The New Zealand dollar has recovered from a maximum of three months against the US dollar after data from the labor market and expectations of inflation

1/2 2/2 Thank you for reading the news of the New Zealand dollar that has recovered from its highest level in three months against the US dollar following the labor market data and expectations of inflation and now with detailed details – Bassam Rashed – Forex News Today The New Zealand dollar fluctuated in a […]

Almarai offers 100% of its alfalfa needs outside the Kingdom to support the dairy sector

Almarai announces its complete arrest on the cultivation of clover and green foods in Saudi Arabia on November 3, 2009.. The company, in a communique to the market, on Sunday, has assured 100% of the supply of all its needs for clover and green fodder from outside the Kingdom to support the dairy and poultry […]

EGP 359 million net sales of foreigners during the month of October

Foreigners posted a net sale of 359 million EGP in the Egyptian stock market last October, while the Arabs recorded net sales of 73.23. Millions of pounds during the same period, after excluding agreements. Foreign investors recorded a net purchase of 5877.66 million EGPs since the beginning of this year, while the Arabs recorded a […]

The Tunisian Central Bank stays at the key interest rate at 6.75%

– The Tunisian Central Bank (TBI) on Thursday held the key interest rate unchanged at 6.75%, one month after the IMF urged the bank to increase lending costs. To stop the inflation rate. The bank expects inflation to reach 7.8 percent this year and drops to 7 percent next year. The bank raised interest rates […]

40 Association Agreement UAE-India

The General Secretariat of the Emirate of Foreign Investment Council has described UAE-India relations as historical, based on mutual respect and close collaboration through more than 40 agreements and memoranda of understanding. In many fields, investment leads to a vision of sustainable development.He said that this historical relationship between two countries that meet the belief […]

A sudden and significant fall in local gold grams (current prices)

Sign up for new economic news Gold prices fell on Friday, internally affected by a global decline in gold prices, at a price of 10 pounds for the best seller of 21 years in the Egyptian market. Amir Rizk, a member of the division and jewelers, said that the decline in gold prices in the […]

Gold prices on Monday, 09/17/2018 in Egypt

Gold prices on Monday prolonged its stability for the third consecutive day, with gold registering a slight increase overall, but so far it has not affected prices in Egypt. The price of Egypt's gold is 21 pounds, the best seller in Egypt at 602 pounds so far. Gold prices today in Egypt are as follows: […]

In 5 information … Learn to benefit from the low price of gold in Egypt

In conjunction with the continued decline in gold prices in Egypt, during the second consecutive month, following the fall in gold prices worldwide due to the strength of the dollar, the seventh day presents the 5 best information on how to take advantage of the significant drop in price of gold in Egypt – Exploit […]

The price of gold today in goldsmiths in Egypt, Monday, September 9, 2018 now

The price of gold today The price of gold today, on Monday, September 10, 2018 at Al-Sagha stores in Egypt, gold prices today in Al-Sagha stores in Egypt, the price of gold 21 kilometers, the gold price of 18 kilometers , the gold price monitoring in Egypt today The price of gold, in addition to […]

Gold prices: an analysis of current prices and forecasts of future trends in the market

Gold prices: analysis of current prices and forecasts of market trends .. and federal password Sunday, September 9, 2018 11:43:08 – Readers 83 – Gold closes to about 1200 dollars. In spite of the positive data from the labor market, Gold Trend establishes the next federal meeting: the strong demand for yellow metal prevents dropped […]