DECISION 2018: Gillum Grants Governor Race; Senate too close to call

For the results of the complete 2018 elections, click here. After months of campaign, millions of political announcements and thousands of miles traveled among the candidates, Election Day came with decisive competitions since the balance of power in the United States government rests partly in Florida. voters are choosing a US senator, a new governor […]

The Floridians participate in the elections centered on the management of Donald Trump

Florida residents went to the poll on Tuesday to cast votes in mid-term elections in a process that was usually held and seen as a referendum on the management of US President Donald Trump. Voting tables started at 7:00 a.m. and in some there was a great flow of voters unlike other elections held in […]

Delta passenger says he found dog feces in his seat, the manager said: “This is not my problem.”

ATLANTA – A passenger from Delta Airlines said he was scared after stepping on a large amount of dog waste as he boarded the flight and that a manager told him it was not his problem if the cleaning crew had not done his job. "It was stool and it was everywhere. It was in […]

90-hour flight from hell after massive delays in British Airways

A dream vacation from FAMILY to Disney World was ruined after British Airways left them stranded for 90 hours and their child was forced to spend their anniversary on an airplane. The furious passengers of London's 2036 flight in Orlando, Florida, fired the airline to leave children hungry, tired and without bed to sleep on […]

The yoga shootout seems to have made misogynist videos

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – A veteran veteran and former professor seemed to have made videos of women and blacks, years before killing two women in a Florida yoga study, they injured other five people and then killed themselves. Friday night at a luxury shopping center shook the state's capital and the police said they were still […]

The new Florida shootout leaves three dead and four injured

A new shootout in Florida, more specifically in Tallahassee, left three new deaths, including the person responsible for filming. This was explained by Michale DeLeo, city police chief. An armed man, who has not yet revealed more information, was entering a yoga study on Friday where he started firing the people there. According to the […]

Deadly Shots no Yoga Studio: Sagittarius Dead

Three dead and several seriously injured: in Florida, a man fired with himself in a yoga study. Several present should resist. In a yoga study in Tallahassee, Florida, a man shot dead at least two people and severely injured several others on Friday. Later, the shooter died, he possibly had the weapon against himself, police […]

1 Dead, Multiple shot injuries in the Tallahassee Yoga Studio

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP): A shooter killed one person and criticized four others in a yoga study in the capital of Florida before he was killed on Friday. During informative communication on Friday night, Tallahassee police chief Michael DeLeo said four people were in critical condition after the shooting, which took place in a small shopping […]

Trump claims that the third of Americans sees the media as “people’s enemies” without providing any evidence

Donald Trump stated that a third of Americans see the media as "the enemy of the people." He has not provided any evidence for the figure, quoted during a campaign concentration in Florida before the next middle term elections. The president opened the demonstration saying to the supporters a protest about his visit to Pittsburgh […]

Cesar Sayoc was “somebody lost”, but later found a father in Trump, the family lawyer told CNN

Amy B Wang Reporter of general assignment that covers national news and last minute Matt Zapotosky National security reporter that encompasses the Department of Justice Sari Horwitz Reporter covering the Department of Justice and criminal justice issues for the Washington Post national security team October 27 at 11:48 a. C. When Cesar Altieri Sayoc was […]