What are the effective remedies for annoying (and painful) leg cramps

10 September 2020 – 17:59

They can be caused by too much exercise, poor posture but also dehydration. They strike above all the calf, the back of the thigh and the foot

of Antonella Sparvoli

It catches you suddenly and causes intense pain, but fortunately it doesn’t last long. If it happens during a sports competition it can mark the end of the competition: we are talking about the cramp. The cramp an involuntary and painful contracture of a muscle or a part of it – explains Gianfranco Beltrami, specialist in sports medicine and national vice president of the Italian Sports Medical Federation -. Among the districts most often affected there are the calf, the back of the thigh and the foot. What are they due to? In sports, in which cramps are quite frequent, the causes are essentially two. On the one hand they can occur due to a muscle overload he was born in coming of fatigue. Over-trained and fatigued muscles contract involuntarily due to overactivation of the neuromuscular system. This type of cramp only affects the fatigued muscle. The second cause, typical of cramps in sportsmen, is given byexcessive sweating associated with decreased levels of some electrolytes, especially sodium. Electrolytes have a direct effect on cramps because they regulate water balance, nerve conduction and muscle contraction.

Infographic: Mirco Tangherlini

10 September 2020 | 17:59



These conditions can be behind itchy feet

When itching on their feet, many think first of athlete’s foot. But the stubborn fungal infection is not always to blame if you have to scratch your foot all the time. Sometimes the soles just need a little maintenance. Allergies, overload and circulatory disorders can also be to blame for the nasty itching.

Dry and sore skin are one of the most common causes of itchy feet. The skin becomes sensitive, tiny cracks and inflammation may have formed. If the feet sweat, the skin is also attacked by the excreted salts.

Dry skin often makes feet itchy

The nerve fibers then react irritated. Various messenger substances on the skin, including histamine, increase this effect. The body produces these messenger substances among other things in the course of the immune defense. So itching is always an indication that the body is on alert. Neurodermatitis and eczema also form dry areas of the skin that itch uncomfortably.

Urea and panthenol care for dry skin areas

Nourishing creams, for example with urea and panthenol, supply the skin with moisture, support the skin’s ability to bind water and promote healing. An ointment containing cortisone can also help with acute itching. Natural oils ensure the supply of fat and keep the skin supple. If the itching persists despite intensive foot care, one should continue researching the cause.

If your feet are itchy, also think about an allergy

Allergies can lead to itching of the feet. This is often triggered by certain ingredients in a foot cream, such as preservatives or fragrances. A new detergent, fabric softener, foot deodorant or shower gel can also promote the skin reaction. Food and medication are also possible. An allergy test at a dermatologist can provide clarity.Chicory pollen: it can also be an allergy. (Source: Ian Cuming / imago images)

Itchy feet due to metabolic disorders

Metabolic disorders such as gout and diabetes mellitus are also factors that cause itching. Many diabetics know the problem: a high blood sugar level promotes dry skin. In addition, diabetics generally have an increased risk of infections in their feet. In addition, nerve damage can occur in the course of the disease.

Many feet react to mechanical stimuli with itching

Many athletes are also familiar with itchy feet. The nerves on the feet often react irritably to the friction from socks and shoes as well as to the high temperatures and sweating in the sports shoes. In addition, calluses and dry areas of skin easily form when the feet are subjected to heavy loads, which also make itching easier. Cooling foot baths with essential oils such as peppermint or tea tree oil provide relief. Then put some lotion on your feet and let them “breathe”, so don’t put on your socks and shoes again.

Suspected athlete’s foot? Look at the spaces between the toesWalk well - taking care of your skin and nails prevents discomfort.  (Source: imago images)Walk well – taking care of your skin and nails prevents discomfort. (Source: imago images)

Anyone who suffers from itchy feet should take a closer look at the spaces between the toes. Athlete’s foot often shows itself first in the area of ​​the little toe as redness and flaking. Many people mistakenly think of dry skin. Sometimes small blisters also show up. A smear at the dermatologist shows whether a fungal infection is behind the itching.

Sick liver can cause itching

Other possible causes of the itching include liver, gallbladder, and kidney diseases. Then the symptoms often increase in the evening hours. Hormonal changes and stress, but also iron and zinc deficiencies as well as neurological diseases also often make the skin itchy. Also Thyroid disorders are a possible trigger. If the symptoms do not subside, you should always consult a doctor in order to rule out serious illnesses or to be able to identify them as early as possible.

Important NOTE: Under no circumstances does the information replace professional advice or treatment by trained and recognized doctors. The content of t-online.de cannot and must not be used to make independent diagnoses or to start treatments.


Ronaldinho arrived in Rio after leaving Paraguay

Former Brazilian footballer Ronaldinho, Ballon d’Or 2005, arrived on Tuesday on a private flight to Rio de Janeiro from Asuncion, the day after his release in a case of use of forged passports, AFP journalists observed.

The aircraft, a Cessna C750 jet with a capacity of eight passengers, in addition to the two Paraguayan pilots, landed at Rio International Airport shortly before 4.30 p.m. local (19.30 GMT).

The plane had taken off nearly three hours earlier from Asuncion International Airport.

In the Paraguayan capital, at the exit of the hotel where the former champion resided, dozens of fans had gathered around his luxury car to cries of “Ronaldinho we love you” and “Ronaldinho does not leave” .

The vehicle then proceeded to “Silvio Pettirossi” International Airport in Asuncion.

On the spot, the former footballer, accompanied by his brother Roberto and their Brazilian lawyer Sergio Felicio Queiroz, spoke with the authorities of the public prosecution and the immigration police to validate the protocol of their departure.

“Ronaldinho and his brother Roberto are authorized to travel from 11 a.m. local”, the Minister of the National Defense Council, Federico Gonzalez, had previously announced to the press.

Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, said Ronaldinho, and his brother Roberto were released on Monday after more than five months of detention in Paraguay. The two men were arrested on March 6 in this country for using false official documents.

The former player of FC Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain was fined $ 90,000 and has the obligation to inform Paraguayan justice of any permanent change of address.

As for his brother, he was sentenced to two years in prison, paid a fine of $ 110,000 and the obligation to appear every four months before a Brazilian judge for two years.

Paraguayan justice considered that he had knowledge of the fraud.

After being detained in a police station in Asuncion, where Ronaldinho celebrated his 40th birthday on March 21, the two brothers had been under house arrest for almost five months in a luxury hotel in the capital, against the posting of a deposit of $ 1.6 million.

Coming in particular to promote a book and a charity campaign, they are accused of having entered Paraguay in possession of forged Paraguayan passports.

About 20 people have already been arrested in connection with this case, most of them immigration officials or police.


Day 1: PSG-Metz, MHSC-OL and OM-ASSE reprogrammed mid-September

Except new report (s), only seven matches of the 1st day of Ligue 1 will take place this weekend. While the OM-ASSE shock was postponed following the 4 positive cases of covid-19 identified in the Marseille workforce, the matches of Lyon and Paris, respectively in Montpellier and against Metz, will not be able to take place either, the OL and PSG are still engaged in the final 8 of the Champions League in Lisbon.

These three meetings will take place on September 15, 16 and 17, between the 3rd and 4th days of L1, the LFP has just announced in a press release.


Friday August 21

  • 7 p.m .: Bordeaux – Nantes, on Telefoot

Saturday August 22

  • 5 p.m .: Dijon – Angers, on Telefoot
  • 9 p.m .: Lille – Rennes, on Canal+

Sunday 23 August

  • 1 p.m .: Monaco – Reims, on Telefoot
  • 3 p.m .: Lorient – Strasbourg, on Telefoot
  • 3 p.m .: Nîmes – Brest, on Telefoot
  • 17h : Nice – Lens, sur Canal+

Tuesday September 15th

  • 9 p.m .: Montpellier – Lyon, on Telefoot

Wednesday September 16

  • 9 p.m .: Paris SG – Metz, on Telefoot

Thursday September 17th

  • 9 p.m .: Marseille – St-Etienne, on Telefoot


The program of the 3rd day is known, PSG-OM on Sunday September 13

The first Classic of the season will be played on Sunday, September 13, at 9 p.m. PSG and OM will close the third day of Ligue 1, at the Parc des Princes, the LFP announced in a press release on Wednesday. Two days earlier, the opening match will pit Bordeaux against Lyon on Friday September 11.

In the meantime, Montpellier will host Nice and St-Etienne will host Strasbourg on Saturday, then Lille and Monaco will respectively challenge Metz (1 p.m.) and Nantes (5 p.m.) on Sunday. Angers-Reims, Dijon-Brest, Lorient-Lens and Nîmes-Rennes will host the 3pm multiplex.


Friday September 11

  • 9 p.m .: Bordeaux – Lyon, on Telefoot

Saturday September 12

  • 5 p.m .: Montpellier – Nice, on Telefoot
  • 9 p.m .: St-Etienne – Strasbourg, on Canal+ and Telefoot

Sunday September 13

  • 1 p.m .: Lille – Metz, on Telefoot
  • 3 p.m .: Angers – Reims, on Telefoot
  • 3 p.m .: Dijon – Brest, on Telefoot
  • 3 p.m .: Lorient – Lens, on Telefoot
  • 3 p.m .: Nîmes – Rennes, on Telefoot
  • 5 p.m .: Monaco – Nantes, on Canal+
  • 9 p.m .: Paris SG – Marseille, on Telefoot


Long absence for a midfielder

Wednesday August 12, 2020 at 11:00 p.m. -Article written by La Rédaction – React to this article

This is very bad news for the En Avant Guingamp. Indeed, his South African midfielder, Lebogang Phiri, should be absent for many months as explained by his coach Sylvain Didot in a post-match press conference.

“He left for a few months off”

Indeed, as explained West France, Didot said “It doesn’t smell good, he’s gone for a few months off.” A very fatalistic statement from the Guingampais coach who will therefore have to do without his player even before the start of the Ligue 2 season because the latter suffers from a knee discomfort.

League 2 standings

Ligue 2 result

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Juventus loses almost 10% on the stock market after its elimination

The action of the football club Juventus Turin lost some 10% Monday morning on the Milan Stock Exchange, after its elimination by Lyon in the round of 16 of the Champions League.

After losing more than 11%, the Italian club lost 9.27% ​​to 0.8378 euros around 08:00 GMT, in a market up 0.65%.

Juventus was ousted from the Champions League in the 8th despite its success in the return match against Lyon (2-1) on Friday night in Turin.

Juve, their nine Italian league titles in a row, their three C1 finals in 20 years and their five-time Ballon d’Or Cristiano Ronaldo, have folded against OL.

After this elimination and despite a new Italian league title, Juventus withdrew the management of his team from coach Maurizio Sarri on Saturday.

The club immediately announced his replacement by Andrea Pirlo, 2006 world champion with Italy and former Juventus player. Pirlo, 41, doesn’t have the slightest experience as a coach.

Also listed on the stock exchange, the Olympique Lyonnais hardly benefited from its exploit on Friday. Shortly after 11:00 a.m., the OL Groupe share gained modestly 0.93% to stand at 2.16 euros.


Why does California have low COVID-19 numbers in the US drama? – Telemundo 52

LOS ANGELES – Early confinement and other prevention measures promoted by the state government have allowed California, with more than 40 million inhabitants and some 300 deaths from COVID-19, to become an example of how to deal with the coronavirus pandemic in United States.

So far, the nation’s largest metropolis, Los Angeles, with more than 10 million citizens, has recorded fewer than 6,000 cases and 132 deaths, far from New York City, which has 8 and a half million inhabitants. and it has confirmed some 130,000 infections and more than 4,000 deaths.

“California has been doing quite well in the COVID-19 pandemic, with a relatively low number of infected per 100,000 people and a low death rate,” said Professor Karin Michels, head of the Department of Epidemiology at the School of Public Health, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA).


California Governor Gavin Newsom was one of the first in the country to enact relatively strict confinement, allowing only “essential” activities such as going to the grocery store and pharmacy, and exercising respect for safety distances between people.

In contrast, eight states – Arkansas, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, South Carolina, Utah, and Wyoming – have not mandated their residents to stay home.

“The governor issued ‘home security’ and ‘shelter’ orders relatively quickly. Universities like UCLA and other large employers closed even earlier and sent people to work, teach and study from home,” said Michels, who has extensive experience in disease prevention, public health and statistical methods.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, California schools may continue to be closed until the end of August.

Newsom also took the initiative to decree the closure of schools, which will remain closed until next year, as a preventive measure; in asking President Donald Trump to send a hospital ship to Los Angeles to support local hospitals before it reached a hypothetical peak in the number of cases, which has not yet occurred; and in closing the state’s beaches and parks.

Another point that seems to have helped so far in the exceptional case of California against COVID-19, according to experts, is the low population density of the state, which reduces the possibility of contagion and allows better compliance with the rules of social distancing.

 Despite having a large population, Californians do not live in
as dense as New Yorkers. Cities spread with
Few skyscrapers: Relative to other states, many more people in
 California lives in houses, not in apartment buildings or buildings
high, “summarizes Michels, who is based on data from a study of his


California has had a much lower per capita death rate than most of the nation’s largest states, with the exception of Texas.

“The state has a low average age and a high
density of healthcare facilities, which may have contributed to
 the low mortality rate, “explained Michels.

According to a recent study published in The Lancet, the mortality rate among those infected with 20 years of age is 0.03%, while for those 70 years of age it is 8.6%.

Cautious tone

 Californian authorities have projected alarming numbers in the
recent weeks, although so far those estimates have not been

Newsom himself foresaw two weeks ago that more than half the state’s population, or about 25 million people, would become infected, so he begged its residents to follow the guidelines to the letter.

For his part, the mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, did not hesitate to forecast that the city “would follow in the footsteps of New York” in number of cases, a catastrophic scenario that is still far away.

COVID-19 affects children differently than adults. This is what the doctors say in the following video.

The United States on Monday exceeded 10,000 deaths from coronavirus, with 10,335 and almost 350,000 infected, making it the third country with the most deaths after Italy and Spain, according to the count of the Center for Systems, Science and Engineering (CSSE) from Johns Hopkins University (Maryland).

The new data is known after this Sunday
President Donald Trump, during his usual daily press conference,
make sure “this will probably be the hardest week, between this
week and next, and there will be a lot of death. ”

The state of New York, the great epicenter of the pandemic in the United States, accumulates with these latest figures a total of 4,758 deaths and 130,689 confirmed cases of COVID-19, compared to just over 122,000 that it had a day earlier.


Walmart and Target Take New Steps to Face Covid-19 Pandemic – Telemundo Miami (51)

Target and Walmart supermarkets announce the entry into force of new measures that will be implemented starting this Saturday to combat the coronavirus crisis, a pandemic that has already claimed the lives of 191 people.

The new measures include more protection for employees, fewer customers inside stores and lines at the main entrance to enter, the idea is to comply with the recommendation of social distancing to the letter.

Men go out to the supermarket and women stay home.

As COVID-19 gains ground, restrictions in stores and supermarkets become more necessary. The concern is not only in guaranteeing the supply of basic products for the home, the protection of its workers and clients, it becomes an urgent need in the current emergency..

“I think the measures are fine, one should protect oneself and take care of the other,” said Francisco Trul, a Miami Garden resident.

In a statement, Walmart noted that as of today, Saturday: “Stores will now allow no more than five customers per 1,000 square feet at any given time, approximately 20 percent of a store’s capacity.”.

They both worked at the same store in Illinois. Neither had been to the store in more than a week, the company said.

Simultaneously Target announced that it “will actively supervise and when necessary limit the total number of people inside based on the specific square footage of the store.”.

These measures are implemented just when the United States took the lead in the number of people infected with Coronavirus worldwide.

In the current emergency after a store is at its maximum capacity, customers will be admitted on a “1-out-1-in” basis (one leaves one enters), that means that the same number of customers leaving will be the same that they enter.


Candied bodies # 5: gyrokinesis with Stephen Thompson

You dream every night of crystal-clear concentric circles, infinite spirals and the triple axles of Philippe Candoloro at the 1994 Winter Olympics. No doubt, in recent days, have you lacked space for freedom or have you unscrewed an unreasonable amount of Tokay bottles. Perhaps you still came across the conference by Belgian choreographer Anne-Teresa De Keersmaeker explaining his obsession with these geometric figures made of micro-alterations: “The spiral, she explains to the Collège de France, it is a certain concept of life. You turn, you change, then you end up on the same site as at the start but no longer in the same place. “ Like her, Canadian dancer and skater Stephen Thompson, a bronze medalist at the Lake Placid World Figure Championships, masters all the secrets of perfect circles. Without being able to slide on ice hand in hand at his side, he offers us a “confined” version with this express course of gyrokinesis, an anti-scoliosis wave practice excellent for stretching the back, from which he will soon graduate and in which the spine is supposed to perform circular movements in 3D (the sign “infinite”, therefore) like ice skates. “Thought”.

• Let’s be precise about the terms. Developed by a New York dancer (Juliu Hovath) and inspired by Pilates, classical dance, yoga, chi-gong (and almost all of the world’s somatic practices since time immemorial), the “gyrotonic »Is practiced on machines with straps, weights, SM pulleys that tie the fat of your legs like a little roast. More DIY, gyrokinesis is perfectly adapted to containment: “You just sit on a stool, your shanks at the edge, your feet firmly on the floor”, introduces Stephen Thompson.

• The first stopover of our great kinetic journey takes us to the land of the“Arch and curl” (generally speaking, somatic practices have a more pronounced effect in English). “Pull the heels under you, elbows back and arch. Then push the air in front of you with your palms, feet forward and roll up the spine. “ The bizu reflex would be to break the cervical and lumbar back during the “arch” while it is always a question of installing imaginary small airbags between each of the vertebrae. Can’t you do it? We do, bunch of losers. Stephen congratulates us on the phone: “Yes, that’s it, little air cushions.” The day starts well.

“Then take four breaths to dive your head past your knees -” curl “- look up to go vertical by inverting the curve of the back – in” arch “. Then on two breaths. Then on one. Before doing the same thing slightly diagonally. “ You should look like a pretty, laughing wavelet.

• Motivated like never, weld all of your vertebrae so as to transform your back into a solid block, which it will be a question of rocking from its base (the pelvis) like a tumble – or an old drunk aunt. “Draw a semicircle with the torso in front, right, behind, then come back to the center. And the same thing on the left, by transferring your weight thanks to the force of your feet on the ground and keeping the pelvis solid and immobile. ”

• Take the time – since this is not what is lacking – and breathe deeply the air – since it will soon be what will be lacking. Keep pitching like a bottle in the sea “By gradually moving your focus from the top of your skull, to the sternum and then to the ischia”.

• As you do not know where the ischia lies, you are currently in the process of starting knee rotations but please stop your stupidity, look on the web where these small bones are (therefore the last point of the coccyx) and resume wisely the practice.

• You should soon see a figure eight appear in space with a more or less perfect outline – symbol of infinite love which you may find it hard to feel the heat today but which could reward you with a few timid aches in the oblique tomorrow if the world is not too badly done.

“Put your hands on your shoulders crossing your arms and paddle to the right and then to the left with your elbows like kayak paddles, to make a nice twisting movement in 3D … Always the eight of infinity. By changing the quality of material in which you plunge your oar. ” Butter ? Snow? Torrent of water? And suddenly the awkward image of sculptor Camille Claudel, hobbled in her strait-jacket at the Montfavet psychiatric hospital, suddenly springs forth. This image also pursues you, endlessly.

• Free your arms from the straitjacket and gently transform yourself into a frog – in a state of passivity that should speak to you. Swim breaststroke vertically as if this little creature was also trying to get out of this stud by the ceiling (another recurring dream of recent days) and spring up with your arms “Like sparkling water”. We don’t want to know what you look like right now. It’s an intimate experience that belongs to you. Just certify to Stephen that she has done you a lot of good and almost distressed.

Eve Beauvallet