Coronavirus outbreaks spread to nursing homes

The new coronavirus outbreak is spreading to elderly and vulnerable residents, with dozens of cases in facilities in the United States, from Illinois to Oregon and Wyoming, following the fatal outbreak in a nursing home in the Seattle area. By Wednesday, 35 coronavirus deaths have been linked to the Life Care Center in Kirkland, Washington […]

The death toll of Coronavirus in Italy exceeds that of China

ROME – The death toll of the coronavirus epidemic in Italy seems to have exceeded what in China, the latest official data show, while Chinese fatal accidents drop sharply and Europe becomes the epicenter of a pandemic that is killing thousands and devastating the global economy. The incessant increase in virus deaths in Italy reflects […]

Increase in coronavirus infections in Italy

MILAN – The coronavirus epidemic in Italy has continued to spread, countering efforts to contain it mainly in two rural areas near Milan and Venice. New cases have appeared up to southern Sicily, showing the limits of quarantined cities and the difficulties facing health officials. At least 283 people were confirmed to have contracted the […]