminarians, especially the younger people.

Jegani Arockiasamy happens to him, at the end of a long training he has began in India and continued at the seminary of Orleans. His ordination was to take place in early July in India, before he came to serve in the diocese of Saint-Claude (Jura), but the date was postponed because of the epidemic.

“During this period, I experienced a bit like a spiritual retreat, far away from my family, my country, my culture, I have become more aware of all that I had forsaken to follow Christ and become a priest in France “says he, rejoicing in his mission.

In Orleans, the first priests of the

The confrontation with the reality of the parish was also made to reflect on Emmanuel Renault, age 31, who will be ordained on the 13th of September for the diocese of Limoges. Confined to the rectory of Saint-Junien, (Haute-Vienne) with the two parish priests of his parish home, the seminarian has appreciated the support of the lives of several.

“The question of loneliness has always been a concern as to whether I would be able to face, he says. This experience I reinforced the idea that I need a life community to regularly share meals, pray and just talk. “


“The experience of the actual conditions of the life of a priest “

Father Laurent Tournier, rector of the interdiocesan of Orléan

“About ten months a year on training, two months of confinement in the parish, it is far from being negligible. Without making too much of it, it is certain that our seminarians have lived a very strong experience of the actual conditions of the life of a priest.

They perceived that give themselves to Christ was not words, it’s no longer belongs : it is necessary to manage the funeral, the calls for help, the animation of the parish, but also make the races… They have experienced material poverty and human of the Church, without that this is a scoop, and at the same time its creativity and vitality. “


The owner compared the LADA Vesta Luxe Prestige 2016 and 2018

Then acknowledged the second sedan “raw”.

Photo: LADA Vesta Luxe Prestige source

The user portal nick ibragim-05 instead of a sedan LADA Vesta 2016 in picking Luxe Prestige bought the same car in 2018. Later, the owner compared both “Vase”.

The first thing he saidthat drive LADA Vesta 16 year three thousand kilometers of eighty, he faced a breakage of the steering column, and then replaced the current-carrying coil and stabilizer. In addition, the lack of climate control did not give the motorist peace. For that reason, took over the new “news” in the configuration Luxe Prestige, as it was confident in its finalization.

First, the owner could not get enough of cruise and climate control, but after driving 1,800 kilometers realizedthat his LADA Vesta 2018 rulitsya heavier than the former: “the steering are given more difficult”. In addition, the quality of materials has deteriorated. This despite the fact that portal users repeatedly talked about “very scratched oak plastic”, “rubber products bad quality” and “low-grade materials used in the seats, even in the Suite”.

According to the owner, on the old “West” in comparison with the new there was no noise in the cabin, nor the howling of the instrument panel. The only thing that bothered him is the limiter the driver’s door, which was too tight. In the end, he said that did not feel a strong difference doorstop, and “buns” in the form of extra bulbs, enlarged glove box, a separate button for heated windscreen, arm rest, changed fuel cap, and seat heating, not met expectations.

If you compare the price of LADA Vesta in picking Luxe Prestige in the secondary market, it turns out that the sedan 2016 will cost 460 000 rubles, and in 2018 — 650 000-730 000. Based on the words of the owner and user, “Drom” leads to the conclusion that to get the old version cheaper than a new one.

Photo: LADA Vesta Luxe Prestige source

Thus, the portal “Lada.Online” reported that brand removed package Luxe Prestige due to low demand. The company’s management did not deny the information based on the information of monitoring of labels and modifications.