Kuděrmětovová – Ka. Plíšková 4: 6, 6: 4, 6: 3, Czech fiasco completed! Plíšková burned down in the first match

Jaroslav Ožana, ČTK

Seven home players took part in the singles and, like Plíšková and Muchová, the qualifier Barbora Krejčíková finished in the second round. Barbora Strýcová, Kristýna Plíšková, Kateřina Siniaková and Tereza Martincová finished in the first round.

Petra Kvitová canceled the week before the tournament because it ended the season. Markéta Vondroušová was not put into the game by a positive test for covid-19.

Plíšková played the first tournament after being eliminated in the second round of Roland Garros and won the set in the first set thanks to the break from the fifth game. Even at the beginning of the second set, she went to the break for 2: 1, Russia then took a break for treatment and then regained service. She served well and did not let the Czech Republic play more actively with long balls.

Karolína Plíšková in the match against Veronika Kuděrmětová from Russia.

Jaroslav Ožana, ČTK

At the end of the second set, Plíšková managed to delete one break, but then did not keep the serve again. At the beginning of the third set, the sixth player in the world lost quickly Plíšková 0: 3, although she reduced it to 3: 4 and served, but she lost her service with a clean game. In the following game, qualifier Kuděrmětovová finished the match with the tenth ace.

I left, I didn’t find the energy, it bothered Mucha

As in the opening round, Muchová could take the opponent’s serve in the first game, but did not use any of the four breakballs. “I had two on the racket and it didn’t finish, it probably decided the first set,” she said on Czech television.

Two games later, she had another chance to break through Mertens’ service and failed again. She didn’t get to breakballs for the rest of the match. “She served well and I didn’t shine on the turn,” admitted Muchová, who lost the serve and thus the first set in the tenth game.

Karolína Muchová from the Czech Republic in a match against Elise Mertensová from Belgium at the tournament in Ostrava.

Jaroslav Ožana, ČTK

In the second set, the Belgian was better. “Sure, I could have played better, fought more, but I couldn’t wake it up,” said Muchová, 24.

Ons Jaburova from Tunisia beat Latvia Jelena Ostapenkova twice 6: 4 and is in the quarterfinals for the fifth time this year. Aryna Sabalenkova from Belarus succeeded in turning around. The tournament trio has already lost to American qualifier Cori Gauff in the third set 2: 5, but in the end they succeeded in the tie-break and won the match 2: 6, 7: 5, 7: 6 (7: 2).

Karolína Muchová in the round of 16 of the tournament in Ostrava.

Jaroslav Ožana, ČTK

The defeatist Barbora Strýcová from the 1st round Džabúrová played, among other things, the quarterfinals of the Australian Open this year. For the first semifinal of the year, he will compete with the Greek Maria Sakkari on Friday, who eliminated the tournament number one Elina Svitolinová.

Sixteen-year-old Gauff served twice in the third set to win, but Sabalenka deflected the elimination with an aggressive play and won in two and a quarter hours. “She moved very well and it was difficult to end the exchanges against her. I didn’t think about the situation and played the ball on the ball,” said the world twelve, who turned the swordball with an ace. In the quarterfinals, he will play with another qualifier Sara Sorribes from Spain.

In the semifinals of the doubles, Siniaková and Krejčíková, after winning over the Swiss-Polish pair Jil Teichmannová, Magda Linetteová 6: 4, 2: 6 and 10: 5 in a super tie-break, in which they quickly led 7: 0. “It helped us a lot that we started the super tie-break well. We are happy for the progress,” said Krejčíková.

Goffin lost his first match in Antwerp after coronavirus

The break after the coronavirus infection was reflected in the Belgian tennis player David Goffin, and after a poor performance, the home favorite lost the first match at the ATP tournament in Antwerp. The number one seed was not enough for the American Marcos Giron, who lost 3: 6 and 5: 7.

Giron has had surgery on both hips, right in December 2015 and left two months later. “I didn’t know that. After two hip surgeries, it’s amazing how he moved and how strong he was on his legs. He must have had a great surgeon,” said Goffin, the world number four and finalist of the 2017 Champions Tournament.

Covidem-19 fell ill before the tournament in St. Petersburg, quarantined with mild symptoms. But the lack of preparation for the event in Antwerp was obvious. He made a lot of mistakes and helped Giron, the 94th player in the rankings, to win over the top 20 opponent in his career and to advance to the quarterfinals.

“I fought, but it was up and down. I had a few games, but then there were three unforced mistakes,” Goffin added.

J&T Bank Ostrava Open
Singles – Round 2:
Muchová (CZE) – Mertens (7-Belg.) 4: 6, 2: 6
Kuděrmětovová (RUS) – Karolina Pliskova (2-CR) 4: 6, 6: 4, 6: 3
Jaburova (TUN) – Ostapenkova (LVA) 6: 4, 6: 4
Sabalenkova (3-Bel) – Gauff (USA) 1: 6, 7: 5, 7: 6 (6: 2)
Bradyová (USA) – Kasatkinová (Rus.) 7:5, 6:2.
Doubles Quarterfinals:
Krejčíková, Siniaková (2-CZ) – Linette, Teichmann (Polish / Swiss) 6: 4, 2: 6, 10: 5
Friday’s program of J&T Banka Ostrava Open 2020:
Center court (14:00):
Sakkari (GRE) – Jaburova (TUN)
Azarenková (4-BEL) – Mertens (7-Belg.)
not earlier than 18:00
Kuděrmětovová (RUS) – Bradyová (USA)
Sorribesová (Šp.) – Sabalenková (3-Běl.)
COLOGNE (hard surface, allowance 325 610 euros):
Singles – Round 2:
Schwartzman (2-ARG) – Otte (DEU) 6: 3, 6: 2
Simon (Fr.) – Shapovalov (3-Kan.) 6: 1, 4: 6, 6: 2
Nisioka (JPN) – Struff (7-DEU) 2: 6, 6: 3, 7: 6 (7: 3)
Sinner (It.) – Herbert (Fr.) 6:3, 6:1.
ANTWERP (hard surface, subsidy 472 590 euros):
Singles – Round 2:
Chačanov (3-Rus.) – Bergs (Belg.) 5: 7, 6: 4, 6: 4
Raonic (5-Kan.) – Norrie (Brit.) 7:5, 7:6 (7:4)
Giron (USA) – Goffin (1-Belg.) 6:3, 7:5
Harris (JAR) – Fritz (7-USA) 7:5, 7:6 (7:3).


The “shepherdess” artist Bonaria Manca – Lazio dies

He was 95 years old. Sgarbi, “we will always be grateful”

(ANSA) – ROME, OCTOBER 17 – Bonaria Manca, the “shepherd” artist of Sardinian origins, was 95 years old, who died in the night between 16 and 17 October in Tuscania in the Lazio region of Tuscia, where she left her museum house.

“From Sardinia to Tuscia, the imperturbable and timeless Bonaria Manca has left us, in the paintings and on the walls of her house, the dream of a world she lived and lost by us, living it for us and transferring it to painting. we will be forever grateful “comments Vittorio Sgarbi on learning of the atypical artist’s death. To give the announcement of his death, the municipal administration of Tuscania.

Self-taught artist, over the years he had transformed his apartment into a small museum, The House of Symbols: on all the walls, strictly hand painted, scenes of peasant life, the sea, the washerwomen at the river are depicted. And again, animals, religious characters and surreal figures on the border between reality and fantasy. Crossing those rooms means making a journey that starts from the childhood spent in his native Orune, in Sardinia, up to Tuscania, where Bonaria Manca had moved in 1957. His works have been exhibited as well as in Rome, Turin, Viterbo and Cagliari also in Paris, Lyon, Geneva, Thessaloniki, Marseille and the Netherlands. In 2000, she was appointed Unesco ambassador.

“Bonaria is supported by an extraordinary multifaceted spontaneism that makes her live in the present with her own child world” said Sgarbi, who had participated with the French filmmaker Jean-Marie Drot in 2015 in the making of an award-winning documentary on the life of artist, L’Isola di Bonaria, by Jo Lattari under the direction of Luigi Simone. Also in November 2015 the Ministry of Cultural Heritage decreed the artist’s studio of the Casa dei Simboli (the island of Bonaria of the documentary) and today it is a House Museum. (HANDLE).