Wimbledon fails due to the corona virus

The prestigious Grand Slam tournament in Wimbledon is canceled due to the continuing risk of the corona virus. The tournament has not taken place for the first time since the Second World War. .

Soldiers are facing the greatest deployment since World War II

Düsseldorf, Paris, Berlin, Vienna, London The images of military trucks that drove coffins of corona dead from Bergamo to other communities two weeks ago at night went around the world. They will remain in the collective memory as a terrible symbol of the pandemic.But the strict controls on the curfew in Italy, which has now […]

Dogs are said to be trained in the UK to sniff out coronavirus

Camilla Rosemary, second wife of Crown Prince Charles, visited the Medical Detection Dogs organization in 2013. Detective dogs are now to help fight the corona virus in the UK. Picture: AFP Dogs have also been used in the discovery of cancer and diabetes due to their pronounced sense of smell. Now they should help fight […]

Corona virus: “No time for amateurists, but time for professionals”

panorama RKI boss Wieler on corona crisis “This is not a time for amateurs, but a time for professionals” As of: 2:17 p.m. | Reading time: 3 minutes These further measures are intended to slow down the rapid spread “Politics is in crisis mode, citizens are experiencing the deepest cuts in the freedoms in the […]

British central bank leaves key interest rate close to zero

Bank of England The British central bank leaves its key interest rate close to zero. (Photo: Bloomberg) London In the virus crisis, the Bank of England leaves the key interest rate close to zero and at the same time leaves the door open for further emergency measures. Custodians around central bank chief Andrew Bailey did […]

British financial market regulator wants to loosen requirements for banks

Bank of England The British financial market regulator gives banks more leeway in the face of the corona crisis. (Photo: Bloomberg) London UK financial regulators want to ease corporate disclosure rules and bank lending requirements in the face of an expected recession due to the Corona crisis. The Bank of England (BoE) and two other […]

Data, maps, infographics: Corona hits Britain with full force

Wednesday March 25, 2020 By Martin Morcinek and Christoph Wolf The corona virus spreads to the British Isles: Almost all parts of the country are reporting increasing numbers. There are new cases in England, Northern Ireland, Wales and the north of Scotland. The pathogen does not stop at the British royal family. An overview. In […]

London patient: Second HIV patient likely cured – science

For a long time, the “Berlin Patient” was the only person who was considered cured of HIV. Now there are new results from a London patient who was probably liberated from the AIDS agent with a special therapy. It is only the second case in the world: the HIV patient referred to as the “London […]