Saakashvili said the absence of a state in Ukraine :: Politics :: RBC

Mikheil Saakashvili

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The Ukrainian state was supplanted by local officials. This was stated by the head of the executive committee of the national Reform Council, ex-governor of the Odessa region, Mikhail Saakashvili, reports “Ukraine 24”.

“There is no state in Ukraine. There are officials in Ukraine who (act) in the name of a non-existent state, ”he said.

According to Saakashvili, the state is “that which is for all, which provides justice for all, which protects everyone.”

In Ukraine, according to the politician, there is no such state. There exists a “bunch of officials”, each of whom also has a boss.

Earlier, Saakashvili called Russia’s advantages over Ukraine. In his opinion, Russia is ahead of Ukraine in matters of taxation efficiency, deregulation of the economy and interaction with business.


The number of flights of business jets from Moscow in the early summer has doubled :: Society :: RBC

Source: JHU

Data for the world i

The commercial airlines (Aeroflot, S7 and others) need to pass a complicated procedure for the organization of a flight abroad and back: to send a request through the “public Services”, to provide data on passengers to the Federal government, after which all information flows to the regional authorities and the Ministry of interior, coordinated with the Ministry of foreign Affairs, the Ministry of transport and the operational headquarters for the fight against coronavirus.

The ability to fly depends primarily on the receiving side, according to sources RBC. The EU is open only to citizens or holders of a residence permit of the countries participating in the Schengen agreement. And, for example, in order to fly to the USA, the UK, Turkey and Mexico, will be enough visas, it follows from explanations of the International air transport Association (IATA). But for flights to these countries, the Russians will have to justify the need of flights, said a source in one of the companies involved in business aviation.

Despite the easing of restrictive measures because of the coronavirus, the decision about the full resumption of scheduled and Charter flights abroad is still pending. At the meeting the Federal air transport Agency in early June, it was proposed to open air service on July 15. But not yet received the approval of the CPS, which regulates the removal of restrictions related to the mers, said the source RBC. “After we make sure that air travel in the country safe, we’re ready to release our citizens in the vast world of the ocean air. Now, I think we’re not ready for it yet,” said Friday, June 26, Minister of transport, Eugene Dietrich. He added that living hope to resume flights in July.

Dietrich announced still alive the hope for a resumption of flights abroad in July

RBC has sent requests to the press service of the Federal air transport Agency and Federal service.

As the increased number of flights

After suspension of regular international flights in Russia decreased significantly and the number of flights of business aviation, has informed RBC a source in one of the airports. The General decline in domestic and international flights in April 2020 reached about 50%. At Vnukovo-3, the number of flights on business jets fell by about 80%, in the terminal And Sheremetyevo to 48%, he said. Bi-bi-si in early April, reported that for three days of business aviation in total were recruited only 50 flights.

Since then, the number of flights of business aircraft has grown strongly: in April through Vnukovo-3 was performed on 242 flight in may — 471, and in June, already 669, told RBC representative of Vnukovo. Half were for international flights. On average, according to interlocutors RBC, on one business jet to fly three or four people. The total number of such flights through the airports of Moscow in June is about 35 a day, told RBC a source close to the aviation authorities.

The speed of propagation of the coronavirus in the world

Cases per day

Source: JHU

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Sales Director Flight Way Eduard Simonov confirmed RBC that in June increased the demand for international flights. “Main destinations France, Italy, Croatia, Spain, UK, Turkey”, — he said. But Simonov said that the organization of flights is possible only in case if a passenger has a passport or a residence permit in the country of entry, or medical condition, either have a training or employment contract.

Aeroflot responded to the article about performing a “luxury” flights abroad

Photo: Alexey Filippov / RIA Novosti

In addition to business aviation abroad began to fly and Aeroflot. The company at least since the beginning of June operates flights from Moscow to Frankfurt, Paris, London, new York, Seoul and tel Aviv, wrote the newspaper “Vedomosti”. Flights, most of which are carried out twice a week, designed as cargo, and with the permission of the Federal air transport Agency they sold the tickets, said the sources.

Transportation of passengers over the border in the tightest of coronavirus flights Aeroflot performs subject to availability in the cabin of aircraft used for the transport of goods (medical equipment, personal protective equipment, etc.), said a company representative. According to him, the ticket for a flight from Moscow can buy only those who have permission to enter the country of destination: diplomats, citizens of this country, Russians with dual citizenship or residence permit, etc. However, the girl, who flew from Moscow to new York on the flight of “Aeroflot” on June 24, wrote that she did not need “any special documents either in work, or for medical treatment or relatives”. It was enough just regular visa B1/B2. “Planes fly, the tickets are sold. <...> “Aeroflot” flies on Sunday and Tuesday, tickets appear every week for the next few days”, — stated in the post.

The cost of flights

The cost of flights on business jet depends on the ship class. On the website aviation brokerage company Jetvip reported that the flight hour rental of a business jet, from €1,5 thousand to €14 thousand on 2 July the flight from Sheremetyevo to nice or Vienna will cost at least €13 million (out of plane). And the company business aviation “Sirius-Aero” sells tickets for flights to nice for €4.5 million per person. The organizer of Charter flights Flightaway offers flights from Vnukovo-3 to nice at an average of €18 thousand (rent of the whole ship).

A regular flight of “Aeroflot” flights to nice will cost 25,5 thousand roubles (about €330). Tickets for these flights can be booked not later than a week before departure.


In the US payments coronavirus has received over one million “dead souls” :: Society :: RBC

In the United States because of the rush of recipients of incentive payments were not associated with the database registration of deaths, and as a result of funds received over a million “dead souls”, said the audit chamber of the country

Photo: Drew Angerer / Getty Images

The U.S. government paid more than $1.4 billion “to dead souls” as incentive payments on the background of the pandemic coronavirus, says the report of the accounting chamber.

“According to the main inspector of the Ministry of Finance for taxes, as of April 30, nearly 1.1 million payments in the amount of $1.4 billion was sent to the deceased”, — stated in the document.

The authors noted that the IRS and the Treasury “promptly started paying 160.4 million payments in the amount of $269 billion,” but “experienced difficulties in the delivery of payments to certain individuals and additional risks in respect of payments to those who had no right to receive payments is deceased or fraud.”

The chamber found that because of the rush of recipients of incentive payments were not associated with the database registration of deaths, and the tax office found no legal grounds to refuse compensation to those who filed a tax return in 2018 and 2019, but later died.

For payments to families with children up to 16 years will receive more than 270 billion rubles.

Photo: Komsomolskaya Pravda / Global Look Press

In this regard, the chamber recommended that the US tax service “to consider cost-effective ways of warning” about the way of repayment of payments received in error.

At the end of March the US President, Donald trump has signed the law on allocation of $2 trillion to help the economy of the country because of the virus. This financial aid package was the largest in the history of the country. Funds were allocated for additional funding of the health system, business support and direct payments to Americans.

Citizens with an annual income up to $75 million will receive $1.2 thousand, while families with children by $500 per child. Support is provided for those who have lost their jobs and who cut wages. On loans for small businesses, the U.S. government will direct $367 billion, another $130 billion will go to the hospitals.

According to the Johns Hopkins University, in the United States since the beginning of the pandemic coronavirus infected 2.4 million people. At the same time, the Director of the Center for control and prevention of diseases of the USA Robert Redfield announced that the country may be about 25 million cases, ten times more than official figures. “This virus often causes asymptomatic disease. We’ve identified roughly 10% [от масштабов] outbreak” — he said, reports The Hill.

The spread of the coronavirus Covid-19 in the world

The number of confirmed cases of infection

Source: JHU

Data for the world i

Victoria Polyakova


In Kiev said about the innocence of Biden’s record in the Ukraine the bribe :: Policy :: RBC

Anti-corruption authorities suspected the management of the company Burisma, the Board of Directors which included the son of former Vice-President of the United States, the attempted bribe of $6 million, which is called the largest in the history of Ukraine

Joe Biden

(Photo: Matt Slocum / AP)

Former Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden and his son hunter are irrelevant to the case about the bribe to the leadership of anti-corruption authorities of Ukraine. This was stated by the head of the Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office (SAP) Nazar Golodnitsky, reports “Interfax-Ukraine”.

“Let’s put an end to this once and for all. Biden-Biden Jr. and Sr. in this particular production do not appear”, — he said.

We are talking about a bribe of $6 million to the leadership of the SAP and the National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU), which tried to give for the closure of the episode against the President of the company Burisma, the former Minister of ecology Nikolay Zlochevsky. According to the Director of NABU Artem Sytnik, the bribe was intended for the closure of the case, which led the company contributed to the appropriation of funds of a stabilization loan from the National Bank issued a “real Bank”.

Sitnic also noted that this is a record in the history of Ukraine a bribe.

The entry in facebook user


Tesla resumes operation of a factory for the production of batteries for electric vehicles :: Business :: RBC

The management of the company took advantage of the partial lifting of quarantine and decided to return all workers to the workshops in Nevada

Photo: Ben Margot / AP

Tesla management has decided to fully restore the work of the plant in Nevada, which produces batteries for electric vehicles, reports The Verge, citing an internal letter to the company.

The publication indicates that the leadership of Tesla initially announced a partial resumption of production in Nevada, where the authorities went on to soften quarantine measures, but then changed its position.

Valeria Workman, head of the human resources department at Tesla North America, promised that for the safety of workers, the company will launch additional transport to the plant so that people can maintain a social distance. She said that those employees who fear for their health can stay at home, however, in connection with the removal of restrictive measures, in this case they will no longer be able to rely on benefits.

Tesla previously went to the opening of a plant in California, although local authorities in the person of the Alameda County government opposed such a move. Ilon Musk, who called the actions of California leaders to extend quarantine unconstitutional and threatened to transfer the main production of Tesla Model 3 cars to another state, received support from Donald Trump on the eve of this issue. “California should allow Mask to reopen its factory now. And you need to do this quickly, ”wrote the President of the United States on his Twitter.

Musk threatens to relocate Tesla headquarters from California

Elon Musk

At the same time, Musk promised that he would personally be at the California plant, and asked the authorities not to detain anyone other than him for violating anti-quarantine restrictions.

Musk in Russian called the former US Secretary of Labor an idiot

Earlier, the businessman said that he knew how to protect workers in a pandemic. According to him, in this regard, the experience of resuming activities at an enterprise in China was useful to him. However, Tesla employees in various anonymous interviews pointed out that in reality the management could not guarantee their safety. So, the masks offered to the workers turned out to be too small to cover their mouth and nose, and, according to them, no one took care of maintaining social distance in the shops.


Why aren’t they raping Rapunzel with “House-2”

Spoiled reputation, complaints of viewers and violation of the rules – the management does not take any measures in relation to Alena.

Despite the fact that many participants in the reality show adhered to the rules of the project and gave it a lot, they were literally driven out of the gate, leaving them without money and not giving any chance to rectify the situation, but Alena Rapunzel’s leadership and leaders continued to defend and defend for unknown reasons . Viewers and users are completely confused, in their opinion, the girl did not deserve such privileges.

In addition to the fact that Alena herself has a spoiled reputation, the project itself almost pulls to the “bottom”: numerous partners, parties and adventures, constant “boozes” – the girl does not raise the project ratings, but only “ends up” “. Fans of the reality show do not stop complaining about the participant and throw letters from the hosts with requests to remove her from the show. Moreover, she repeatedly violated the rules.

So why aren’t Rapunzel driven from Home 2? The young mother doesn’t take anyone into account – she’s always rude to the presenters, if Buzova can still remain silent, then Borodina is not used to stand on ceremony with the participants and always puts them in her place, she more than once “drove” Alena’s sister from the frontal and generally from the project, but the tricks the younger Rapunzel she misses.

Does the participant really have lifelong immunity or does she have another affair with an employee of Dom-2? Despite the “concerts” of Alena, for some reason they are in no hurry to drive her out of “House-2”, even Ksenia has to endure silently endure all the tricks of the girl and often cover her up.

The network also believes that the former lover of Yabbarova managed to spin an affair with the leadership, which does not allow the presenters to take harsh measures against Alena, because otherwise Borodina would have sent Rapunzel for the perimeter a long time ago.

It is worth noting another point, “Dom-2” fully contains each participant – in addition to the fact that the project has to provide Alain herself, her son too, and she generally lives in a separate house, while other couples huddle in rooms – would “ Dom-2 ”so firmly hold a participant who can be replaced by anyone and who does nothing for the project?

Of course not, it would be more profitable for the management to say goodbye to the girl and, finally, rid herself of numerous complaints and falling ratings, rather than lose everything just because of Alena alone. Apparently, the young mother really really has very good and close relations with the main “House-2”.


CFL, goodbye! Rapunzel will become the leading “House-2” after the decree

This conclusion can be reached after analyzing a strange set of circumstances.

Olga Rapunzel, a member of Doma-2, will soon become a mother. This joyful event is only darkened by the fact that she will have to give birth in conditions significantly different from Russian clinics. However, the leadership of the reality show did not give her another choice. The borders are closed, it is still impossible to return to their homeland. However, even from this seemingly hopeless situation, it turned out to be possible to extract great benefits.

The fact that both future mothers will have to give birth away from Russian medicine has recently been indirectly confirmed by the casting director, answering questions from subscribers on Instagram. Despite the fact that Rapunzel’s pregnancy proceeds without problems, childbirth in this heavenly place, even in her case, can be associated with certain risks. Another pregnant participant Alexandra Cherno assures that the level of medicine on the island is much inferior to Russian clinics. At the same time, Alexandra herself also has certain birth complications that make her birth in the Seychelles simply dangerous.

The actions of the leadership, who had exiled two pregnant participants to the island before the closure of the Russian borders, in the light of current events can be considered negligence. Olga and Alexandra will be forced to pay for it, and letting go of something similar to the authorities is not at all in their nature.

It’s hard to say how management will make amends to Cherno. But Rapunzel, a similar set of circumstances, opened up great prospects. Everything goes to the fact that Olga, as her husband Dmitry Dmitrienko dreamed, will become the new leading “House-2” after the decree. The couple will not miss such a chance to “shake off” the increase from their superiors and say: “Goodbye, CFL!”

This is their second child for them, and so that the family does not need anything, large financial injections will soon be required. In addition, the eldest daughter is already growing up, which means that the child’s further “no-show” stay on the project will soon be complicated by the need to go to kindergarten.


The Grand Master of the Order of Malta died in Rome :: Society :: RBC

The Grand Master of the Order of Malta, Giacomo Dalla Torre del Tempio di Sanguinetto, died at the age of 75. This was reported in the press service of the Catholic Order.

The cause of the death of the master was an incurable disease, which he was diagnosed several months ago. On Tuesday, April 28, Torre was critically hospitalized in one of the clinics in Rome. From which disease the master died, is not specified.

RIA Novosti, citing sources in the leadership of the Order of Malta, reports that the master was not infected with coronavirus, but died from cancer.

Giacomo Dalla Torre del Tempio di Sanguineto became a knight of the order in 1995. He was elected to the position of the 80th Prince and Grand Master of the Order of Malta in May 2018.

The Order of Malta was founded in 1048 and is considered the oldest chivalric order. It is located in Italy and Malta and, under international law, is a state-like entity. Moreover, the order itself positions itself as a state. In addition, the order has observer status with the UN and maintains diplomatic and official relations with 116 states, including Russia. The headquarters of the Order is located in Rome.


Mirror artist Michelangelo Pistoletto, a 86-year-old Covid survivor

PORTRAIT – This Arte povera figure even gave an interview from his hospital bed in Biella, his hometown in Piedmont. Utopia always nailed to the body.

Michelangelo Pistoletto, a figure of Arte povera, is the patriarch of the Cittadellarte he founded in Biella, his hometown of Piedmont.
Michelangelo Pistoletto, a figure of Arte povera, is the patriarch of the Cittadellarte he founded in Biella, his hometown of Piedmont. Courtesy Gallery Continue

Who met Michelangelo Pistoletto, 87 on June 25, remains struck by the commanding force emanating from this Italian patriarch, one of the last great figures in the current of “Arte povera” (Poor Art).

Until recently, this handsome man with a medal profile, blue eyes, gentle Italian elegance, assertive speech and no sharing, was skiing in his mountains in northern Italy. The “Maestro” is currently being cared for at the Hospital in his hometown of Biella where, at the age of 86, he survived the coronavirus. A miracle.

The Cittadellarte Journal interviewed him, exclusively, from his hospital bed where his verve as a committed speaker and utopian remained intact. “The role of art in this pandemic is sensitivityHe thus said to his countrymen and to all the peoples of art.

Social renaissance after coronavirus

The artist highlights his personal experience and wonders how a social renaissance can emerge after the Coronavirus. What, according to him, is the key

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Headphones, fitness elastic, yogurt maker … Mucem de Marseille wants to create a containment museum

Closed since March 13, the establishment calls for contributions and invites everyone to send their proposals by email. “Of objects or documents which symbolize, embody, translate your confined daily life”. The objects collected will be used to keep track of this exceptional situation.

If the proposal is accepted, the team will return to the owner of the object at the end of the confinement in order to organize his arrival at the museum.
If the proposal is accepted, the team will return to the owner of the object at the end of the confinement in order to organize his arrival at the museum. ANDBZ / ABACA

Your home may be home to historical evidence of the current era … To complete its archives, the Mucem, Museum of Civilizations of Europe and the Mediterranean in Marseille, yesterday launched a call for contributions around objects from the confinement.

The Covid-19 pandemic has indeed plunged many countries in the last few months into a completely new situation. Social distancing, confinement, teleworking and home courses: for many, these are habits and daily life that have been completely disrupted.

Create a containment museum

So, what will be the objects that will have marked this period in the future collective memory of the French? A fitness elastic? Headphones for teleconferencing? A yogurt maker? Closed since March 13 after the measures put in place by the government, the Mucem invites everyone to participate by helping it to collect traces of this confinement.

This may be “Objects or documents which for you, symbolize, embody, translate your confined daily life”, explains the Marseille establishment on his website. To participate, simply send one or more photographs of the object and a short text to explain the context of its use and justify its entry into the future catalog of the exhibition. Proposals should be sent by email to

The collection will end on May 31, 2020. The museum indicates that all the proposals received will be studied by the conservation team. If the object is retained, the team will return to its owner at the end of confinement in order to organize his arrival at the museum.

The Vosges archives had the idea of collect testimonies from the inhabitants of the department, in order to “archive for eternity “. In a press release published on March 19, the executive of the departmental council invites each Vosgien to participate: “Anyone can send their testimony (s) to the departmental archives and can thus tell their daily lives: how each person changes their lifestyle, how to successfully comply with state directives, how to do school at home, how telecommute … “ The testimonials are to be sent to in writing, audio or video.