My bright sun: Kettle showed pictures of her adorable daughter

The singer now lives the way every young woman would like to live. With her friend Renda, she completes a dream house in her native Třinec, she is engaged and she has given birth to a daughter, Amálka, whom she cannot look forward to. She also introduced her fans to the baby.

“My sun is bright. You asked me if I would show the little one, I wouldn’t, or I would, but it wouldn’t be visible in the face, or it would go, but I would overlap the pictures. I am an impulsive person, I live in the moment, my life is not a calculation and a plan, and everything that happens here is within my nature, “Konvičková explained.


” I’ve always done it, a shot never went off ”

” I’ve always done it, it never happened ”: this is how a 24-year-old boy is justified, Spencer Chase Pruitt, who by ” mistake ” killed his 19-year-old friend Victoria “Tori” Lynn Busch in Panama Beach City, Florida, in the United States. The tragedy took place while the two were at a friend’s house: the 24-year-old, for fun, pointed the gun at the girl and pulled the trigger, hitting her in the neck.

Rescue was called immediately but, as reported People, for Tori there was nothing to do: when the paramedics arrived at the house the girl was already dead. The police, arrived on the spot, immediately stopped the boy who had pulled the trigger, who justified himself by saying: ” It was a game, I did it many more times and it had never happened that a shot was fired ”.

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A motivation that cero did not convince the agents, who handcuffed him and took him to prison, where he will remain awaiting trial against him. Meanwhile, Victoria’s friends have organized a fundraiser on GoFundMe to help the family with funeral expenses.

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the father who died with his family from Bashkiria recently returned from Moscow

The couple enjoyed life and made plans for the future. Photo: social networks

The details of a terrible accident that claimed the lives of young spouses and their young children have become known. Let us remind you that everything happened late in the evening in the Beloretsk region of Bashkiria. There, at about 11 pm, on the 151st kilometer of the Ufa-Inzer-Beloretsk highway, the Volkswagen Polo car collided with an oncoming Man truck, after which the mangled foreign car was thrown into a ditch. Everyone who was in the cabin of a foreign car was instantly killed.

According to eyewitnesses of the accident, it was raining heavily that evening. The road was very wet and slippery, so the Volkswagen driver simply lost control of the bend, and therefore flew into the oncoming lane. The driver did not go for any overtaking, risking his family’s life.

A pile of twisted iron remained from the foreign car.  Photo: Regional State Traffic Inspectorate

A pile of twisted iron remained from the foreign car. Photo: Regional State Traffic Inspectorate

– It was a fatal accident. A passenger car skidded into the rain on a bend and drifted into the oncoming lane. The truck driver didn’t even have time to react. Now he is in severe shock and is waiting for a tow truck, – said a friend of the truck driver “Man”.

– Last night, we saw this family at a gas station, the girl managed to ride a scooter. Mom and son were standing next to them. When calculating, I wished them a good journey. So nice, polite, smiling. And now I came home from work, looked at the phone … Oh my god …. Before my eyes is a girl on a scooter, a doll! It was not night … Evening … They were already practically at home. We were the last ones who saw them and who took them on the road – gas station worker Almira G., who spoke with her family shortly before the accident, cannot hold back her tears.

According to the regional State Traffic Inspectorate, police officers, an ambulance and other emergency services worked at the scene. On the fact of the fatal road accident, proceedings have begun.

The truck driver is still in severe shock.  Photo: Regional State Traffic Inspectorate

The truck driver is still in severe shock. Photo: Regional State Traffic Inspectorate

The head of the Beloretsk region, Andrei Ivanyuta, also commented on the tragedy and expressed condolences to the relatives of the deceased family.

– The Ufa-Inzer-Beloretsk highway does not forgive mistakes. Even a slight speeding can turn into a terrible tragedy. Now, in the off-season, this road becomes especially dangerous. On the passes, the road, wet from rains, will begin to freeze, and drivers will need to drive cars very carefully, – the head of the district addressed the drivers.


As it became known later, a whole family died in a broken foreign car – young spouses from Beloretsk Vlad and Nina I., as well as their little children of three and five years old. All of them received injuries incompatible with life and died on the spot before the arrival of doctors. Friends and relatives speak of the dead as kind and sympathetic people who enjoyed life, made plans for the future and loved each other very much, treasured their family.

As the father of the deceased 27-year-old woman said, the wife and children were returning home from Ufa, where they went to meet the head of the family.

The children missed their father, who worked in Moscow.  Photo: social networks

The children missed their father, who worked in Moscow. Photo: social networks

– Vlad flew in from Moscow, he worked there, and the children were terribly bored, they were looking forward to dad. He brought them gifts, he wanted to please the children. These gifts all along the road then lay … – the man cannot hold back his tears.

Gifts bought for children were scattered all over the road

Gifts bought for children were scattered all over the road

– Lord, these are our neighbors. Children grew up before our eyes. How could this happen? What a grief! Children are crumbs at all! – Svetlana N., a neighbor of the deceased family, grieves.

– Timosha, such a good, well-mannered boy, went to my group in a manger. The parents are so nice, nice. May the earth rest in peace for you, – laments the teacher of the deceased boy Alia D.

The driver's wife who died was only 27 years old.  Photo: social networks

The driver’s wife who died was only 27 years old. Photo: social networks

– Sincere condolences to family and friends. A terrible tragedy that does not fit in my head. People, traffic rules are written in blood, follow them, please. After all, there is nothing to fix such a tragedy. Strength and patience to loved ones. Hold on, – regrets Nadia M.

KP-Ufa expresses its sincere condolences to the relatives of the deceased family.


She disappointed the fans and did not apologize: Eva Burešová did not succeed in this

Lots of celebrities, sports and the Sunny Bus were the main attractions of the Prima Run sports event, which attracted Prima TV to its viewers. And precisely because of the Sunny Bus, many fans decided to go to the event. The bus arrived, but according to those present, it was empty.

“We came for the signature of Pavla Tomicová, don’t you know if she is here? We are going all the way from Moravia, ”some of the visitors allegedly asked according to the Sedmička magazine. They were also looking for Eva Holubová and Dana Batulková. In vain. Only Barbora Jánová alias Sylva Popelková from the Slunečná series came to the event, but she was only supposed to stay for an hour. After the main star of the event, Eva Burešová, there was neither sight nor hearing. According to Sedmička, she did not even apologize for her absence.


Týnuš Třešničková showed divine curves! The beautiful Youtuberka no longer hides scars!

Kristýna Třešňáková known as Týnuš Třešničková, according to her words, is learning to love her scars and gentlemen, it is a truly unique spectacle! The beautiful Youtuberka showed herself in a two-piece swimsuit and we must admit that Týnuš really has something to offer! See for yourself in our photo gallery!

It will be two years since Kristýna Třešňáková turned the whole world upside down. The beautiful Youtuberka went on holiday with her friend Viktor Hajíček, but there was a waiter’s mistake in a luxury restaurant, which marked Týnuš for life!

The bar worker approached the place where the Instagram star was sitting with his partner with an unknown flammable one, and then there was an explosion that burned Týn on his face, hands, neck and chest!

Třešňáková then had to stay in Istanbul for almost a year, where she underwent a number of medical procedures at a local hospital. Unfortunately, despite the efforts of the doctors, extensive scars remained in the beautiful Youtuberce. But Týnuš faced a new challenge and is now an example for equally handicapped patients!

Instagram regularly shows that scars are not something people should be ashamed of and they are reaping huge success! “I didn’t even believe that I would wear a two-piece swimsuit this year, but here I am. I’m learning to love my scars more and more. And even though this is not the final state, I don’t want to wait until… The body of every woman (and man) is so perfect and unique, that the decoration of stretch marks, scars or even pigment spots only gives them uniqueness, for which there is no need to be ashamed, “Týnuš recently wrote a caption for one of her photos in a bikini!

Come and see in our gallery how the Třešničková look in different models of swimwear! Even with scars, she is the queen of all swimming pools!


‘Earthworm Jim 4 ‘ Releases His First Sneak Peek But Fans Were Not Happy For This Reason

Earthworm Jim is a video game classic, and now soon fans will be able to enjoy the fourth installment of the story starring this worm and his special suit.

Hand in hand with Intellivision, this new version is expected to be released in the coming months, which will be in 2D format. In fact, a few days ago the first preview of this project was launched.

This is part of the launch of the new Amico console, designed precisely for games of these characteristics. How Earthworm Jim 4 It was the big name, much more was expected from the first images, but criticism unfortunately abounded.

While the original development team came together for this game, and the aesthetics of the original versions were kept, many did not like that the first setting was on a tropical beach. This would be far from space and the dark world where Jim was moving.

“When I think of Earthworm Jim I think of dark space-themed levels and death pits”said one of the comments posted on Twitter.

Won’t it be playable on any other console?

But by far what the fans complained the most is that this game will only be enabled for the Intellivision Amico, therefore it will not be able to be tested on any other console.

Utilizing Amico’s uniquely designed control and multiplayer capabilities, the new Earthworm Jim 4 it will only be available on Intellivision Amico. This first look shows the beautiful animations hand-drawn by the original team running on the game engine and with the gameplay experience. “the description of the game read.

In fact, what is most striking is that this premiere was released for a console that no one has today, Will this project delight fans in the future?


Missing pilot’s mother says she was not a friend of Duque or Uribe – Government – Politics

The name of Samuel Niño, which was unknown to practically all Colombians, came to light a few days ago after he was mentioned as the possible pilot of a flight that fell in Central America, apparently loaded with coke. Also I know revealed that during the last presidential campaign he was a pilot of an aircraft in which the then candidate Iván Duque was mobilized.

But his mother, Sorelly Niño, assures that none of this is true, that although her son is missing, there is no evidence that he was the pilot of the fallen aircraft.

Samuel David Niño is the youngest of three brothers, the eldest, Hernán Gómez, was a candidate for the Interior of Meta, for the Democratic Center.

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This complaint was initially made by the portal La nueva Prensa, in a note signed by Gonzalo Guillén and Julián Martínez, who denounced that the pilot Samuel David Niño Cataño, who disappeared on November 21, 2019 in Guatemala during the accident of a twin engine that transported cocaine from Colombia for the cartel Sinaloa, had donated 20 million pesos to the 2018 campaign that re-elected Álvaro Uribe Vélez in the Senate.

From Villavicencio, the mother of the missing pilot spoke with EL TIEMPO

What was the last you heard from your child?
The last I knew is that he was going to show up for an appointment at the Canadian embassy, ​​because he was applying for a visa because he had a trip to that country. He spoke to me on the 21st and I never heard from him again.

Samuel Niño in the possession of Iván Duque.

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The day of the appointment at the embassy?
No, the appointment at the embassy was on the 19th. He went to the embassy to keep the appointment.

And what did you want to do in Canada?

In addition to being a pilot, he worked in a company that he had formed, which is called Explora Colombia, a company dedicated to air tourism. So he was making some connections to start an air tourism program.

In your last talk, did he tell you that he was going somewhere?
Nerd. We were only talking about the grade of his oldest son who finished preschool and then we were organizing everything to pay him a little tribute here at our house in Villavicencio.

And when was the party?
The boy graduated if I remember correctly on November 29.

You say your last talk with him was on the 21st, but you kept calling him?
Yes, I was calling but he did not answer me again. He always hung out with a friend, so I called him, and he answered me and asked him if he was with Samuel and he answered yes, ma’am, but he never spoke to me again, he never answered me again, nor did I return to know nothing about him.

He answered yes, ma’am, but he never spoke to me again, he never answered me again, nor did I hear from him again

So the friend is also missing?
Yes sir, he is also missing.

And is he also a pilot?

He is not a pilot, he is a friend from school. The truth is that he is also missing.

And what was he doing?
The friend worked with Cormacarena, although it is not clear to me if he still works there. He is an environmental engineer

Well, but there was an accident in Central America in which two people die. Don’t you think your son could be one of the victims?
I’m absolutely sure not.

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It is the certainty of how one has formed their children. So what has to do with him Sinaloa cartelI can’t believe that. My son had no way to be linked or anything like that, he didn’t even have time to be linked to that because he was dedicated to his company.

Samuel Child

Samuel Niño with Iván Duque.

And couldn’t it be that your son just decided not to tell you about it?
There are many things that a son does not tell his mother, but bonding with this is a terrible thing.

For you, the person who died in that accident is not your son?
No, it is that they have said there that it is not Samuel and that even in that country my son does not have a medical record, there is not even my son’s name. It is something very absurd that they come out and say that it is Uribe’s pilot who is a member of the Sinaloa cartel

And what was your son’s relationship with Uribe and Duque?
There was no friendship. He was simply a servant of them on some occasions because it was his responsibility, by decision of the company, to be a pilot one day. I can tell you that my son Hernán Alexis Gómez, he, who has been a politician, has had any relationship with them. My son Samuel David never ever

But if they weren’t so friendly, why did their son, for example, end up invited to Duque’s possession?
Yes, sure, my son was. But the most certain thing is that he was accompanying my other son, that he was formally invited to the ceremony, because he had done political work in favor of President Duque here in Meta.

It is said that his son had financial difficulties and that is why he suddenly decided to take a trip with coca to Central America …
Laughs. Economic difficulties are faced by almost the entire country today, but from there to when it has to decide to put itself at the service of a cartel, no.

You say that deep down you are convinced that your son is alive. So what do you think happened to him?
I feel in my heart a mother’s pain of not knowing where my child can be, but that pain that one can feel in the entrails that a part that I had nine months in my womb was torn from me, I do not feel it. What happened to my son, I cannot tell you exactly. All I can tell you is that I hope my son shows up soon and tells us what happened to him during these nine months.

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Words about childbirth in Croatia: Pregnant Konvičková got a crazy idea

Singer Markéta Konvičková had a fairytale holiday with her friend Renda. Even though a harsh reality occurs when he arrives home, he can still live on his memories. Markéta obviously does that too. Her social networks are literally littered with images of seaside destinations.

“So we have already returned from Croatia, ride 12h, standing on the border HR / SLO over 2h, in both directions, classic, the season is going, they did not want anything special, only proof of identity, otherwise the roads are fine,” Konvičková described the way back.

Konvickova enjoyed Croatia

However, she would prefer to stay in Croatia. At least that’s what her recent words say. “Just today I called my mother and told her that she should have given birth to me in Croatia and left me there. So she told me she would get better next time. Until then, I will be happy to return here, albeit with a small navel and Renda with a large navel, and that life will take on a completely different dimension, “Konvičková joked on the social network.

The truth is, her belly is already big. “So yeah. I’m already rounding up. I already know that. It flies incredibly well. She will be here with us in two months and a while, “the singer writes on Instagram, saying that she is very much looking forward to the baby.


Predicted to be Able to Accompany BCL, Ariel NOAH Will Not Be Able to Conquer Noah Sinclair’s Mother’s Heart, This is the Reason – All Pages

GridHype.ID – Figure Ariel Noah certainly no stranger to most Indonesians.

Together with the band-NOAH, Ariel enlivened the country’s music scene.

Many people still enjoy his works.

Also, Ariel is one of the singers who has a charismatic charm.

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No wonder he was able to conquer a series of names of beautiful Indonesian artists.

Launch to his charm, he was nicknamed the female conqueror or the lady killer.

If you look back, a number of beautiful women are known to have stopped in the heart of this man whose real name is Nazril Irham.

For example, Luna Maya, Sophia Latjuba, until recently the singer Bunga Citra Lestari, who was widely reported to be close to her.

Yes, as we all know, the friendship between Ariel Noah and Bunga Citra Lestari was a rumor all over Indonesia.

The reason is, Ashraf Sinclair’s widow was so close to the musician that they allegedly had a special relationship more than just friends.

Because of this, netizens have flocked to match the two.

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Netizens may wish, but an indigo-capable psychic recently revealed the opposite in plain view.

It was the Gumay paranormal who revealed his prediction on YouTube Click Cool on Monday (03/08).

In fact, Gumay’s inner eye picks up a signal that Ariel Noah and Bunga Citra Lestari will not be mate.

“That’s what netizens say, Ariel’s fans, BCL’s fans are matchmaking.


Pray for Will Be a Father Connect Noah Sinclair, Ariel NOAH Diterawang Will Not Be Able to Capture BCL’s Heart

But from the sight of my inner eye, I can see that Ariel and BCL are not matched, “said the paranormal.

Not without reason, Gumay argued this because the singer with the nickname BCL loved Ariel Noah like a friend.

“Ariel has affection, but as a friend. BCL is the same. There is no sense of love, “he continued.

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Gumay’s next prediction is no less astonishing.

How could he not, this man with indigo abilities said that the woman who would be Ariel Noah’s companion in the future did not come from the entertainment world, aka not an artist.

Vice versa, Bunga Citra Lestari will also find her soul mate.

Gumay overlooked BCL

Capture the Youtube screen Click Asik

Gumay overlooked BCL

“They have their own mates.

In the future, Ariel will be matched with another female figure.

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What if I open up, Ariel’s match is not from the world of celebrities.

Meanwhile, Bunga Citra Lestari will meet her soul mate if I count it from now 3 years, “concluded the paranormal Gumay.

This article was published on NOVA with the title

Pray for Will Be a Father Connect Noah Sinclair, Ariel NOAH Diterawang Will Not Be Able to Capture BCL’s Heart

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“I went up behind and touched my bra.” Details of the story about a Perm teacher who was given 9 years for harassing a student

– It is difficult to build forecasts, but I believe in the best. I feel sorry for mom, she is very worried, it has been going on for more than a year, – said “KP» 49-year-old math teacher Valery Syropyatov and, with a sigh, he entered the courtroom.

On Monday in the Ordzhonikidze court Perm the teacher was sentenced under the article “Violent acts of a sexual nature”. The sentence is 9 years and 6 months in a maximum security colony.

“The girl begged the three”

This ugly story happened in March last year in a Perm school. According to the teacher, she looked like this:

– In the seventh grade, where the girl studied, I taught mathematics for the first year. In the first quarter, she deceived me, I believed and put the “troika”. But there must be an educational moment. I told her that now she will hand over all the work in the sequence in which they are studied. And until we get to the control for the third quarter, the final mark at her will not be!

On that day, March 27, several students came to the mathematician to take the “tails”.

“Everyone sat at their desks and did the work, and once again she decided to slip away,” the teacher continues. – I began to ask myself, said that her stomach ached, her head … I insisted: “Decide the control, get your” threefold “and you can step on all four sides. If it’s inconvenient for you to study in the classroom – the children are noisy – let’s go to another office. ” We left, she stood at the table and again began to whine. I sit at the table and tell her: “Go, decide!” The man does not leave, I waved. I am sitting, she is standing – where will i get? Here in the belt on the side with the back of the hand and hit. It turned out cotton. I admitted this, and was removed by the director from teaching in this class. I apologized and believed that the incident had been exhausted.

Soon, the information got into law enforcement. First, criminal proceedings were instituted for Art. Art. 135 of the Criminal Code RF “Depraved actions”, and after six months the investigations were re-qualified as more serious, Art. 132 “Violent acts of a sexual nature.”

At each meeting, teachers supported

To the court – at each hearing in the Valery case Syropyatova – a support group gathered: former graduates, colleagues, parents of students … 17 of them acted as witnesses from the defense. They all said that they could not believe the guilt of their beloved teacher. He does not smoke, does sports, organizes excursions around the Perm Territory and cities for children Of Russiaorganizes competitions in rogain, tourist trips, alloys, fees …

Despite all the kind words spoken to the defendant, the state prosecution requested 13 years of imprisonment for him.

Valery Syropyatov on the day the sentence was announced, we met near the courthouse. He was light, without things. As the teacher himself explained, he believed that the court would figure it out and justify it.

“I’ve already checked in, now I’ll take a little walk, breathe in fresh air, mentally tune in and go,” he explained before entering the courtroom.

Despite the fact that the process was closed, the journalists and the support group were allowed to announce the verdict.

It was impossible to understand what the teacher experienced at that moment when the judge said “nine and a half years in a maximum security colony”, the teacher’s face was hidden under a mask. And the former graduates and colleagues who were present at the announcement somehow immediately went down. Someone could not hold back tears.

– Do you understand the verdict and the procedure for appealing against it?

“Yes, your honor,” the convict answered calmly.

At that moment, three escorts entered the courtroom. Knowing the rules of staying in places of deprivation of liberty — the teacher spent three days in a pre-trial detention center while the investigation was under way — the teacher began to unfasten his belt in order to remove it, took money from his pockets, a cell phone and gave it to a relative. The guards locked handcuffs on his hands, and asked all those present to leave the courtroom.

It was impossible to understand what the teacher experienced at that moment when the judge said “nine and a half years in a maximum security colony”, the teacher’s face was hidden under a mask.Photo: Vasily Vakhrin

I closed and he pushed my hands away

– The criminal case was considered in closed court, so we can’t explain the details, you heard the verdict, the evidence that the prosecution presented to the court was enough to plead guilty to a particularly serious crime against the sexual integrity of a minor, therefore the sentence so big – said assistant to the prosecutor of the Ordzhonikidze district of Perm, Dmitry Shishkin. – And that slap, and the version that the defendant himself told everyone about, including in the media, is a way of protection.

As it became known to “Komsomolskaya Pravda” from a source familiar with the materials of the criminal case, one of the evidence presented in court was the correspondence of the seventh grader with his girlfriend in social networks. Late in the evening on the day of math retaking, the schoolgirl wrote to her close friend that she was at school, and the teacher took her to a separate office, put her at her desk, walked up behind and began to touch her bra.

“I sat at the table, he was at the back and was pawing me,” she wrote. – I tried to close my hands, and he pushed his hands and touched me by the chest.

Experts examined the girl for bruises and the only thing found on her body was a small scratch on her finger.

The accusation was also based on the words of the girl, her mother and friend. Investigators also found a video from school surveillance cameras, which shows how one of the schoolgirls told Valery Nikolaevich that she had passed the debt, and he leaned over and began to say in her ear that she was good. This was interpreted later as a kiss.

During the investigation, a forensic medical examination was carried out, the biological traces of the teacher on the things of the victim were not found. The teacher was also tested for a tendency to pedophilia, but the result was negative.


“Sex scandal” in Perm: a math teacher shines 13 years for a slap on the priest of the seventh grader

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In Perm, 17 graduates spoke at the trial in defense of a mathematics teacher who faces 13 years for a slap on the priest of a seventh grader

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“Having heard the verdict, he took off his belt.” In Perm, the teacher received 9 and a half years for a slap on the student’s priest

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