Matisse or the secret formula for happiness

STORY – The Center Pompidou pays homage to him for the 150th anniversary of his birth. The opportunity to check if this reputation for joy in painting still suits him.

La Blouse roumaine, 1940 (left) is the common thread of the exhibition.  Right, the Blue Nudes series (1951).
The Romanian Blouse, 1940 (left) is the common thread of the exhibition. Right, series of Blue nudes (1951). Jean-Christophe MARMARA / Le Figaro

He walks, tousled, overcoat collar pulled up, thick tortoiseshell glasses, the air fallen from the nest, as always. On July 15, 1965, the 34-year-old filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard crosses the wise row of rooms of the Museum of Modern Art at a rapid pace. “Our parents said that Rembrandt and Titian were great painters. And we see that, he said, stopping dead in front of The Romanian Blouse by Matisse, red canvas from 1940. It’s funny, it’s the same time as the poetry of Aragon, it made me discover modern poetry. Aragon is always digression, ideas above others. And Matisse is about forms. We do that, then another, then a third. It looks quite simple, this painting, purely decorative, a blouse … And then, the more you look at it, the more you discover it, like a feeling, a young girl dreaming. It is a thought and a feeling. ” He will pin a postcard from The Romanian Blouse on the wall of a bedroom Pierrot le fou (1965).

Matisse does he hold the keys

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Apple registers its first Macs on macOS 11

The EEC has struck again! This famous Russian organization, which has the delicious habit of revealing in its database the authorizations for sale of Apple products that have not yet been formalized, has just published a whole list of computers that can be marketed on its soil with macOS 11. There are computers in this list that we know well, which will simply be updated with Big Sur when it becomes available, but there are also part numbers that do not match any computer marketed by Apple so far.

Among the laptops, we can mention the references A2147, A2158, A2182, A2337 and A2338, some of which had appeared in previous publications but others which are totally new. The same goes for desktop computers with references A2330, A2348, A2438 and A2439.

It is always difficult to draw conclusions from simple lists of model numbers and therefore we will not venture to draw predictions. The output of macOS 11.0 Big Sur is imminent, however, while the presentation of the first Macs equipped with ARM chips is expected for next month. New models of headed computers are therefore logically in the pipes and these deposits from Apple are testimony to this.

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watchOS 7.0.2 restores the good autonomy of the Apple Watch

This is a small update of nothing at all that could change the lives of some Apple Watch users who have installed watchOS 7 since the arrival of this new version. last month. While the testimonies of a sharp decline in autonomy have multiplied in recent weeks, watchOS 7.0.2 which is released tonight is focusing on correcting “A problem that could lead the battery to run out more quickly”. The update also brings a fix for a bug preventing access to the ECG app in some countries where it was supposed to be available.

To update your Apple Watch with this new update, it’s as usual very simple: launch the dedicated Apple Watch application on your iPhone and follow the instructions. Please note that to start the update, Apple requires that both devices are connected to a Wi-Fi network and that the Apple Watch has more than 50% battery.

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Some big models of iPad Pro on sale

Some models of iPad Pro well endowed with storage capacity are on sale at Amazon at the beginning of the week. The iPad Pro 11 ” space gray Wi-Fi with 1 TB is for example at 1 258,85 € instead of € 1,449 at Apple, or 13% discount. The cellular model enjoys a similar discount, at 1 408,28 € (money) or 1 413,09 € (space gray) instead of € 1,619. For the 12.9 “models, the 1TB silver Wi-Fi model is 1 549,99 € instead of € 1,669 and cell models are at 1 676 € (space gray) or 1 623,65 € (money) instead of € 1,839.

The Apple Pencil is also getting a little boost, 129 € instead of € 135 at Apple. Other iPad Pro models are on sale with slightly smaller discounts: you can find all the current offers on our price comparison.

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The first iPad Air 4 are already arriving in stores …

While all eyes are on apple event taking place on Tuesday, October 13, Apple Stores around the world have received large deliveries with strict instructions for employees not to open packages right away. According to Mark Gurman, which brings us the news, it should be the first copies of the iPad Air 4, which was presented last month and which must be marketed during this month of October.

It is indeed too early for this to be the iPhone 12, which should not be available before October 23, and Apple would in any case not want to take the risk that a premature opening results in the leak of the announcements planned for this Tuesday. It therefore seems likely that the iPad Air 4 is ready to be marketed and that Apple awaits the presentation of the iPhone 12 on Tuesday to give the signal the start.

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Renovation of the SKM station in Gdynia for PLN 62 million

It took two years and three tenders to select a contractor for the modernization of the Suburban Railway Station in Gdynia, including the renovation of the platform SKM Gdynia Główna and the creation of a monitoring center. From the beginning, one company was interested in this project, which was finally selected, although its last offer was higher than the budget by less than PLN 3 million. Construction works will start in autumn 2021.

In April 2018, Szybka Kolej Miejska announced the first tender for the “Construction of an integrated safety monitoring and information management system on the railway line No. 250 along with the modernization of the building of the Suburban Railway Station in Gdynia and the SKM platform at the Gdynia Główna station”.

Then it was renewed in April 2019 and 2020. Each time an offer was made by the company T4B from Warsaw, but it clearly did not match the budget of railwaymen, although with time less and less.

  • SKM budget – PLN 34.4 million
  • offer – PLN 59.3 million
  • difference – PLN 24.9 million

  • SKM budget – PLN 59.3 million
  • offer PLN 73.7 million
  • difference – PLN 14.4 million

  • SKM budget – PLN 59.4 million
  • offer – PLN 62.361 million
  • difference – PLN 2.952 million

Two consortia took part in the last tender, besides T4B and MAXTO Technology, Poleko Budownictwo and Sprint also submitted offers – PLN 65.313 million.

They will recreate the look of the station from 60 years ago

The SKM authorities finally decided to accept a more financially advantageous offer.

– We got the owners’ consent to raise the investment budget and finally we could choose a contractor – he says Tomasz Złotoś, spokesman for SKM PKP Trójmiasto.
After signing the contract, the contractor will have to spend the first 14 months on developing the project. After that, construction work will begin and must be completed by March 31, 2023.

The historic building will be restored to its appearance from the time of its creation, i.e. from 1959.

34 days of 24/7 track difficulties

The selected consortium declared that throughout the implementation period, a maximum of 34 days, track closures will last 24 hours a day and gave 11 years of quality warranty and warranty for defects in the integrating system.

The contractor of the renovation of the suburban railway station will be obliged to:

  • Keep the original, wooden door and window joinery – possible replacement is allowed in the event of exceptionally poor technical condition.
  • Keep the station’s external clock in the oculus on square background and subject to maintenance.
  • Eliminate all re-introduced elements of space development in the column arcade. It concerns two service and commercial premises – “Skup i pawnshop” and “Loveat” – and a temporary gastronomic pavilion selling grilled chicken.
  • Recreate the missing third entrance door from the entrance arcade to the main hall.
  • Leave the inscription “Dworzec Podmiejski”, inspect and renovate it to the extent that it is possible to turn on the lettering.
  • Preserve the most valuable existing elements of the checkout hall decor or subject them to conservation and restoration, and non-existing or obscured elements should be exposed or recreated.
  • Modernize the ticket offices.
  • Make a coherent design of visual identification for the suburban station in the form of legible and discreet plates, information elements and advertising signs for future tenants of commercial premises, adjusted in size, form and character to the historical architecture and interiors of the station.
  • Remove all advertising media obscuring the elements of historical decor.
  • Install the automatic glass door between the hall and the entrance to the SKM platform.
  • Replace the surface in the square in front of the station with a new one.
  • Install elements of small architecture (benches, litter bins) in the surroundings of the building and in its interior.

A temporary station made of containers will be built for the duration of the works.

In turn at the SKM stop the edge plates and the pavement are to be replaced, the shelter will be cleaned and painted. The underpass is to be modernized and the tracks along the entire platform will be replaced.

A management center is to be built in the station building monitoring and passenger information system at all SKM stops. Cameras and information boards are to be installed or replaced on the platforms.


Big discounts and vouchers on the Mac at Fnac!

The Fnac just launched an unusually aggressive offer for Macs! It is common for the brand to offer to donate € 10 in vouchers for every € 100 spent on its site, but much less that this offer goes up to € 15 for every € 100 spent. Better yet, some Apple computers are already displayed with promotional rates.

You can take advantage of this offer on MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini, iMac and Mac Pro. Certain models of MacBook Pro and iMac, including custom configurations, also benefit from discounts or flash sales ranging from -5% to -10% compared to the prices of the classic Apple Store. You can find all models on this page. For example, a 2020 13.3 “MacBook Pro with two Thunderbolt ports, 512 GB of storage, and 16 GB of RAM is offered at 1 819,99 € instead of € 1,999, and it allows you to recover a voucher of € 270.

Fnac promo Mac 15

You must be a Fnac member to be able to take advantage of this offer and collect the vouchers: the new Fnac + card is also on sale at 9,99 € instead of € 14.99 for a period of validity of one year. This promotional offer will be valid until Monday September 21 at 1 p.m.

If you are a higher education student or teacher, don’t forget that an alternative offer offered directly by Apple is currently in progress on Macs (excluding Mac mini and Mac Pro): the Back to School operation allows you to obtain a 10% discount on Apple Store Education and collect a pair of AirPods 2 (worth 179 €) free as a bonus. This offer will be valid until October 29, 2020 (find out more).

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Buying a new car: 10 point buying guide

Buying a new car can be a pleasant experience, but it can also hold bitter surprises if you don’t pay attention and carefully ponder your choices. A buying guide with all the elements to evaluate

Andrea Tartaglia


Buying a new car is not a trifle: unless you are a “scrooge” without wallet problems (and regrets) before facing an experience like this, it is good to prepare yourself to have to agree the emotional side with that rational, both of those who buy and of the members of the family unit. It is an indispensable requirement to find the right purchase: on the market there are several thousand variants of cars, including brands, models, engines and fittings, worth several tens of thousands of euros and with very different characteristics. Whether it is to replace the family car or the second “fancy” car – for example a convertible for the summer or an off-road vehicle to satisfy the “offroad” passion – it is important to follow a real purchasing process, to avoid hasty choices or choices not able to satisfy the real needs of the motorist. In order not to fall into error, it is sufficient to follow a clear and linear handbook, designed precisely to guide those who are preparing to buy a new car.


Before starting the search for a new car, it is good to focus on what needs it must meet and what essential characteristics it must have. Not a bad idea write a proper checklist containing the features you want to find on the new car, so that you can check them during the evaluation phase. Attention also to the budget, better to establish it a priori.


Directly connected to the previous one, the second point – often overlooked – by motorists is anything but secondary: do you need a load capacity of a minivan or is a medium sedan enough for your needs? Are you orienting yourself on the SUV because you are facing bad roads or to follow fashion? In any case we must take into account where the car will be parked, because buying a new garage may not be a viable option.


The range of power supplies for cars has never been so vast: petrol, diesel, hybrid, electric or gas, but there is not one that satisfies all motorists. There are also to keep in mind the limitations that some administrations impose to vehicles with diesel fuel engines, as well as the availability of charging stations for battery-powered cars. Those who do little road and aim to save even on the purchase cost can orient themselves on petrol, the hybrid is great for the city and if you can spend a little more there is the electric. Diesel, on the other hand, remains the most convenient solution for those who grind kilometers on the motorway.


Once the necessary assessments have been made regarding the needs, the useful features and the type of use you intend to make of the new car, you can move on to the evaluation phase of the car considered interesting. Rather, better to identify at least two or three, a kind of short list on which to make the final choice, not before further evaluations.


Not everyone is aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the countless models of cars on sale: in particular the painful notes are certainly not the elements that dealers like to highlight. It is therefore very important to be aware of it and to arrive prepared in the showroom, knowing all the pros and cons of the car you would like to buy. There are many journalistic magazines – print and online – that carry out test drives and tell in detail about the models on the market, as there are many forums and blogs of enthusiasts where you can read the experiences of motorists. In addition, a large number of dealers also offer test-drive. While it is true that it is difficult to get a precise idea by driving a car for a few kilometers (especially on fuel consumption), it is also true that you can have quite precise feedback on the starting point of the engine and on the quality of the interior finishes.


Other points to be meticulously considered are the future value and the resale of the car. Evaluating the frequency of car replacement is important: a low-cost or end-of-career model will have complicated future resellability and a value that will decrease more rapidly than a model just launched on the market. But if you don’t change the car often, it can be a good deal.


A trap in which many motorists fall is that of very high maintenance costs, typical of high-end models or cars not very common, for which it is difficult to find spare parts. The management also involves the costs of insurance and car tax, highly variable, to be evaluated with the calculator before making the final decision.


Once all the previous points have been evaluated, it is time to ask one or more dealers for a quote. If desired, before physically going to the showroom – better to make an appointment – you can use the configurator present on the websites of car manufacturers and have both the descriptive card and the list of options with prices. Evaluate the necessary ones and exclude the useless ones, which would only increase the final price.


When the seller draws up the quote it is possible that he offers the customer a car ready for delivery, with very short delivery times and greater willingness to negotiate on the price. These are cars already in stock at the dealership, on which it is possible to save as long as accept the available settings and colors. The configurations of these newly registered cars are many and even in this case the price can vary from one dealer to another.


Often, those who buy a new car opt for an installment payment, a now extremely widespread method that avoids committing the entire cost of the car immediately by diluting the payment over time, obviously paying interest. However, the final cost, which in addition to the capital to be repaid includes the interest rate, the costs of opening the file and – often – credit insurance. Sometimes it may be worthwhile to choose a more affordable model and save a lot of money.


the French scene in 10 favorites

DECRYPTION – The 22nd edition of the Art Paris fair, which takes place until September 13 at the Grand Palais, is an opportunity to draw up a list of the ten French artists who count.

Human anatomy, 1, 2020 and La mer, 2019, by Léonard Combier, by Lara Sedbon.
Human anatomy, 1, 2020 and The sea, 2019, by Léonard Combier, by Lara Sedbon. SEBASTIEN SORIANO / Le Figaro

● Elsa and Johanna, traveling duo at Galerie La Forest Divonne

Selected by Gaël Charbau, artistic director of the Palais de la Découverte and many flagship projects, here talent tracker for a special “French scene” course, Elsa and Johanna invite you to their small living room at the Galerie La Forest Divonne (Paris and Brussels ). These two young artists work together in a photographic, existential and dreamy road movie, between Jim Jarmush and Mad Men. They draw their inspiration from the places (Calgary, Canada, for example) and the stories of the inhabitants (2800 euros, the format 90 × 60 cm).

● Baroque madness by Bachelot-Caron at the School Gallery

The fusional duo – Marjolaine Caron daughter of photoreporter Gilles Caron, and Louis Bachelot – made a name for themselves through photos of crime scenes for Detective. Four years ago, they took to ceramics, with verve, to produce crazy table feasts. Second degree reading for seductive pieces

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Japan, Abe Shinzo has left: who will be his successor?

29 August 2020 – 18:51

After the resignation of Japan’s longest-serving prime minister, who will follow him at the helm of the Liberal Democratic party? Abe did not express preferences. But a handful of names circulate

of Irene Soave

On Friday, in a sad press conference, the Japanese premier Abe Shinzo announced his resignation: an ulcerative colitis that has tormented him for years, exacerbated by a year full of stress, has pushed him to this step. Abe had already resigned as prime minister in 2007, and again for health reasons. I would not like the disease to affect important political decisions, he said instead this time. There had been many pressures, especially from the opposition, when Abe, after 147 days of uninterrupted work, he had taken three for a general check-up. The rival Constitutional Democratic Party had asked him to report to the court on the matter; and he, who at first admitted health problems but promised to hold on, left instead.

Now the game of succession has begun: in eight years – an exceptionally long mandate for a country accustomed to greater instability – the conservative Abe has never shown that he cultivates a dolphin among his many trusted men. And in the press conference that saw him resign, he said that my possible successors are all excellent, and that not express preferences. The commentators, therefore, go wild. Abe’s successor, whoever it will be take the lead of the Liberal Democratic party, probable winner also of the elections of October 2021. And if, as probable, the liberals will have the majority in the National Diet – the bicameral body that expresses the government – their leader will also preside over the government, succeeding Abe. Who could it be?

29 August 2020 | 18:51