in the United States, the tone shows between Donald Trump and the governors

Since the end of March, Donald Trump has not hidden his impatience: the country must, as soon as possible, return to its normal rhythm of life. This is actually the wish of all Americans, and probably of the planet, given the role of the world’s leading economic power.

But how ? The road map made public by the White House on Thursday, April 16, leaves many governors skeptical of the front line for managing public health and public order in the United States. Donald Trump calls on his supporters to mobilize to demand the “liberation” of the country.

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Rallies to “liberate America”

Since mid-April, several states have been the scene of rallies to demand from their elected officials the end of confinement and the reopening of businesses. After a demonstration that brought together 3,000 people in Lansing, the capital of Michigan on April 15, the phenomenon happened again in the following days in many regions, from New Hampshire to California, via Texas, Maryland or Ohio.

In most cases, these mobilizations bring together, for the moment, few people, even if they can be spectacular, especially when certain people are armed, as in the case of Michigan. During these regroupings were waved the American flag, but also the colors of Donald Trump and those of the Tea Party, movement which had been born under Barack Obama, accused of increasing the weight of the state at the expense of “freedom “

These rallies received support on Friday from the tenant of the White House. Donald Trump called for “Release” containment of three states run by Democratic governors, Michigan, Minnesota and Virginia, which are also key states ahead of the November presidential election. In 2016, the Republican candidate had, to everyone’s surprise, won in Michigan and came close to victory in Minnesota, two Democratic lands.

Donald Trump’s roadmap

The White House offers governors a return to normalcy in three stages. The first stage would be triggered when a state records a decrease in Covid-19 cases over a 14-day period and its hospitals are no longer submerged. Restaurants and sports clubs could then reopen, provided that social distancing is allowed.

In this phase, the most vulnerable people should remain confined, teleworking would always be the rule, and schools would remain closed, as would the bars. As for wearing the mask in public, it would be “Strongly” advised, without being compulsory.

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At the same time, the authorities should set up large-scale screening. If none “Rebound” of the epidemic is not noted, phase two could start, with in particular a reopening of schools and authorization to regroup up to 50 people. The lifting of restrictions and confinement, in a third phase, would take place when the absence of a resurgence of the epidemic was confirmed.

Tests, bone of contention

This strategy is based on the authorities’ ability to screen new cases of coronavirus on a large scale, in order to avoid a second wave of contamination. The issue of testing is at the root of many tensions between the Trump administration and the states, which rely on the support of the federal government.

New arms passes took place Sunday, April 19, by the media. “There is sufficient testing capacity in the country today for any state to enter phase 1”said Vice President Mike Pence on Fox News. “Even if we now do 150,000 tests a day, if the States activated all the laboratories present at home, we could more than double that number overnight”, he added, angering many elected officials.

Virginia’s Democratic Governor Ralph Northam called it “Delusional” and “Irresponsible” government statements. “We have been asked, as governors, to wage this war without the equipment we need”, he said on CNN. The Michigan Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer also pointed to the shortage of reagents.

Even in the Republican camp, dissonant voices were heard. Maryland Governor Larry Hogan said that “To say that governors have enough tests, and that they should just get to work is completely wrong”.


Northern Governors announce upcoming economic revival agreement

Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca, from Tamaulipas; Jaime Rodríguez Calderón, from Nuevo León; and Miguel Riquelme Solís, from Coahuila. Photo: Special

Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca, from Tamaulipas; Jaime Rodríguez Calderón, from Nuevo León; and Miguel Riquelme Solís, from Coahuila. Photo: Special


For the fifth time, the governors of Tamaulipas, Nuevo León and Coahuila They met to evaluate and announce coordination actions and measures to attend to and contain the health emergency caused by COVID-19 in the northeast region of the country.

Participated Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca, from Tamaulipas; Jaime Rodríguez Calderón, from Nuevo León; and Miguel Riquelme Solís, from Coahuila; accompanied by the holders of Government, Health and Economic Development, the latter recently incorporated into the work sessions.

García Cabeza de Vaca reiterated the call to the Federation to follow up on the request to relocate migrants, nationals and foreigners, stranded on the border, among whom Covid-19 infections have already been identified.

Unfortunately, there has been no follow-up by the Federation. About 23 thousand migrants are found at the border points, of which 13 thousand are in Tamaulipas. They were clearly told that this could be a risk of possible contagion and unfortunately this has already happened, 5 percent of the number of people who have positive results in the entity are migrants, “said the president.

The Governors of the northeast region of Mexico announced that the next meeting will be held in the city of Monterrey, to which 50 businessmen from the 3 entities and more than 500 will be convened in person via videoconference to make an agreement for the economic revival in the face of the health emergency.

The leaders agreed intensify preventive actions in the 3 states, continue to increase the number of Covid-19 screening tests, continue to assess deficiencies in the hospital system, and continually address them.

Request the Federal Electricity Commission to order considerations with users in the face of a health emergency, include in the meetings the heads of Finance and Economy of each entity, start an analysis of the Fiscal Coordination Law so that, once the health emergency is over, it is debated.


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Trump spurs war with governors and encourages “breaking free” from state restrictions

New York correspondent



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Donald trump showed this Friday his sympathy for the protests in various states of the country against restrictions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus epidemic. The US President He used his Twitter account, where he has more than 77 million followers, to call for “liberation” from various states. “Liberate Minnesota!”, “Liberate Michigan!”, “Liberate Virginia!” He wrote in three messages, and in the last one he also spoke of the need to “save the Second Amendment” (the constitutional provision that establishes the right to bear arms).

The allusion to that right is not clear, but on the eve many of the protesters in MichiganIn addition to carrying banners in favor of Trump, they were armed to the teeth as they surrounded the State Capitol.

Other protests have occurred in states like Kentucky, Ohio, Utah or North Carolina.

Trump’s message was inconsistent with what he put forward the day before, when he presented his plan to revive the US economy. -stopped by the coronavirus crisis- and assured that the country will not reopen “all at once, but carefully and step by step” and that it will be the governors who decide when to lift the restrictions or if they do it statewide or by counties. This plan was, in turn, a contradiction to what he had defended in recent days: that he, as president of the United States, has “total” power to decide on these matters, which had been described as unconstitutional by some governors.

Trump determined that the governors could lift restrictions before May 1, when White House directives on confinement expire. The first to take him at his word was a republican state, Texas. Your governor, Greg Abbott, announced that businesses will be able to operate next Friday with take-away orders (as restaurants currently operate) and that state parks will reopen on Monday (with the obligation to wear a mask or a garment to cover their faces).

Lock her up! They chant in Michigan

Trump’s harangue of the “liberation” of the states in the face of restrictions to curb the crisis can only be understood in political terms. The three states you mentioned have Democratic governors and, with some of them, like Gretchen Whitmer (Michigan) has had strong dialectical confrontations (in his state, the protesters shouted “Lock her up!”, The song that has been repeated at Trump rallies against her opponent in the election, Hillary clinton).

Trump’s decision to allow governors to decide on the lifting of restrictions is a political calculation. The areas most affected by the epidemic are metropolitan areas, where the vote – regardless of the states – is mostly Democratic. The president’s bases are outside urban settings and feel the threat of the epidemic less, allowing the president to ingratiate himself with those who demand an acceleration in the economic revival of the country, which is heading for a recession of uncertain duration.

Trump thus leaves to the governors the hot potato to end the restrictions – at the risk of infections spiking – while he can accuse them of not doing enough to recover the economy. According to a Pew Research Center study, 65% of very conservative voters worry that the economic reopening is too slow.


US governors agree to reopen states despite Trump’s warnings

Governors of various states on the east and west coasts of the United Stateshave joined forces to agree howreopen their territoriesand decree the end of confinements when the coronavirus pandemic subsides,despite warnings from US President Donald Trump, that he has “total” authority to decide on the lifting of the measures.

Specifically, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo has revealed that his state, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts are considering appointing a public health and economic official each to form a group of I work on the east coast.

Likewise, the chief of staff of each governor will also be part of the group, which would beginwork “immediately” to design a reopening plan, according to information from the CNN television channel.

Later,California, Washington and Oregon have also reported that they are preparing a planto gradually lift containment orders on the west coast. Thus, the governors of the three states will collaborate on an approach to return to economic activity “in a safe, strategic and responsible manner,” said California Governor Gavin Newsom.

This collaborative approach of the American states contrasts with the words of Trump that, up to two times this Monday,has reaffirmed its “total” authority,to the detriment of that of the governors, to decide on the lifting of the executed orders to stop the expansion of the coronavirus. “When someone is the president of the United States, his authority is total,” he has settled.

In addition, Trump has reported this Monday thatwill announce the creation of one or more committees that will be in charge of reopening the North American countrythis Tuesday, during the daily press conference of the coronavirus working group at the White House.

As he has specified, his team is debating a plan to open some parts of the country, something he hopes will happen “quickly.” “We are going to finish new and very important recommendations soon to give the governors the information they need to safely begin an opening of their states,” he explained.

The United States is the country most affected by the coronavirus pandemic, originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan, both in number of infections and deaths. It counts more than 582 infected and more than 23,600 deaths.


Trump assures he will be the one who decides to ease distancing rules

President Donald Trump said Monday that he will be the one to decide how and when to ease the rules of social distancing, while he is increasingly anxious to reopen the country affected by the coronavirus as soon as possible.

Governors and local leaders, who have implemented mandatory restrictions, expressed concern that Trump’s plan to return to normal will take lives and extend the duration of the outbreak.

Trump has lobbied to reopen the economy, which has collapsed due to the closure of companies and millions of people who are becoming unemployed and struggling to obtain basic necessities.

Trump tweeted on Monday that “they say it is the decision of the governors to open the states, not that of the President of the United States & Federal Government. Let it be completely clear that this is incorrect … it is the President’s decision, and for many good reasons. “

Having said that, the Administration and I work closely with the Governors and this will continue. A decision of mine, in conjunction with the Governors and information from others, will be made shortly! ”He added.

Trump last month implemented recommendations nationwide for most Americans to stay home and keep their distance to stem the spread of the virus. However, its rules, which expire at the end of the month, have little impact, unlike measures by local governors and leaders that implemented fines and other penalties and, in some jurisdictions, will run until June.

Trump has been furious at criticism that social restrictions, aimed at stopping the spread of the coronavirus, may have saved lives if implemented earlier, and that when they are eased new cases will undoubtedly emerge.

In most patients, the virus causes mild or moderate symptoms and they recover within a few weeks. But it can kill or cause serious complications like pneumonia to some people, like the elderly or people with previous medical problems.

The United States is the country with the most confirmed cases and deaths, more than 555,000 and more than 22,000 respectively, according to Johns Hopkins University. New York State is the most affected, with a record of 700 deaths for the sixth consecutive day.


Two governors of Mexico already infected with COVID-19

So far, there are two governors of Mexico who have tested positive for coronavirus (orthocoronavirinae): Omar Fayad Meneses Y Adam Augusto López Hernández, leaders of Hidalgo and Tabasco, are those affected by this condition.


The Governor of Hidalgo, Omar Fayad Meneses, reported that he tested positive for COVID-19, reason why it will remain in domiciliary isolation. Through his Twitter account, he added that the people with whom he had contact will also be quarantined to prevent further contagion.

Since my quarantine at home I continue to work and direct the efforts of my Government to control the epidemic in Hidalgo. Nothing will stop us from overcoming this crisis together. “


In the last 24 hours, the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus (orthocoronavirinae) in Tabasco, among which is that of the Governor, Adam Augusto López Hernández, who has no symptoms and works from home in quarantine format.

  • In the entity, in addition to the 33 positive tests, there are 125 suspected and 92 negative cases, pointed out the head of the branch, Silvia Roldán Fernández.
  • Just this Saturday it was reported that there were 27 positive cases, so that in the last hours there were six more.

Of the 33 cases, 25 are in Centro, three in Comalcalco, two in Nacajuca and one in Cárdenas, Emiliano Zapata and Jalpa de Méndez. At a press conference, the state official stated that 36% of these cases have comorbidity, while 82 percent are in an outpatient state, that is, in good health conditions, but isolated in their homes.

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Trump uses aid to subdue governors

Two and a half months after Patient Zero appeared in Washington State, a man returning from Wuhan, The USA has become the first country in the world to exceed the figure of 100,000 infected, according to the Washington Post account.

That first case was detected on January 15. Over the next thirty days, Donald Trump repressed his cabinet’s attempts to prepare for the epidemic because he did not want the numbers to spoil the parallel reality he was trying to draw. Those who warned of the magnitude it would charge if it did not act quickly, fell out of favor, like Nancy Messonnier, director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, who predicted that the epidemic would go far beyond travelers returning from other countries and spread among the population. “It is not a question of whether it will happen, but of when it will happen,” he said in a conference call. According to her calculation, in the US the pandemic will last beyond 2021. Furious, Trump blamed her for the fall in the markets. Messonier has not reappeared in the White House press room, where the president has taken control to handle the message.

“We only have 15 cases, and he is recovering quickly”he said in mid-February. “Soon we won’t have any.” The president even tried to prevent Americans from disembarking in San Francisco from a cruise ship, the Grand Princess, where at least 21 cases had been detected, to avoid “spoiling the numbers,” he told his team. On February 28, just a month ago, he still claimed that the virus was going to disappear “as if by a miracle.”

That wasted time has allowed the virus to spread silently across the country. In New York it’s déjà vu. Again the deserted streets, the silent airspace, the howling of sirens, the overflowing hospitals. The ghost of 9/11 has returned to a city resurrected as Ground Zero from a global catastrophe. On Wednesday, for the first time since that fateful September 11, 2001, Emergency Services beat the medical call record: 6,554, even more than on the day of the attacks. But on Thursday they beat him again: 7,000 calls. And probably each of the next 21 days that it will take to reach the dreaded zenith of the epidemiological curve.


Political war:

President Uses Aid Distribution To Overwhelm Wayward Governors

An uneven map.

The epidemic expands unevenly in the countryside or cities, where cases multiply

“This time the enemy does not hijack planes, but our lungs,” compared The Washington Post. So Governor Andrew Cuomo’s plea is “respirators, respirators, and respirators,” he insisted this Friday. The man who should get them doesn’t take it seriously, but Cuomo no longer faces Donald Trump. The president made clear Tuesday that he will help New York only if his authorities flatter him. “They have to be kind to us,” he said.

Yesterday, he told himself at a press conference that he recommends Vice President Mike Pence, head of the Coronavirus Task Force, not to call the Governor of Washington because she does not like what she says about him. “Don’t waste time, Mike,” he said. “And don’t call the Michigan woman, you know what I’m saying, if they don’t treat us well, don’t call.”

So when he called a Fox show to question the urgent request, Cuomo measured the response. Trump says he does not understand that “suddenly he will need 30 or 40,000 respirators, when there are many hospitals that until now had one or two, “Sean Hannity told the presenter. This is like buying a car, you know? It is expensive. And I have the impression that they are going to need much less ».

A doctor, who did not want to give his name, said he was “dumb” when he heard him. “Outraged,” he added. It infuriates me so much! We are sharing the respirators and deciding who to put it on to save one life or another, and the president says that he has “the impression” that we are not going to need it … »The governor, who has to show his face, he held himself in front of the cameras. «I don’t have a crystal ball to know what we are going to need, I would like to think that the climate is going to change overnight and will erase this virus from the planet, but I have to act according to the data already scientists’ projections, not based on ‘hunches’ or’ sensations’.

In New Orleans, another large city hit twice by catastrophes, Mayor La Toya Cantrell measured her words less to those who blame her for not having canceled the Mardi Gras carnivals, in whose agglomerations the virus spread like wildfire. “If the president said that nothing was wrong and that we would have no case soon, why would he cancel them?” More than a million people danced at the end of February on the now deserted streets. Today there are about 3,000 cases and a hundred deaths in the state. From the party to the pandemic, through Donald Trump. According to the University of Louisiana, the rate of spread in the first two weeks of infection was the highest in the world.

The US already surpasses China in confirmed cases of COVID-19

The uneven curve in the country, depending on the population density and the number of diagnoses. In the county of Ulster that houses the mythical town of Woodstock, just two hours from the Big Apple, not a single case has been confirmed, despite the fact that the state had almost 50,000 this Friday, more than half in the city. of the skyscrapers. Only a dozen of the 62 counties in the state have confirmed cases, something that will change day by day with the increase in evidence and the massive exodus from the city to the countryside. “Try walking down a Manhattan sidewalk two meters away from other pedestrians!” Cuomo challenged.

New York is also the state with the most tests, 130,000 as of this Friday. And the US, with 65,000 tests dailyIt is already a world leader ahead of China and South Korea, but not per capita. A state like Arizona does not reach a thousand. The less evidence, the less cases, in the short term. Long, in Washington state, where the epidemic began, the private initiative expanded diagnostic tests without waiting for government kits and this week some of its hospitals report days without a single new case. It is the letter of the future that everyone hopes to read one day.


There is no detected case of coronavirus in San Juan

Rawson Hospital decided to use the coronavirus action protocol according to the national standards established to settle any possibility. We remind that in international airports medical controls have been established on flights from countries that present the virus, and that the febricula is a symptom of hundreds of possible pathologies, however due to the origin of the patient the maximum possible control is performed.

From the Government of the Province the maximum prevention measures are being developed but also of action in these cases. That is why tranquility is transmitted to society, since this control does not imply the presence of the virus nor should it generate any type of alarm in the population, it is precisely done in cases where someone comes from some of the endemic areas.

As it has already happened in other hospitals throughout the country, it is not a suspicion, but a preventive mechanism by which a protocol is activated to avoid, if positive, the spread of this disease