Reopening of places of worship in Great Britain

It took a long time to come, but the resumption of religious services in England has finally been set to July 4. The british prime minister, Boris Johnson, has confirmed on Tuesday 23 June his plan déconfinement providing for the next reopening of places of worship, as well as other places of the public space such as bars, restaurants, or theatres.

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Closed since march 23, to deal with the epidemic of Covid-19, the places of worship of the United Kingdom had been allowed to reopen partially in mid-June, for the funeral ceremonies and prayers of the individual. While England plans to fully resume its religious activities on 4 July, Northern Ireland has advanced the date to June 29. Scotland and wales have not yet ruled.

Weddings allowed

The british prime minister explained that the places of worship, English would again be allowed to hold offices, but also weddings, limited to 30 persons, in compliance with the social distancing. The singing will be temporarily prohibited, in order not to spread the virus.

These severe restrictions, however, have not started the enthusiasm of the religious representatives in the country. ” It is great that we can soon bring us together again to worship in our churches “, welcomed the primate of the anglican Church and archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, in a press release.

The most reverend Vincent Nichols, archbishop of Westminster and president of the bishops ‘Conference of England and Wales, also applauded the government’s decision, thanking” all those who have worked hard to get here, my fellow religious not least “. Last may, following the announcement of the plan of déconfinement british, the cardinal English was concerned on the BBC of the belated recovery of the offices in July :” We would like the government to show a little more sensitivity “he said.

A re-opening in stages

In an effort of appeasement, a working group was then established between the secretariat of State for Communities, the representatives of the six cults (Church of england, catholic Church, judaism, islam, hinduism, sikh) and the Faith Action network faith-based organizations and the community. On 15 June, the churches of the English had obtained the possibility of a partial reopening for prayers private. This decision was welcomed by cardinal Nichols as” a big step forward for the company “in the face of coronavirus.

If the christian clergy now appreciates the full recovery of the worship services on July 4, the religious leaders of jews and muslims show themselves to be more circumspect. The chief rabbi of the Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth, Ephraim Mirvis,” warmly welcomes the new “but states that it will be” as cautious as necessary to protect our communities “after having already stated that the synagogues could reopen later than expected. The muslim Council of Britain has also announced that all the mosques could not receive the faithful from the July 4, due to the difficulties to apply the health rules during the prayer.


The grand re-opening

This week, it reopens ! The cinemas reopened, the theatres re-open, schools re-opened completely, the Orsay museum reopened, the Palais de la Découverte-oak, the Eiffel Tower re-opens, Orly airport reopens, the museum of science and industry reopens – and I forget certainly. In fact, why do we re-open rather than reopen it, so that it does not say re-opening, but re-opening ? Note, however, that if the French Academy did not accept that re-open the Dictionary, to him, is tolerant to reopen. But try to remake my entire list of openings by replacing reopen for reopen, it is quite strange. In any case, the re-opening, it is not. If we can re-open the re-opening, you can’t re-open the re-opening. Well, the gist of it is that France is reopened. Like, all of a sudden, I rather want to write it again. Why ? Mystery.

It is one of the charms of the French language, that of constantly open (and reopen) questions.

Now, with all these re-openings of theatres, cinemas, museums, monuments re-opened, are we going to open (or reopen) a new perspective on life, the world, people, and everything which we had missed so much when we were locked up, that everything was closed, everything smelled musty ? My God, as long as you don’t tell us, in a few months, ” we close ! “. Because the reclosing, it is the include. Wait : include or réenfermement ?


In Pakistan, the discovery of a large cross millennium

The administrative region of Gilgit-Baltistan, in northern Pakistan, is located on the border with Afghanistan, Xinjiang in China and Jammu-and-Kashmir in India. The heart of the Himalayas, which reach heights of five of the highest peaks in the world, this area traversed by the Indus river is home to 1.3 million inhabitants, forming a mosaic of mountain people with a muslim majority.

This is where, in the chain of the mountains of the Karakoram, that three researchers from the university of Baltistan in Skardu, accompanied by villagers and mountain guides have found a marble cross, measuring about 2.1 m by 1.8 m and weighing between three and four tons. They have been found two kilometers from the base camp, at altitude, near the village of Kavardo, as they have said during a press conference on June 14.

These three researchers have made on the site are the vice-chancellor of the university, Muhammad Naeem Khan, the director of studies, Zakir Hussain Zakir, and the head of the external relations of the university, Ishtiaq Hussain Maqpoon.

According to their first estimates, the ” Cross of Kavardo “, as it is called now, would have between 1 000 and 1 200 years old. But the university of Baltistan, who wants to pursue the research, plans to partner with institutes in europe and north america on the one hand, and local historians on the other hand, to determine the exact age of the cross, which is already” among one of the largest on the indian sub-continent “according to Wajid Bhatti, another researcher from the university of Baltistan.

“Great news” for the christian minority

This dating, if confirmed, would document the former presence of christianity in the himalayan region, which can only rejoice the christian minority of Pakistan, so often discriminated against and abused. ” This is really a great news for all of uscommended the director-general of Caritas Pakistan, Mansha Noor. This shows that christianity already existed in the region at the time, and that there had to be a church and christian homes. Currently, there is no christian family does not live there, but it was clearly the case at the time. “

On his side, a banker, a catholic in Karachi, Norman Gill, insisted that” christians can go on the site to see the cross, once all the formalities will be completed “. The vice-chancellor of the university of Baltistan, Muhammad Khan, as part of the discovery of the cross, was raised as if she was” descended from the heavens directly on the Karakoram “.

The small town of Skardu is on the axis which now allows the linking Pakistan to China, and was formerly on the silk road. It is therefore possible, according to Béatrice Caseau, teacher of byzantine history at the Sorbonne University, that ” christianity was brought to this mountainous region by christian merchants from the middle East “.

Even if there is a lack of sources to know with certainty where they have gone, we know that the christians of the world persia, using the language syriac, came to the region of the Indus between the Fifth and the Eighth centuries, until the arrival of islamcontinues Béatrice Caseau. We found traces of christians” nestorian” in China as early as the Seventh century, and it was necessarily of the trade throughout the region, including on the religious level. “


the grand restaurant is the cuban sandwich

In a professional life become routine, chef Carl Casper (Jon Favreau), tries to overcome when it comes to dinner, in the school of Los Angeles, the food critic who makes the rain and the good weather on restaurants in the city. It is straining. Furious, he invites its author to come back but is forced by the owner of the restaurant to offer a classic card, it cannot serve the dishes already mocked it. Casper takes it strongly to the criticism and the dispute made the rounds of social networks which it does not control the use. On a whim, he moved to Miami, where it all began : his vocation of leader, and his marriage with his ex-wife whom he remains close, the birth of his son, that he gave… There, he invents a new life as a chef aboard a truck with the street food.

After some of the blockbusters (the series of Iron Man and Avengers, and more recently The Mandalorian), Jon Favreau returns to independent film with #Chief he is the screenwriter, the director and leading actor. He is the embodiment of a fallen man back to the heights by a circuitous route, a father who reconnects a beautiful relationship with her child, a leader who finds the basics after being lost in a kitchen too sophisticated.

Beautiful relationships between the characters

Built in part on the elaboration of dishes, filmed in tight shots to put the water at the mouth of the viewer, the film will rejoice (or less) the French public with onions that rissolent in close-up, and will perhaps be his enthusiasm with the making of sandwiches, the ” best in the world “. Similarly, the careful observer may raise an eyebrow, puzzled by the serious conflict of interest for a “happy ending” made by the critic. No reservations, however, on the soundtrack latino full of energy, and the beautiful relationships between the characters, the sincerity is undeniable.


The digital, winner of the containment

Sales online explode, a boom in telemedicine, with a strong increase in the consumption of movies and series in streaming, firms that are wondering how to maintain the benefits of telework… To the favor of the confinement, the digital has progressed in the life of the French in leaps and bounds.

Explosion of online commerce

The need to stay at home has had a strong impact on consumption. Online purchases have gained 2.4 million new homes in france during the confinement. In this game, the american giant Amazon has seen its leading position strengthened. Since January, its capitalization gained more than 30 % and exceeds the 1 200 billion. The firm of Jeff Bezos collects dividends from its policy of ” market place “, third-party merchants using the logistics expertise of the platform.

Without going through Amazon, other brands have directly seen their sales jump in April and may. The 2 Marmots, business haute-savoie (60 employees) of herbal infusions and teas, has invested heavily on digital technologies to disseminate its products with individuals. “Our sales have increased by over 300 % in the months of April and maysays its president, Christian Polge. Our employees have been able to continue to work with the business continuity plan put in place by the beginning of march. “ The orders are carried out from the phone more than through the computer, where a new design of the ergonomics of the site. On the other hand, the outlet of the restaurants shut down for containment.

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Small businesses themselves have jumped on the bandwagon by : restaurateurs, booksellers, or florists have created in a few days the services of “click and collect” with control modules and online payment.

Telemedicine is expected to continue

Another significant breakthrough : the number of tele-consultation medical. They went from 10,000 per week in march to 1.1 million in April. Since the beginning of the déconfinement, the figure has declined but remains very high. Doctolib, leader of the sector, has welcomed nearly 1.5 million new patients, in all age groups.

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The specialists believe that the practice should continue, because patients and practitioners (the number of physicians using the tele-consultation has been multiplied by eight) are found, especially as the tele-consultation medical are, in France, reimbursed since September 2018.

Net increase of the streaming

Sitting at home, you can consult a doctor, but also access to culture. Numerous museums have hosted tours of their works online, but what are the platforms of movies and series that winners of the crisis.

The closure of cinemas and theatres, has directly benefited the juggernaut Netflix, which has earned, at the global level, two times more subscribers than expected during the first half of 2020. An improvement that also benefits its competitor Disney+, launched in France on 7 April, but also to platforms more confidential, as UniversCiné, which specializes in independent films, or FilmoTV. Considered as a vector of maintaining the morale of the troops is confined, the success of the streaming makes it almost unnoticed, its ecological cost, yet very high…

Telework, the new standard ?

Beyond these breakthroughs noticed, it is really all of the professional life that digital technology has marked its footprint the time of the confinement. The sign of the most significant has been the massive use of platforms of video conferencing by millions of new telecommuters. The tools of business e-mail, such as Slack, Microsoft Teams or the now-famous Zoom, have seen their number of users explode.

Many companies are thinking to give effect to this test “grandeur nature” of telework, imposed by the confinement. Already in the forefront of the issue before the crisis, the PSA group, for example, generalize the work at a distance to the point of making it the standard for several categories of employees.

Others are more reserved, especially because it brings back fractures and inequalities. A statement against the calls to honour the courage of those who have had no other option than to go to work, on the famous “first” or “second” lines. In addition, “telework is ambivalent, highlights Pascal Plantard, an anthropologist of the digital usages. Easy-to-adopt by a couple of executives in a large house in the suburbs, it is less by a single parent, in a small space “.

Digital, but not at any price

In this new era of” agility “, according to the term used by proponents of the digital transformation, the business leaders should be even more converted to the imperatives of flexibility : break down the barriers between different services of the company, assign the customer to a product or a service to its development, open innovation laboratories for students… “With the crisis of the Covid-19, the frequency of the report between customer and supplier is accelerated, note Guillaume Mortelier, executive director of Bpifrance responsible for the support of SMES and ETI. The leaders should be even more convinced of the relevance of the digital output of crisis. “

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The key for them will be to test the adherence of the employees to a new organisation of work. The latter, due to the epidemic, has imposed on all, but often in emergency situations. It therefore remains to verify the compatibility between, on the one hand, the changes that leaders want to sustain and, on the other hand, the culture of the company. “A meeting in visio requires a great effort of concentration for everyone to express themselves, adds a leader company in Paris. This turns off the means of communication essential : a joke, the posture of the body… “ In this respect, the trial remains, in part, to transform.


Of Gafam always more powerful

The market value of the Alphabet (the parent company of Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft reaching new heights : nearly 5 800 billion, or almost a quarter of the S&P 500, a major u.s. stock indexes.

Since the beginning of the yearthese five titles are up about 10 %, while the 495 other values of the index declined by 13% on average.

If we include the 410 billion dollars of capitalization of Netflixthe giant video streaming, and Nvidia (manufacturer of processors, cards and graphics chips for the PC), the capitalization of these seven values is three times the GDP of France.

According to the experts, the weight values of companies in the digital will increase further in the years to come : the giants are “young” like Facebook or Netflix are not considered ” mature “, and other companies are currently being introduced on the stock exchange.


Alain Erlande Brandenburg, a great voice of the cathedrals off

The king is dead “it was the title of his thesis, published in 1975 on the funerals and burials of the kings of France until the end of the Thirteenth century. Alain Erlande Brandenburg, the king of studies on gothic art and cathedrals, passed away on June 6, 2020, at the age of 82 years.

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A graduate of the École nationale des chartes and the École du Louvre, this historian and archivist paleographer, a specialist in the sculpture and architecture of the medieval times, began his career in 1967 as a curator at the Cluny museum, then directed by Francis Salet. At the time, this museum houses in its reserves of very important collections dormant to Rebirth. Also, in 1969, when André Malraux, minister of culture, launched the idea of transforming into a museum of the castle of Écouen previously assigned to the Legion of Honor, the project of house a grand national museum of the Renaissance to take shape.

Alain Erlande-Brandenburg is working so to bring together collections of this period scattered in particular in the castles of the Loire valley, and follows the restoration project of Écouen. The new museum was inaugurated in 1977. There is appointed, in 1980, chief curator, and the museum of Cluny, where he installs including the heads of the kings of Judah from Notre-Dame, left for work in Paris.

“A strong voice “

He joined the administration as deputy director of the museums of France, from 1991 to 1994, returns to the Cluny museum as its director until 1994, before the leadership of the national Archives of France from 1994 to 1998. Maryvonne de Saint Pulgent, director of Heritage, admired” this great scholar, a bon vivant, who asserted his convictions with a loud voice, without fear of shake. A man of projects, independent and free, rather than a policy. It was probably happier as a curator in a museum “.

He would end his career as director of the museum of Écouen from 1999 to 2005, an adventure recounted in 2017, in his last book, in which he referred to his taste for “ passing on the passion of the works to the public “.

The extent of his vision on the cathedrals

Thierry Crépin-Leblond, who succeeded him at Écouen, greet this” medievalist to look very open, who liked to share, exchange, ask questions. This was not at all academic minds with the distance that this implies. He liked to provoke, was the sense of the formula “.

Long-time president of the French Society of archaeology, president of the society of the Friends of Notre Dame, teacher at the École du Louvre in the School of Chaillot, School Charters, and School practice of High studies, Alain Erlande-Brandenburg is also distinguished by the number and scope of its publications on” Revolution gothic “and on cathedrals. Under his pen, the monographs remarkable about Notre-Dame de Paris or Reims alternated with trials to a wide audience, such as” When the cathedrals were painted “.

He was always looking for the link with the human, the liturgy in order to understand the well-springs of the architectural changes “notes Thierry Crépin-Leblond. ” One owes him in particular of having restored the fundamental role of bishops in medieval times in France, who was the eldest daughter of the Church. It is the affirmation of their power which was given this flowering of cathedrals absolutely unique “, says Maryvonne de Saint-Pulgent.

Sick, the historian was removed from the public scene. ” Her voice we missed in the fire of Our Lady, adds Maryvonne de Saint-Pulgent. There is no doubt that he would have said things strong and original on the transformations of this great monument “.


an observatory project to involve the public

If he has left his position at the CNRS in Orleans to join a laboratory in the capital, the geologist Jeremy Jacob is full of ideas to go even further. On 20 may, he has pleaded with the French national research Agency (ANR), the cause of an observatory long term Bets based on the study of the sediments of the waters in the sewers. It would be open to the general public, because the researcher is convinced that his works are of a dimension” environmental and citizen “. He hopes to obtain funding for four years.

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Jeremy Jacob sees it as a lever of awareness powerful. Through such an observatory, the people concerned could in fact be filled in, what they reject : micropollutants, hormones, medications, plasticizers, or detergents, all substances which cares little about, a time that they are returned in the wastewater. However, the consequences of this lack of information is perceived, downstream, especially in the cost of treatment by the sewerage networks. This spotlight could encourage citizens to be more” attentive “, reducing their consumption of” some polluting materials known, such as in cosmetics, for example “. However, as a scientist, Jérémy Jacob does not want to be” in a process-stigmatizing” or in a posture overhead of “knowing “. Because, repeat, it, this “may be the best way not to get a balanced dialogue with the people “.

“Mapping geochemical “

If his project was endorsed by the NRA, one of the first steps would be to establish a mapping geochemical Paris to identify the molecules most prevalent, neighborhood by neighborhood. ” It confronterait then to map elements of socio-economic reflecting indicators of levels of living, levels of education, average age, access to public services “, says the researcher. What provide the key to understanding valuable, because, he says,” the interpretation of a molecule may not be unique, it takes many elements of context for a reliable analysis “.

Another plus : the raw data of public interest prove to be of great utility for researchers in the human sciences, sociologists, psychologists, historians, doctors and even urban planners. In the light of the samples collected in the pipes, the doctors and the sociologists may, for example, learn more about the consumption of drugs in a neighborhood or even a street, and better target their searches based on these data.


The future grand dam ethiopian concerned about Egypt

While Ethiopia plans to start to fill the tank of his grand dam of the renaissance (GERD) in July, new negotiations were held, Tuesday, June 9, between the ministers of water and irrigation ethiopians, egyptians and sudanese trying to find a compromise on the speed of this filling. Ethiopia hopes to complete the operation in four to seven years. Too fast, according to Egypt, which argues in favour of a duration of twelve to 21 years of age to take the time to adapt and avoid the shortage of water.

Promote the development, risking a shortage of water

Since 2011, the super hydro-electric infrastructure of 1.8 km long and 145 metres high-is a source of tensions between the three countries. Upstream, Addis Ababa account on the dam built on the Blue Nile, which joins the White Nile in Sudan to form the Nile, to develop and bring electricity to 50 million Ethiopians.

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Downstream, The Cairo is concerned that the filling of the basin of the 74 billion cubic meters deprives it of part of its access to water. The country depends 90 % of the river for its supply of blue gold. Khartoum is the side the “position of good offices “analysis Marc Lavergne, géopolitologue and director of research at the CNRS. “Sudan has nothing against the dam because it would allow him to regulate the waters “ in the event of flooding of the river. “He tries, rather, to convince Egypt to calm down the game. “

“To preserve in the efforts” of negotiations

Since November 2019, the United States and the world Bank are pushing to get out of the impasse in which are stalled the negotiations. Without success. Following meetings held in January and February, Ethiopia has refused to sign at the beginning of march an agreement on the operation of the dam and the management of the flow of the river water.

In may, Egypt said it was willing to resume talks to find “an agreement that is fair, balanced and comprehensive “. This time, the Sudan has rejected the proposed agreement by Ethiopia claiming that “the technical and legal problems that must be addressed “. The secretary-general of the UN Antonio Guterres has urged the “three parties to persevere in their efforts to resolve peacefully any outstanding issues and reach a mutually beneficial agreement.

Three observers of the United States, the european Union and South Africa were present at the meeting, conducted by video conferencing. But for Marc Lavergne, all of the tensions around the dam are “surgonflées “. “It is in fact a race to regional primacy. Egypt is no longer an agricultural country and rural”,his need of water is also no longer as a result. “It is also a way for the president al-Sisi, unpopular, to unite the nation against a common enemy “, he continues.

Despite the tensions, there is little risk that Egypt adventure in an armed action, because “the whole world would turn against it “, concludes Marc Lavergne. Ethiopia producing electricity as early as this year, for a full operation by 2022 of this book, brought to become the largest hydroelectric dam in Africa, and for which the country has disbursed $ 4.2 billion (3.8 billion euros).


Actor and comedian Jerry Stiller died in the USA :: Society :: RBC

Ben Stiller and Jerry Stiller

(Photo: Michael Loccisano / Getty Images)

American actor and comedian Jerry Stiller died at the 93rd year of his life. About it reported his son is actor Ben Stiller. According to Stiller, his father died for natural reasons.

“He was a wonderful father and grandfather, as well as Ann’s most devoted husband [Энн Мира] for about 62 years. He will be sorely missed. I love you, dad, ”he wrote.

Jerry Stiller was born on June 8, 1927 in New York. He gained the greatest popularity thanks to the roles of Frank Constance in the series Seinfeld and Arthur in the sitcom of the CBS television channel King of Queens. In addition, he also starred in the films “Airport 1975”, “Hairspray” and others.

The actor also won the American Comedy Award and was nominated for an Emmy for his role in the Seinfeld series.


Nadezhda Babkina sang Victory Day, despite voice problems after illness

Hope Babkina only recently discharged from the hospital after a serious illness. The 70-year-old singer was hospitalized with severe pneumonia. And although the tests did not show in her coronavirus, friends of the artist are sure that she became a victim of a pandemic. Nadezhda Georgievna spent several days in a coma, on a ventilator, with a pipe in her throat. After such a procedure, the voice is restored far from immediately – it would seem that there is no time for singing. But Babkina did not break the long tradition and on May 9 sang the song “Victory Day” for fans. She shared the video on Instagram.

– Happy Victory Day, friends! – congratulated the artist subscribers.

The singer’s voice after illness has not yet gained full strength, but her colleagues at the Russian Song Theater came to her aid. Together they sang the famous hit in honor of the Great Victory. In the general sonorous chorus, Nadezhda Georgievna’s voice sounding with a slight hoarse sound is easily guessed.

The artist filmed the video in her house near Moscow, where she wakes up after discharge from the hospital.

“About 80% of the lungs were affected … Everything covered with film and dragged on there: it’s such an infection, it manifests itself very quickly and starts to work,” Babkina told of her illness.

Before discharge, computed tomography showed that Nadezhda Georgievna still affected 40% of the lungs. During rehabilitation, doctors prescribed her a special course of treatment (pills and injections) and breathing exercises. Babkin goes to the nearby Lapino hospital for procedures. By the way, another star patient who underwent coronavirus, Stas, was also treated in it. Mikhailov.

According to doctors, it can take a long time to restore the voice after such a disease: after a coronavirus and mechanical ventilation, it may not be able to listen to the patient for a long time, it sounds dull and hoarse.

– This is due to a change in the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract and cough. A prolonged cough has always been considered one of the risk factors for the formation of voice disturbance, ”saidKP»Phonator Ekaterina Osipenko. – How big the risk is depends on the severity of the patient’s condition, his presence on the ventilator. Patients who underwent tracheotomy – an operation to install a tracheotomy tube for long-term mechanical ventilation, also have a risk of voice changes in the future.

Happy Victory Day, friends! @rpfolk # Nadezhdababkina #Russian song #HymnWinning