“Prison is not a place to philosophize or compose”

Israel VianaFOLLOW Madrid Updated:03/25/2020 01:38 save Related news Two and a half years ago Rafael Riqueni (1962) came out from the Seville prison I, in Mairena de Alcor, when he appears in the dressing room of the National Auditorium as soon as he finishes what has been one of the most important concerts of his […]

Stephen Malkmus, folk swerving – Culture / Next

It happened in parallel with our telephone conversation: Stephen Malkmus’s dog, “All crazy”, claims that he throws his ball, once, then twice, then … Out of breath while answering our morning questions, the herald of Californian indie rock proves to us with his third solo album that this is not the case for his inspiration. […]

“Steve Jobs”, alone at Apple

Steve Jobs, show yourself! And who are you, first of all, you who changed our lives? The cool quadra who fits his sweater in his faded jeans during his keynotes, or the thirsty capitalist of control who wants to enslave the world at the yoke of his neuroses? The novelist and playwright Alban Lefranc, who […]

The sound of the day # 432: sorcerer like Razen

Brujo robot. Robot, sorcerer, technology, spirituality: we will not find a better way to introduce this new disc of the Belgian quartet Razen than by threading the words fallen from the semantic fields of the two a priori irreconcilable words which form the title of his new album, which released March 27. A way of […]

Degree, Ricky Hollywood, Blutch … the playlist of LibĂ©’s music book

Each weekend, Tsugi’s webradio accompanies the music book “Liberation” in one discovery and five new releases. Discovery Degree, it’s hot First in class, it’s always very annoying. Because obviously it comes back to its own shortcomings. So we immediately pout when we learn that this young Nantesman, only 15 years old, was discovered in 2015 […]