the chances that Perm Region will be lifted are high

On June 30, a meeting of the operational headquarters should be held in the Perm Territory, at which the possibility of removing a number of restrictions will be discussed. Two consecutive days – June 28 and 29 – the distribution coefficient of coronavirus in Prikamye is 0.79. This is one of the important indicators of the phased lifting of restrictions – for the second stage, it should be less than 0.8.

In addition, over the past three days, 510 beds were additionally re-profiled for COVID-19 treatment in the province. The indicator “availability of free bed fund” amounted to 67.7 percent.

– Over the past two days, key indicators have been kept in the Kama region at the level of standards for moving to the second stage of lifting restrictive measures, – said Sergey Nikiforov, Deputy Prime Minister of the Perm Territory, in charge of healthcare. – This allows us to discuss the draft plan for the transition to the second stage.

At the second stage, street cafes, museums and exhibition halls, shopping centers up to 800 square meters, children’s clubs, public organizations, research institutes, playgrounds and kindergartens, including private ones, will be opened.

As a source in the operational headquarters told Komsomolskaya Pravda, the chances are high that the second stage in the Perm Territory will begin on July 1.


“No need to hide from the virus in a cocoon!” – Perm epidemiologist about the current situation


The peonies of Bénédicte de Foucaud

Bénédicte de Foucaud loves talking about “her” peonies, but time is running out. At the end of May, the collection that she gradually installed in the old moats of the castle of Sourches opened to the public two weeks later than usual, because of the Covid-19. And, everything must be perfect for the arrival of visitors, from 2 p.m.

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While chatting, she therefore cuts the deflowering stems immediately in the wicker cart with the pruner, which she holds with the other hand. If the earliest peonies have already passed, many others still bear open buds and corollas. There are all heights and all shapes, all textures, all colors, from dark red almost black to white through yellow, orange and the whole range of roses.

Pest deer

” At the beginning, says Bénédicte de Foucaud, I just wanted to have fun with a personal garden. Since I don’t like to do things like everyone else, I opted for peonies rather than roses. I also appreciate roses, but they seem more banal to me: I would have been afraid of getting tired. “

The first peonies were installed in the château’s vegetable patch in 2003. Very quickly, this antique dealer, specialist in old snuff boxes, got caught up in the game, despite some disappointments. Indeed, the deer, numerous in the region, have wreaked havoc on its plantations. She then had the idea of ​​sheltering them from game – and also from the winds – by transferring them to the old moats.

Located below the castle bought in 2001 and surrounded by powerful walls, these dry moats – a large grassy area of ​​14,000 m2 where donkeys were grazing until then – are in the shape of a horseshoe: the walls on the fourth side have indeed served as a seat for the current castle of neo-classical style built, between 1761 and 1786, at the site of an older construction, by the king’s architect, Gabriel de Lestrade, for Louis II of Bouchet de Sourches, Provost Marshal of France.

Chinese friend

From 2009, Bénédicte de Foucaud began to travel, notably to America and China, to bring back rare specimens. “I don’t like doing things by halves”, she insists.

During this time, her husband Jean was fascinated, documents in support, for the history of this castle: big names of the French nobility lived there and, during the Second World War, he was requisitioned to shelter in his imposing vaulted cellars of precious paintings from the Louvre – notably Delacroix -, furniture from Versailles and the tapestry from Bayeux.

Finally, a Chinese friend convinced Bénédicte de Foucaud to “share” with the public his collection of 2,500 peonies. Like the quest of the lord for this “Fantastic and fragile botanical treasure” is far from finished, other varieties should be added.

Peony expert

After listening to it, no one can ignore more than the genre Paeonia comes in several species: herbaceous peonies (the best known is Paeonia lactiflora, sometimes called Chinese peony), shrubs (Paeonia suffruticosa) and finally the “ intersectional hybrids »Born from the crossing of the two previous ones successfully carried out in 1948 by the Japanese Toichi Itoh, after more than 20,000 tests. Up to this point, no breeder had ever succeeded.

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Over the years, Bénédicte de Foucaud has become a true expert. She knows all of her proteges by name, sometimes unpronounceable as «Shimazukurenaï» or «Niigala Ten’hyonomaï» (“Celestial dance”, in Japanese)… She cites without hesitation their kinship, their date of creation, their country of origin, the name of their breeder.

It is also unbeatable on the intense varietal creation of the XVIIIe to the XXe century under the impetus of horticultural geniuses such as Gratwick, Saunders, Nassos Daphnis and the French Guérin, Verdier, Doriat, Lemoine, Cayeux, Cornu, Rivière, Pardo, Rat…

Peony Conservatory

She herself does not have the ambition to create new peonies. Attach, to the XXIe century, the name of the castle of Sourches to that of a peony conservatory without equivalent in the world, is enough to fill it.

Definitely an expert and passionate, she devoted three works, beautifully illustrated with photos and watercolors, to her proteges, which are sold on the website and at the chateau shop (1). To its visitors (6,000 in 2019), it nevertheless recommends the purchase of French peonies, those of the Rivière houses in Crest (Drôme) (2) and Tricot in Orléans (Loiret) (3).


His inspiration. “A memory of my childhood”

“When I was born, my mother planted a seed of peony which germinated. When I was 6 years old, this peony gave a pink flower. My mother was so proud that she made me pose next to this flower, with my English and my smocked dress. This pose session lasted a very long time, two hours, perhaps, an eternity in my child’s eyes. It was for a black and white photo. I kept it. The memory of this moment has never been erased from my memory. This is probably where my passion for peonies comes from. “


What to do yesterday

What did you do yesterday ? No doubt you went to vote. Unless you haven’t been there. In any case, you have thought about it. But have you thought about the root day? Because it’s not just the elections. There is also the vegetable patch. Now (did you know?), According to the lunar calendar, yesterday was a root day (in the waning moon). What is a root day? It’s a day when we take care of root vegetables. Either turnips, carrots, tuberous parsley, beets, salsify, radishes, horseradish, rutabagas, scorzoners.

But also, by extension, garlic, celeriac, chervil, crosne, Peruvian oca, Jerusalem artichoke, sweet potato, potato or shallot. So it was appropriate yesterday, according to the review Rustica, to plant leeks, to thin carrots and winter radishes, to harvest early potatoes, to dig up garlic, colored onions and shallots, thinking, of course, to let them dry on the floor for a day. Warning: to keep the garlic white, you must protect the cloves in one row with the tops of the other (but you probably already knew that). If you forgot to do all this yesterday, absorbed that you were in the municipal elections, it does not matter: today is also a root day. So you can do today everything you didn’t do yesterday. While voting, no. This is the difference between voting and gardening.


In two districts of Primorye, due to rains, an emergency mode was announced :: Society :: RBC

In two municipalities of Primorsky Krai, an emergency mode was introduced due to flooding after prolonged heavy rains. This was reported by the press service of the regional government.

On June 29, due to overflowing from the banks of the rivers, the regime was introduced in the Chuguevsky district. “Due to cyclones and heavy rainfall in the Chuguevsky municipal district, the water level in the rivers exceeded the level of adverse events,” the press service quoted the statement of representatives of the regional ministry of civil defense and emergency situations.

Two days earlier, the emergency mode was introduced in the Kavalerovsky district of Primorye. In both municipalities, operational services protect the public and eliminate the effects of the flood.

In Vladivostok due to incessant rains flooded the streets

The government noted that the most difficult situation was in the village of Novomikhailovka – there formed a lake of groundwater with an area of ​​6 hectares next to the dam and the residential sector. Emergency personnel were not able to divert water through the floodgate, which led to flooding of the adjacent territories and gardens.


Invite artists in the garden !

The garden offers good times, between contemplation and conviviality. This is by encouraging your loved ones to visit that you made a place of sharing.

Plan this meeting a few weeks in advance, inviting a few friends having a penchant put at the service of nature : a painter, a sculptor, an embroiderer, a musician, a photographer… These friends will settle at random in an alley, drawing a bird, sculpting a branch of a tree, embroidering a butterfly, playing a catchy jingle on a guitar… One of your relatives has written a book about the nature or the garden ? Suggest that she come to sign that… another honey ? He comes to taste ! Then, send an invitation card informal to all your other friends, asking them to join you with a cake or a bottle…

Prepare this day as a feast : a few bouquets in the countryside, scattered in the garden, a corner sheltered, with a table beautifully decorated to ask the pastries of your visitors… The artists set up an hour before everyone else, the visitors will arrive little by little. All this small world will have a chat, admire your know-how of gardener, and that of the artists, the exchange of recipes of home-made cakes, and planting advice. Don’t tell “this is not possible, my garden is too small “this meeting can be realized in a small courtyard ! To adapt the number of guests to the surface of the place.

At the château du Rivau

On a larger scale, but always in a spirit of conviviality, in Touraine, in the heart of a garden classified ” Remarkable Garden “, within the Conservatory of the Scented Rose, the Rivau welcomes four artists specialists in painting in the open air for a residence international. This artistic collaboration, which started in 2014 by the Association of Festival Cultures Cross and the Foundation of Parks and Gardens of France, under the high patronage of the Embassy of Russia in France, helping to develop the friendship franco-Russian, spreading the art and love of gardens.

→ CHRONIC. Confined or déconfiné, the garden pocket is all the rage

You can without worry take your little, and let it guide you. Follow in the footsteps of elves, ogres, giants, good fairies, animals outrageous, in a world of the fantastic through 14 gardens. The grounds of nodes of lavender, the Garden of Gargantua, the Enchanted Forest, the Path to the Petit Poucet, Alice in the Country of the Rivau, the Border Delight, the Cassinina, alley, fragrant, the Orchard of Paradise, the garden of the Philtres of love, the Secret Garden, and the garden of the Princess Rapunzel combines botanical collections, humor, games and artistic creations.

Practical Information

Outdoor Russian In The Gardens Of The Rivau.

From 30 June to 3 July. Demonstration commented every day at 14 hours. Exhibition and sale of works carried out on 3 July from 14 hours.


The nature at the reach of children

If one proposes the children to watch, observe, feel, make, play, they become aware of all that nature gives us. From a young age, explain to them that not everything you eat and do not touch it, because there are plants ‘poison’.

They assimilate very well all of these parameters, and make the difference between a wild strawberry and a bay-toxic. Offer a mini-plot in the garden, or a box on the balcony – it is a way to connect urban children and the children of the fields -so they sow and plant what they prefer.

A mini garden just for them

Once, in the countryside, we picked up a small piece of a vegetable garden by the children. Now, we offered them a square of wood ! Very playful, a square allows them to take ownership of the place that they will cultivate, by finding themselves in front of a small space and their height. In gardening, they are going to understand the rhythm of the seasons, take confidence in them, to have the joy and pride of the harvest.

The taste of the good things

Adults, they will remember fragrance, successes and failures and have learned the taste of good things. With their range, leave the seeds, pots, a few tools without danger, catalogs, highly illustrated, books selected according to their age. They eat very little vegetables and don’t appreciate the herbs ? If they grow them themselves, they are proud to present them at the table… and the taste. The children “crack” for certain perfumes. They especially like the mints to smell Ricqlès, the lemon balm smells of lemon.

A herbarium, to learn

Among the workshops in which our dear little may be exercised, as well in the garden than in forest, at edges of way, and even in the city, it is the preparation of a herbarium. There is no better school to have good basics in botany, noting the name, the family, and the characteristics of each plant. Over the blooms of the garden, random walks, plants are everywhere !

For the identification, indispensable, it takes a good flora. Teach them that no one picks ever a plant protected or endangered : we just photographed ! It is a morning of fine weather, when the dew is evaporated, that you have to cut the stem chosen, with the flowers and the leaves. Let them ask the plants gathered on a paper towel. Help them for the future. Identify the plants, then put, flat, between the paper journal, with leaves and flowers, and then place this assembly under a considerable weight (Atlas, encyclopedia). You can also use a special press. Wait two weeks before placing them in the herbarium, on boards in stock. Secure each plant with the help of a small bit of scotch. Record all the information collected, and then close the herbarium, so that the colors do not deteriorate too fast.

The small fauna

Tell them why bees and other pollinating insects are essential for the production of our fruits and vegetables. Follow with them in the course of the ants, give them a magnifying glass, so that they detect the larvae and how they develop into adults. Install a “building” to insects, to manufacture with hollow stems close to the logs.

In order to better observe the birds

Attract birds by gluttony, it works every time. Let your little ones prepare for an ornamental edible, to be hung near a window… out of the reach of cats ! Make available to the wire, a large needle and fruit : raisins, dried apricots, nuts (without the shells !), slices of apples etc…. They should just put each fruit, by inserting, after having been soaked in warm water for one hour, to form a garland. Impossible, then, not to be hypnotized by the incessant ballet of birds who come to feast on. A cup of water placed on the rim completes the feast.


Confined or déconfiné, the garden pocket is all the rage

Balcony, terrace, courtyard, patio… With the new-found freedom, we must not let our guard down. Continue with the same enthusiasm, the same desire, and a bit more method is imperative. It is in the countryside if you have limited time, or in the city, where the place is counted, the mini-gardens are all the rage. This type of vegetable garden to pocket requires the gardener to maximize the crops and the harvests.

→ PRACTICE. The garden at the time of the containment

The goal is not to feed a family year round, but to take pleasure in the garden, make meals, and be able to troubleshoot when we don’t have time to go to the market.

Priority, growing salad to pick all year round, some vegetables that are easy to maintain, and all the aromatic. With a good location, every day, even in winter, you’ll be able to report in the kitchen of radishes, a handful of arugula, or a few fragrant herbs.

On the balcony, a kitchen garden at your height, it is convenient !

On feet, the vegetable garden is easier to order, because having to reach of eyes and hands forced to a perfect.

→ TO READ. Our dear little and the vegetable garden

Crop Rotation, good associations, aesthetics, nothing is left to chance. It becomes backdrop to a full-fledged, the central element of the balcony or the terrace. Many models are available.

Mini, even in the garden

The square of wood, to organize as they want, contribute to the architecture of the garden and allow you to marry the beautiful and the greedy ! Split each square into several mini-squares, rectangles and even triangles, in order to play with the lines, and to better manage seedlings and plantations.

Sun required ! To install your vegetable garden, choose a location well flat, and the sun, although a small plot of land can be half-shade, for the persil or chervil, and radish in the middle of summer.

Piquetez, with the help of bamboo, the location or locations chosen, in function of the shape of the ground, and stretch a tape laminated construction. Check to see if the locations are suitable for you aesthetically, you posting all sides of the garden and the house.

It only remains for you to mount your vegetable gardens, loungers and large boxes without background, on a ground well prepared, and then to fill them, the simplest being to deliver a few cubic metres of topsoil. Carefully choose your provider, so that it does not bring you a mixture… of pebbles ! It happens very often ! When you’ve shoveled this earth, add compost.

Elevated, even in the garden

If you have the option of getting stones, or to cut a brick or any other material, why not create structures that are more high than the traditional square wooden ? Positioned so that you can make the turn without difficulty, they must not be more than 1.20 m wide.

The benefits of vegetable gardens raised are many.

• Elegance, aesthetic structuring of space.

• Optimization of the lesser cm2.

• In the shelter of the seeding spontaneous from the surrounding garden.

• The dogs can’t feed the rabbits no more. But we can’t ban the cats !

• The earth is warmer.

• Convenient for gardeners with limited mobility : disability, bad back, age.

• The kids love having a little corner.

• Everything is at hand, and invites you to touch, to feel, to taste…

• Vegetables are closer together, perfect for companionship.

• The works are done manually. Good method for gardening organic !

The schedule according to the seasons

In the spring, the weather is mostly devoted to the planting and establishment of young plants, and in the summer, maintenance, staking, watering and mulching. Prepare a programme on the year, taking into account the crop rotation.

A plant takes always the same elements in the soil, resulting in a deficiency. It is necessary to change each year the location of the vegetables of the same family to get them to come back every 2 or 3 years in the same place.

Don’t forget the good associations. Mix the vegetables by affinity is a measure of success.

For the beauty, the health of the garden and for attracting butterflies and birds, let him ride in flowers a foot of lettuce (especially chicory), to blue (gorgeous), or a cabbage, which flourishes in cut-yellow, drag a few seeds of borage, marigold and nasturtium, and adopt the dandelions savages who are invited.

All of these herbs and flowers used to decorate salads and contribute to the diversity, the guarantor of the balance. There is no better fight against diseases and parasites. A vegetable garden healthy and productive, it is the synthesis between a living soil, the plants that come to the rescue of the plants and a good crop rotation.

Between each culture, add compost. And never leave the soil bare. Sow green manures, mulch !


Girl bitten by grandparents dog, very serious – Last Hour

(ANSA) – BRESCIA, MAY 10 – A one year and 10 month old girl is
was bitten in the head by a dog. It happened to Cividate
Camuno, in the Camonica Valley, in the Brescia area. The girl was
playing in the garden of the grandparents’ house when it was
attacked by a boxer breed dog owned by the same
grandparents. His condition appeared immediately very serious
and was transported to the Bergamo hospital. During the
transfer the girl would have suffered a cardiac arrest e
now the conditions are called desperate.