Masks, gowns, hydroalcoholic gel… The luxury sector to the rescue

The luxury sector, hard hit by the cessation of production and the closure of its stores, wants to show its commitment to the fight against coronavirus. In France, Italy and the United States, big names in fashion have expressed their support for the hospital and research sectors. The factories of the Italian group Armani have […]

Coronavirus creates dilemma for European public rallies, open borders

PARIS – The threat of the coronavirus that spreads across Europe’s open borders has made it difficult for local authorities and others to decide whether to cancel fashion shows, football games and other important meetings that define daily life on the continent. So far the governments of the European Union have refused to restore border […]

The COVID-19 epidemic plunges Europe into the blockade

A seventh person died from coronavirus in Italy, according to media reports, while Europe plunges into a dramatic blockade. More than 200 people have now tested positive for COVID-19 disease in Italy, the largest outbreak so far reported in Europe. The dramatic wave of cases has sparked fears across the continent with Italy and neighboring […]