Padua, a team of surgeons reimpianta hand at retired – Medical

(ANSA) – PADUA, italy, 17 JUN – THE doctors of the hospital
Padova have successfully performed a delicate
intervention to replant the right hand to a pensioner of 64
years. The amputation of the hand had occurred at the end of April,
during the emergency Covid, while the man used one
log splitter.

The delicate operation involved two teams of the Unit
Operative Plastic Surgery along with a team
multidisciplinary, for a total of two orthopaedic surgeons,
five plastic surgeons, reconstructive, three anesthesiologists and six
nurses. The intervention started at 18: 30, just over three hours
from amputation, and it is concluded to 1.20. The patient has
maintained the vitality of the hand, with the progressive
mobilization with active fingers, and was discharged after six
days of hospitalization in good clinical conditions and able to
move independently of the fingers.