Israel bombs eighty targets in Gaza

Palestinian militants fired 30 rockets to Israel on Friday after Israeli soldiers killed four Palestinians in violent protests at the border. Israel blames rocket attacks against the Hamas Islamist movement, which in fact controls Gaza, although it has not claimed responsibility for releases. "In response to his serious actions, dozens of combat aircraft, helicopters and […]

Israel bombs Gaza after launching more than a dozen rockets

Israeli warplanes bombard several points in Gaza in response to the launch from the Palestinian enclave of at least 16 rockets to Israeli territory, but no casualties were reported on any side, military sources and witnesses said. The Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General Gadi Eisenkot, finished an emergency meeting with high-ranking army chiefs at the […]

The Israeli Air Force hits 80 Hamas targets in Gaza after 30 firing rockets in the south

The Israeli Air Force reached 80 Hamas targets on Friday night after 30 rockets were fired in southern Israel, officials say. According to a spokesman for the Defense Forces of Israel, dozens of fighter planes and other IDF aircraft carried out the strikes in Gaza. Among the attacked sites were two main weapons manufacturing sites […]

Israel backs off after rocket attack

More than a dozen Palestinian rockets were fired in Israel after the death of several protesters in the Gaza Strip. At least 14 bullets were shot down in Israeli territory, the army said. Ten of them were intercepted in the air. According to Israeli media, seven civilians suffered a collision. In response to the rocket, […]

An Israeli-Palestinian settlement is possible, but no less than the international community wishes

The most recent World Bank report on Gaza says its economy is in "free fall"; conflicts at the border are warming up again, with seven Palestinians, including two children, killed by Israeli forces on a particularly violent day at the end of September. We must talk about the possibility of another military confrontation between Israel […]

Dealing with Qatar to boost Gaza’s energy supply can easily crunch the crisis

There may be some help in the store for the shortage of electricity in the Gaza Strip. According to an agreement made in recent weeks, Qatar will finance the purchase of fuel for the Gaza power plant. The agreement, which is expected to take effect in the coming days, will allow a significant increase in […]

Gaza: Hamas revives confrontations with Israel

IN IMAGES – Seven Palestinians, including two children 12 and 14 years old, died on Friday for Israeli shooting during protests mobilizing 20,000 people. Of our correspondent in Jerusalem Hamas, which controls the territory of Gaza, gives new impetus to its confrontation with the Israeli forces. The confrontations on the border with their batches of […]

7 Palestinians fired fatally by Israeli soldiers in Gaza

Some of the wounded protesters who needed hospitalization were in a critical state, sources said, noting that 75 of the wounded were shot dead, Efe reported. (Representative image) Seven Palestinians, including a 12-year-old, were killed and 506 others injured by Israeli soldiers during protests on Friday 27th Thursday across the Gaza border, according to Palestinian […]

Ministry of Health of Gaza Backtracks: Palestinian boy could not be killed by Israeli soldiers

12-year-old Shadi Abdel-Al who died in confrontations at Gaza's siege On Friday, he was not run over by an Israeli bullet live, but with a blunt object, Sunday said the Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights in Gaza. The Gaza Health Minister said on Friday that the boy had shot himself in the head. On Saturday, […]

Under pressure from EE. UU. About the PLO it raises the middle tension

The decision of the Trump administration, WASHINGTON, on Monday to close the office of the Palestine Liberation Organization in Washington, has enraged the Palestinians and imposed new tensions in the framework agreement that guided US policy in the Middle East for a quarter of a century. The move to close the PLO office is the […]