Swiss watch industry gets out of step

Rolex watches Rolex had to suspend production for ten days. (Photo: dpa) Zurich The two most important industry meetings? Called off. The production? On the back burner. And hotly awaited new models? Postponed to the next year: The corona virus and its effects have brought the Swiss watchmakers completely out of step. While large corporations […]

Rating agency S&P confirms top rating for Germany

Rating agency S&P The rating agency expects GDP in Germany to drop by almost two percent. (Photo: dpa) Berlin The rating agency S&P has confirmed Germany’s top rating. The country holds the grade “AAA / A-1 +”. The assessment reflects the strong financial buffer that Germany has. Government finances are in good shape and have […]

China’s central bank frees billions for lending

People’s Bank of China The new measure is intended to mitigate the economic consequences of the corona crisis. (Photo: Reuters) Beijing The Chinese central bank continues to boost lending in the fight against the corona crisis. Small and medium-sized banks will have to hold less cash in the future, she announced in Beijing on Friday. […]

China extends subsidies for alternative drives

Production of electric cars in China Electric car in a Beijing Electric Vehicle Co. (BJEV) production line. (Photo: dpa) Beijing China is extending its subsidies for so-called vehicles with alternative drives, which include electric cars. This emerges from a message that was published on the website of the Chinese State Council. The subsidies were supposed […]

Huawei expects a difficult year and threatens the US government

Huawei Last year the group felt the effects of export restrictions. (Photo: AFP) Shenzhen For the world’s largest network supplier, Huawei, the current year could be the most difficult in its history due to the US sanctions. Eric Xu, Chairman of the Board of Directors, warned on Tuesday that further export restrictions could destroy global […]

Gazprom wants to expand in Europe with dumping prices

Moscow Winter was warm in Germany – too warm actually. In December the average temperature was three degrees above the long-term mean, in January and February even more than four degrees. The pleasant side effect of the rather bland winter: It had to be heated much less – not only in Germany, but also with […]

German and American companies suffer so badly

A flash survey of the American Chamber of Commerce in Germany (AmCham) among 2,300 member companies now provides information for the first time on how much companies have suffered from the crisis in recent weeks. The data are available to the Handelsblatt. Accordingly, only five percent of the companies surveyed felt no effects. Every third […]

China gives the world economy new hope

Düsseldorf, Beijing Masks and face masks, virus tests and respirators: China supplies large quantities of equipment for the fight against the coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 all over the world. Chinese medical teams are also on the way to help countries from Italy to Iraq to fight the epidemic. While the US is dealing with the crisis itself, […]

US government acts against hoarding and resale of masks

Protective masks Travelers with mouthguards in Chicago: Trump has ordered that large amounts of protective masks or disinfectants should not be hoarded and made a criminal offense. (Photo: dpa) Washington The US government wants to take action against citizens in the corona virus crisis hoarding protective masks or disinfectants in large quantities in order to […]

The border between the USA and Canada is now tight

Ottawa Canada and the United States boast the longest non-military frontier. Never before had this border, which was many thousands of kilometers long, been closed completely over a longer period. This is now the case: On the night of Saturday, the regulations came into force that for the time being preclude any border crossing that […]