What to do in the quarantine in Spain: books, series, movies and pear for today

BOOKS, BY LUIS ALEMANY LIDIA CHUKOVSKAIATE ‘SOFIA PETROVNA’ Going through the shelves of the books released by their publishers is as fun as browsing a bookstore of opportunity and seeing everything happen:best sellersforgotten, romance novels, outdated academic books … and then, by surprise,a book that once touched our hearts, How is it goingSofia PetrovnawhatGive Errata […]

Max Von Sydow, the legendary actor of Star Wars and Game of Thrones dies

The small screen and the big screen wake up mourning this black Monday. The Swedish-born actor, Max Von Sydow, has passed away at the age of 90. Max Von Sydow is perhaps a name that does not recognize much of the casual viewers of movies and television series. But we are talking about one of […]

Series … and men – Goodbye, Selina: “Veep” paid for its last (electoral) tour

Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) A few days before the (inevitably) hypermediatized conclusion of Game of Thrones, another major series in the history of HBO was bowing out of the noise and fury that characterized it: Veep, political satire even more crazy than reality (it is to say!), surge of stupid and crazy assistants whose wackiness […]