In Atlanta began investigating after the murder of African American police :: Society :: RBC

The state of Georgia has organized the investigation on the fact of wounding by police during the arrest of 27-year-old black man named Richard Brooks, who later died in hospital. This was reported on the website of the Bureau of investigation Georgia on Twitter.

On the evening of 12 June, the police responded to a call at a fast food restaurant, located in the Central part of the city. In the driveway was the car, which prevented other drivers to drive up to the restaurant. The car was a dark-skinned man who was asleep.

The foreign Ministry commented on the protests in the US over the death of an African American

As identified by the police, a male African American was in a state of alcoholic intoxication. They tried to detain him, but black man resisted. Police tried to TASE, but African Americans managed to take it. Black men tried to escape from the police, but at this moment one of the guards shot the man. The victim was hospitalized, but doctors failed to save his life. One of the policemen also suffered. He received medical help.

Record the incident in the Network has posted the eyewitnesses of the incident.

After the incident, the police chief Erica shields, Atlanta, has resigned, according to CNN. The mayor keisha lance bottoms said that in this case the use of firearms by guards is not warranted.

On may 25 the detention of police officers in Minneapolis (Minnesota) died 46-year-old African American George Floyd. Police suspected him in the reckoning of counterfeit bills at the store. At the time of arrest one of the officers pushed Floyd’s knee on the throat. The black man shouted that he found it difficult to breathe, and requested his release, but police did not respond to his words. Floyd later died in the hospital from asphyxia. The result was dismissed four police officers. One of them was accused of murder, the other three being accomplice to murder.

Trump has refused to abolish the police after the death of the African-American Floyd

In the conclusion it is judicial-medical examination of Hennepin County was claimed that Floyd was infected with the coronavirus. Farewell ceremony with the deceased in Minneapolis took place on 4 June. Buried Floyd on June 9 in his hometown of Houston (Texas).


Video goodbye to two grandparents just before dying from Covid-19 | Global World Blog

From one side of the world to the other, lA pandemic has forced many family relationships to be restricted to phone conversations, social media, or video calls. Some routine situations will resume after the end of the epidemic. For others, however, there will be no turning back. The restrictions on visiting relatives that also prevail in the United States have forced the relatives of Merle and Dolores Dee Tofte, a couple of octogenarians from Washington state, said goodbye by video before they both died of Covid-19, collect The Washington Post.

Dee Merle started feeling bad in early March. Just a week before, she had celebrated her 85th birthday, without her relatives noticing any tremors or agitation caused by Parkinson’s. But on the 7th of last month, the old woman could not stand up and it was difficult for her to speak. An ambulance took her to the hospital. Her husband, 86, followed her four days later. He accused a continuous cough, fever and body pain, according to what his daughter, Lori Kohler, told the American newspaper.

Two days after admission, they both tested positive for coronavirus, and the couple’s youngest daughter had to be quarantined for two weeks. Meanwhile, his parents were losing their little strength in the hospital.

The family received the bad news, on the 16th, that the couple had few hours to live. As confinement and quarantine prevent the elderly from visiting even on their deathbeds, Dee and Merle’s five children and their four grandchildren, who live in three different locations on the North Pacific Coast, called their elders through the FaceTime video app to say goodbye.

Two of the granddaughters sang the song A Bushel and a Peck to their grandparents, a romantic song from the fifties that was the favorite of the two elders and that popularized, among others, Doris Day.

Dee and Merle passed away a few hours later, with little difference between them. “The fact that the two of them left together, as hard as it is for us, was the best thing for them. If there had been only one, it would have been horrible,” said one of her daughters.

No one in the family was able to attend the funeral. Taylor, the youngest daughter in quarantine, regretted it on her Facebook account: “I cannot comfort my children, who have lost their grandparents. And I cannot celebrate a funeral or attend my parents’ funeral.” “He wanted time and intimacy to mourn them, but if his story can help save a life, it has to be told. Please share this,” he posted on his account, next to the label. #stayfomeifyoucan (“If you can, stay home”).

The Governor of Washington State decreed confinement last week, until at least next April 8. They only allow themselves to buy food, go out to work if essential, and take a walk around the house.


Goodbye to Aute, the musician who made art with his songs

The Spanish artist Luis Eduardo Aute, the very personal voice of the Ibero-American song but also a cartoonist, poet, painter and filmmaker, died yesterday in Madrid, at the age of 76.

Retired from the stage since August 2016 when he had a heart attack for 48 days in a coma, Aute’s aesthetic dimension was deployed on several fronts where he tried to find that subtle and fragile space where happiness and pain are debated.

“I am not able to say which discipline is the one that best expresses me because the trees do not reveal the forest and although the scope of the songs is much greater than that of poetry or painting, I express myself through of the same breeding ground but I do not have the capacity to see the whole of my work ”, Aute risked in December 2014 in a journalistic interview.

From that extreme sensitivity spread in an expressive fan, the creator born in the Philippines on September 13, 1943, built his own universe that in music found its most notorious echo.

Its debut in the song took place around 1965, composing for others (for example, the singers Ana Belén, Massiel and Rosa León) and three years later he began his personal record journey which, with twists and turns, resulted in thirty albums even “The boy who looked at the sea”, his last musical gesture dated in 2012.

Along this vast path, the guitarist and singer gave away songs that deserve a place on the payrolls of the notables in our language, among them, “Somehow”, “At dawn”, “Beauty”, “Anda”, “Sin your heartbeat “and” Inside “.

The songbook of Aute is, beyond each song, a libertarian and uncomfortable plea that refuses to enter the boxes and that, in addition to a non-negotiable posture, refers lucidly and without low blows to sex, love, the passage of weather.

That work was taxed in May 2015 on the album “Giralunas. A tribute to Luis Eduardo Aute ”in which musicians of a new generation took part, such as Natalia Lafourcade, Rozalén, Vanesa Martín, Xoel López, Miguel Poveda, Abel Pintos and Andrés Suárez.

A benchmark of Spanish song, Aute was also a film director, actor, sculptor, writer, painter and poet.


Goodbye, friend Fernando | The Basque newspaper

I’m going to tell you one thing: When I hear anti-bullfighting talking, I don’t feel any rancor or any feeling towards them. Only, I feel sorry, because they do not know what they are missing! ». Usual phrase of the great fan and best person Fernando López de Gauna, who has just left us, victim of that traitor virus that haunts us, and has been i


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Goodbye to Gabi Delgado, the Cordovan who shook the German post-punk

If one did not know the details, it was a bit shocking to find that a Düsseldorf duo called Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft had as a singer someone with such an un-Germanic name, Gabi Delgado-López. This Cordovan, son of a family that emigrated to Germany when he was 8 years old, became one of the protagonists of the fertile post-punk scene in the Central European country: DAF (the acronyms saved many linguistic troubles) created in the early 80’s a fiercely personal and innovative style, which resulted from combining the insistent and somewhat abrupt sequences of a Korg MS-20, the powerful and repetitive rhythms of the drum kit. Robert Görl and Delgado-López’s voice, with pressing phrasing, with short and urgent verses in German. To all this they added an aesthetic full of fetishist and paramilitary connotations, which completed one of the most radical proposals of the time.

“Kraftwerk sounded too boring to me: too pretty, too sedated and too sterile,” explained Gabi Delgado-López, who died this Sunday at the age of 61, on one occasion. Rock didn’t convince him either: “We couldn’t even see the guitars, we thought they were remnants of the old world.” With songs like ‘Der Mussolini’ (his greatest success, with provocative lyrics that exhorted «Dance the Mussolini, dance the Adolf Hitler, dance the Jesus Christ, dance communism»), DAF were the germ of the ‘electronic body music’ of bands like Front 242 (as decisive in the origin of later phenomena as the Bakalao route) and they also inspired electropunk and industrial rock, but at the same time they have remained history as a unique project, which knew how to shape an austere, intense sound and as stimulating today as it was then.


Entertainment Update for March 4th | Gorge Life

“Rhythm Inflictors” plays Route 30
Lyle’s JT Blue and the Rhythm Inflictors – specializing in toe taping, groovy blues – return to Route 30 Bottles and Brews on March 6th at 7pm. The band presents Tom Reinerth (guitar) and Victor Roy (drums).
Route 30 Bottles and Brews, 317 E. Second St., The Dalles.
Oakenfir, still in River City on March 7th
It is a night of transcendent rock music on Saturday 7 March, with the local band Oakenfir and special guests The West Goats. Music starts at 9:00 pm with coverage of $ 5.
River City Saloon, 207 Cascade Avenue, Hood River; 541-387-2583.
“Magic the Gathering” at HR Hobbies
This “Magic the Gathering” casual trading card game session is a great opportunity for children, tweens and teenagers to learn and play Magic. Learn deck building and strategy – all levels are welcome – Friday March 6, 4pm to 5pm at Hood River Hobby. Registration is $ 5 per session.
Hobby Hood River, 110 Fourth St., Hood River; 541-386-1223.
Chris Baron at Everybody’s 2 March
Live music every Monday from all, the music is from 18 to 20:
March 2: Chris Baron (songwriter)
March 9: Stephanie Sweet (songwriter)
March 16: Ursa Miner (songwriter)
March 23: Hawthorne Roots (Bozeman sisters)
Extra show Wednesday 25 March: Laney Lou and the Birddogs (folk rock)
March 30: Montgomery Rose (folk)
Everybody’s Brewing, 177 E. Jewett Blvd., White Salmon; 509-637-2774.
Barley Draft announces “Farewell Tour”
Local Irish folk band Barely Draft announces its farewell tour with three Gorge shows: Friday 13 March at the Solera Brewery in Parkdale; Saturday 14 March at Freebridge Brewing in The Dalles; and Saturday 21 March, at the reference church of St. Peter in The Dalles (benefit concert for Music Matters). Music starts at 7pm
McDougall at Rivertap on March 6th
Live music coming to Rivertap:
Friday 6 March: McDougall, from 6 to 7 pm (solo artist, American)
Sunday 8 March: Sunday Night Jam with The Reddy Black Trio, 18: 30-20: 30
Rivertap, 703 E. Second St., The Dalles, 541-296-7870.
“Word festival” presents Rezurectors on March 14th
The Hood River County Library Foundation will host its annual gala and fundraising party at the Hood River County Library on Saturday March 14 at 6:00 pm.
Live music from The Rezurectors, live and silent auctions, snacks and local libations will be available. Tickets cost $ 25 on
Hood County County Library, 502 State St., Hood River; 541-386-2535.
Kerry & Chic in White Buffalo on March 5th
Thursday 5 March from 6 to 8 pm, “the impeccable pickers Kerry Williams and Chic Preston blend colorful originals and unique arrangements with vocal harmonies and lots of fun.”
White Buffalo Wines, 4040 Westcliff Drive, Hood River; 541-386-5534.
“Kenny & the Jeffs” at Zim’s March 7th
Live music coming from Zim:
Friday March 6: Al & Nolan Hare with Ben Tibbets, 19-10
Saturday March 7: Kenny and Jeff with Kenny Olsen, Jeff Carrell, Jeff Minnick and Victor Johnson, 19-10.
Tuesday 10 March: Taps & Tunes on Tuesday with Al Hare, Kenny Olsen and Jose Maya, 19-19
Zim Brau Haus, 604 E. Second St., The Dalles; 541-296-2368.
“West Side Story” opens on March 6th
The Columbia Gorge Orchestra Association Stages presents West Side Story, at the Wy’east Middle School Performing Arts Center, starting on Friday 6 March.
Jessica Lynne in TD on March 10th
The Mid-Columbia Community Concert Association welcomes Jessica Lynne to the Dalles Civic Auditorium on Tuesday 10 March at 19:00.
After moving to the United States from Denmark in 2010, Lynne opened for Diamond Rio, Dustin Lynch, Keith Anderson and Trace Adkins, said a press release.
He got top marks in the Texas State Texaco showdown. His latest Nashville recording “Warning Label” is now played nationally on country radio.
Tickets are available from retailers, Klindt’s design lines, online at or at the door.
The Dalles Civic Auditorium, Quarta and federal roads, The Dalles.


OT 2020 nominees gala 6: Anne says goodbye with kiss and Estrella Morente sings bullfighting

The Academy said goodbye yesterday to the fifth participant of ‘OT 2020’. This time it was Anne’s turn, who won 26% of the votes against 30% of Bruno and 44% of Flavio. Seeing three contestants walk the tightrope was something that had not happened to date, since it was the first time a trio was nominated.

The 18-year-old, who defended her stay with ‘Unchained Melody’ of The Righteous Brothers, said goodbye to the Academy, not only said goodbye to the Academy. Between applause and tears and, with a very commented kiss on the networks, he also had to say goodbye to Gerard. He later confessed that he did not imagine finding love in the program.

“The first thing I’m going to do when I leave is going to be hugging you,” Gèrard said while Anne met Noemí Galera in the chat. There, the former triumphant received via twitter the Amaia’s support.

Best group performance and bullfighting improvisation

The group rapport between the contestants is not only seen in the day to day. Yesterday he felt at the start of the sixth gala, which began to the rhythm of ‘Video Killed The Radio Star’ of The Buggles. Manu Guix called it “the best group to date.”

They promised in rehearsals and met on stage. One of the most powerful performances of the gala was the version of ‘With height’ by Rosalia for Maialen and Anne.

But without a doubt, if there was a surprise moment last night was the joint action between Morente Star and Nia, who played the famous ‘Back’ by Carlos Gardel. More than one would be lost with the start of the issue. And, is that, Morente decided to bet on the lyricist innovation in favor of bullfighting:

«Neither the bullfighter kills the bull, nor the bull kills the bullfighter,

the two play their lives, at the same random game.

Don’t traffic with his soul, don’t forgive the brave bull in the square,

How human cowardly to steal the bull’s death alone and in his agony.

And, of course, this did not leave the audience indifferent.

Tinet Robira himself had to explain on Twitter that the unexpected turn “had been a surprise to everyone.”

Three other nominees

Gérard won over the public of Operation Triunfo and became his favorite, so the young man managed to get rid of the nomination. “Your song has left much to be desired,” the jury reminded him.

So Bruno, Eva, Hugo and Rafa They were chosen to leave the Academy by the jury. After resolving a triple tie, Eva was saved thanks to the hand of her teammates. But the jury, for the first time in history, decided that it was not going to save anyone; So for the second week three contestants (Hugo, Bruno and Rafa) are running again to pack their bags.


Goodbye to Diego Forlán and a golden decade for the light blue | sports

No one knew yet, but in the halftime of the game played by Uruguay and Senegal for the 2002 World Cup, much more was decided than the subsequent anger with which the celestial tied the game after going 0-3 to the locker room.

It can be said that those 15 minutes marked a before and after in the history of one of the teams that evolved the most in the decade that ends.

That squad that said goodbye to the Korea-Japan World Cup in the first round had two well-marked groups: the most experienced, with Paolo Montero, Fabián O’Neill and Darío Silva; and the youngest, with Fabián Carini and Diego Forlán (Montevideo, 1979), who that afternoon joined Chengue Morales in the supplementary and initialed 2-3.

“I lived with Forlán and he is a real phenomenon, I was never a friend or anything, we shared and played soccer, he doesn’t drink next to us, he doesn’t smoke, he doesn’t do anything, so we couldn’t be next to him”, confessed some O’Neill, a benchmark for a generation that later failed to qualify for the 2006 World Cup in Germany.

It can be said that, from Forlán, the Uruguayan footballer, and all those who claim to be, have become more serious, more aware that their work off the field and their conduct in private life is as important as what they do within the field.

The World Cup in South Africa, in 2010, would mark the beginning of a golden decade where the Uruguayan team achieved, in addition to fourth place in the World Cup, a South American sub-20 after 30 years, the Copa América in 2011 and the qualification for Brazil and Russia, among other things.

“It is not that the player from before was bad and the one from now is good, but that there is more information that is being used and allows you to prepare in a different way. The footballer was always professional but he was different, I broke that paradigm, I was the person the change started, “acknowledges the now Peñarol coach in an interview with EL PAÍS.

Forlán is a true Atlas of world football. He left his country at age 17 to play in Argentina and did not stop there: England, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Japan, India, Hong Kong and, logically, Uruguay, have made him come across great players and a triad of coaches from luxury like Menotti, Ferguson and Tabárez, although in that shortlist, he also makes room for the Chilean Pellegrini, whom he had at Villarreal.

That yellow submarine that joined Riquelme and Sorín reached the semifinals of the Champions League in 2006 after walking to Inter Milan by Juan Sebastián Verón. Arsenal, the obstacle to access the final, began winning 1 to 0 thanks to Henry, but within minutes the referee whistled for the Spanish team. Riquelme, today vice president of Boca, kissed the ball, but the romance was unrequited: German goalkeeper Lehman held back, just as he would later in the World Cup against Argentina. Thus, Villarreal and Forlán were close to glory.

“The Roman prison could have given us the chance to go to the extension and perhaps access a final with Barcelona, ​​but it is football, we were at the door twice and it didn’t happen,” continued the Uruguayan.

However, he keeps a great memory of Spain: “It was divine, my grandmother was from there and I had the opportunity to return to her country to play seven spectacular years in a beautiful place that I would go to direct in the future, if I had the opportunity “

Cachavacha, as they say, longs for bays and buildings in Hong Kong, the Spanish or Italian inns, the kind that “on the face of it don’t look good, but you go in to eat and it’s just the opposite”, and also the beaches. However, he loves Punta del Este, the spa town of Uruguay to which I would add more heat to enjoy it “much more”.

“Many former teammates ask me how I can get used to Uruguay and I reply: ‘Where do you want me to go? It is my country,” he says. “Am I going to live in Europe? Yes, I am going to lead, yes, but if I have nothing to do outside, I stay in my country, to walk on the road [carretera], go inside, see the fields, the sea, the boulevard of Montevideo; For me we have a spectacular country and the more the years go by, the more I like it, “he assumes.

Everyone is invited to the farewell match at the legendary Centenario Stadium in Montevideo. When he takes the field for the last time in a soccer uniform, he will be accompanied by the squad of the World Cup in South Africa that achieved fourth place and by figures such as Juan Román Riquelme, Luis Suárez, Edinson Cavani, Sebastián Abreu, Diego Lugano, Javier Zanetti , Juan Sebastián Verón, Esteban Cambiasso and Javier Chevantón.

Afterwards, the time will come to lead the professional team of Peñarol and, above all, teach the youngest with the same wisdom and discipline that his father, Pablo, and his maternal grandfather, Juan Carlos Corazzo, two other champions instilled in him. Copa América with Uruguay.

“We as boys used to train in a way and today children with eight or nine years have skills that we did not have,” he recalls. “At the time when my parents taught us they did certain things that are prohibited today; now we know that we must prioritize the first 1,000 days of the child, which then mark them for life, but before we thought of children from the five or six years, which is when you started to reason, “reflects Forlán, who played his last professional game a year and a half ago with the Kitchee FC Hong Kong jersey, a country that if he had the opportunity to return to work” I’d be happy in life. “

This Saturday, Forlan will celebrate a race that has “been done” and the Uruguayans will be able to celebrate their favorite team again, now without the annoying vuvuzelas.

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