What is Ayurveda cosmetics and how does it help the body’s well-being?

The advance in research on the benefits of Ayurveda and the public’s interest in ancestral cultures, rescues the essence of this medicine that is approved by WHO and is gaining more and more followers. Ayurveda regarding beauty follows the same line of thought: unites body, mind and spirit in balance to achieve a deep beauty. The beauty is wellness, so to look good we must feel good. So much so that the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, recommended at the beginning of this Pandemic that we use tools such as meditation, rest and healthy eating as bastions to strengthen the immune system and be able to cope with this context.

In this sense, Ayurveda sees the world in the light of three constitutional principles or Doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Each person has an Ayurvedic constitution that is specific, (although it also has part of the others, one is the preponderant): It is key to know which element is increased at a given time for a person, with the aim of doing more conscious choices from food and physical exercise even when buying cosmetic and hygiene products.

It is undeniable that the role of the consumer has changed and Ayurveda came to give answers in various fields, including cosmetics, with the development of products based on natural elements originating in India such as turmeric and neem, free of parabens, free of animal cruelty and gluten, thought from a logic and integral view of the body, elaborated by people who meditate during their day work and aimed at reinforcing the learning that the post-pandemic world will leave us.

Executive Director of Sri Sri Tattva.


Unqualified, SME Banpres Aid RM2,4 Million Will Be Attracted By The Government

BLITAR MEDIA – The government through the Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises (Kemenkop UMKM) RI distributes Presidential Assistance (Banpres) UMKM IDR2.4 million.

Banpres UMKM This Rp2.4 million was launched based on the Regulation of the Minister of Cooperatives for Small and Medium Enterprises of the Republic of Indonesia number 6 of 2020.

The assistance will be given to 3 million UMKM throughout Indonesia in the second batch which was opened from 13 October 2020 to 25 November 2020.

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This assistance was originally only targeted at 9.1 million UMKM, but now the quota help this is increased to 12 million UMKM.

Initially Banpres UMKM This Rp2.4 million registration is done via a special link, but the registration is currently closed.

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Banpres UMKM The first phase of IDR2.4 million has been carried out and the quota of recipients reaches 9 million people with the total funds released government IDR 21 trillion.

In this second stage, the quota for recipients is only 3 million micro-entrepreneurs with a total budget of IDR 7 trillion.


Emergency care in several hospitals closed for hours due to corona

Several Gelderland hospitals have already had to temporarily close the emergency room due to pressure from the second corona wave. More and more patients who come there are suspected of carrying the corona virus and must therefore also be treated as a corona patient. The Dutch Association of Emergency Physicians now even says that the biggest fight against corona no longer takes place in the ICU, as during the first wave, but in the emergency department.

The Slingeland hospital in Doetinchem, the Gelre hospital in Apeldoorn and the Gelderse Vallei hospital in Ede indicate that they had to close the emergency department (A&E) for one or more hours because of the crowds.

Anyone suspected of corona there should also be treated like that. This means that the patient must be isolated and personnel must work in protective clothing. In addition, it is also busy further down the hospital, which means that patients sometimes spend longer than necessary in the emergency room.

‘You don’t want to close’

“We try to make the flow as smooth as possible, because too many emergency care stops are bad for everyone. You don’t want to close, you want to stay open to your patients,” says a spokesperson for Gelderse Vallei Hospital.

“That happens now and then, but only for a few hours”, a spokesperson for the Slingeland confirms. “We have two separate streams in the emergency department: one for COVID-19 patients and one for non-COVID-19. We occasionally have to refuse corona patients for emergency care. They then go to the nearest hospital with place.”

“We have had to close the emergency room for a few hours recently, but that was also due to a combination with an accident. We also had that outside corona time,” says Erwin de Kovel, business manager of the Gelre emergency departments, among others. hospitals.

Situation becomes more dire

Other hospitals in Gelderland have announced that such a temporary admission stop has not yet been an issue for them. “That is not thought of, because then the rest of the region will be flooded. We cannot do that to them,” said a spokesperson for the Rijnstate hospital in Arnhem. But they too see the situation getting more dire.

“Corona was not gone this summer,” said a spokesperson for the Rivierenland Hospital in Tiel. “The emergency department is the gateway to the hospital. If the entrance gate is leaking, corona will enter more easily.”

Battlefield moved

The Dutch Association of Emergency Physicians now even says that the biggest fight against corona no longer takes place in the ICU, as during the first wave, but in the emergency department. Chairman David Baden: “We are now seeing a shift from the ICU to the A&E. Since the lockdown ended, we have continued to work in a scaled-up form as there was a continuous influx of COVID-19 suspicions. We want to remain ready all winter for all patients to provide acute care, but it is already running aground in many places. “


The young beaver got into trouble in Stromovka. “Animal rescuers” helped him

A young representative of the endangered European beaver is stuck in the area in front of the protective grille, behind which the Little River sinks underground. Surrounded by vertical walls, he could not get out of there by himself, so it was time for the landing net.

The “animal rescuers” were on site in a moment and successfully captured the beaver. Thanks to the attention of their colleagues, he got out of the tank quickly and without consequences. Although he had an unpleasant experience, fortunately he had no injuries, so he was immediately released back into nature. Rescuers returned the animal to the other bank of the Vltava in Troja, where the occurrence of beavers has been recorded in the past.

Beaver from Malá říčka is the third representative of its kind, who was helped by this rescue station. Its workers met a beaver in trouble for the first time in Prague in 2016 – in the spring of that year, one of the exhausted specimens was rescued from a concrete tank by the Vltava near the racecourse in Velká Chuchle.

Another “beaver case” was solved last year – one member of the Prague population got stuck in a canal bringing water to a hydroelectric power plant on Císařský ostrov. Beavers are excellent swimmers, but they can hardly avoid some of the pitfalls on rivers and water bodies.

The occurrence of European beavers has been recorded in the capital since 2015. The Czech Agricultural University in Prague confirmed that they had returned to Prague after almost 200 years thanks to photo traps that captured the family of these rare water rodents by the Vltava.


Don’t be surprised to check ATM balance increases because 6 government assistance has been disbursed this month, you could be one of them

MOTOR Plus-Online.com – Good news for bikers or the general public who haven’t yet got it help government or Help Direct Cash (BLT).

If suddenly the ATM balance increases, don’t be surprised because 5 help government or BLT (Help Direct Cash) liquid this month.

In this October 5 help government which transferred starting from help direct cash, internet quota free and subsidy electricity.

Just say it help government BLT UMKM IDR 2.4 million, help IDR 3.55 million for pre-employment cards, help subsidy salary, help internet quota and subsidy electricity.

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Based on various sources, here are 5 types of direct cash assistance from the Government that will be disbursed in October 2020:

1. Government Assistance with Salary Subsidy of IDR 2.4 million

Government assistance or Wage Subsidy Assistance (BSU) is given to employees and honorary employees with salaries below Rp 5 million who meet the requirements are still given.


The illustration of the Rp 600 thousand salary subsidy assistance has not yet been disbursed to the account

Assistance is given Rp 600 thousand per month for 4 months.

The assistance was given in two stages, so that one transfer was Rp. 1.2 million.

For employees or workers who are actively registered with BPJS Ketenagakerjaan.

As previously reported, 10 September 2020, this assistance will be provided until the first quarter of 2021.

To ensure whether it is the recipient of assistance or not, it can be confirmed by the company’s HRD or employer.

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2. Government assistance or BLT UMKM Rp. 2.4 million

Illustration of government assistance or BLT directly entered the account number


Illustration of government assistance or BLT directly entered the account number

Good news in October 2020 because the Government will continue to provide MSME assistance until the first quarter of 2021.

This was conveyed by Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Airlangga Hartanto after a meeting with President Joko Widodo on September 7, 2020.

“The follow-up program that is made a priority for social assistance is one, the cash assistance related to the UMKM Banpres will be continued. Second, the salary subsidy assistance will be continued in the first quarter of next year,” said Airlangga.

This UMKM assistance worth Rp. 2.4 million is given to MSMEs that are registered with the cooperatives in their region.

For those who have not registered there is still a chance because President Joko Widodo has added MSME assistance funds for 3 million more recipients.

Registration can be done online at the Regency or Municipal Office of Cooperatives and UMKM.

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3. Assistance of IDR 3.55 million for pre-employment cards

To get Rp. 3.55 million for assistance, register online from a cellphone, type in the KTP number and Rp. 3.55 million for government assistance data, transferred to the account

Direct cash assistance (BLT) or government assistance of IDR 3.55 million is provided to citizens aged 18 years and over.

Also not currently in school or not in college.

There are also opportunities for employees or those already working.

How to join the Batch 11 Pre-Employment Card program.

The details of the Rp. 3.55 million incentive include training costs of Rp. 1,000,000, which cannot be disbursed.

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Then, the incentive for completing the training is Rp. 600,000 per month for four months.

This is given if you have completed the first training.

Furthermore, there is also a job survey incentive of IDR 50,000, there are three surveys.

The Pre-Work Card Program has been running for 10 waves in 2020.

The announcement of batch 10 pre-employment card recipients was made on Friday (2/10/2020) last week.

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4. Rice Social Assistance for PKH

The government has also launched a rice social assistance program (bansos) for 10 million families with the Family Hope Program (PKH).

Social Minister Juliari Batubara said the rice social assistance program will be carried out from August to October 2020 with rice distribution of 15 kg per month.

Regarding the distribution mechanism, it will be channeled from Bulog and distributed directly to the KPM or the agreed sharing point at the village level.

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5. Free Internet Quota from Kemendikbud

The next good news is that the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud) is known to have started distributing internet quota assistance.

Just type this code and you can get a cheap 2 GB Telkomsel quota package for only Rp. 9,000, try bikers.


Just type this code, you can get a cheap 2 GB Telkomsel quota package for only Rp. 9,000, try bikers.

This assistance will be provided for students, students, teachers and lecturers to support distance learning (PJJ) during Covid-19.


Chain message about CoronaMelder app about sharing contacts goes around social media: what about that? – Scammed?!

The Central Government’s CoronaMelder app was made available to everyone this weekend. However, a chain message circulating on social media claims that you give the app access to all your contacts. What’s up with that?

The full text of the chain message reads as follows:

To all my contacts who plan to install the COVID19 app, please remove me from your phone and contacts list, your WhatsApp and your Facebook friends list before installing the app on your smartphone. You do not have my permission to use my phone number in connection with the app to identify, track or locate my person. Because if you have this app, all your contacts will be known and theirs too, and they have not given permission for that.

We know what is happening in China with this program and I refuse to participate. I think my freedom is important and simply don’t want to be followed or approached. I am not going to use this app myself, so my contacts are protected. Don’t hesitate to copy this. Thanks in advance!

What exactly is behind this?

Well, to be honest, that can go either way. It could be joking, a rumor may have taken on a life of its own without the facts having been thoroughly investigated, and it cannot be ruled out that opponents of the corona policy willfully disseminate false information in order to undermine the credibility of the authorities. To be fair, we just don’t know, and we won’t venture to reach a conclusion for that reason.

What is possible, however, regardless of the possible motives of the person who started spreading this message, is to check the content of the claim for correctness. Is it true that the CoronaMelder app not only automatically has access to all your contacts, but also to all the contacts of your contacts? The answer to that is simple: that is certainly not the case. There is no need to panic and it is certainly not a good idea to forward the chain message if you receive it at some point.

What about the privacy of the CoronaMelder app?

The national government has a few things about that put on the website, but the premise is that the app collects as little personal data as possible from the user. The app does not ask for your name or your e-mail address, and it does not use location data.

The CoronaMelder therefore does not know who you are, does not know where you are, and does not know who the other people are who use the app and with whom the app exchanges arbitrary codes if it can be established on the basis of Bluetooth that you have been close to them.

The central government states the following about the operation of the app:



12 Oct 2020, 16:21

Information from the Dutch government about the CoronaMelder

If you are close to another phone with CoronaMelder and this contact lasts long enough, the apps on both phones exchange codes. These codes were chosen just like that and the app cannot see who you are in the area.

If someone turns out to have corona after a test, this person will be informed by the GGD in a telephone conversation. In that conversation, the GGD employee asks whether the user wants to warn others via CoronaMelder. The user can choose this voluntarily. The app of this user then sends its own random codes from the past days to a central server.

Your app will check several times a day if there is a match with the codes of others who were close enough to you and close enough to be infected in the past few days. Is there a match? Then you will receive a notification stating how many days ago you had a risky contact. This notification does not state where and with whom that contact took place, since CoronaMelder does not keep that information.

How to use the CoronaMelder is also voluntary and will never be made mandatory. As far as the technical operation is concerned, maximum account has been taken of the privacy of the users so that data cannot be traced back to an individual user. The claim that the app has automatic access to all your contact details and the contact details of your contacts for surveillance purposes is therefore incorrect.


How to Register for Productive UMKM BLTs for IDR 2.4 Million, Still Open Until Next Year, Check Here

MY SEMARANG – Program help BLT Banpres Productive UMKM launched by President Joko Widodo as one of the efforts to help small and micro business actors to do more productive at the time of this pandemic.

Help BLT Banpres Productive UMKM this is one of a series help social provided by government to improve national economic conditions which had stalled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The first stage is realization of distribution BLT Banpres Productive UMKM Rp. 2.4 million for the Micro Business has reached almost 100 percent of its distribution with the total funds disbursed of Rp. 21.861 trillion or the equivalent of 99.41 percent until October 6, 2020.

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Social assistance Banpres This productivity adds to the incentive schemes for micro and small businesses that have previously been provided by government.

For micro business actors who meet the requirements to receive help the funds will be transferred through an account in the name of each recipient.

The distribution of the next stage is targeted for 3 million micro business actors by the end of 2020 program it reaches 12 million micro entrepreneurs.

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Good News Erick Thohir Will Continue 3 BLT Assistance Until 2021, See the Explanation

DIY NEWS – In order to accelerate the National Economic Recovery (PEN), the government will provide various help direct cash.

Including help direct cash (BLT) amounting to IDR 600 thousand per month for private employees whose income is below IDR 5 million.

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) said he would continue the program help social activities until 2021, this is good news for the people of Indonesia.

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This was also expressed by the Coordinating Minister for the Economy Airlangga Hartanto, that the decision was made when looking at the case’s consideration Covid-19 that hasn’t died down and is still moving on.

He also added that the program extension help The government has also received the approval of the Indonesian Parliament.

Therefore, according to him, President Jokowi has allocated a budget of IDR 419.31 trillion in the upcoming 2021 Draft State Budget.

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“There are four priority continuation programs for social assistance,” said Airlangga as quoted by mantrasukabumi.com via Antara on Tuesday, September 8, 2020.


Very Easy, Not Useful! Here’s how to find out whether you can get BLT UMKM or not

PRFMNEWS – Millions of perpetrators UMKM get ready to get help president (Banpres) Productive starting September 2020. Every actor UMKM who qualify are entitled to receive help direct cash (BLT) amounting to IDR 2.4 million.

This assistance is provided by the government to provide economic stimulus to the actors UMKM affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

If they pass the verification, later recipients of Productive Presidential Assistance (Banpres) will receive short messages (SMS) from banks. SMS will be sent to the perpetrator UMKM contains the announcements he’s getting BLT UMKM IDR2.4 million.

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If you have received an SMS from the channeling bank, the recipient help or BLT UMKM The Rp2.4 million must be verified at the specified channeling bank. If the verification process is complete, funds will be given.

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The Ministry of KUKM itself stated that the program help grants for working capital amounting to Rp. 2.4 million to micro-entrepreneurs continue to be distributed. As of September 16, 2020, Productive Banpres for Micro Enterprises has disbursed more than IDR 14 trillion throughout Indonesia, or the equivalent of 64.5% of the target. ***


How to Get IDR 500,000 of Non-PKH BLT per KK Disbursed This Month, Report Here If Not the Recipient

DIY NEWS – Government through the Ministry of Social Affairs providing Direct Cash Assistance (BLT) amounting to Rp 500 thousand per head of family (per household) who fall this September 2020. Registered families can do check and report if not receiver although it qualifies.

Receiver BLT this must have a Prosperous Family Card and not a recipient of the Family Hope Program.

Reported by DIY News from the official website of the Ministry of Social Affairs, the Government has budgeted Rp 4.5 trillion.

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“A total of 9 million KPM from the Staple Food Program non PKH get extra help Rp 500 thousand with a total budget of Rp 4.5 trillion, “said Director General of PFM of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Asep Sasa Purnama, Wednesday, September 2, 2020.

While the disbursement process help this will be transferred directly to the Family Prosperity Card.

Then the card holder can withdraw it at an ATM or branch office or e-warong.

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