Beeline may refuse communication salons

VimpelCom (operating under the Beeline brand) may abandon retail ownership and transfer all of it to franchised partners. About this “Vedomosti” told two people familiar with the management of the company and its parent holding Veon. The manager of the company, a partner of VimpelCom, also knows about this.

A scenario is also being considered in which part of the salons will be closed, part – transferred to the franchisee, said one of the Vedomosti interlocutors. He and other interlocutors emphasize that a final decision has not yet been made.

In early April, Alexander Torbakhov became the new general director of VimpelCom. He is now considering various strategies for the development of retail, approves another person close to the operator.

In 2019, VimpelCom launched a program to increase retail efficiency – inefficient stores really close, says operator representative Anna Aybasheva: the whole market realized the harm of the excess of their own points of sale, all operators began to reduce it. The operator is actively transferring sales to the Internet, Aybasheva continues, now a search is in progress for the optimal ratio of its own stores and franchises. She did not comment on the possibility of transferring the entire retail franchisee.

At the end of 2019, the operator had more than 4600 stores together with a franchise (the company does not disclose the number of partner stores).

Without its own retail network, it now sells services and serves Tele2 customers. Historically, all Tele2 retail stores operate on a franchise, but the operator covers the costs of repair and rental of salons, purchases retail equipment and trains employees, the company representative Daria Kolesnikova lists: Tele2 now has 3360 outlets throughout Russia. Over the year, their number has not changed, but the share of communication salons has increased, she says. Another retail Tele2 format is smaller trading modules.

Carrier retail has always been unprofitable, said Telecom Daily CEO Denis Kuskov: in recent years, his main task was to interact with subscribers, maintain loyalty and customer retention. Now – and this was especially evident during the epidemic – retail is becoming a burden for operators: the number of their stores in the foreseeable future will be reduced by 20–25%, Kuskov believes. The desire to transfer retail to a franchise in the current situation is quite justified, he believes, for this it is necessary to properly establish interaction with partners.

In 2019, Vimpelcom’s retail chain losses increased by more than 1.4 billion rubles, the cost of its maintenance was more than the revenue from its activities, by 430 million rubles, the general director of Infoline Analytics Mikhail Burmistrov shares information. Transferring your own stores to a franchise will significantly reduce costs, the expert believes, this is especially true in light of the increase in losses due to the closure of communication stores during anti-epidemic measures. Transferring all the salons to franchised partners will be extremely difficult – profitable objects in places with high traffic are of primary interest and, most likely, some of the salons will have to be closed, Burmistrov predicts, this will negatively affect market share and the dynamics of the number of connections of new subscribers.

Burmistrov believes that during self-isolation, buyers will get used to the online service and after removing the restrictions, the number of unprofitable stores will increase significantly. Therefore, all operators will be forced to actively close salons.

The transfer of retail to a franchise will reduce VimpelCom’s debt burden – rental payments will go away, although part of the proceeds will also go away, explains Sergey Libin, an analyst at Raiffeisenbank, but this will not affect the financial results of the operator much.

In 2019, MTS reduced its retail network by 300 stores, and in 2020 it could close about 400 more, said Inessa Galaktionova, vice president of MTS sales and services, commenting on financial results for 2019.

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, Megafon could close about 200 stores, Andrei Levykin, CEO of Megafon Retail, told Vedomosti through the press service: due to a sharp drop in traffic in stores, and in some regions due to their temporary closure The operator is negotiating a reduction in rental rates. If it is not possible to come to a common understanding of the situation with the landlords, more salons may close: paying the full amount of the rent for a non-working store is pointless, said Levykin.

After the epidemic, COVID-19 Tele2 does not plan to reduce the number of outlets, but is negotiating a review of rental conditions for premises for salons, says Kolesnikova. Now online sales are growing rapidly – respectively, offline points can not give up at pre-crisis prices, she is sure.

Veon representatives did not respond to a Vedomosti request.


a quarter of entrepreneurs are afraid of losing everything

LE FIGARO INFO – The Maison des Entrepreneurs interviewed some 200 business leaders about their daily lives since the start of the coronavirus crisis. Their return is indicative of the magnitude of the unprecedented shock they are experiencing.

Half of the entrepreneurs surveyed are between 41 and 50 years old.
Half of the entrepreneurs surveyed are between 41 and 50 years old. 274873810 / goodluz –

Each passing day brings a lot of information that allows us to measure the extent of the economic blast linked to the Covid-19 epidemic. They all point in the same direction, namely that the worst is probably to come when activity is currently running at 50% of its production capacity and French companies are on a public infusion. This Thursday evening, the Parliament adopted a second amending budget for 2020 in a month which inflates to 110 billion euros the envelope dedicated to the rescue plan of the economy, including some 26 billion dedicated to the financing of short-time working and 7 billion to the solidarity fund which helps businesses and entrepreneurs earning less than a million euros per year who saw their turnover plunge by at least 50% in March and April.

Last burst of information, revealed by Le Figaro this Friday morning? The results of the survey conducted from April 15 to 19 among 212 business leaders by the Maison des Entrepreneurs,

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Pierre Gattaz pays caregivers 1 euro for each bottle of his wine estate purchased online

Small streams make big rivers, says the proverb that Pierre Gattaz, the ex-president of Medef, wanted to apply to the letter. At the head of his wine estate, the castle of Sannes, in the Luberon, the current president of the board of directors of the Radiall group and of BusinessEurope, the federation of European employers, has decided to donate 1 euro for each bottle purchased online by May 15 to the Fondation de France, in favor caregivers. “Faced with a crisis that is going to last and will last, everyone must help and be united in their measure”, explains Pierre Gattaz, who claims to have “Immediately subscribed to the proposal from the Château de Sannes team” to help the medical profession fighting coronavirus.

“Beyond the final sum that will be collected thanks to your participation, it is the gesture that matters, and I am proud that the team of the castle has proposed this initiative!, explains the ex-boss of the bosses, who also created a foundation, called Y to believe, in order to revitalize the pools of jobs thanks to employability through entrepreneurship. Because it shows a team involved in its activity, but also in society, and who wants one and the other to move forward together. This is, I believe, essential today: companies, human communities, can not ignore what is happening in society! This is already largely the case, and this unprecedented crisis demonstrates this every day “.

Pierre Gattaz bought this 2120 m² living area and its 70 hectares of land, half of which is made up of vines, in 2017. On the spot, the former muse of employers develops a family dream which is close to his heart. Become a wine grower. “She is not a dancer, but an entrepreneurial project for which I am deeply in debt”, he assured in a portrait dedicated to him in January 2019 in Le Figaro. Its ambition is to eventually produce 200,000 bottles per year of its three cuvées, baptized 1603, Assana and Grand Blanc de Sannes. Of “Good organic wine and maybe soon biodynamic” that it intends, in particular thanks to its winery, to export all over the world.


Bernard Stalter, patron of French crafts, is dead

The entrepreneur, who had covid-19, was hospitalized “in serious condition” in Strasbourg.

Entrepreneur Bernard Stalter died on Monday at the age of 63. Head of craft hairdressing company, president of the National Union of Hairdressing Companies (Unec) and CMA France, the national network of chambers of trades and crafts, Bernard Stalter was a fervent defender of French crafts .

When his hospitalization was announced, a group of craftsmen hastened to raise a support banner in front of the Alsace Chamber of Trades, which he chaired. Entrepreneur Bernard Stalter died on Monday, his wife announced on a Facebook post. Affected by covid-19, Bernard Stalter was hospitalized in intensive care “in serious conditionAt the Strasbourg hospital.

Voices of artisans, recognizable by his large white mustache, Bernard Stalter defended the interests of French artisans to the end. During the first weeks of the epidemic, he participated in joint meetings with the Grand Est region to warn of the economic consequences of the crisis for the self-employed.

His memory was immediately greeted on Twitter by several political figures, like the Minister of Economy Bruno Le Maire and the Secretary of State Agnès Pannier-Runacher.


My life in telework with … Vattenfall Energies

The French subsidiary of the Swedish gas and electricity giant is located near Mulhouse. Very quickly, she took stock of the disaster to come.

The energy specialist Vattenfall employs around 20,000 people worldwide.
The energy specialist Vattenfall employs around 20,000 people worldwide. vattenfall

Vattenfall Energies was not surprised by the intensification of the coronavirus wave and the resulting general containment. The headquarters of the French gas and electricity supply subsidiary of the Swedish giant Vattenfall – 20,000 employees worldwide and 1.4 billion euros in net profit in 2019 – is located on the edge of Mulhouse, in a Grand Est region hit first, and very hard, by the epidemic. “We were able to build a business continuity plan in advance, immediately underlines Henri Reboullet, CEO of Vattenfall Energies, in the process, we optimized the operation of our digital platform, some of whose tools were already familiar to us. ” Concretely, the company’s 45 employees are teleworking. The presence at the headquarters has become exceptional, based on a carefully calibrated shift and for certain tasks only.

“Overnight we no longer see the customers, underlines Béatrice Passeport,

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RUMOR on Capcom: the Resident Evil of 2021 soon revealed, a remake of another franchise in 2022

Journalists were able to approach Resident Evil 3 in advance, and deliver their verdict on it today. VGC nonetheless lingered on its end credits, in order to confirm information that it had exclusively revealed last December.

Resident Evil 3 test impression verdict note

There is cited a developer like no other, Tatsuya Minami, the former director of PlatinumGames. VGC claims to know that the creator has been head of his own studio in Osaka since 2017, M-Two, with whom he collaborated in the development of Resident Evil 3, alongside a team notably made up of Tsutomu Teranishi, who worked on the saga Mega man, and others of his former friends PlatinumGames.

The name of the studio would be a reference to the surnames of Tatsuya Minami and Shinji Mikami. Minami wanted to collaborate with the creator of resident Evil, but the latter would not have finally joined the ship, preferring to stay with Tango Gameworks, the title having been kept. The continuation for M-Two, it would now be to become “main developer of a bigger remake for Capcom”, always according to VGC. The site stops there for its information, but the informant AestheticGamer aka Dusk Golem, who seems to have elements of the franchise, has given him other leads. According to him, the project would be planned for 2022, and would not be the new version of Resident Evil: Veronica Code. He had already mentioned the existence others remakes using RE Engine in Capcom, does that mean that M-Two working on a different license?

He also took the opportunity to talk about another project he had mentioned before, a resident Evil planned for 2021 which will not be a remake and which would see the light of day in cross-gen on PS5, Xbox Series X, PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Oh hell, I’m going to tease a little more about this RE 2021 game and then I won’t talk about it in more depth until RE3 is released. The game 2021 RE saw its development started at the end of 2016, at the time of its release, it will be in development for 4-4.5 years (it is in development for the moment for about 3-3.5 years). Its development is very similar to the original Resident Evil 3, not the remake, but I will not develop what I mean by that until later. The announcement will be made very soon, and it is by far the most offbeat episode in the series, to the point that I expect a lot of people will be upset when it is revealed, but they should be open d ‘mind. Internal and other tests show that it is a high quality game, and I am very excited about it.

A resident Evil very different, who breaks the franchise codes? It looks a lot to rumors around a Resident Evil 8 with Ethan, Chris, werewolves and a view FPS. But these are just rumors, precisely, so we will have to wait for confirmation from Capcom to get an idea, if such a project is well underway. AestheticGamer said recently no longer want to speak before April, and here declares that the revelation of the game would be done very soon: this mysterious resident Evil will it be formalized next month?

Also read: TEST of Resident Evil 3: a beautiful, intense, but frustrating remake

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At war against boredom: a flight attendant, a suspended Tati and crimes in Orly

Airport-world Crazy about flight scenes, physical or magical (Catch me if you can, E.T.), Steven Spielberg was to end well in a film entirely located in an airport. He subverts the airport human condition there, which is that of waiting. Tourist disembarked from Eastern Europe at JFK airport in New York, Viktor Navorski (Tom Hanks, in his best vein of quidam “jamesstewartien”) finds himself stuck, condemned to mold in the transit zone after an administrative imbroglio . Spielberg’s contagious optimism sublimates this panoptic cold into a twirling playground where the American dream can be realized. Everything is there: cosmopolitanism, the possibility of starting from scratch and romantic comedy via the character of Amelia, a stewardess (Catherine Zeta-Jones), who is not fooled by her fantasy condition. “Keep your distance”, she warns, suddenly prophetic.
The terminal (2004) of Steven Spielberg Available on Netflix

Copyright United International Pictures (UIP)United International Pictures (UIP)

Airport-poem Closer to Chantal Akerman, the German Angela Schanelec lets Orly Airport shape its creation, using natural light and the passengers who block the frame. At the edge of the documentary, Schanelec places his camera at a good distance, picks up various characters who bind for a time. The working title of the film was Orly, Poem 1-4 and it’s a beautiful choral collage of fragments that unfolds – conversations, stolen moments, a melancholy of the treadmill that befits a filmmaker haunted by the passage of time in his films. In its own way, it invests the airport with a form of neutral beauty. False static, the film is also in a struggle when it comes to opposing the opacity of its protagonists to the transparency of the place (windows, cameras).
Orly (2010) by Angela Schalanec Available on Universciné.

Copyright Baba Yaga FilmsBaba Yaga Films

Against the moving sidewalk Seen from afar, the moving sidewalk transforms the traveler into an anonymous package on an assembly line spinning very smooth and straight towards an uncertain fate. This is the state of mind of Dustin Hoffman at Los Angeles Airport in the winner, sparrow fallen from the nest looking at the world around him and the song The Sound of Silence Simon and Garfunkel’s soundtrack turns this little moment of waiting into a bittersweet odyssey. Change your music, for example Across the 110th Street from Bobby Womack, and you suddenly become a haughty queen on the sidewalk like Pam Grier in the opening of Jackie Brown. You slide on it, then walk in the corridors like on the catwalk, then run as if your life depended on it.
The winner (1967) of Mike Nichols Available on FilmoTV. Jackie brown (1997) of Quentin Tarantino Available on Netflix.

Bac Films

Airport paradise Purgatory before flight to better skies, the airport is a possible gateway to paradise, preferably ambiguous. Choirs welcome us at the beginning of the Pier – that of Orly, definitely well off in the cinema. In this sublime short, Orly becomes a paradise lost in the space of a few photos and then an irresistible crime scene. Same celestial uncertainty at the beginning of Playtime, where nuns cross an immense space, cold and bright. Whispers, scattered characters engage in a choreography of mysterious trajectories. Marker and Tati cause precious moments of ethereal suspension, those that we would like to feel when we are in line for a low-cost flight to Malaga at dawn.
Playtime (1967) of Jacques Tati Available on Cinetek. The Pier (1962) of Chris Marker Available on Mubi.


The apocalypse airport Let’s face it: airport anxiety stems from the screech of terrorist acts that could erupt there. To exorcise this, nothing like 58 Minutes to live, where Washington Airport is stormed with Bruce Willis as its only bulwark. Renny Harlin lacks the topographic precision of John McTiernan, author of the best parts of the franchise Die Hard, but his operative sense of excess unzips the place properly. No mythology of travel and private lounges, but a passage in good standing of the back shop, passageways, luggage rugs and ventilation ducts. “It was the 90s, remember? Electronic chips, microwaves, fax and telephone on planes ”, says Holly, McClane’s wife. We prefer the husband’s confined response: “The pinnacle of progress for me is frozen pizza.”
58 Minutes to live (1989) of Renny Harlin Available on Canal VoD.

Fox. Hatchet

Leo Soesanto

The terminal (2004) of Steven Spielberg Available on Netflix

Orly (2010) by Angela Schalanec Available on Universciné.

The winner (1967) of Mike Nichols Available on FilmoTV. Jackie brown (1997) of Quentin Tarantino Available on Netflix.

Playtime (1967) of Jacques Tati Available on Cinetek. The Pier (1962) of Chris Marker Available on Mubi.

58 Minutes to live (1989) of Renny Harlin Available on Canal VoD.


My life in teleworking with … Desfilis lawyers

Created in 1920, the law firm employs thirty partners and collaborators. No question of reducing the wing in terms of staff but the wave is severe.

Eléonore Coquerel, a lawyer with the Parisian law firm Desfilis, chose to settle in Rouen during the confinement.
Eléonore Coquerel, a lawyer with the Parisian law firm Desfilis, chose to settle in Rouen during the confinement. desfilis

Usually, the old mansion on rue Clément Marot in Paris, in the 8e arrondissement, and which houses Desfilis is a bit lively. Certainly, the atmosphere of a law firm is always more subdued than vibrant. But, for a good ten days, there has been absolute silence: the thirty partners and collaborators have all deserted the premises to work remotely. Some stayed in the Paris region, others left a little further.

Out of the ordinary episodes, the cabinet nevertheless lived through them. Founded in 1920 by a former Renault legal director, it is quite simply 100 years old. Among his main activities, he supports family groups, mergers and acquisitions and even private equity. In short, he is very involved in financial operations at a time when, faced with the pandemic, the banks are hesitant to commit.

Gulf War

Desfilis’ annual activity is around 10 million euros. Once in its history, the turnover

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Who gets the most credit: Brady or Belichick? – NBC Boston

From 2001 to 2019, the New England Patriots have won the AFC East 17 times. The other two years ended in a tie in first place.

In that time frame, they went to 12 AFC championship games and nine Super bowls. Six have won.

Bill Belichick and Tom Brady have been together for the entire race and – thanks to the past two decades – are now recognized as the best coach and quarterback in NFL history respectively.

Trying to share credit for a race never seen before the NFL domination and perhaps the most incredible trait in the history of professional sport – to some extent – is missing the point.

Did the ancient Egyptians stand in front of the pyramids and discuss whether the architect or builders deserved more credit? Did Mrs Wright analyze which of her children – Wilbur or Orville – was primarily responsible for the invention, construction and flight of the first plane?

There is something to be said just to close and appreciate the realization, isn’t there? Yup.

And we will get there.

But right now, with the engines going down Route 1 to pack Tom Brady’s remaining stuff and take him out of Foxboro forever, the question hangs on everything. Which man was most responsible for creating the story we’ve seen written in the past two decades: Belichick or Brady?

Results may vary. In fact, I know they will. But here’s how I see it.

If it hadn’t been for Belichick, there would never have been the mini-dynasty that they became in the decade 2000-2009.

If it weren’t for Brady, the Patriots would never have become the Super Dynasty that they became from 2010 to 2019 when they blew up the 60s Packers, 70s Steelers, 80s Niners and 90s Cowboys to become the only franchise that has dominated two decades.

Bill gets the first decade

The moment Mo Lewis cut an artery in Drew Bledsoe’s chest in September 2001, he is touched as the history of the NFL has changed. It wasn’t. It will only speed up a trial that began when Robert Kraft decided to hire Belichick to succeed Pete Carroll in January 2000.

Belichick took a look at the team’s register and management and started fumigating and renewing. In the end – despite the heavy contract that the Patriots gave Bledsoe in January 2001 to help strengthen public confidence and private investment in building CMGI Field (possibly Gillette Stadium) – Belichick was wary of being tied to a quarterback that the coach was able to routinely undress whenever he trained against him.

Especially a quarterback who had to be paid as the top of the market, as Bledsoe and his agent David Dunn made clear.

Brady was not enlisted in the sixth round of the 2000 draft as Bledsoe’s successor, but in September it became clear to Belichick that he had something. And it became obvious during the 2001 offseason and the training camp that – although not better than Bledsoe in all – the child who made $ 298,000 was more mobile, more precise, more ready in his pocket and destined to be more suited to handling a Bledsoe game.

Mo Lewis accelerated the process and – with a painful stroke – made the transition relatively painless. But the credit goes to Belichick for seeing what he had, promoting it and having the decision to pull the trigger.

The fact that the Patriots went 14-5 under Brady after starting 5-13 under Bledsoe is persuasive evidence that Brady was the missing piece. But Belichick created the register, built the culture and hired the right people – from managers to coaches – to put the team in a position to succeed. It deserves more credit.

Brady may have helped them get where they did, but the Patriots were undoubtedly headed in the right direction and the fruits of Belichick’s designs were collected in 2003 and 2004.

Those Super Bowl wins – the first at the end of a season that started with the shooting down of lawyer Milloy in favor of Rodney Harrison; the second thanks largely to a dice throw on Corey Dillon – they were the victories for “culture”.

Disinterest imposed. All done for the greatest good of the team. Everything ego in your pocket. The most impressive aspect of the patriots was therefore their stamina and mental endurance. Brady was an important part. But so were Tedy Bruschi and Harrison, Matt Light, Richard Seymour, Mike Vrabel and so on.

Fifty-three very intelligent and capable players row together in the hold of the big ship while Belichick was over the bridge to trace a route. It was from 2001 to 2004.

The dips in 2005 and 2006 began the process that would have led Brady to become, largely on Belichick’s design, the engine.

The 2005 Patriots were hit by injuries – not a hindsight surprise when you consider the nine extra games played in the previous four seasons and the difficulty of staying on top. They started to see some friction to grow old – Troy Brown was 34 then – and the ongoing game was marked as well as their defense on the run. They went 10-6 and lost in the division round.

The following season, a protracted squabble over the contract led to the Deion Branch being swapped with Seattle shortly before the season began. Reche Caldwell led the team in receptions followed by Ben Watson, Troy Brown and Kevin Faulk. However, they were unable to advance to the Super Bowl, but lost on the road to the Colts.

That season, Brady got a toy he had never had in Randy Moss and a Troy Brown replica model named Wes Welker. The entire set of record sets went 16-0 and lost in the Super Bowl.

Which brings us to 2008. This is the season that many are aiming for when they say that it is Belichick’s genius that is most responsible for twenty-year success. The Patriots went 11-5 with Matt Cassel starting in quarterback. Hadn’t he been a beginner from high school, yet the patriots still went 11-5?

Cassel was exceptional, better than anyone could hope for. But it’s still a sharp drop from 16-0 to 11-5.

In 2009, the central defense core was expelled or withdrawn: Vrabel, Bruschi, Seymour and Harrison. Belichick complained to Brady on the sidelines during a defeat for the Saints that season that “I just can’t get these kids to play the way I want them. So frustrating.”

The season ended with an ignominious home defeat against the crows in the AFC division playoff round.

Brady gets the second decade

The patriots renewed in the off-season and, in my opinion, Brady was at the forefront of finding their places where they had no business at that stage of their reconstruction. In 2010, the Patriots went 14-2, they were seed no. 1 and Brady was the unanimous MVP.

The offense, moving away from the narrow final position, enlisted two – Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez – and their production would become historic in 2011 when the Patriots arrived at the Super Bowl and lost again to the Giants. Brady launched for 5,235 career yards with 39 touchdowns and 12 picks.

In the 2012 season, he launched 637 times, a career high and one of three times in four seasons that attempted more than 600 passes. With a defense that too often seemed to resist better teams, it was Brady and the offense to score and score and score a little more. They were the first, third, first and third in points marked from 2010 to 2013. Defensively in that period they were eighth, 15th, ninth and tenth.

Even in 2013, when Hernandez was jailed for murder, Gronkowski was grounded due to back surgery and then with an ACL, Brady still ran by hitting the ball with Julian Edelman, Danny Amendola and – to a lesser extent – Kenbrell Thompkins, Aaron Dobson and Shane Vereen.

They won the Super Bowl in 2014, winning a shootout against the Ravens in the Divisional Round, 35-31, and then overcoming a 24-14 deficit against the Seahawks in the fourth quarter when Brady moved to a completely different level in the fourth quarter.

The previous April, Belichick had enlisted Brady’s aspiring successor, Jimmy Garoppolo, in the second round. Brady, perhaps remembering the shrug that Drew Bledsoe had encountered Brady’s arrival 14 years earlier, would not have fallen asleep on the move with the team that ran Garoppolo.

Brady went on to launch 69 touchdowns and 16 predictions in 2014 and 15. He lost four suspension games in 2016 – Garoppolo overcame six quarters of Brady’s relief before hurting himself and giving way to Jacoby Brissett – but he still threw 28 touchdowns and two interceptions before ending that season with a 43- record. by-62, 466 yards in the Super Bowl when the Patriots canceled out a deficit of 28-3. Brady did it at 39.

At 40 in the AFCCG, without Edelman, without an injured Gronkowski, Brady and Amendola joined together to push the Patriots beyond the Jaguars and in the Super Bowl against Philly where he would have launched for 505 yards.

So let’s tell here. From 2010 to 2017, the Patriots have reached seven consecutive AFC Championship Games and the year they didn’t, Brady was the unanimous MVP. He wrote the filming of the playoffs against Ravens and Seahawks in 2014, the Falcons in 2016, the Jaguars in 2017 and led the team to two Super Bowl wins.

In 2018, Edelman was exiting an ACL and was therefore suspended for the first four games. Gronk was injured for a large chunk of the year. Phillip Dorsett and Chris Hogan were the main gimmicks for a while until the team faced Josh Gordon. It’s still? The team went 11-5, Brady put them on his back in the fourth quarter and overtime in Kansas City in the AFCCG and then the Patriots defense checked against the Rams and delivered a Super Bowl to Brady – apart from the shot at Gronk which led to the game’s winning touchdown – he just had to play OK to win the team.

The final verdict

So, see what my answer to this debate is now. Bill gets a bigger share of the first three Lombards. Tom gets a higher share than the second three.

So many people over the years have speculated that Belichick wants to prove that he can win a championship without Brady. I don’t know if it’s true.

I think if Brady was gone, Belichick would appreciate the opportunity, but I never thought he would have wanted to get rid of what he thinks is a quarterback capable of giving him a title that the others couldn’t.

Maybe that’s why we’re here. Belichick doesn’t see Brady as special as he once was. Great? Sure. Are there other guys who can do things they can’t do now? Belichick seems to think so. Brady has apparently survived its usefulness here.

Bill will do what he has done to so many other players. Go ahead. But this is the life cycle of the NFL.

From what I’ve been told and what I’ve collected, Brady agrees. He hoped to be special and to be able to write a different ending here, but to realize he couldn’t shock him. For a legend, it is rather well established.

Playing for Bill Belichick will help keep a player that way. And maybe even for that, Belichick deserves a lot of credit. He allowed Tom Brady to become Tom Brady because he was eternally and exasperatedly Bill Belichick.

Every. Single. Year.


Our 2020 ranking of the 200 economic leaders of tomorrow

EXCLUSIVE – The Choiseul Institute identifies the most promising under 40s in the French economy each year. In 2020, the Figaro Magazine has chosen to honor the most daring of this list: entrepreneurs.

Six entrepreneurs from the Choiseul 2020 ranking. From left to right: Kevin Polizzi, Philippe de Chanville, Céline Falco, Gary Anssens, Christel Jaffres and Hervé Legros.
Six entrepreneurs from the Choiseul 2020 ranking. From left to right: Kevin Polizzi, Philippe de Chanville, Céline Falco, Gary Anssens, Christel Jaffres and Hervé Legros.
© Stephane GRANGIER for Le Figaro Magazine

Nearly 2,000 profiles were studied by experts from the Choiseul Institute, an independent think-tank based in Paris, with the help of personalities from the political, institutional, economic and ideas worlds. This list of 100 economic leaders aged under 40 on January 1, 2020 was produced with the support of the headhunting firm Remora Talent Advisory.

It is now an unmissable event: the publication of the Choiseul ranking, exclusively on the pages of the Figaro Magazine. This list of the 100 most promising French decision-makers, all under the age of 40, speaks volumes about the dynamism of the French economy. Whether they occupy key positions in large industrial groups or manage our most beautiful tricolor nuggets, whether they have imposed themselves as the kings of finance or aces of the new economy, all embody a form of contagious optimism and carry in them the hope that the next generation is there for generations to come.

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