Galicia: The shearing of horses follows an ancient rite

The region of Galicia Vor almost exactly 40 years ago, Galicia was granted autonomy; Galician was made the official language alongside Spanish – and the almost 2.7 million Galicians were recognized as the historic nation of Spain (a privilege that Basques, Catalans and the people of Navarre also enjoy). Located in the extreme north-west of […]

Galicia and Euskadi: two elections, three lessons

Updated Monday, 9 March 2020 –22:34 The ‘lehendakari’ and candidate of the PNV to the Presidency of the Basque Country, Iigo Urkullu, this Monday, in Bilbao.EFE Although the autonomic ones are fundamentally played in territorial key, the double survey of THE WORLD andSigma TwoFor Galicia and Euskadi, it allows us to identify some general trends. […]

Feijo will keep the absolute majority for the minimum in Galicia on 5-A

NATALIA PUGA Santiago de Compostela Monday, 9 March 2020 – 08:26 The Sigma Dos survey for EL MUNDO foresees a strong rise of BNG and PSOE at the expense of Podemos. Vox will not draw scarce but 38.8% believe it threatens the continuity of the PP in power Alberto Nez Feijo will maintain the only […]

«If Feijóo needs Vox to govern, the pact will be a reality»

Gonzalo Caballero –Ponteareas 1975– is a Doctor in Economics and a professor at the University of Vigo. He is practically a newcomer to politics. Until last summer his professional life was developed in the university field. In just six months he has gone from correcting the exams of his students to making the leap to […]

Cunqueiro, from the journalist ‘mgico’ to the Falangist rebuked by his own

Monday, 24 February 2020 – 02:13 A selection of the more than 20,000 newspaper articles of the Galician writer is recovered, who was born a Druid, was a gourmet, persecuted by Falange and an artifact of an unrepeatable fantasy The student and journalist lvaro Cunqueiro’s cards. FUNDACIN JOS ANTONIO DE CASTRO Cunqueireras. The delusional prose […]