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What greater sacrifice than spending weeks locked up at home because of the coronavirus? The bishops of several dioceses in the United States must have asked themselves, who in recent days have lifted part of the restrictions of Lent. A bishop of New Jersey, with 600,000 faithful in his diocese of Metuchen, has allowed meat to be eaten on Fridays, except that of April 10 because it is Good Friday. The numbers of the epidemic in the United States have grown exponentially in recent days.

“Given the difficulties in obtaining some types of food and the many other sacrifices that we are suddenly undergoing, I have granted a dispensation from abstaining from eating meat on Fridays for the remainder of Lent,” Bishop James F. Checchio has published. , on the Twitter account of his diocese. Abstaining from eating meat is one of the precepts of the liturgical season that precedes Holy Week.

As collected The Washington Post, Many other bishops have granted dispensations. A Louisiana state bishop, Shelton J. Fabre, believes that the coronavirus has put “most, if not all” of its faithful in a situation that complicates making food, “including alternatives to meat.” In a pastoral message, he also pointed out that “the rise in the price of fish and shellfish, and even the risk of going shopping without putting health at risk” clearly “make it difficult” to comply with the precept, and he has so stated in the Web page from the diocese of Houma Thibodaux. Of them, those who eat meat can compensate with charity or pious works, the religious recalled.

The American newspaper details other consequences in religious practice of the coronavirus crisis, such as the concern of many priests that, by imposing ash on the foreheads of his faithful as is customary on Ash Wednesday, could facilitate contagion. Since the beginning of March, and in line with what happened in other countries, numerous Catholic churches in the United States, more than 50 million people, they stopped allowing the wine consecrated during the Eucharist to be drunk from the chalice, a practice that, in the case of the Greek Orthodox Church it has continued to be practiced.


UEFA suspends Champions League and Europa League

The Champions League and Europa League are also frozen by the coronavirus crisis. Despite the fact that UEFA allowed this Thursday the dispute of two open-door matches of the second continental competition, and four without an audience – it had already suspended Sevilla-Rome and Inter-Getafe due to, according to the orgamism, the closure of flights between Spain and Italy-, this Friday has reacted and has decided that next week’s meetings are suspended. City-Madrid and Juventus-Lyon had already been canceled, due to the quarantine of the white squad and Vecchia Signora, but now the duel of Barcelona against Naples and Bayern-Chelsea is also slowing down, the London team with a positive in their ranks: Callum Hudson Odoi.

So far, UEFA has only made the decision on next week’s matches and the Champions League and Europa League draw to be held on Friday 20. “The decisions made on those matches will be communicated later.” What does that mean? Well, there is a wide range of options, which will be attempted on Tuesday, when The body that governs football in Europe has called a video conference with the representatives of the 55 member associations of this entity, the clubs, the players union to decide on the response of continental football to the coronavirus. Even the suspension of the Eurocup from the 12 venues, one of which is Bilbao, is not ruled out.

As for domestic competitions, little by little they all take the same path: suspension. The German Bundesliga is also slowed by the coronavirus epidemic. There will be a day this weekend behind closed doors, but from Tuesday to April 2, soccer in this country will stop. Few competitions are left alive due to the crisis caused by the new pathogen. In France, despite the decision to play behind closed doors until mid-April, the measures taken by the Emmanuel Macron government have caused football to be canceled with immediate effect. And in England everything points to his suspension being decreed this Friday.

Despite the fact that the Premier intended to continue normally, beyond the initial suspension of Arsenal-City by the quarantine of the ‘gunners’ footballers for having been in contact with the owner of the Olympicos, positive for coronavirus. However, in the last hours, circumstances have caused the situation to be reconsidered. Why? Because Mikel Arteta, Arsenal coach, has tested positive, as well as Callum Hudson Odoi, a Chelsea footballer who was absent from training on Monday due to a mild cold and confirmed this Thursday that he has become infected with the new pathogen. Further, three Leicester footballers are suspected of contracting the disease, as announced by his own technician.

In the rest of Europe, soccer has stopped. Neither Spain, nor Portugal, nor Italy, nor the Netherlands -which has caused the suspension of the friendly between the ‘oranje’ group and La Roja in Amsterdam -… In Asia, China, South Korea and Japan they have been without football for a long time, and the qualifying rounds for the World.

In South America, Conmebol has been suspended, as well as the qualifying rounds for the World Cup, scheduled for the end of March, in this case so that the players who play in Europe do not import the new pathogen.


Valls flirts with a return to the French political scene

For weeks, Manuel Valls has been dropped by the French media. An interview here, some statements or an opinion text there. After having disappeared from the French political scene to devote himself to the Spanish municipal elections of 2019, the former French minister does not rule out returning to the politics of his country of adoption. At the moment he has no plan and is not a “candidate for anything,” he says in an interview with ‘Le Monde’ published this Friday, but wants to be “useful” to the French and does not rule out even joining the government if they asked.

Valls does not seem to be the only one to consider this idea. The hypothesis of the return of Catalan is the subject of discussion among the directors of the Elysium in recent weeks, as revealed by different media. The former socialist, today a councilor in the city of Barcelona after failing in his attempt to win the session, has regained a “regular contact” with President Emmanuel Macron, as revealed to the newspaper. His relations, which were icy when he led the Government of François Hollande and Macron was then Minister of Economy, have been “softened,” says Valls, who says he also maintains “good relations” with numerous members of the Government and the party founded by the current president, The Republic in March.

«I have not disappeared, I come regularly to Paris», acknowledges Valls, who has multiplied his public appearances in recent weeks, in which he always takes the opportunity to express his loyalty to Emmanuel Macron and his support for his policies. On February 28, in an interview with the RTL radio, he applauded the plan to fight “Islamist separatism,” launched by the president on the eve. This week he defended the Government in his recourse to article 49.3 of the Constitution to approve, without the need to vote in the National Assembly, the controversial reform of the pension system, a mechanism “in no case undemocratic,” he said, and to which he He resorted several times when he was prime minister.

Experienced profile

Courtship could be paying off. According to ‘Le Monde’, among the faithful to the president these pildoritas that Valls leaves here and there are interpreted as a sample of his disposition to integrate the Government in case of a future remodeling, and some even speculate with the Defense, Foreign portfolios or Interior. The former Prime Minister would provide “an experienced profile” to a team in which heavyweights are not lavished, a member of the Executive trusts the newspaper, could attract the Social Democratic voter and also provide a firm image on issues such as secularism or security.

Entering the Government “is a decision that only belongs to the president of the Republic or the prime minister,” he says in the interview, and ensures that he “is not a candidate for anything” anyway and has no “plan.” But he also states that, at 57, “I am not completely finished. I can still contribute to the debate ». France, moreover, “is my only homeland,” I trusted “Le Parisien” a week ago, “and I have never left or forgotten the country that has given me so much.”


The desire for sex increases on vacation – but not only with your partner

travel Relationship killer vacation

More desire for sex – but not only with your partner

Vacationers are generally more relaxed than at home, and the willingness to flirt increases. For some couples, this can revitalize the partnership, for others, however, the newly awakened lust becomes a relationship killer.

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Sönke Kruger

Vacation and sex belong together - but not always only for those who actually belong together Vacation and sex belong together - but not always only for those who actually belong together

Vacation and sex belong together – but not always only for those who actually belong together

Credit: Getty Images / Matthew Micah Wright

BAs you know, inhibitions and covers like to fall on vacation. However, a recent survey by the travel agent holiday pirates gives cause for concern: many holidaymakers are morally shabby and holidays seem to pose a real danger to relationships.

Okay, that 44 percent of those surveyed have sex more often during the holidays than at home, which is not particularly surprising, after all, on vacation you are more relaxed, relaxed or just drunk than at home.

But a questionable 28 percent said they flirt more frequently than usual on the go in other regions or countries, and more than half went far beyond smiling and making beautiful eyes: 55 percent had a tech quack on vacation, but it was 28 percent resulted in a one-night stand, while 14 percent developed much more because the amorous adventure ended in a (new) relationship.

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Now everyone knows that holidaymakers are mostly not singles, but couples, regardless of whether they are married, engaged or married without a marriage certificate. However, if the majority of tourists – namely 55 percent – tend to go on holiday affairs, this also applies to the majority of couples who have traveled. To put it bluntly, one could say that a vacation has the potential to become a relationship killer.

One in five dreams of sex on a plane

That coincides, albeit with less blatant numbers, with another survey carried out in 2018 by the dating agency Elitepartner. There, eleven percent admitted that they had experienced a lull in sex on vacation with their partner, nine percent revealed that they had broken off on vacation or shortly afterwards, four percent cheated on vacation, and five percent complained that they had been cheated on, when the partner traveled alone. We see: vacation and sex belong together, but unfortunately not automatically for people who actually belong together.

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Anyone who fears that his or her spouse or girlfriend could go moral or sexual abuses on the next vacation should be particularly suspicious of other travelers: According to the vacation pirate survey, they are the largest group (20 percent) of those with whom tourists get involved , So it is better not to make friends with the good-looking couple from the neighboring table, but rather with the overweight pensioners at the hotel pool.

Caution should also be exercised with housekeeping, waiters and concierges: after all, in eight percent of the cases, the respondents had erotic experiences with hotel employees. On the other hand, the all-clear can be given to pilots and stewardesses: Although one in five (22 percent) dreams of sex on a plane, only two percent have ever been intimate above the clouds.

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