it affects not only the lungs, but the whole body

The first 10 days after the onset of symptoms of the disease, the 38-year-old American was feeling quite well. He was not at risk; he had no chronic diseases.

– The man was examined, the disease was mild. The patient had a slight cough. Therefore, he was sent home for treatment, ”says the head of the Department of Vascular Surgery at Westchester Medical Center Sean Wengerter.

And then the incredible happened.

One morning, a man woke up with icy and numb legs. The body was constrained by terrible weakness; there was not even the strength to get out of bed.

The examination showed that the patient had aortic occlusion – a large blood clot formed in the main artery at the place where the artery diverged in two directions – to the right and left leg. Because of this clot, blood enriched with oxygen did not enter the iliac arteries.

“This is extremely dangerous.” From this can die from 20% to 50% of patients, – notes Vangerter. – But such things are not typical for 38-year-olds.

An emergency operation to remove a blood clot could save the patient’s life. But doctors working with patients with COVID-19 are everywhere faced with rather strange and frightening phenomena in infected patients. For example, the formation of blood clots (actually blood clots) of various sizes throughout the body, renal failure, inflammation of the heart muscle and malfunctions of the immune system.

“Coronavirus occurs in each patient in its own way,” notes Scott Brackenridge, associate professor of emergency surgery at the College of Medicine at the University of Florida. – In some cases, the patient has a problem with breathing, in others, the internal organs begin to fail. In children, the immune system as a whole begins to rebel.

Coronavirus is not just a respiratory diseasePhoto: Ivan MAKEEV


A new type of coronavirus is considered to be a respiratory virus, although it is already becoming obvious – the infection affects the entire human body. The most common symptoms are fever, pneumonia, and acute respiratory distress syndrome.

In this case, the virus attacks some organs directly. First of all, the mucous membrane of blood vessels, which entails unnatural coagulation of blood.

– COVID-19 provokes a local inflammatory reaction that leads to the formation of blood clots, – explains Wengerter. – This is due to the direct effect of the virus on the arteries.

A number of doctors recorded strokes in young patients with coronavirus, as well as the formation of blood clots in the lungs. Blood clots were found even in the smallest vessels.

“Since each organ feeds on blood vessels, and the virus attacks them first and foremost, we end up with damage to internal organs,” adds Dr. Scott Brackenridge.

Another serious symptom that is observed in some patients who become ill with the new coronavirus is the “co-fingers.” The infected toes swell, becoming red or purple. It is possible that the reason for this is blockage of blood vessels. But doctors say that usually this does not have serious consequences.

Kawasaki Syndrome

One of the most alarming reactions to COVID-19 is observed in children. It has already been named as a children’s multisystem inflammatory syndrome. In newYork Doctors have identified more than 100 cases.

This syndrome is characterized by a rather long fever, inflammatory process, malfunction of one or more internal organs, as well as the general condition, which is usually observed with shock. Pediatricians also compare these symptoms with the syndrome. Kawasaki.

Kawasaki syndrome is a rare disease that affects children aged 3 to 10 years. It is characterized by damage to the medium and small arteries, thrombosis, the formation of aneurysms and rupture of the vascular wall. Cases of infection are rare. However, recently, doctors have noted an increase in the number of patients with this syndrome.

Both childhood multisystem inflammatory syndrome and Kawasaki syndrome lead to an overly aggressive immune system response to coronavirus. This may be accompanied by inflammation of the blood vessels and heart muscle.


However, scientists note that coronavirus is not able to cause a strong immune response, but, on the contrary, suppress the entire immune system. And this can allow the infection to freely attack the internal organs.

Partly this theory was confirmed by Chinese experts, led by Dr. Zhang Zhang. Scientists analyzed samples of immune cells taken from the lungs of 9 patients infected with coronavirus. The results of the study showed an abnormally high level of leukocytes – macrophages and neutrophils responsible for the destruction of harmful pathogen – in severe patients. At the same time, these patients had a rather low level of CD8 T cells, which are called killer cells. They are responsible for killing virus-infected cells.

But doctors are reassuring, noting that they have drugs that can thin the blood, and also help the work of white blood cells that resist infection.


Sergey Mardan: In the USA, the clinic would simply go broke if the ventilator apparatus exploded and people died


After the scandal with the blockade, Olga Buzova angered with her appearance on May 9

Olga Buzova’s next venture provoked a new flood of popular anger. The leading singer angered the Russians with her appearance. But the public has not forgotten the scandalous tricks of the TV star, when she, sitting in a swimsuit at the table, licked a plate with the words “I’m a blockade.”

Olga Buzova on the occasion of May 9, I decided to talk about the feat of my great-grandfathersthan incredibly inspired her fans. However, then she began to publish photos and videos on which posed in a military uniform with bright makeup with a cap on his head. The artist threw a nurse’s handbag over her shoulder, and held a dandelion in her manicured fingers.

Olga Buzova went to the forest for a bright photo

“May 9th is the main, holy date in the life of each of us. This is a day of immense pride in the feat of true heroes who, without sparing life, defended our Motherland! We will forever keep in our hearts the memory of their courage! Thanks to you, we live 75 years under a peaceful sky! Tears of happiness for the Great Victory pour out of my eyes and tears of grief for those who are gone … “, reads the caption to the photo.

Great holiday

Wherein take off gold and platinum bracelets Buzova did not guess. Or did not consider it necessary. She read the poem Wind of War by Stepan Kadashnikov in memory of those killed at the front, and then presented with her boyfriend David Manukyan a cover for the song “Cranes”.

This finally infuriated users of the social network. They began to leave indignant messages, recalling the actress and the recent scandal with the blockade, and the glamorous Mother of God, and embarrassment at Epiphany.

Cranes.Premiere cover, 2020

“They don’t go to make-up in the war!”, “Show-off!”, “What are you doing again?”, “Have you tried any less makeup?”, “Why are you doing carnival on this day?”, “I made up and came to the forest for a photo “,” Cheap masquerade “,” This is called Spanish shame when she does it, but we are all ashamed “,” Very funny, you need to remove the bracelets, “the fans are indignant.

We are for peace … For love … May the war never return again …

Olga never responds to criticism and indignation of fans. Her favorite hate phrase: “The dog barks, and the caravan goes.”

Olga Buzova: from a cleaning lady to a millionaire.Who doesn’t know Buzova? Everyone knows Olya. Some love her, while others hate her. Sometimes it seems that there is simply no one indifferent to the ex-participant of “House-2” …


Doctors compared mortality of COVID and other infections

On the page of the doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov interesting information about the situation with infectious diseases in the world was published on the social network. And in particular that rotavirus infection causes hundreds of thousands of deaths per year in the world. Is the familiar and familiar rotavirus more dangerous than the coronavirus? “KP»Understands together with the immunologist, expert in public health and international health care, candidate of medical sciences Nikolay Kryuchkov.

– Of course, in addition to COVID-19, there are many other dangerous diseases in the world and these are not necessarily infectious diseases. Let me remind you that mortality from cardiovascular diseases is in the first place, also high mortality is associated with oncological diseases, in particular, lung cancer, and, of course, infectious diseases are also often the cause of death. However, the threat of rotavirus infection today is greatly exaggerated, said Nikolai Kryuchkov.

How many people die from rotavirus?

According to pessimistic estimates provided by the World Health Organization, around the world in 2013, 215 thousand children under the age of five died from rotavirus infection. According to other data obtained in international studies, this is 122 thousand deaths in 2013.

– The situation since 2013 in terms of mortality from rotavirus infection has not changed much. I think here we can talk about 200 thousand deaths per year among children under five years of age. Half of the world’s deaths occur in five countries: India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Angola and Congo– emphasizes the immunologist Nikolai Kryuchkov. – In the media you can often find information that up to a third of deaths of children under five are caused by rotavirus. This is not true! The fact is that among all deaths of children under five years of age in the world, mortality from diarrhea accounts for about 8%, but among these 8% of deaths from diarrhea – from 25% to 30% are attributable to rotavirus. That is, it turns out about 200 thousand deaths of children under five years of age per year in the world, while more than 6 million children under five die in the world per year.

On the page of the doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov on the social network, interesting information was published on the situation with infectious diseasesPhoto: Ivan PROKHOROV

Is rotavirus disease relevant for Russia?

If you consider Europeyy region to which Russia, then the figures for mortality from diarrhea are lower than in developing countries. Mortality from diarrhea among children under five in Europe is 4% – 5% of all childhood deaths. About a quarter of them are rotavirus.

In Russia, according to WHO estimates, in 2013, 52 children under the age of five died from rotavirus infection, which is 0.3% of all other deaths of children under five years of age. Rotavirus infection is not the most common cause of death among children, and even more so among adults (the latter rarely die from rotavirus, so all statistics are data on the death of children – approx. Ed.).

– Rotavirus is a problem primarily in poor countries with a warm climate. For Russia, this is also a problem, but to a much lesser extent, ”said Nikolai Kryuchkov, a doctor. – It is important to emphasize that effective and safe rotavirus vaccines exist.

The incidence of rotavirus infection after the introduction of vaccination has decreased many times. In Russia, universal vaccination against rotavirus is not carried out, but, despite this, mortality is low, given that it is clear how to help such patients. The main thing here is replenishment of lost fluid and symptomatic therapy. Given these two factors — the availability of a vaccine and the development of affordable treatment — mortality from rotavirus is very low even among children from zero to five years old, not to mention adults. Among adults, these are isolated cases.

Who is worse: rotavirus or coronavirus?

According to epidemiologists, mortality (taking into account the number of deaths from the number of episodes of the disease) of rotavirus infection in the world is from 0.05% to 0.09%. This is comparable to mortality from seasonal flu. Yes, in the poorest countries it can reach up to 2%. However, in this case, only moderate to severe episodes are taken into account, and not all cases of rotavirus infection.

“With coronavirus infection, according to my most optimistic forecasts, the mortality rate in the world will be 2%,” says Nikolay Kryuchkov. – Let me remind you that now the mortality rate from COVID-19 in Russia is about 4%. AT Germany – 3.5%, and this is one of the best examples in Europe. Of course, a lot depends on how the data are kept and analyzed, but even though there are probably unaccounted cases, the mortality from coronavirus infection is much higher than the mortality from rotavirus. And the epidemic of coronavirus infection is still far from over.

“It is also important to understand that we are having a coronavirus pandemic, and the situation with rotavirus is under control.” The number of deaths from coronavirus is now growing, due to the fact that there is an increase in cases of infection. The daily increase in new cases of coronavirus infection in the world is more than 5%, and in Russia today it is more than 8%. Therefore, it is obvious that the situation with rotavirus is stable, and the coronavirus pandemic for us is not known how it will end. The coronavirus infection pandemic continues to grow, it is important to understand this, ”Nikolay Kryuchkov emphasized in a conversation with“ KP ”. – When we talk about the number of deaths from rotavirus, 200 thousand people a year around the world among children under five years of age are deaths that happened in a year! As we know, the coronavirus epidemic lasts about four months. This is significantly less than a year.

The daily increase in new cases of coronavirus infection in the world is more than 5%, and in Russia today it is more than 8% Photo: Ivan MAKEEV

The daily increase in new cases of coronavirus infection in the world is more than 5%, and in Russia today it is more than 8%Photo: Ivan MAKEEV

How many deaths from coronavirus infection will be in a year (given that, according to the data of May 3, 243,922 people died in the world – approx. Ed.)? Yes, there are other dangerous infections in the world, but many of them can be protected. This is Hepatitis B, and pneumococcal infection, tetanus, and so on. And Dr. Myasnikov rightly points out the need for widespread vaccination against the most dangerous and common infections. Unfortunately, there are no vaccines from COVID-19 yet, they will be ready by the spring of next year at best.

Also, an important difference between the course of rotavirus infection and coronavirus infection: hospitalization with rotavirus disease in developed countries is very rare. All necessary treatment conditions can be provided at home. With coronavirus, the patient often needs active therapy, which can only be provided in a specialized medical institution.


Dr. Myasnikov gives such statistics on mortality from infections (in the world for a year)

Measles (there is a vaccine) – 140 thousand deaths per year

Pneumococcus (there is a vaccine) – 2 -2.5 million deaths per year

Hepatitis B (there is a vaccine) – 650 thousand deaths per year

Tetanus (there is a vaccine) – 89 thousand deaths per year

Cervical cancer (there is a vaccine) – 250 thousand deaths per year

Tuberculosis (there is a vaccine) – 1.5 million deaths per year

Influenza (there is a vaccine) – 650 thousand-1 million deaths per year

Coronavirus (no vaccine) – 244 thousand deaths from the beginning of the spread

Coronavirus: myths and reality.The farther the coronavirus, the more truth and speculation around it. We tried to deal with the main myths about the Covid-19 pandemic


Virologist Vitaliy Zverev: the coronavirus is now with us forever. Like the flu or the common cold

Academician of RAS, Head Vitaliy Zverev, Chair of Microbiology, Virology, Immunology, Sechenov University, commented on why the coronavirus should not be afraid (details)

Is it possible to get sick with coronavirus twice, is it transmitted through water, and how do you understand that you are asymptomatic?

We collected the most common questions of Russians and asked them to leading scientists (details)


Asymptomatic carriers, scientists called the “coronavirus vaccine”

Collective immunization takes place at the expense of these people.

Up to 50 percent of infected people carry the virus without symptomsUp to 50 percent of infected people carry the virus without symptomsPhoto: REUTERS

Resize text:

Asymptomatic coronavirus carriers do what the vaccine should do. So says the Head of the department of interferons and the laboratory of interferonogenesis at the National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology named after Gamalei, academician of RAS Felix Ershov

A vaccine that scientists around the world are working on should lead to collective immunity from the disease. As in the case of the flu. The more people vaccinated, that is, not susceptible to the virus, the less the spread of the disease. There is no vaccine from coronavirus, then collective immunization can take place at the expense of asymptomatic people:

– These are mainly young people, children. They spread the virus and, in fact, do what the vaccine should do: collective immunization is underway. When it reaches 70%, the growth of the disease will end. This process is well known among viral infections, ”the scientist said on the air. NSN.

But the danger is that this process is uncontrolled, asymptomatic carriers can infect people at risk: the elderly, people with chronic diseases. For this category of patients, infection can be deadly.

– It is necessary to maintain strict control measures. They have already allowed to reduce the incidence – it is not explosive, ”advises Felix Ershov. – People need to wash their hands more often. Patients must wear masks. Healthy, not necessarily, rather it is necessary for complacency.



the doctor said why there are few coronavirus cases in Samara

The number of patients with coronavirus in the Samara region since the beginning of April has grown by three people. It’s really a bit, but the situation around is more like preparing for combat action. New infectious beds are constantly being prepared in the region, doctors are being trained, hospitals are being re-equipped. Residents perplexed: “More patients? They don’t tell any information? ” In fact, there is no need to look for a dirty trick: citizens are honestly told about how the situation is developing. But what comes next is difficult to predict. Associate Professor of the Department of Infectious Diseases of Samara State Medical University, Chief Specialist of the Ministry of Health of the Samara Region on the Problems of Diagnosis and Treatment of HIV Infection, Infectious Disease Doctor with 30 Years of Experience Elena Strebkova now helps to organize an infectious diseases hospital at the hospital named after Midpoint “There are no patients here, but who knows if they will appear tomorrow.” She told in an exclusive interview to a journalist “KPSamara”, Why the whole branch of medicine is working so hard today, although the numbers of cases and the inhabitants seem low, are Samara residents at risk of picking up a coronavirus and why is COVID-19 more dangerous than“ ordinary flu ”.

– Elena Alekseevna, why is such mass training, reprofiling of hospitals necessary?

– The measures taken by the government of the country and the region, and now allow us to prevent a surge in incidence. If not for them, we would be faced with a situation that is now happening around the world. Thanks to the measures taken for isolation and sanitation, a large number of cases of infection do not appear. This is done so that all our medical organizations have time to prepare. We see that new cases of infection and new cases appear daily, and we must be prepared to provide highly qualified medical assistance to the residents of the region. Like all my colleagues, we will be happy if we do not have to. But we must be prepared.

– How are hospitals preparing to receive coronavirus patients, what is the peculiarity of interacting with such patients?

– Infectious diseases that we usually deal with in the Samara Region are caused by microorganisms that do not require special preparation from a doctor. And COVID-19 is a particularly dangerous infection. Therefore, all protective measures in hospitals converted to infectious hospitals, for example, in SOKB named after V.D. Seredavina, taken for this class of pathogenicity. For this, doctors put on protective suits, masks, goggles – a person must be fully protected, because even small aerosol drops that remain in the air after coughing or sneezing can get on it and then lead to infection.

– How are doctors trained to resist the coronavirus?

– Doctors at hospitals that are converting to infectious hospitals are currently undergoing training. First of all, they are taught to wear and take off protective clothing correctly. Because the physician must first protect himself from infection, otherwise there will be no one to help people.

In addition, doctors are told how the virus is transmitted and how to protect themselves; they explain all the rules for disinfection. Of course, we study the clinical forms of the disease, how it manifests itself, what supporting signs of coronavirus infection, what indicators you need to pay attention to in order to make a diagnosis and assess the severity of the patient.

Why is it important now to stay at home.Why is it important to stay at home during coronavirus? That’s what the doctors say about it

– And as for lung ventilation, for example? Is she taught to do it?

– Naturally, such a huge number of resuscitators, infectious disease specialists, pulmonologists, which may be needed in case of a surge in incidence, is not in the healthcare system. Therefore, if necessary, infectious disease specialists and pulmonologists will work as consultants. One infectious disease specialist and pulmonologist per 100 patients – this will be quite hard work.

Under their guidance, doctors of all other specialties, after training, will be able to work with such patients. But the main burden will fall on resuscitators. Here, one resuscitator with two nurses will work for six people. Although basic training in mechanical ventilation and resuscitation will still pass all the doctors. For example, the staff of Seredavin Hospital is almost completing such training.

– How large, in your opinion, is an infectious disease specialist with 30 years of experience in the likelihood of a scenario when 100 coronavirus patients fall on one pulmonologist?

– We all want to hope that this probability is low, but we should always be prepared for this. It’s impossible to deploy an infectious diseases hospital in a hospital that was not intended for this; deploying such a huge number of resuscitation beds is impossible. The preparations that are currently underway will allow us to avoid the so-called “Italian scenario” – the very help that is needed will be immediately provided to the patients. IN Italy such a difficult situation was due to the large number of patients at the same time. Quarantine was announced late in the country; the healthcare system was not ready for such an arrival of patients who need ventilation support. In our country, the health system managed to prepare.

– Explain why we have so few patients and how relevant is self-isolation in this situation?

– These are the rules for the development of the epidemic. Why in Moscow so many sick? Not only because there are more people. But also because people from different countries flocked there and only then were distributed among the regions. Therefore, a huge number of sources of infection fell precisely in the capital. Naturally, there is the largest percentage of cases. But people from Moscow came here, and now the virus is spreading here. And now it doesn’t have to be contact with a person who came from abroad. This may be contact with a person who has not left the territory of the Samara region, who himself does not suspect that he is a source of infection.

The virus already exists in the urban environment, and it was for this reason that self-isolation measures were taken to protect people from each other. The closer we are to each other, the greater the likelihood of becoming infected, and the biggest danger is that this will happen at the same time, giving a greater burden on the health system.

“How can the virus spread if we all sit at home?”

– Let’s really look at things. You are not sitting at home. Anyway, you go to the store, to the pharmacy, where to whatever. The main distribution path is through door handles, through the buttons of elevators, in contact with trolleys in stores. These are transmission routes that no one has canceled. And with close contact at a distance of less than two meters, infection from person to person is also possible.

– They say that coronavirus is less dangerous than ordinary flu, it has less mortality, there is no reason for panic?

Coronavirus prevention: 10 tips by Gennady Onishchenko.“The epidemic will end soon and we will return to a happy life,” Gennady Onishchenko reassures. And for the prevention of coronavirus, he gives the Russians 10 simple tips

– Mortality from influenza was also quite high until the moment of mass vaccination. Now vaccination saves us from a large number of deaths with the flu. And we expect the appearance of a coronavirus vaccine only by the end of the year. Therefore, people are not protected. And since the virus is new, it first appeared this year, we have no immunity. And since no one has immunity, there is no layer that would restrain the explosive nature of the epidemic. Explosive is when several thousand cases appear at one moment. According to some experts, the main surge in the incidence may occur next week. The medical system must be prepared for this.

– In social networks, KP-Samara asked readers why, in their opinion, in the Samara region such a low incidence of coronavirus. It turned out that most are sure: we just have little testing for coronavirus. How do you rate coronavirus testing in the region? Are they enough?

– We test as much as necessary, except Rospotrebnadzor A laboratory has been deployed at the AIDS Center. They test those who came from abroad and are in quarantine, all patients with pneumonia, with severe forms of acute respiratory infections, pregnant women – volumes are large.

“And the main question that worries everyone is when will it all end?”

– So far, the measures taken are designed for the next three months. But we will all be happy if everything ends earlier.


Samara doctors showed how they will treat severe patients with coronavirus

True, doctors hope that they will not have to apply their skills. But everything is ready to receive patients with severe coronavirus (details)

Coronavirus in Samara, the latest news on April 10, 2020: for the last day without new cases, payments to doctors and laptops for large families

We tell the latest news about coronavirus in Samara on April 10, 2020, as well as measures to support health care and families with many children (details)

We save ourselves from coronavirus with whiteness and dichlorvos: the girl spoke about the horrors of self-isolation in a communal apartment

How to survive in self-isolation if it is impossible to hide from neighbors. 30-year-old Tatyana shared the delights of life surrounded by neighbors (details)


Mutseniets agreed with Priluchny because of his debts

Poverty forced Agatha to continue to “play” with Paul as a family.

A couple of Agatha Muceniece and Pavel Priluchny was involved in a major scandal with a divorce, but this was not a surprise for the couple’s fans. And before that, information appeared that the actress’s husband sometimes behaves like a pig: changes, abuses alcohol, beats Agatha. But then, really unexpected information appeared that even after all this, Mutseniece agreed with Priluchny and they again live in the same house as a family. The actress admitted that they had problems in their couple, told how they tried to solve them with a family psychologist, but she very conveniently kept silent about the fact that she was reunited with Priluchny not so much because of her debts.

Earlier in the public domain, confidential information appeared that Pavel had mortgaged his own expensive car in the amount of 5 million rubles. Immediately there was evidence that Priluchny had huge debts, but in fact there was no confirmation of this. There is debt, but where is the evidence that these are not Muceniece loans? Finding herself in debt like silk, Agatha sold honor and pride and looked through her fingers at Paul’s antics, and only then became agitated when his behavior began to be discussed by the public. Still would! The case when Priluchny got into a strange car drunk and fell asleep there is difficult to ignore.

And now, when the debts have not been paid to conduct the divorce proceedings, to divide property, to engage in the sale of a common house, neither Agatha nor Pavel have the time, energy or money. Damn them, with grievances and betrayals, it would be easy to survive now, – perhaps this is exactly what Muceniece decided and “forgave” Priluchny. And, probably, this family idyll will last until better times: when the debts are paid off, the pandemic will stop, the children will grow up, and Agatha will be able to be completely free even officially.


Are you panicking? Then the coronavirus comes to you!

I could take this interview by phone. Which, incidentally, was suggested by my interlocutor, one of the most respected virologists in the country, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, doctor of medical sciences Alexander Lukashev. But I, to his obvious surprise, asked for a meeting.


… Five minutes walk from the Sportivnaya metro station, and I am at the building with the sign “Institute of Medical Parasitology, Tropical and Vector-borne Diseases named after E.I. Marcinovsky First MGMU them. THEM. Sechenova. ”

I believe that his employees are better than us, mere mortals, aware of all the dangers, the insidiousness of the infamous coronavirus, which put the planet on its ears. WHO recently announced a pandemic, as COVID-19 has hit more than a hundred countries. Trump did cover his native America for a whole month from guests from Of Europeexcluding citizens Great Britain. But Britannia still an island. All of Italy in quarantine …

In many countries, mass events such as forums, concerts, sporting events, car dealerships are canceled, museums, exhibitions are closed … Moscow also already “more than five thousand do not gather!”

On television, our scientists, doctors radiate confidence, they say, do not panic, citizens, everything is under control. Well, well, let’s see how they behave in the workplace.

That’s why, I confess, I asked for a meeting with Lukashev.

… I wander around the institute, hoping to see the virologists rushing about, with heads chemical protection packed to overalls, like in Hollywood blockbusters about epidemics. No, silence. Carefully opened the door to a couple cabinets. People work calmly, even without masks.

Having not found any signs of panic, I head to the director’s office. Lukashev, warned by guards about the arrival of a journalist, meets at the door: “I thought you were lost. I wanted to go in search already. ” And she gives a sympathetic hand.

I automatically stretch mine.

“Well, haven’t the handshakes been canceled yet?” – involuntarily breaks off the tongue. – On the box showed how the Chancellor Merkel welcomed colleagues at the meeting with a gesture, and oil ministers in Vienna – “hello” legs.

– We can shake hands so far.

– When will it be impossible?

– When in Moscow or in the country a significant number of cases appear, well, for example, one hundred or a thousand. Then you have to think about more serious preventive measures, including keeping a distance.

– But, Alexander Nikolaevich, they scared in social networks that there were already twenty thousand patients in Moscow, but the authorities were hiding this! Tragic messages also come to us at Komsomolka, they say, why don’t you sound the alarm, journalists ?!

– In no developed country was it possible at the very beginning to identify the distribution chains of COVID-19 – not in USAnor in Italy, GermanySouth Korea, Of Japan… Everywhere, the coronavirus began to spread before it was detected. Therefore, I do not exclude that in the capital there may be uncommitted single cases of the virus. But it is impossible to hide 20 thousand patients. Therefore, I do not even want to comment on this nonsense.


– So, Alexander Nikolaevich, Russians and other earthlings lived, they didn’t. And suddenly, unexpectedly, a mysterious virus fell on our heads. Yes, not simple, but “crowned” …

“Well, why unexpectedly?” Since 2014, our institute has been dealing with the fundamental problems of the emergence of new viruses. In May 2019, we received a grant from the Russian Science Foundation. Emerging Viruses: Ecology and Evolution (document shows). From the point of view of evolution, the appearance of COVID-19 is a completely natural event. The standard way the virus exists in the biosphere. It is not the virus that is well adapted to one host that survives, but the one that can “jump” between the hosts. And adapt to new owners and new ecological niches. COVID-19 from the bat moved to the pangolin, and from him to the man.

– At the very beginning it was said that the transmission link from mice to humans is cobras, which the Chinese eat.

– It was not a very competent job, a method of the 70s. We own this method, I sometimes give it to students as an educational task. But we never draw conclusions based on it. In the bat, COVID-19 was no more than a hundred years ago. Well, the maximum is 200. And in the pangolin – no more than ten years ago.

– Unfortunate relic animal! Due to supposedly healing scales, it has become the best-selling endangered species in the world. Over the past ten years, poachers have caught more than a million pangolins in Asian and African forests and transported mainly to China.

– Yes, his meat is a delicacy for the Chinese. And they rub the scales and make different droplets, ointments. It is curious that the composition of the scales of pangolin is not very different from our nails …

How COVID-19 came about is understandable. Another thing is that it is impossible to predict when and what specific virus will appear.

– Why? This virus seems to have woken up global warming. There is such a version.

– It is always an accident. While we are talking, viruses have already tried to move from animals to humans several hundred times. IN AfricaSoutheast Of asia… Almost all of these attempts ended unsuccessfully. The virus either cannot infect a person or causes a limited infection and cannot spread. But he tries all the time. In rare cases, this succeeds. And it begins to be transmitted from person to person. Or not a very long time, as in the case of SARS. The new virus seems to have adapted better to humans. And, most likely, will stay with us for a long time.

In the square at the Trevi Fountain in Rome, you usually do not push. But now in Italy quarantine Photo: REUTERS

In the square at the Trevi Fountain in Rome, you usually do not push. But now in Italy quarantineA photo: REUTERS

Cats, whales, parrots get sick

– Enlighten about coronaviruses.

“They appeared on the planet millions of years ago.” We know that in the last 2 thousand years, new human coronaviruses have appeared repeatedly, there are even approximate dates.

-Let me, for the first time, human coronavirus was detected in 1965, – the journalist flashed with erudition.

– This, of course, is so. And before people sneezed, coughed, had a fever, but what exactly caused these ailments, the doctors did not know. But now we can analyze the genome of viruses and calculate when and from whom to whom they “jumped”.

– Why, by the way, is called – coronavirus?

-In the electron micrograph, he has very characteristic large stilettos, like on a crown. With these hairpins, the virus binds to cells, and it is they who are primarily responsible for the ability to infect a particular type of cell and cause various diseases.

Many coronaviruses are known today. In dogs, cats, cattle, horses, pigs, whales, leopards, seals, chickens, geese, turkeys, nightingales, parrots, the same bats, fish, etc.

Four human viruses – completely harmless, cause the usual ARI. Each season, they account for 10-15 percent of people with acute respiratory infections. In 2002 in the same China SARS coronavirus appeared, causing an outbreak of SARS. Mortality is 9 percent. In 2012, the coronavirus MERS (Middle East respiratory syndrome). Mortality -37 percent.


– And now COVID-19 has appeared. Mortality is only 2-3 percent. Much lower than that of his two brothers. Why is there such a panic, strict quarantine measures, a ban on mass events, and the closure of borders? It is rightly written that tens of thousands die in the same America in the same America, up to 650 thousand people worldwide, and no one announces a pandemic.

– Let’s start with the brothers. Each claimed less than a thousand lives. The number of cases was small, the outbreaks were local in nature. SARS has already disappeared, MERS is fixed annually in isolated cases. In the first weeks, it was hoped that the new coronavirus would disappear just like SARS. Now there is practically no such hope. Already sick more than a hundred thousand people in more than a hundred countries. Therefore, a pandemic is declared. How it will spread further is impossible to predict.

As for flu comparisons … COVID-19 is definitely worse than seasonal flu. By mortality. 0.1 percent of people die from the flu. There will be, apparently, not 2-3 percent, as they frighten, but less, “only” 0.5-0.7 percent. WHO is also inclined to these figures. It is possible that in Chinese Wuhan, which accounts for the majority of patients, were not easily registered patients. But this is still several times more than with the flu. In addition, we know a lot about the flu, there are annual vaccinations. COVID-19 has a lot more “whites spots. “

-For instance?

– We do not know about its true mortality, the frequency of asymptomatic carriage, environmental stability, and the dependence of transmission efficiency on weather.

– How to distinguish it from the flu, acute respiratory infections?

– Very hard. A light form cannot be distinguished from ARI. Same runny nose, sore throat, cough. True, the temperature is rarely high. 39 is a rarity. Unlike the flu. Therefore, for accurate detection of the disease, laboratory tests are needed.


– Have effective drugs appeared over the months? Many drugs were tested …

“There are no drugs with proven efficacy yet, although, indeed, doctors tested and used a lot of things.” But I did not see the initial clinical data, where comparisons would be made: 100 people were treated with this, 100 were given a placebo, the results were such and such …

– In recent weeks, media reports periodically appear: Israeli (English, Russian) scientists have almost created a vaccine for the new coronavirus. Trump recently met with the leaders of the largest US pharmaceutical companies. He asked me to do him a favor, to speed up work on the vaccine. And they promised, Trump tweeted.

– It’s not so simple with her either. There are fundamental problems. For example, antibody-dependent enhancement of pathogenesis is known for other coronaviruses. Antibodies, if they are incorrect or few, can, on the contrary, enhance the process of the disease. This is unacceptable for medicine, where the main principle is “Do no harm!”

It’s easy to make a vaccine from a new strain of influenza. The conveyor is debugged, control too. You take the old technology and a new strain or even pieces of a new strain …

For human coronaviruses, not a single vaccine is produced.

– For the chicken, the British did!

– For chickens, immunity is sufficient for a short time while they are racing, and the price of an error there is only money. And for a person it is important what effect the vaccine can have in many years. So in the coming months, a licensed vaccine from COVID-19 is not to be expected.

Measures for the prevention of viral infections.


– The quarantine also does not work for one hundred percent, the experience of China has shown this.

– Completely stopping the spread of the virus is not realistic. Another thing is that strict quarantine measures allow us to identify some of the diseased. And give hope – which is very important for Of Russia! – slow down the pandemic, gain time by summer. Other coronaviruses are known to spread actively from December to April. In summer, it is much worse in countries with such a climate as ours.

– The weather is already working for us, the heat has come.

– No, a noticeable effect on the weather can be expected when it becomes more than 20 degrees!

It is also encouraging that China, albeit at the cost of very large economic losses, has completely stabilized the situation.

“It is curious why there is no such massive outbreak of coronavirus in India, although there are also more than a billion people living there, unsanitary conditions …”

– At first I myself was very surprised. Believed that the first to fall India, Indonesia. Apparently, it’s all about the weather. That is why I hope for warm weather. And this hope is not illusory. The disease spreads where it is colder +15. And where +20 and above, no. Although COVID-19 was introduced into Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, to the Philippines, but there the virus does not spread at all as intensively as in the “colder” countries.

And in South Korea, one of the countries most affected by the coronavirus, he specifically specified that the outbreak began when there was plus 5-10 on the street.

– In this regard, everything is clear with Italy, which is now fully quarantined. It all started just in the north of the country. And it’s cool in Iran.

Iran – The most developed country in the region, and so far it cannot control its outbreak. But at least they were able to identify the virus. I am more concerned about the countries of Central Asia with less efficient health systems and more closed regimes.

– And located next to us.

– Exactly!

Fifth Quarantine Day in Venice Photo: REUTERS

Fifth Quarantine Day in VeniceA photo: REUTERS


– Explain another such paradox. Usually the main targets of influenza, acute respiratory infections are children and senior citizens. Judging by large-scale Chinese statistics, in the age group of 0-20 years, only one percent of patients with COVID-19.

– Yes, and then in a light form. Although other coronaviruses are more affected by children. This is another of the “blank spots” of the new virus. In general, for people under 30, this disease is relatively safe.

Mortality really begins to grow from 40 years old. The virus is especially dangerous for those over 80! Such veterans with chronic illnesses have a 15% risk of dying.

– What are the most dangerous chronic diseases?

-Cardiovascular, pulmonary, hypertension, diabetes, oncology …

– How can we not get sick until the summer?

– It is quite possible to reduce the risk of infection. The virus is transmitted by airborne droplets (sneezing, coughing) – here you can “keep your distance.” You can also catch it through infected surfaces – elevator buttons, door handles, handrails in public transport, etc. It cannot penetrate the body through the skin. Only through the mucous membranes … Therefore, watch your hands! Do not rub on the street, in public places eyes, lips, do not pick your nose, I apologize, in the nose. And wash your hands more often with soap.

Disinfection of public transport in Moscow Photo: REUTERS

Disinfection of public transport in MoscowA photo: REUTERS

– Controversial tips about masks. Needed – not needed …

– Masks help, and are primarily needed for people aged and with chronic diseases. On the street, they are definitely not needed – only where there are people at a distance of less than three meters. Unfortunately, there are simply no several masks per person per day, so wearing them all is always not very realistic. But speculators selling them at 10-20 times the price should, I think, deal with law enforcement.

Pensioners at risk are especially advised to avoid public events and crowded places. And even better – to go to the country, in the village. Indeed, in the city they can be infected by younger relatives who can easily tolerate a mild form of the disease, without even realizing that it is COVID-19. Just think, a slight cough, fever … But for a veteran, this can turn into a mortal danger.

Tourists near the Louvre Museum Photo: REUTERS

Tourists near the Louvre MuseumA photo: REUTERS

– There is information on the Web with reference to unnamed scientists that smokers have a 20 times less risk of contracting a coronavirus than non-smokers.

“I guess fake.” There are no official statistics yet, but it is absolutely certain that people with chronic lung diseases have a more severe illness. And every second smoker has chronic bronchitis, and even emphysema.

Therefore, smokers have a significantly higher risk of death in coronavirus.

– It seems that alcohol helps.

“If, when you return home, you moisten a napkin with vodka and disinfect your hands, then perhaps …”

– Comment on the reports that several people who recovered in China again became infected with the coronavirus?

– Very doubtful. Nowhere else have such data been voiced, so you need to carefully exclude the laboratory error.

– It seems to be a doggie somewhere in Hong Kong got infected from the owner. Could this be?

– Very unlikely. In China, in recent years, almost a million pangolins have been eaten, and the virus has been transmitted to humans only once.

– How to increase immunity, Alexander Nikolaevich, in order to confront the new infection? They say pharmacy immunomodulators do not help.

“I can’t say anything about them.” I’m not sure if at least one of these “drugs” is licensed in countries with developed evidence-based medicine. The biggest threat to the immunity of modern man is chronic stress. Therefore, you need to analyze your life, reduce the amount of stress, get enough sleep, be more calm about life – it’s both free and really works.

And do not panic in front of the coronavirus. Alarmists, on the other hand, will be more susceptible to COVID-19. I declare this with all responsibility.

Yes, people are afraid of everything incomprehensible. But, the more new data about COVID-19 appears, the more confident we virologists are about this problem. The problem is, indeed, a serious one, we still have to survive it. But now it’s clear that mortality is not as high as it seemed at the very beginning, the disease can be at least partially contained, controlled. In any case, this is not a planetary catastrophe.

It is too early to give forecasts, but this is certainly not the worst epidemic in the history of mankind. Yes, there will be human casualties and economic losses, but in any case, our life is filled with risks every day. The virus can hit a specific person, can bypass, but a day in fear and depression in any case is deleted from life.



Alexey Moskalev, geneticist, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Biological Sciences.

The new coronavirus, which in elderly or debilitated people can cause pneumonia, is a self-assembled nanoparticle. Inside her there is single-stranded RNA surrounded by a membrane lipid vesicle. В нем плавают “шипики” белков, которыми вирус прицепляется к поверхности клеток человека. А именно – к своему рецептору, белку ACE2, отвечающему за нормализацию артериального давления.

Алексей Москалев, генетик, член-корреспондент РАН, доктор биологических наук. Фото: Личная страничка героя публикации в соцсети

Алексей Москалев, генетик, член-корреспондент РАН, доктор биологических наук.A photo: Личная страничка героя публикации в соцсети

Мембранная оболочка вируса не выдерживает соприкосновения с обычным мыльным раствором. Поэтому призыв чаще мыть руки имеет реальную основу, а не просто для снижения паники. РНК более всего не любит ультрафиолет. Поэтому помогут избавиться от вируса на поверхностях и предметах прямые солнечные лучи или кварцевание помещений. Но помещение при кварцевании нужно покинуть, так как ДНК клеток кожи жёсткий ультрафиолет тоже повреждает, что ведет к риску старения кожи или даже меланомы. Наконец, белковый компонент вируса денатурирует под действием высокой температуры. Кипячение заражённых тканей должно его обезвредить.

Как правильно мыть руки.Лучший способ защититься от коронавируса – чаще мыть руки. Только делать это нужно не только часто, но и правильно. Но что значит «правильно»?

Размер вирусной частицы Covid-19 всего 125 нм по данным электронной микроскопии, поэтому его вдыхание могут предотвратить респираторы класса Р3. Однако вирус может проникать и через другие барьеры, например, слизистые глаз. Здесь могут помочь специальные защитные очки.

Мишень коронавируса на клетках человека, ACE2, более представлена в ткани лёгких пожилых людей, его экспрессия с возрастом нарастает. Компенсаторно уровень ACE2 увеличивается и при приеме определенных классов препаратов от давления, таких, как Эналаприл. По-видимому, с этим связано более острое протекание заболевания у пожилых или людей с гипертонией.

Coronavirus: only without hands !.With a slight movement, the handshake turns into a handshake! And from kisses and hugs have to abstain. Coronavirus changes age-old habits. But WHO recalls: the main thing is to wash your hands!


Контроль в аэропортах и на вокзалах усилить, мероприятия сократить: в России заработал координационный совет по борьбе с коронавирусом

В России появился координационный совет по борьбе с коронавирусом. Об этом в субботу, 14 марта, объявил премьер-министр Михаил Мишустин. В совет включены члены уже созданного ранее оперштаба по борьбе с коронавирусом, комиссия по экономической ситуации, руководители регионов (подробности)

Что сделала Москва, чтобы остановить коронавирус

Власти Москвы продолжают принимать меры необходимые для остановки распространения коронавируса. Напомним, в городе инфекция подтверждена у 24 человек, при этом 1 пациент выздоровел. Так что же уже сделано, чтобы остановить COVID-19 (подробности)

Из-за коронавируса Россия ограничивает авиасообщение с Европой: что надо знать пассажирам

С 16 марта Россия вводит новые, более серьезные ограничения на полеты в Европу. “КП” объясняет, как они будут работать (подробности)


Как не заразиться коронавирусом: все главные правила

Виктор Малеев – признанный эксперт в области эпидемиологии и клиники инфекционных болезней с более чем полувековым опытом работы в этом направлении. Академик РАН и инфекционист Виктор Малеев работал в очагах опасных инфекций – таких как холеры, чумы, сибирской язвы, риккетсиозов, геморрагических лихорадок, атипичной пневмонии. Именно Виктор Васильевич Малеев помогал в Гвинее местным врачам предотвращать эпидемию вируса Эбола и консультировал эпидемиологов США в связи с угрозой эпидемии сибирской язвы.

Эксперт поделился с читателями “Комсомолки” своими правилами профилактики новой болезни – коронавируса. Приводим их полностью от первого лица (подробности)

Коронавирус в инфографике: сколько человек вылечились и как правильно защищать от вируса

В большом потоке информации о коронавирусе не сложно запутаться. Корреспонденты сайта собрали все, что на сегодняшний день известно об инфекции в простой и понятной инфографике (подробности)


Less people died from coronavirus than dies daily due to heart disease. But fast foods don’t get empty

Stop panic please. Infections have been and will be for a very long time companions of civilization.

From other infections, people are dying many, many times more than from coronavirus. The epidemic is already developing for several months, it seems that a new infection is not much worse than the flu, from which hundreds of thousands of people die every year. The number of victims of COVID-2019 is now about 5 thousand people.

You probably know people who do not want to vaccinate themselves and vaccinate their children against influenza, hepatitis, pneumococcus, meningococcus, rotavirus, measles. Or those who do not use condoms. Who does not wash his hands. Carefully look at the picture, this is what tens of thousands of people are now dying daily: tuberculosis, hepatitis B, HIV, rotavirus, meningitis, measles. Vaccination with existing vaccines would save many of them.

During the epidemic in China from coronavirus infection a little more than 3 thousand people died. Let me remind you that the epidemic is suspended there. As many in China die from heart disease every day.

No one cares: people continue to smoke, including electronic cigarettes. Continue to drink large quantities of vodka and eat junk food.

Want to be afraid of what death brings? Then you need not be afraid of the coronavirus, but of the crowns that customers of fast food put on themselves all over the world.

Do you shy away from sneezing? And at the same time, you calmly accept cute people who are coming to you in shopping centers to offer new electronic cigarettes. I assure you, on the conscience of every cigarette distributor there are more deaths than a sick Italian. You don’t care because you’re used to it.

Not to mention that they are accustomed to mass child deaths in Africa from malaria, hunger, dehydration.

Death will come for everyone, but living in a developed world, you can delay its arrival for decades.

For years you don’t want to do anything, take care of your body, and get crazy when a new threat arises. Here you put on masks and look for miraculous medicines (no, antivirals do not help, so far – none of the existing ones), you want to protect yourself, right now. Regular kisses to “clip consciousness” – is not your case? And try to think not only about today’s “terrible epidemic”, but about how to deal with new ones that will definitely be.

You try to “buy off” from daily care of your body, as a father who abandoned his family once a year buys the most expensive toy for children. Wow! They remembered that the world is filled with risk factors for death!

Stop the tantrum. Wash your hands; do not go sick to work. Let me remind you that a dramatic decrease in the death rate from infections occurred at the very beginning of the 20th century precisely because people began to adhere to the principles of hygiene. This played no less role than vaccines and antibiotics.

Where did the coronavirus come from.In the wet market, where the coronavirus broke out, visitors were treated to raw bats …

Finally, get standard vaccinations against infections. Everything that is on schedule. Children and the elderly. Weak?

Once again, rejoice that you live in a developed world. Infections were, are and will be. Yes, mortality from coronavirus will increase, yes, it will stay with us.

In a few years, a new viral infection will come, again there will be a panic and a collapse of the ruble. And people will continue to die en masse from other causes.

We can fight infections better and better. Another epidemic is a good reason to equip intensive care units, train doctors and open normal infectious diseases departments. Or at least to carry out water supply and sewerage in them, not all are equipped if you did not know. We are very lucky that the virus is so “sluggish.”

The great power of art will save Italy, everything will work out in a few weeks.

Panic is now doing more harm to the global economy than coronavirus. So spread the message among tenants your housing office. Let’s form the “immune layer”, the layer of adequacy.

And please follow the recommendations RospotrebnadzorDepartment of Health Moscow and Ministry of Health. They are correct and timely. Calm down to quarantine.

Coronavirus: only without hands !.With a slight movement, the handshake turns into a handshake! And from kisses and hugs have to abstain. Coronavirus changes age-old habits. But WHO recalls: the main thing is to wash your hands!


Infections that are far from coronavirus: the flu account has more than half a million deaths per year, and measles

The whole history of mankind is life side by side with bacteria, parasites and viruses. They cause infectious diseases, that is, transmitted through various kinds of contacts: through the blood, as HIV, hepatitis B and C, with insect bites like malaria, by airborne droplets like flu, tuberculosis and measles. Since the end of last year, a new type of coronavirus, 2019-nCoV, joined the group of the latter. The lack of knowledge and therefore the weak predictability of the new enemy is understandably alarming. It’s important that it doesn’t panic, since stress itself affects the immune system, doctors warn. Because of this, our basic defense against infections is weakened.

In order to be less nervous, experts advise, firstly, to take preventive measures (observe hygiene rules, visit places less crowded). Secondly, to face the facts: in fact, we have long been cohabiting with infections that take incomparably more lives than coronavirus (according to currently available data).

Moreover, infectious diseases themselves, which until the beginning of the 20th century were the main killers of people, have now given way to another leader.

– The vast majority of people today die not at all due to infections. And because of the so-called NCDs – noncommunicable diseases, – said Artem Gil, professor at the Higher School of Health Management at Sechenov University, told KP. – Among such NCDs, cardiovascular diseases (coronary heart disease, heart attacks, strokes), cancer, chronic respiratory diseases, and diabetes are leading causes of death. In general, NCDs account for at least 60–65% of deaths worldwide. And in Of Russia – 90%.

Such diseases are not transmitted from person to person. And while their distribution is largely dependent on the people themselves. From our way of life. Judge for yourself: according to the World Health Organization, about 9 million people a year die from coronary heart disease (CHD), and about 6 million die from strokes. While the deadliest infection – tuberculosis – kills up to 1.3 million patients. Moreover, in the case of coronary heart disease and strokes, we essentially drive ourselves into the grave. It has been proven that the main risk factors for the development of these diseases are smoking, a sedentary lifestyle, overeating and alcohol abuse.


Most important for Russians are HIV and tuberculosis

– Among the infectious diseases for Russia, the most relevant and dangerous are HIV and tuberculosis, – says a professor at the Graduate School of Health Management at Sechenovskiy University Artem Gil. – The prevalence of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis strains is increasing. Because of this, the effectiveness of treatment remains at a rather low level. Tuberculosis now affects people regardless of their socio-economic status.

At the same time, HIV infection in our country has gone beyond the limits of traditional risk groups (drug addicts, women of easy virtue) and spreads mainly through heterosexual sexual contacts, remind infectious disease specialists. Therefore, doctors advise against neglecting HIV testing. This can be done for free at the AIDS prevention and control centers that operate in each region. Full list of addresses – on the official portal


Medical TV presenter, ex-head doctor of the Kremlin Hospital, cardiologist Alexander Myasnikov:

– From the complications of influenza in the world, up to 650 thousand people die every year, measles – more than 120 thousand, from cervical cancer, which develops due to the human papillomavirus (HPV) – 270 thousand. Vaccines for these diseases are, tested and safe. However, the Russians are still in no hurry to do these really necessary vaccinations.

“Like a war”: doctors against the coronavirus.In China, more than 170 people have died from coronavirus. Among them are doctors fighting the infection … Moreover, doctors are dying not only because of 2019-nCoV


Map of coronavirus in Europe and in the world: how the disease spreads

We publish the distribution map of coronavirus in Europe and in the world, as well as talk about disease prevention measures (details)

The network has clearly shown the benefits of thorough hand washing for the prevention of coronavirus

Experts recommend rubbing your palms with soap for at least 20 seconds – during this time you can double-play the song Happy Birthday (details)


List of countries with coronavirus that need quarantine after visiting

Rospotrebnadzor approved a list of countries with coronavirus, after visiting which quarantine is needed even in the absence of disease symptoms (details)