Shipping company details loading processes due to coronavirus alert

The shipping company Crowley assured that it has sent the cargo to Puerto Rico on a regular basis, this in the face of the emergency caused by the coronavirus. “Crowley is transporting all available cargo to the Island. If the cargo from a loader is delivered to our terminal in Jacksonville, Florida, it is shipped […]

Australian cases increase in Queensland and New South Wales

Two new coronavirus cases in Queensland and New South Wales overnight resulted in 61 confirmed cases in Australia. New South Wales now has the highest number of cases with 28 infected. Victoria has 10 cases and there are one each in the Northern Territory and Tasmania. South Australia has 7 confirmed cases. A 28-year-old man […]

The frenzy of stocks affects Australia, New Zealand and the United States

The purchase of coronavirus panic is rampant in supermarkets and stores in Australia, New Zealand and the United States with shoppers emptying shelves of food, toilet paper, bottled water and hand sanitizer. Twitter posts record panicked locals in northern Sydney, in the Perth suburb of Claremont, Auckland, New York, San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Essential […]

The COVID-19 epidemic plunges Europe into the blockade

A seventh person died from coronavirus in Italy, according to media reports, while Europe plunges into a dramatic blockade. More than 200 people have now tested positive for COVID-19 disease in Italy, the largest outbreak so far reported in Europe. The dramatic wave of cases has sparked fears across the continent with Italy and neighboring […]