Weather forecast for Tuesday 22 September: yellow warning for rain in six regions of the Center-North

The rapid descent of a cyclonic vortex from the British Isles will also bring bad weather to the Mediterranean areas. The depression will bring southern winds to Italy which will push perturbations over our country, fueled by the fresh North Atlantic air. The phenomena will be distributed in an irregular way, but may be of strong intensity at the local level. Civil protection: yellow alert in Lombardy, Veneto, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio. forecasts


Rains and scattered thunderstorms will affect all regions, moderate / heavy rainfall is expected in Lombardy, Friuli-Venezia Giulia and in the Veneto between the plain and the coast. Temperature in calo with maximums not exceeding 25 degrees. The Civil Protection has issued a yellow alert for Lombardy, Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Center and Sardinia

Unstable weather with rains and local thunderstorms on all central regions. Temperatures of 24 degrees in Rome and Florence, 21 in Perugia. Yellow alert of the Civil Protection for southern Tuscany, Lazio and Umbria.

South and Sicily

More unstable weather on Sicily where clouds can cause some rain. Compact clouds in the Tyrrhenian area, sun elsewhere. Temperatures below 30 degrees.

21 September 2020 (modified on 21 September 2020 | 16:58)



GF Vip cancels the video on Dayane Mello’s first kiss to Mario Balotelli: here’s what he told

Big Brother Vip, take the case Dayane Mello: the model tells her story with Mario Balotelli but on the Mediaset website, in the dedicated clip some sentences are cut off. The attentive viewers immediately noticed the difference and wonder why this “censorship“.

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Last update: Friday 18 September 2020, 19:58



“I gay? What a shame that interview ”- Tvzap

Take on a new season of Live Life alone – but once again express his esteem a Lorella Cuccarini and his displeasure at the termination of the relationship – and will be at the side of the jury of dancing with the Stars. Alberto Matano, journalist and presenter of La Vita in Diretta comments on Who the interview that Il Messaggero made with Fabio Canino, in which the interviewer essentially asked to draw up a list of the sexual orientations of many public figures, including the Rai1 journalist. “Is Alberto Matano gay?” Was the point blank question to which the actor had not answered.

“When I read that interview, as a journalist, I felt ashamed, and like me, most of those who read it. I don’t like categories, labels, and I am wary of those who put stamps on others. An individual must be evaluated based on the work, not the private person, ”he told Chi.

And on Mario Adinolfi who had defined RaiUno Gay1 Matano replies: “It is incredible how to hit someone, even today, sexual orientation is used, and I find it even more serious to use these arguments to occupy, in some way, media spaces”.

Regarding his private life, Matano replies: “I am grateful to life for all the love it allows me to receive. Too often caught up in a thousand things, we don’t even realize the little things anymore. I have never hidden anything of my private. When and if there is something really important, I will be the first to share it. “


Bad luck is worse than Corona Virus Outbreak

VATICAN CITY, – Pope Francis state that bergibah or gossip is a plague that is worse than that corona virus.

Therefore, he urged the people Catholic around the world to avoid gossiping and indulging in one’s disgrace.

The Pope said that gossip can also divide the Roman Catholic Church New Dawn.

The supreme leader of Catholics made this point in his weekly address from a window over St. Peter’s Square, Vatican City.

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“Please, brothers and sisters, let’s try not to gossip. Gossip is a plague worse than Covid-19, “said the Pope.

“The devil is big gossip. He always says bad things about other people because he is a liar trying to break up the church,” added Pope Francis.

The pope regularly warns of the risk of gossip and also denounces incitement aimed at breaking unity via the internet.

“If something goes wrong, keep quiet and pray for the brother or sister who made a mistake. Don’t gossip,” he said.

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Previously, the Pope attended the European House-Ambrosetti Workshop on Friday (4/9/2020) as quoted from Daily Mail.

The event is an annual event and is held in the City of Cernobbio, Italy.

During the event, Pope Francis said the corona virus had undermined the pillars of the world economy which was built on idolatry called money and was dominated by the rich.

The Pope then called for a new economic model that is more inclusive and reduces social injustice.

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Rihanna photo with head injury surfaced

Rihanna is said to have bruised her head as a result of an electric scooter accident, her agent told TMZ media.

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A few days ago, the scooter the pop singer was on reportedly overturned. She allegedly hit her face and forehead on the vehicle.

A paparazzi photo showing Rihanna’s injury has surfaced on gossip media, sparking rumors that the star has been beaten. It is not, according to TMZ.

The photo was taken at Giorgio Baldi Italian restaurant in Santa Monica on Friday, California. Rihanna was in her Escalade truck parked on the street, waiting for her order.

According to the agent, the injury looks worse than it actually is and Rihanna will fully recover from it.

In the category of electric vehicle accidents, Simon Cowell has had a worse experience. The entertainment mogul had to undergo surgery after sustaining multiple back fractures in early August.

The popular America’s Got Talent judge fell from an e-bike while doing test drives with his family in the backyard of his home in Malibu, California.


Photo of Chanel on the cover, the background on Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti

After the controversy over the Chanel’s photo appeared on the cover of People and the anger of Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti, check a background on the couple. To reveal it is the Corriere della Sera according to which the presenter and the former footballer would have waited a few days before replying to the magazine. In fact, the two would have preferred to remain silent and not comment, so as not to fuel the controversy, but later they would have changed their minds.

“The initial choice was that of not answering in order not to feed rumors, malice, slander – we read -. A behavior which was then made room for the awareness that such a cover could not pass over in silence, with the fear that silence could also be considered an assent ”. The reactions of fans on social media, however, would have pushed Totti and Ilary to change their mind: “But after the hashtag #ChanelTotti was for a long time among the first Twitter trends, the couple decided to respond, again through social networks, expressing all their disappointment”.

It is no coincidence that the cover appeared on newsstands on 21 August, but only on 23 Totti and Blasi replied with a joint press release that appeared his instagram. “I thank the director Monica Mosca – they wrote – for the sensitivity shown by putting the b side of my minor daughter on the cover without worrying about the increasingly evident problem of sexualization and commodification of the body of adolescents”.

Many have intervened on the story, not only fans, but also famous people who wanted to have their say. Sonia Bruganelli, wife of Paolo Bonolis, expressed her support for the couple, while Aurora Ramazzotti he said he had the same experience as Chanel when she was photographed by the sea with her mother Michelle Hunziker. “This thing (like many other similar things) – he revealed on Instagram – has indelibly affected my growth and I do not wish anyone to go through what I went through. I’m still paying the bills now ”.

In the meantime, the reply of Monica Moscow than toAnsa she revealed: “I am very sorry and saddened by the reactions generated by the publication on the cover of Gente number 34 of the photo of Francesco Totti and his daughter Chanel, taken on the beach. As director I have always intended to enhance women and more generally to support family values: this was also the intent of this publication, in which we simply wanted to portray the Totti family in a moment of normality. In no way, of course, did we ever intend to get out of this objective ”.


Caroline Donzella, the bonas who could replace Sara Croce for another Avanti

The next edition of Come on another one, the show hosted by Paolo Bonolis together with Luca Laurenti on Canale 5, he could have a new one Good: it could in fact take the place of the beautiful Sara Croce Caroline Donzella.

To launch the indiscretion was the weekly Today: as reported by the newspaper, the Italian-Dutch model would be ready to land on the small screen and replace the blonde Sara, former Mother Nature of the lucky program Hi Darwin, and which made its debut in the last edition of the program.

“If you are thinking of the usual curvy and silicone showgirl – we read on Today – you are out of the way: it is the elegant and agile Caroline Donzella, who will not fail to enchant viewers with her vague air of a French actress ”.

Born in 1997, the young model was born in Genoa and moved to Monaco at the age of 16. Long brown hair, green eyes and full lips, Carolina is very popular on social media, where she shows off her flawless physique and refined beauty.

He is a resident of the Principality of Monaco, loves sports cars and Monaco Football. The young woman studies to specialize in the commercial communication sector and is engaged with Leo, a web designer: on her Instagram profile the couple appears happy and in love, between shots in the pool and passionate kisses.

Paolo Bonolis, together with his wife Sonia Bruganelli, wants to focus once again on the novelty, looking for a character capable of piercing the screen and attracting the attention of the spectators, thanks to his penetrating gaze and undeniable elegance.

According to rumors, Caroline Donzella had already been spotted by Mediaset before the health emergency, and her arrival on the Biscione canals would have been postponed precisely because of the inconvenience caused by the Coronavirus.

For the program of Come on another one it would not be the only change in the cast: a few days ago it was announced that Francesca Brambilla will also leave her role as Bona Sorte on the show.

Franco Pistoni, who plays the character of the Joker in the show, dedicated a long post to her on his social profiles: “I can’t hide the fact that it saddens me and that I will miss him, obviously, wishing a good job to whoever will replace her, and a huge and huge thanks to Francesca for being able to scratch my character walls “.


Pierluigi Diaco: the confession comes on live TV


06.08.2020 – 15:000

The presenter of “You and I” during the episode revealed that he suffered from depression

ROME – Pierluigi Diaco confesses on live TV. The presenter of “Io e Te” has decided to use the program he hosts every day on Rai 1 to tell his viewers a little about himself, and above all to shed light on a very serious problem.

During the live broadcast Pierluigi Diaco declared: «I suffered from an inner disease, depression. I did a path, I went to the neurologist and then I did group and individual analyzes. There are no series A and series B illnesses. The ills of the soul must be treated with specialists and should not be underestimated ». An important message is the one launched by the presenter who has always wanted to give strong signals during his broadcasts. Depression is a disease that many people tend to “underestimate”, not considering it on the same level as physical problems, but it can have equally devastating effects for the psyche and also for the body. “I send a greeting to those who are currently experiencing this drama and do not feel understood”, concluded Diaco.

For the presenter, there are new challenges on the horizon given that in recent weeks, his role has actually been canceled from the programming of the Rai flagship network. His broadcast, “Io e Te”, has not been renewed but Diaco does not give up and has made it known that he is already at work to propose a new idea to Rai for 2021.


“Strange time, we are sad. But I don’t want to talk ”- Tvzap

“They are changing and a lot of things have changed, it is certainly a very special moment in our life”. Giulia De Lellis, returned home, but without Andrea Damante – busy with her DJ work – tells her truth. And he chooses to do it without filters, from an Instagram story.

now playing ….

“It is certainly a rather special moment in our life – admits the influencer, thus confirming the rumors of a crisis, or at least of a departure from Andrea Damante – They are changing and a lot of things have changed. We are both a little sad, even if we pretend nothing has happened. We don’t really want to talk about it or share it. We don’t particularly want to tell ourselves too much, because we first want to understand each other a little. I’ll be the one to let you know everything when the time comes. Now I’m back home after a month and a half. We said goodbye with Andre, who has left for an evening, and we’re all fine. “

Giulia and Damante were there reconciled last March, after the end of the relationship between her and the motorcyclist Andrea Iannone. The “Damellis” then spent the quarantine together. Now, all that remains is to wait for new news from the voice of the protagonists themselves.


IPhone 12 version is also lowcost, and only with the 4G

Apple reportedly preparing two models of iPhone 12 from the launch on the market, one in version 5G and the other is more economic it only supports the 4G. This indiscretion has been launched in the last days from Daniel Ives, an analyst company Wedbush.

The decision is linked not only to the need to cover a portion of the market pays more attention to price, but also to satisfy customers that live in areas where there was still enabled the 5G. In addition, the models in 4G there may be more than one, but still do not have reliable information about it. In recent years, the brand is more and more attentive to produce less expensive fixtures, level released, so the idea of a brand only suitable for a particular segment of users. Probably, the turning point is also given by the success which in recent years have acquired trademarks considered low-cost like Xiaomi, Realme, and OnePlus.

iPhone 12 4G: features

L’iPhone 12 will be released in the version 4G is 5G. The news was released by the new account Twitter dedicated to the leaks in the field of technology @omegaleaks. The profile has also spread the likely prices devices:

  • iPhone12 4G sold about 490 eur (549 usd)
  • iPhone12 4G Max at 580 eur (649 usd)
  • iPhone 12 5G version from 580 euro and iPhone 12 Pro from 669 euro (respectively 649 dollars and 749 dollars)

The analyst, Jon Prosser, had advanced the hypothesis of price similar with regard to theiPhone 12 5G and if the scenario will materialize will be a very attractive price that could attract the attention of the average range.

Another indiscretion, instead, concerns a variant of the more prestigious call iPhone 12 Pro Max 5G that could be launched on the market at 1099 dollars, or 980 euro. The cost would be less than that of the new Galaxy S20 Ultrasold € 1,200 (1.399 dollars). The other rumor is about the the size of the phones: the lineup should include an iPhone 12 by 5.4 inches, which is a version of Max 6.1-inch display, an iPhone 12 Pro 6.1-inch display and a Pro version Max by 6.7 inches.

The range iPhone 12 4G will have the LCD screen

In December 2019, the analyst Jun Zhang of Rosenblatt Securities said that the company would launch six new devices on the market in 2020including the two models 4G, one of which is characterized by the LCD display.

In addition, he anticipated that all of the models iPhone 12 5G would have been powered by the chipset A14 Bionic and with the OLED screen. In terms of cameras, the iPhoen 12 “smooth” will have two sensors, while the Pro version it will mount four, including the LiDAR for the depth-of-field. Models belonging to the “Pro” version will have a screen with technology “Pro Motion” (the same as on the iPad Pro, which is capable of supporting a refresh rate up to 120Hz. In any case, if all the rumors were well-founded, fans ofiPhone they would be spoilt for choice for the next purchase.