Hejma slapped Gott: What was Master smuggling from the West?

He drove Gott

Many times black-copied films of various quality, image and sound traveled to normalizing Czechoslovakia from the West before November 1989. “Each of us devoured them and also enjoyed fast dubbing, which enhanced the experience,” recalls Lukáš Bulava. He himself saw the first film on videotape in his eight years. And he was abducted by him. “It simply came to our notice then. That’s why the documentary Kings of Video has been created for the last four years, which maps this amazing but also crazy era of fast dubbing, “he says. “It was such a flash of light from behind the Iron Curtain,” says the musician and one of the first fast-trackers, Ondřej Hejma (69), to whom Karel Gott († 80) also smuggled cassettes for dubbing from the West.

“They bought them with a band from truckers and we dubbed it here,” he explains. The film Kings of the Video also reminds us how “véháesky” films came to us, how they were traded on stock exchanges or through advertisements. “A couple of the chosen ones began to persuade them at home,” Bulava recalls of fast dubbing, which enchants to this day. “We honor them, thanks to them we started to love movies more. Our documentary is actually a love letter to the times of our youth, “he adds.

They gave them a smirk

Dabers often could not translate correctly, so they added an unexpected dimension to the story. For example, in porn films they called male and female nature Jakešík and Kábrhelka, reminiscent of the General Secretary of the Communist Party and the chairwoman of the Women’s Union. Since fast dubbing was mostly recorded on a cassette player and in one go, the sounds of the surroundings – a strike by a lighter, a whistling kettle with coffee water – and a few quiet places when the fast dubber went to pour it into it often crept into the recording.

Immortal announcements

* “It’s a monster!” Is a translation of the sentence “What the f * ck!” In Predator, which is more of a classic “Do p * dele!”.

* “How’s it up there?” “Winter!” Was a strange conversation between two actors in a forgotten comedy. In fact, they said, “What’s up?” – “Cool,” “How’s it going?”

* In Sinful Dance, the legendary sentence was heard: “Babies will not sit in a corner.” In the amateur version, in which, by the way, the film is called Proud Dancing, you heard, “No one will push Babys into a corner.”

* The newer film The Rock also enjoyed its translation, where the military message “Aye-aye, sir!”, Correctly translated “I’ll execute, sir, order, sir!” Came into being: “An eye for an eye, sir.”

* “Yes, yes, do it to me!” A monotonously male voice quickly snatches the sighing representative in the Sexterminator porn film from the late 1980s.

* “I’ll be back!” Is the legendary sentence of the Terminator alias Arnold Schwarzenegger (73). It was first spoken in Czech by Ondřej Neff (75) in the 1980s.

Did you know that …

… after the Prague premiere in Lucerne, the documentary Kings of Video goes to cinemas all over the country? The premiere in Bulav’s native Karviná is today at 8 pm in the local summer cinema.


World renowned author Stephenie Meyer announces decision to continue the Twilight saga

Stephenie Meyer is known to the general public for her exceptional four-part “Twilight” saga, released between 2005 and 2010 and brought her worldwide fame and recognition. Two more books are now planned. This was reported by Izvestia.

Based on this series of novels, cult films have been made, telling about the love of a mortal girl Bella Swan and a vampire guy Edward Cullen. Soon after the success of the first four books, another was to be released, repeating the meaning of the first part of the novel, but conducted not on behalf of Bella Swan, but on behalf of the vampire guy Edward.

Fans were able to see this part only on August 4, 2020, the writing of the sequel was suspended due to disrespect for the author’s copyright. The first chapters of the book were illegally stolen and made publicly available on the Internet. At the debut of Midnight Sun, she admitted that she plans to write at least two more books in this series. Mayer also intends to release books with other worlds, different from the world of vampires and werewolves, with a different mythology.


The performer of the hit “My Boy” Svetlana Vladimirskaya has changed beyond recognition

The name of Svetlana Vladimirskaya in the early 90s was booming throughout the country, and her hit “My Boy” was played on all radio stations. However, at the peak of fame, the artist left show business and began to live a recluse. Some said she left for USAand others complained that the celebrity was in a sect.

Svetlana Vladimirskaya has been living in a remote village for 20 years Petropavlovka in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. She moved there when she married producer Mark Bolshoi. He worked with Lube and Vladimir Kuzmin. The latter, by the way, introduced Svetlana to her future husband.

From Mark Vladimirskaya gave birth to three daughters. However, marriage with him did not work out. After the divorce, the singer married the artist, having given birth to his son. And recently I became a grandmother.

Svetlana admits that she rarely gets out of her favorite places, but for Andrey Malakhova made an exception. “There were doubts, maybe we should stay in show business. But after many years I realized that I did everything right. There is no regret that I moved from Moscow and I live here, ”the vocalist said on the show“ Hello, Andrey! ”

On the set of the program, Svetlana Vladimirskaya appeared in a new image. Photo: Russia 1Photo: print screen video.

On the set of the program, she appeared in a new image – with long black hair and bright makeup. At first, Angelina Vovk, who was present in the studio, did not even recognize the singer: “Have you been in the video?” So changed during this time“.

Svetlana recalls the filming of the clip “My Boy” with love. Work on the video took a day, and when the video came out, it instantly became a hit.

“Such a lively and young voice, it’s very unfortunate that you left. Now I would be a very sought-after artist,” complained Arkady Ukupnik.

However Vladimirskaya regrets nothing. “Apparently so destined to all the will of God. She built herself a cedar, two-story house,” she summed up.

Svetlana Vladimirskaya “My Boy”.The first video for one of the best songs of Svetlana Vladimirskaya “My Boy” from the 1993 album of the same name


The star of the film “Big Change” barely making ends meet

Valentine Titov viewers fell in love with the cult films Shield and Sword and Big Break. Despite fame, the 78-year-old actress lives very modestly. Not to say poor.

Valentina Titova experienced in her life the betrayal of her colleagues, separation from her daughter, and difficult financial situation. However, the star of the Soviet films does not lose heart on self-isolation: “I live in the old way, I put in order the apartment, myself and I comply with these standards.” Such little things make her happy.

Valentina Antipovna does not hide – her no financial airbag. “My pension is 16 thousand rubles a month due to the lack of ranks … They also added four thousand due to the virus. As a result, 20. I understood: I can live on them poorly and economically,” StarHit quotes her.

Half of the amount from the actress goes to rent. She learned to save.

Was poor several times in her life. But we experienced these moments. There is nothing wrong with that, the body also needs a respite, it is impossible to endlessly exist under the motto “How I want!”. Now I live as I did not want, but I live … Life is a great test. If you pass it, then you are a man. And the rest is schizophrenia and idiocy, “the star admits.

She advises – no need to save, you just need to part with money. At 78, Valentina Antipovna looks gorgeous.

Do not turn into the old woman Isergil. And this is very easy: in the morning, don’t put on a bra and underpants, don’t pull on tights … Here you are cuttlefish … I want to be better. For example, I really do not like to dye eyelashes, but it is necessary. The actor must wear this uniform all his life, he is the face of the nation, “the celebrity is sure.

She does not complain about anything, but misses her daughter and granddaughter very much. They live in Greece and waiting for Titov to visit her.


Coronavirus: Estefan Enterprises guarantees its employees work through CVS Health

MIAMI.-As the effects of the pandemic COVID-19 continue to challenge the hospitality and restaurant industries, Stephanie Enterprises announced today that it will partner with CVS Health to immediately locate up to 300 workers in South Florida, Orlando and Vero Beach, the company said in a statement.

Restaurants and hotels in South Florida, Orlando and Vero Beach, operated by Estefan Enterprises have been mandated to close or restrict business operations in order to curb the spread of COVID-19. Estefan Kitchen Miami Design District, Larios On The Beach Ocean Drive, Estefan Kitchen Orlando, The Wave at Costa d’Este in Vero Beach and the Cardozo South Beach hotel have been temporarily closed with the exception that they offer takeaways and delivery service at home in all restaurants.

“We have all been faced with making very difficult and unfathomable decisions as we move through this crisis. Gloria and I are doing everything we can to find opportunities for our employees and we are very grateful to CVS Health for partnering with our companies, “said Emilio Estefan.

Estefan Enterprises employees have already been placed in the CVS Health selection process and are expected to be placed on the job within the next 24 to 48 hours. This alliance is part of CVS Health’s recent announcement about its accelerated plans to cover 50,000 temporary, full-time and part-time positions across the country. Roles include store associates, distribution center employees, and member and customer service professionals.

This extends to positions at CVS Pharmacy, CVS Pharmacy and Más and Navarro Discount Pharmacy locations.

“CVS is a critical resource for healthcare, prescriptions, and other supplies in South Florida communities, and we will continue to be here for clients, members, and patients in these difficult times,” said Ahmed Velez, CVS regional director Health.

“At a time when the hospitality industry is facing its greatest challenge, we are proud to be part of a community of leading companies that are helping out in these unprecedented times. Team members at Estefan Enterprises are a driving force. I am prepared and well trained, and they will help us meet the urgent and significant demands of this community, “added the executive.



GEiEG closes now after the Gloria storm has passed

It might seem counterintuitive, as the resigned GEIEG president Francesc Cayuela said yesterday, but now that the club has everything ready to go back to 100%, he is forced to close again. The storm of Sant Ponç flood caused by the storm has passed Glory by the end of January, the Group had been reopening in recent weeks to resume service to members. The last step was to take place next Monday, with the commissioning of the 50-meter pool. The coronavirus, however, will prevent it because from today the group facilities (Sant Ponç, Sant Narcís and Palau) will be closed until further notice, at least for the next fifteen days. Cayuela called for “patience” with partners and said he hoped the closure would be “shortened as soon as possible”, always as instructed by health and government authorities, within plans to stop the coronavirus expansion.

“Following the guidelines and health protocols set by the authorities and ensuring the safety of our partners, we will close the facilities until the situation is normalized”, explained the head of GEiEG, just now that the entity had achieved the bad moment of the storm Glory, which left two million euros worth of damage in Sant Ponç. “It’s true that this may seem like a counterintuitive thing because now that we had gotten rid of the floods and had to put the 50 pool into service on Monday, we would have been back to 100%, but we had to close again.” adds Cayuela, who believes that “we must be courageous, have serenity and trust the authorities.”

The GEiEG wanted to be “cautious” and guarantee “the security” of its users. On Thursday they had already decided to postpone training for all sports sections, and last morning, in contact with the institutions, they decided to close the equipment completely. “It is a moment that we will overcome,” the leader insisted.

The GEiEG, which celebrated its centenary last year, is now being affected in a global way, by the effects of coronavirus, just as it seemed that the effects of the storm could be turned away. Glory. Last Tuesday the entity had also announced the deferral of the traditional Ascent to the Angels, which had about 150 members, to prevent the spread of the virus.


Pain and glory in the Coliseum

Getafe, immersed in his fight for the Champions League and with the horizon of the tie he has to play against Inter, will fight to maintain his status in the noble zone of the table with the Celtic, in need of points to avoid falling into the descent and diminished by the absence of his key man: Iago Aspas.

After 26 days and in the last leg of the League, the men led by José Bordalás keep intact their dream of finishing the championship among the top four classified. They do not want to give up their current fourth place to continue in the fight for the coveted Champions League.

His last victory, 0-1 in Mallorca last weekend with a great goal from Serbian Nemanja Maksimovic, corrected the two consecutive defeats against Barcelona (2-1) and Sevilla (0-3) with which the Getafe seemed get off the cloud where I lived immersed in the League.

Those three points brought a point of tranquility in a club that cannot live in the same state of happiness in the Europa League. The coronavirus crisis will affect Getafe, whose fans, if there is no miracle, will not be able to enjoy two of the most important matches in the club’s history.

It is inevitable that the clash against Inter eclipse that of Celta, but the blue fans can not help but regret the impossibility of traveling first to Milan to see their team and the more than likely obligation that the crash back in the Coliseum Alfonso Pérez is behind closed doors.

But while these events unfold and decisions are made, José Bordalás only thinks of the duel against Celta. The Alicante coach expects maximum concentration in his players to get three vital points in his European aspirations.

They live in a great state of happiness thanks to the good news. First, because Xabier Etxeita will be able to play in the center of the defense after the Competition Committee removed the fifth yellow card he received at Son Moix. Second, because they will return to eleven key men like Marc Cucurella or Cameroon Allan Nyom, sanctioned last weekend. And third, because the Uruguayans Damián Suárez and Mauro Arambarri are elated after their coach Oscar Tabárez included them in the first list of calls for meetings against Chile and Ecuador qualifiers for the World Cup in Qatar.

In the chapter of bad news, Bordalás will have to face the absence of David Timor, with problems in one foot and one of the usual substitutes for Arambarri and Maksimovic. The Moroccan Fayçal Fajr or Francisco Portillo, absent in the last calls, could take their place in the call. In addition, Mathías Olivera suffers some physical discomfort that could leave him off the list, although his coach is confident he can count on the Uruguayan.

Fire Proof without Blades

It will be another demanding test for a Celta who is going through his best moment after losing only one of his last eight League games, especially because in front is a rival who dreams of reaching one of the Champions League positions.

The loss of Aspas is a serious setback for Óscar García Junyent. Without the Spanish international, Celta loses its top scorer, in addition to, along with Rafinha Alcántara, the most unbalanced footballer of his seedling.

The numbers, as if that were not enough, do not accompany: the celestial team lost 19 of the 28 games he played without the Galician attacker, which could be supplied in Getafe by Santi Mina, author of the goal of the tie at Santiago Bernabéu, or Pione Sisto .

The Croatian Bradaric will return to the center of the field after serving penalty in Granada. Repeat with Okay Yokuslu in the double pivot. Rafinha, the team’s engine in the last matches, and Smolov will also have continuity in the starting team.

The strength and reliability of Getafe can encourage Óscar García to recover the line of three plants that gave such a good result in Mestalla and Santiago Bernabéu. In that case, Aidoo would reinforce the center of the axis next to Murillo and Araujo, with Hugo Mallo and Olaza on the sides, right and left respectively.

Probable lineups:


Soria, Damián, Djené, Etxeita, Olivera, Nyom, Arambarri, Maksimovic, Cucurella, Jaime Mata and Deyverson.


Rubén Blanco, Hugo Mallo, Aidoo, Murillo, Araujo, Olaza, Okay, Bradaric, Rafinha, Santi Mina and Smolov.


Sánchez Martínez (Murcia Committee).


Coliseum Alfonso Pérez.


9:00 p.m.


Movistar LaLiga


“My glory days”, the plight of a former child star

My glory days *

by Antoine de Bary

French film, 1 h 39

It is sometimes no worse weight than a success that occurred too early: it gives you the feeling of your importance, by taking away your sense of effort. Leading actor in a popular childhood film, Adrien, 27, dreams of his dilettable way of transforming the essay. He went without the slightest preparation for the casting of a film by a German director and, against all odds, was selected to play the main role, Charles De Gaulle Jeune.

He could return to a promising acting career, but everything seems to be going wrong. He must be accountable for having brought the large scale of the firefighters in order to return home one day when he had left his keys in his apartment. Her love affair with a teenage girl turns into a stampede. Forced to return to live with his parents, he can hardly count on their help between an alcoholic father who has taken refuge in a maid’s room and a whimsical and intrusive psychoanalyst mother.

My glory days could have been at the junction of the facets of Vincent Lacoste who embodies Adrien: a remnant of childhood with rough outlines, a languor of ungrateful adolescent, an undeniable charm of a young man and a proven sense of humor. But – was it the choice of the director whose film has autobiographical inflections? – his feature film always seems to miss the funny.

Apathetic derision and disenchantment

There remains the asthenia of his anti-hero, a teenager trapped in the role of an eternal Peter Pan. From his mother (Emmanuelle Devos), Adrien inherited a sense of derision which incites us to consider nothing seriously; of his father (Christophe Lambert), apathetic disenchantment. At the (slow) pace of Adrien, My glory days follows him in his social and emotional collapse where nothing seems to be spared him.

Since its beginnings in Beautiful kids, Vincent Lacoste chained the roles of teenagers badly in their skin, before, fortunately, to pass to more varied characters who installed him in the landscape of talented actors. Its composition is added to a framework just as already seen for a film not devoid of attractions, but which tires by its repetitions, like the sexual impotence of Adrien, metaphor of his incapacity to advance. The heavy eyelid of this young man, overwhelmed by life, offers the viewer exhausted by these ex-child-star disappointments like a mirror.


“Zero” risk for the public with Coronavirus in Spokane not comforting for everyone | news

SPOKANE, Wash. – The Sacred Heart reassured the community that their patients and staff are completely safe with four confirmed cases of isolated Coronavirus in a special hospital pathogenic unit.

Spokane’s regional health district confidently said in a press conference Thursday that the risk to the public is “zero”.

Even so, that trust is not affecting a little.

We spoke to a woman in Spokane Valley, Gloria on Friday, who has been receiving chemotherapy for her cancer since October. So far, she is responding well to treatment, but an imminent appointment next week at the Sacred Heart worries her.

“I’m thinking of canceling my appointment, which is a pretty important appointment because I just did the CT scan to see what my cancer is doing,” said Gloria.

With her immune system in a compromised state, the news of four Coronavirus infected patients arriving at the Sacred Heart for treatment makes her seek an alternative.

But it is an alternative that the Sacred Heart does not consider necessary, saying in a press conference Thursday that all their patients in the hospital have nothing to worry about.

“The care of people with infectious diseases is nothing new for hospital teams,” said Peg Currie, RN, CEO of Sacred Heart on Thursday. “The ability of our teams to be able to take care of everyone who is in our hospital today, who might be coming tonight or who could give birth to a baby is that we know they will be safe and we are committed to keeping that promise for our community. ”

Hospitals are the places where people dealing with the disease get better and there have been many more people who come to the hospital with the flu than Coronavirus in the United States.

Much more.

Millions of flu cases have been diagnosed in the United States this year, with 280,000 hospitalizations and 16,000 deaths.

Worldwide there have been approximately 76,000 Coronavirus cases with around 2200 deaths and only 14 confirmed cases in the United States, according to the latest issues of the CDCand zero deaths.

Statistically, the flu is more worrying for health workers, with 5 deaths in Spokane County alone this year, according to the the latest issues of the Washington State Department of Health.

However, it is the virus that is spreading around the world and now local headlines that worry Gloria as she considers her next step in her battle against cancer.

“Is it something you’re not willing to receive treatment for?” I asked Gloria about her concerns with Spokane’s Coronavirus.

He stopped for a moment.

“I don’t know. Maybe. Maybe.”

Gloria has said so far that she is responding well to the treatment, but her appointment next week, if she keeps it, should involve receiving the results of a CT scan to see exactly what her cancer is doing. She said she was about to speak to her doctor about switching to her appointment at another location, but as of Friday afternoon, it was not known if she had been able to change it.

If you have questions or concerns about Coronavirus, maybe you would like to check out something you’ve heard of the virus, or maybe you’re in a Gloria-like situation and are looking for guidance, the Washington State Department of Health has a Coronavirus. created a call center for anyone with general questions about the virus, how it spreads or possible symptoms. Call 1-800-525-0127 and press #.