The school prohibits students from talking in runners with the detainees with a detention of 20 minutes

The school prohibits students from speaking in corridors with detainees who are given a 20-minute detention. The students at the Birmingham Ninety School face a 20-minute detention to speak. The academy has 1,345 students aged 11 to 18 and has a "highlight" for OfstedA parent of a student said: "It's a place to learn … […]

Scientists: beets protect against cancer, obesity and dementia

Scientists have talked about the beneficial properties of beet and have recommended that people use it regularly to promote health. On Earth, there are many products that have a positive effect on the human body with moderate use. Among them you can distinguish beets, which will protect against cancer, obesity and dementia, as well as […]

My agony was hooked up with anxiety pills: like millions of women, SARAH VINE received antidepressants to deal with it …

What image comes to mind when you think of the term "addict"? Some poor drunk, alcohol snack at breakfast? A girl from the party who lost the way? Anyone whose life is chaotic, desperate, apart from the law? Or do you think that a middle-class and middle-class woman with a full-time full-time job and a […]

HIV in Eastern Europe extends to the highest rates in the world – WHO

In Eastern Europe, the highest rates of spread of the HIV epidemic This is done with reference to the World Health Organization (WHO), reports the UN News Center. "In the WHO European region, the largest number of people in the world with multidrug-resistant tuberculosis, the number of TB and HIV patients has increased 40 percent […]

Pyongyang gives South Korea two Pungsan hunting dogs as a gift

October 1, 2018 at 1:17 Mutual Approach: Pyongyang gives South Korea two Pungsan hunting dogs as a gift A Pungsan dog, one year old, given by South Korean President Moon Jae In in North Korea. Photo: AFP / HANDOUT Seoul The signs of a thaw are increasing in the division of the Korean Peninsula. Now […]

North Huntingdon discusses the settlement of the former Palestinian leaders – Tribune-Review

Updated 5 hours ago North Huntingdon was able to settle a $ 600,000 federal trial filed by his former chief of police, but the debate over the decision to shoot him two years ago continues the convenience of liquidation. Bruce Dice, a lawyer from the municipality, suggested that the municipality should not comment on the […]

More arrests and powers of investigation are being given to the police in an attempt to end the violent crime on the streets of our city

Police detention and investigation powers could spread to suppress acid attacks, it was reported last night. The Secretary of State, Sajid Javid, wants the officers to carry out controls on someone suspected of carrying corrosive substances for no reason. They need evidence that a suspect is about to cause injuries. Mr. Javid is also pushing […]